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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Dec 8, 2007

No Money, No Marty

While the media is busy analyzing Marty's withdrawal from the U.S. Senate race and Marty's campaign is busy trying to make him into a political martyer for the Democratic Party, everyone is missing the main reason... money.

Our Eyes tell us that Marty held a $1000 a plate fundraiser last week at Scalo's Northern Italian Grill. The campaign had hoped to rake in around $100,000 to keep the senatorial campaign machine fueled. The Eyes have it that only 4 people showed up. We know that fundraisers include funds from people who are not present because there are a lot of people that don't have time to attend or don't want to be seen at these things. 4 people?! That means the most they could have hoped for is around $10,000.

Do the math, if a sitting mayor of New Mexico's largest city holds a fundraiser and is only able to get 4 attendees and somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000, his immediate political aspirations are kaput. There was a time when Marty could hold a bar-b-q for $30 suggested contributions and bring in that much; but much has changed in the short time since his re-election.

The Almighty One has many problems, a police department in disarray, a hostile council, an increasingly suspicious media, and budgetary problems looming on the city's fiscal horizon, but the issue that may have finished Marty's senate bid... you guessed it, red light scam-eras.

The program was a debacle from the start. Whenever profit becomes involved in law enforcement, there's an inherent conflict of interest. People will not trust that they are being charged fairly and with Marty's Kangaroo Court system, they can't trust that they will receive a fair hearing. This lack of trust reflects directly upon the person who is in charge of the program... Mayor (and former gubernatorial candidate, former senate candidate) Martin J. Chavez.

We're pretty sure that the original idea to bring these scam-eras into our lives originated with Chief of Police Ray Schultz who had experience with them in Scottsdale Arizona. However, the decision to bring them here lies directly with The Almighty Alcalde.

Ironically, Marty's pursuit of scam-era money may have put an end to his ability to raise money for his senate campaign as nothing we can think of has consistently damaged his image on both ends of the political spectrum. For those of you who think public financing is a good idea, consider this. If Marty had access to our tax money to pay for his senate campaign there's little doubt that he would still be in the race; and there's little doubt that he would do a considerable amount of damage to Tom Udall before it was all over.


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of crap. I was at the Scalo fundraiser and it was standing room only. It was held upstairs in the restaurant with great food. There were at least 60-70 people there. I don't know how much money was raised but I saw a large glass bowl at the door that was full of checks. Better check your facts again.....

Craig said...

I'm not so sure that someone as unpopular as Marty could ever gather the necessary signatures from his constituents to qualify for public financing of his campaign...but if he could I think there would also be "little doubt" that if elected he would have been independent of any wealthy special interests and lobbyists and therefore accountable only to voters. That's the beauty of public financing. It's basically "insurance for voters."

Anonymous said...

Udall for Senate!!!!

Anonymous said...

Re: the first comment: this isn�t the first time content in this blog has been challenged. The problem is that Eye has an undisguised agenda, and anyone with an agenda sees and/or presents things in a way that enhances the agenda. Given Marty�s status as standing mayor, it is incredible only four people showed up at a fundraiser.

The problem here, of course, is that incredibility now dogs everything else that appears in the Eye � especially anything that might be surprising or shocking. This blog has got to be something more than a cop�s gossip and venting venue if it wants to be taken seriously beyond the station house.

Anonymous said...

How much money did the little Marty waste running for the senate before he realized he was going to lose to Udall?

Marty does not have the financial support he once had , because he has screwed over the majority of them!

Marty(cut and run) Chavez, will find that he will not be able to win any race now. Marty does not have the support base any longer and has made way too many enemies.

Anonymous said...

Few posts up, I'll bet you were kissing some serious ass at the fundraiser. Too bad it will not do you any good!

Two more years and the ride is over, as Chavez will not gain any political seat!

He is hated by just about everyone. However, I'll bet you already know this from working his polls, don't you!

Anonymous said...

From the start, Marty Chavez was just a little fly on Udall back, until the democratic party and citizens of NM swated Marty off, splattering him against the wall.

Anonymous said...

What!!!! Mayor Chavez, no press conference to announce that you are leaping out of the senate race like a scared (little) rat!

The cat get your tonge, you were never at a loss for words before.

How long will you be hiding from news camera's? What excuses will you try to come up with next!

How about the people just don't want you!

The TRUTH would be nice for a change!

Anonymous said...

The Little Midget Marty has finally seen all the damages that his evil ways of cheating the public out of their hard earned dollars will truly cost him.
GOOD FOR YOU ALBUQUERQUE for teaching this twerp such a valuable lesson.

Anonymous said...

Three up. "Bullshit" !!!

tellin it like it is said...

Chavez dropped out because he looked in his mirror and finally saw the loser looking back.

We are tired of corrupt politics and corrupt politicians.

Anonymous said...

Hummm ??? I find some of these claims curious. I saw the Scalo posting which is what prompted me to post here. I was at a $1000 a plate breakfast the same morning as the Scalo event & there was about 40 people there... My info line told me that it was almost an $80K day for the campaign between the 2 events. This is all campaign cash & reportable. We will see the figures when they are posted. I bet the BS on this blog is just that,,,, BS.

Anonymous said...

"What a bunch of crap. I was at the Scalo fundraiser and it was standing room only." As to the credibility of this blog vis a vis a tiny taco fundraiser attendee- I'll side with the blog; anyone lacking sufficient mental capacity to avoid a fundraiser for the tiny taco is to be pitied, not held to veracity let alone credibility. Little marty is a small time loser; even albuquerque deserves better.

Anonymous said...

Last post, Amen to that!

Anonymous said...

I did not think Chavez could even see his reflection.

Anonymous said...

"Bullshit" intended for Comment # 1

Anonymous said...

"4 people showed up" The first commentor had it right. There were 4 couples,(8 people) and it would be standing room only if you saw the size of the loft above scalo's

Anonymous said...

Why does Marty always pick the greek owned establishments? whats wrong with all of our fine new mexican establishments around town?

Anonymous said...

I stand by what I saw with my own eyes rather than was is speculated here on this blog. There were about 60 people at that fundraiser and a large bowl of checks..... You people are so full of hate I shudder to think that you are supposed to be public servants. I know how I'm going to vote the next time your Association askes me to pony up more of my hard earned money for your raises....

Anonymous said...

Remember,,,Marty's people are great at spinning the numbers. Look at their police dept's spun numbers! They claim they have over 1000 when they actually only have about 890.

Why do you think Marty dropped out of the senate race, no support and no money! It was in Sundays paper.

The little guy would not have dropped out if he thought he had the slightest chance of winning!

Anonymous said...

So, what is Smarty going to do with the senate money he raised?

Defender said...

Truth be said, neither Udell or Chavez is much of a candidate.

Both represent an organization that promotes and of praises mediocrity as an acceptable standard while at the same time demeans those that dare to excel.

Marty has never had my support or trust, Tom lost what little consideration I would give him this last November.

Tom Udall's office sent out a flyer to all veterans this last November that was quite frankly and unforgettably offensive. While the flowery flyer promoted that he supports our troops and veterans, his voting record shows the complete opposite. Tom, we veterans are a funny lot, our trust is not easily earned but it is easily lost and we don't normally forget.

Note for Tom: were not as stupid as you HOPE we are. At the end of the day one simple fact remains; if I can't trust you and you do nothing to earn respect, then I have no use of you. Instead of an asset you become a liability.

Not too long ago it was an accepted practice to address those elected to the House and Senate utilizing the term "the Honorable", you can't use that term any longer without either wanting to bust out laughing or puke violently.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Marty may have had trouble in the state where he is little known and little positive to put forward, but I suspect he was getting negative vibes from the DNC who was not happy Udall gave up a prominent position in the House for this Senate run. DNC does not want to lose Udall to Chavez who has given the DNC heartburn for his antics since his first term as mayor.

Anonymous said...

Marty's troubles have mostly everything to do with, the Red Light (RedFlex) scam, brought to us by none other than Ray Schultz.
But going back in time a little, it was Darren who had the crystal ball. He's the one who convinced y(Dooped)Marty into hiring Ray in the first place, ultimately setting Mrty up for his demise.
Before Ray, Marty's ratings were 60+%. Now his ratings are in the toilet. Smart thinking(planning) on Darren's part, by bringing fleas into Marty's bed. Like it or not, they'll have to fumigate the whole house.

Anonymous said...

The red light scamers arent' the only reason the Pius one dropped out. Read the front page of today's paper. The scandles are just starting to come out.

Does eveyone have a short term memory?? What about ABQ-PAC? Marty got a slap on the hand then said he'd appologize to the citizens of Albuquerque. I haven't ever heard of one! Teri Baird, convicted felon, sure dropped off the face of the earth after that one.

About a year ago his daughter gets busted for shop lifting. What was the total of items stolen? Just below the felony limit. HUM! I wonder how much time he spends with his kids anyway. When I've seen him, he's with his totally untrained dog, the Dukeass.

Then lets hide Nick at the airport. What kind of damage could he do there? That happened shortly after his conspiracy charge, public record, listed on the metro court website. Wonder when that one will disapear, just like Marty's domestic violence charges against Princess Margaret.

Oh, and as for the Princess. Wasn't she the one who listed the property where the Metro court house now stands? As I recall for 2million more than it was appraised. Also Marty was Mayor, his first time, when that property was sold by Mrs. Marty Chavez-de-Aragon-de-la la la. Oh the name Aragon also rings a bell. Niece of the Aragon Metro court house scandal?

When a person runs for senate they are scutinized much more then the patron fill your pockets mentallity of NM. The Feds do a full background & there's no way Napoleon could have gotten past that.

I love Albuquerque & New Mexico, but this is the most outwardly corupt place I've ever lived. And by the way I'm not in law enforcment

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many people actually read this crap!

Marty could easily run for re-election and be the Mayor for another 6 years, and all you would do is whine and whine, instead of actually fixing the problem, like most bloggers do.

Anonymous said...

Marty could not be elected dog catcher right now and the last post knows that.

His days are numbered(2-years).

If he were so popular, why doesn't he run for any of the political seats out there.

Because Marty Can not win any of them and he knows that!

Anonymous said...

Run Marty run! It's over pal. You could not win a foot race against a one legged man in this town.

Anonymous said...

Several post up..

Seems like up spend alot of time reading this crap!

Also, you seem upset your little Marty is being blasted. Well, if he told the truth, things would not be as bad as they are for him!

Anonymous said...

If he told the truth? Please!
That would mean he'd be sharing a jail cell with all that know him or work for him. Without naming names, but you ALL know who you are. That's right. Some day real soon a "Serpico" will come forward and everyone goes down. Better resign now boys before the 'Shit House Rat' gets loose.

Anonymous said...

Someone IS coming forward. They just don't know who, or when.
Get out while you can. I understand the audio and visuals are great. The wives won't like it either.

Anonymous said...

"crap" must be the "one" Marty fan that keeps posting. Using the same venacular every time. Wonder if it's on city time??

the great thing about blogging is that we do get things done. this site helps expose the partron crimes that keep happening in this city.

many know, including myself, that when a person tries to get things done with integrity we get
cock-blocked. unless we want to pad some pockets.

also just wondering: How can Marty run for Mayor again? I thought there was something called "term limits"? (2 consecutive terms) to prevent dictatorship. Please correct me if I'm wrong. if that's the case then that just proves the patron point. may as well be in Columbia or bring Hitler back from the dead.

Anonymous said...

"when Ive seen him, he's with his totally untrained dog Dukeass'
You mean untrained dog D_ _ ra.

Anonymous said...

The media needs to research
Sun-Cal to see if any of it's employees or officers donated money to Marty Chavez' senate race!

I am glad to see that Councilors Cadigan and O'Malley are looking after the taxpayers welfare.

I hope they have someone look into this, as it seems to smell like corruption in govt!

Anonymous said...

I know most of the posts are not APD officers. Maybe a few retired or fired disgruntled losers. The majority of the heroes in blue have more honor for the badge then that. You guys/gals really need to get a life. Lets see if this one gets posted. Because the last one wasn't.

Anonymous said...

You'll get over it

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the untrained dog D__ra. Someone needs to take that woman into a bathtub & scrub her down.

I was at one of Marty's, get my mug on TV, press confrences & the D__ra was wearing a dress that looked like she'd worn to the prom. Taffeta & all from the 70's. That is if she had a date. Maybe that's why she wore it that day, have to wear a dress at least once if you're gonna pay all that money.

Anonymous said...

How does Cadigan look after taxpayers when his law firm represents Redlex, the company that operates and profits off the red-cameras?

Also, you all can cry as much as you want, but my guess is Marty will run for re-election as Mayor and would have little trouble becoming a 4 term mayor.

Anonymous said...

Dream on. You think that there is no viable candidate in this feaking city. Get real. As if he's the only one that can do this job. Oh, and no he's not some f_ _king mesiah. YOU people need to get off this Marty god shit.
We are so F_ _king long over due for a change, it's not funny.

Anonymous said...

Looks as if Marty's wife might Trump him next time around.

However, I don't think Marty will have a chance next time running for mayor. He has to many problems.

Anonymous said...


i asked awhile back about term limits. I thought, & again please correct me, that a candidate for Mayor (4 years) could only hold 2 consecutive elected positions (8 years). I thought that's part of the reason the small guy WAS going for a bigger (or should I say larger) political position.

Again if a patron could continue to hold the same Mayoral position for year after year, doesn't that remind us all of "King Fish"?

What are the term limits, for a Mayor? in ABQ or any other city/town/village in NM. Not including Sovergin Nations (big difference).

It was my understanding that the King, during the legislative session, was trying to get term limits eliminated. DID THAT HAPPEN? Or is it an ABQ city ordinance, which can be changed on a dime. Especially when you have Councilors, who are a-scared of their own shadow backing the (bring back from the dead) Hitler?

What drives these people to give up their honor for their 15 minutes of fame. I can take my D-cam & get some pics of them, if they wish, at a Monday meeting. Oh I forgot they might not be there if they don't want to vote, yea or na.

That's the great representation we have in this "town". Afraid of crossing the Mayor? Just don't show up for a vote.

Anonymous said...

I think Marty's wife said it best in today's paper. You need to listen, show compassion, not waffle and most important, be able to say that you have made a mistake and correct it.

Well Marty, take some advise, as she seems to know what's going on, as well as how to treat people!

I think Ms Chavez de Aragon would be a much better mayor than her husband.

Anonymous said...

The Clintons of Albuquerque. Maybe Marty will get back with Margaret so he can run things behind the scenes, like Bill plans on doing for Hillery.
These guys can be the
'First Bitches'

Anonymous said...

The "Clintons-de-abuquerque"; or the "Clintons-de-Q". (GAG) Whatever they are, I refuse to vote for either one of them-they're both disfunctional as people and more disfunctional as public servants.

They're both so '80s!....wake up you 2......"Dynasty" was cancelled a long time ago!!