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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Dec 18, 2007

Scam-era Scammers

As you all know by now Monday night saw the defeat of relief from governmental intrusion and tyranny. The Albuquerque City Council overwhelming voted to uphold the Almighty Alcalde's veto of Council President Brad Winter's bill to suspend scam-era operations at least until the mayoral task farce presents its report.

Everyone knows what the task farce will return, but it'd be nice for a change if our city government would err on the side of freedom and justice rather than on the side of "excess money."
"During the holiday season, I ask that we reflect on what matters most, the safety of our loved ones," Chávez said in a one-page message to the council. "Virtually no one argues that this technology is not effective in catching violators. Do we really want red light runners and school zone speeders to be given a free pass this holiday season and into the school year?"
- ABQ Journal (Subscription)
Really... since when is there a school zone on I-25 and isn't school out for the non-religious, non-threatening, barely Winter break anyway? Besides, when we reflect on our loved ones we're concerned about their safety, but we're even more concerned about their liberty; something that a majority of the council and the Almighty Marty "Hugo" Chavez seem to care little about.

To that end, we thought we'd post who is most responsible for the continuation of the scam. We have decided that these Scam-era Scammers, those people most responsible for the continuation of the red light con will be posted permanently on this website - starting with this post.

Martin J. Chavez
The Scammer in Chief, defender of the con, whose absolute faith in the infallibility of the Redflex system has cost us a bunch of cash and him a shot at the U.S. Senate.

The mayor has even tried to tell us that the system isn't turning a profit, characterizing the red light largess as "excess money." Now he's using the oldest scare tactic in the world to keep us pumping cash into city coffers citing school zone speeders as scam-era justification.

Ray Schultz - APD Chief of Police
The Chief brought the scam from his previous job in Scottsdale, Arizona. Schultz continues to support the Redflex program as if he were a stock holder often confusing his job as chief with that of a scam-era lobbyist.

Ken Sanchez - Councilor District 1
Councilor Sanchez was famously not present during the 1st scam-era moratorium vote. We don't think it would be any different than this vote as the councilor can only be characterized as being in Marty's pocket. After all Sanchez served as the mayor's treasurer until being convinced to run for council.

Debbie O'Malley - Councilor District 2
At least O'Malley is consistent in her support of the scam, but that's about all I can say for a councilor who feels that fleecing the public through scam-eras is a good idea.

Isaac Benton - Councilor District 3
Councilor Benton is consistently neo-socialist preferring government run transportation and government dictated development. It comes as no surprise that the councilor would support enriching the government while limiting the rights of everyday citizens.

Rey Garduño - Councilor District 6
We were pleasantly surprised by Garduño's initial support of the scam-era moratorium. Of course, the councilor we dubbed "Sticky Fingers" during the last election flipped his vote and flopped when it came to keeping the city's hands out of our pockets.

Sally Mayer - Councilor District 7
What more do we have to say... despite her seeming support of Councilor Winter when the Marty was caught balancing the budget with scam money, The Mayer failed the sniff test herself when it came time to protect our due process rights.

Trudy Jones - Councilor District 8
Councilor Jones got a mulligan from us when she missed this vote (and her first council meeting) in favor of participating in the Capo's tantrum. This time she showed up and failed the test.

Don Harris - Councilor District 9
We really can't figure Harris out. He complains about being sold out to the "liberals" and then sides with all of them to keep the scam-era cash coming.

All of the officials listed above need to be remembered. They have by their own actions supported expanding the administrative authority of the city while doing little to protect our freedoms.

"Sell not virtue to purchase wealth, nor Liberty to purchase power."


Anonymous said...

It is too bad that this money making scam goes on.

Schultz must have secured his chief's job here in Albuq by bring this red light system to our city.

Send him back to AZ with it!

Well, at least Marty can't do any damage at the state level, as his political future is over.......All he has left are these two years. Then it's on to private practice.

Anonymous said...

Lets see; 5 Dems (Socialists) and 4'Rs'(traitors to the party)
The Dems, sticking to their Leninistic values of Socialistic form of government. These 'Rs', (Sell outs) to democracy, for the betterment of personal gain. No better than Joe Kennedy on HIS socialistic views when he (as Ambassador to England) attempted to sell the U.S. down the drain in his turning a blinds eye to the atrocities of Adolph Hitler.He was later fired by FDR fo his unpatriotic Nazi sympathiser views.
We the people, will be the FDRs in the next election.

Anonymous said...

TREANNY ! 1776. LOOKS LIKE THAT IS WHAT IT IS GOING TO TAKE FOLKS. Thank God for Brad Winter. Fight the Fight Brad. God help us all if WE THE PEOPLE ARE FORCED TO TAKE ACTION .

Anonymous said...

"Agree with Brad Winter, our beloved peacock, who hates the Mayor as much as we do, OR ELSE!" That seems to be the driving credo of this blog.

Too bad. The city needs balanced, common sense voices driving the public debate. Yours manages to be both shill and shrill, with a certain Brokeback Mountain subtext.

Brad Winter clearly is your ideal when it comes to "freedom" and "liberty". When does the 2008 calendar go on sale?

Anonymous said...

This would be the 9 most unwanted list? Who's 10? Satan? (That's the kind of company he keeps....)

Anonymous said...

can you post some larger jpegs behind these thumbnails? They're too small to line my cat's litter box


Anonymous said...

Quote of the day:
"A lawyer with a brief case is more powerful than ten men with machine guns". Remember that assholes. You don't want to step in it.
So, before you do, think about what you THINK you know. You don't want to set off any trip wires.
In other words, re-read the constitution, just to make sure you don't tread where you shouldn't.

Anonymous said...

The cameras have cost you a "bunch of cash"? Sweetheart, you must slow down. I'm not being a smart ass either. Just slow down a bit.

Anonymous said...

2nd post from the top, fer cry'n out let will you get over it. I know in your world Ted Kennedy sent the U.S. down back in Martha's Vineyard but try holding the same standard to your beloved Republicans and you'll see the hypocrisy in your rant. there really a difference?????

Don't like the damn cameras? Drive slow, load their locations in your GPS and get your ass out and vote!!!

And Eye....way to step up and raise the bar...what a collection of rogues...

Anonymous said...

Second post: I'm confused by your Dem vs GOP count. I know that Silly Sally and Dandy Don are s'posed to be Republicans (Silly Sally's nonsense with the HEART ordinance belies her true colors) but the rest are either declared or assumed Democrats. Well, except for Shultz who, considering his love and affection for the Scam-eras, must be a born-again Nazi.

swoozy said...

I have to say, I like these cameras. I'm amazed to read how many people are against them ... Why do thee protest so much? Are you all people who are guilty and caught running red lights putting so many of us in danger?

Why is it that so many people, in Alb., who are guilty of breaking the law always seem to turn it around that THEY are the victim? Marty was pretty smart - he knew there was profit to be made from all you dangerous drivers.

These cameras don't affect my freedoms or liberty at all because I follow the laws of the road. What they do affect is my well-being, by threatening to nail those of you who drive like idiots with absolutely no regard to any life but your own.

I agree with another comment a few posts up ... take the profits and put it back into the PD.

Anonymous said...

Yep - they\'re all cowards!!!

Anonymous said...

Cowards they be!!

Anonymous said...

When will the people who continually say," Don't run red lights and you won't have a problem"
For the last time. It's not that WE/THEY are running red lights on purpose. People ARE getting ticketed when they shouldn't. In other words, they DID NOT infact break the law. An officer on the scene would see that, and you can't fight it in Mr. Albertorio's unconstitutional court. You are guilty whether you did break the law or not. Unless you walk in there with an attorney to dispute your findings, your screwed.
So, please stop with the defending of this bogas 'Stalin' like system. It's flawed, and you won't realize this until you get a ticket for red light running or speeding. Then you'll say' But I wasn't speeding" . Then you'll wake up and realize that you too have been F _ _ ked. So keep on blindly supporting this and don't come crying when you have to pay $150.00 unjustly, that is unless you never get one. In that case you peobably work for the City and will have your ticket fixed, which I'm sure goes on, on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Why are City Councilors so spineless?
What are they afraid of? They're constituents would love it if they stood up to Marty and his unjustices. Oh, I forgot, It's NOT about doing what their constituents want, they have they're misguided agendas. They actually think they are going somewhere, via Marty's political influence.Get real, when he's done using you like some whore, you'll be discarded like trash. But go ahead anyway, you'll find out.
You'll wind up asking the question after your term is up, "Would you like fries with that"

Anonymous said...

Swoozy is a moron!!! I've never had a ticket and I hate them because there are many, many innocent people who get nailed by these SCAMERAS!!!

Anonymous said...

Right on dude !! EXACTLY
In fact I would say about only half are legitimate.

Pucker Factor said...


You just don't have a clue. The mayor and this city are staring right down the barrel of some major problems over not only this turd of a policy but many others. By the time it's all said and done in the coming months the city coffers will be short many millions due to returned fines assessed, subsequent litigation, DOT fines and penalities, loss of business (I can personally claim 3 confirmed kills for professional events that won't be happening at the convention center). With all the local questionable events that are coming to light in this "City", is it any surprise that some feds are now getting wind of this and beginning to get very curious not only in the city situation, but the whole state as well.

Here's a prediction: by next fall we will be hearing press releases from comrade Chavez's office that the nasty evil feds have pulled federal funding when the truth of the matter is that the city has begun to lose appropirations as they have failed and in some cases been complicit in ignoring the law & not being compliant with the terms of those federal appropirations and grants.

Red Light Cameras???? That's just the tip of the turd..............

Anonymous said...

What a sad bunch. The jury's still out on Rey(Garduno) though. At least he asks some intelligent questions and doesn't appear to be stupid or swayed by the City Hall bullshit. I think he's at least wise to Marty & Company

Anonymous said...

Marty- Slick,vengeful,lady's man
Ray-Smooth, bootlick, lacky
Ken- Yes man, Marty wanna be.
Debbie-Smart,Council bulldog.
Sally-Silly,not bright,mouthpiece.
Issac-Village diot,out in space.
Rey- We'll see, too early to tell.
Trudy-Probably another Sally clone.

Anonymous said...

Swoozy isn't a moron, just uninformed. Most of us were there once, when we thought of this in terms of red-light running and traffic tickets and safety.

If you (meaning anyone out there) still think about this issue in those terms, you're missing the point that I believe most opponents are trying to make.

I believe this ordinance conflicts with New Mexico law. I believe it was designed to enrich city coffers and the contractor. Laws already exist against red-light running and speeding- enforce them if you care so damn much, Mr. Mayor.

Many folks can catch the whiff of impropriety and the stench of conflict of interest right off, but not understand quite why.

If you really dig down, this issue is all about municipal home rule, defined in Article X, Sec 6 (I think) of the NM Constitution(which was created to stem the abuses of Dillon's Rule.) Google it.

The city somehow thinks they can create a judicial-like hearing under the oversight of the city.

They also, AND HERE'S THE REAL DANGER FOLKS, think they can recategorize a whole host of now criminal misdeameanors to fall under this "civil process" and collect even more profit...err, revenue...err, excess cash for any little thing they deem a nuisance.

Nothing to worry about? Bovinebyproduct!

Anonymous said...

I have not yet been ticketed, but find this program as a perversion of due process. People like
Swoozy say all is fine but cry the loudest when they get caught in the scam.

Anonymous said...

Hey proponents of the Red Light Scam; (Don Couchman)Must be nice to get your tickets fixed for letting APD park their NAZI van in your driveway. Bet you're a big hit with your neighbors. You're a joke.
District 8 NA's ought to throw you out. Take your Liberal fat ass back to New Hampshire where it belongs. Maybe back there, they'll buy into your scam propaganda.

Anonymous said...

There's been some major airbrushing going on, those pictures look great! Or has there been some recent botox?

Ken use to be a pro photographer. Maybe he's digitally enhancing?

Afterall, the Marty butt sniffer's need something to make them look good after day's of major ass kissing.

Just so disapointed that the representatives, that use to stand up for us the people, have turned into Caligula. Must be a Greek thing.

Swoozy said...

Swoozy say all is fine but cry the loudest when they get caught in the scam.

YEP, I sure will!
I wrote to everyone on the City Council and the Mayor when they first put these cameras up because I noticed the yellow lights changed too quickly - Leaving people stranded in intersections on a red. I told them I felt that was dangerous and entrapment. I noticed the lights are timed better, but I too, panic when I come up on a green arrow and I know it will change. Should I keep going and pray I make it or do I slam on my brakes?

Right now I like them. No I haven't gotten a ticket. I don't think I even know anyone who got one - either that or they aren't protesting.
But I agree - if I DO get one and I know I'm not guilty - I will be the loudest victim of these cameras.
I didn't realize there was no process in place for fighting these tickets. Is that what you all are saying?

Anonymous said...

"I didn't realize there was no process in place for fighting these tickets. Is that what you all are saying?"

There is a process, but it stinks, and there's more.

By virtue of "any violation under the traffic code", the vehicle is supposedly a "public nuisance" for which the owner (regardless of who was driving) is held liable. The owner does not get a traffic ticket, they get a "notice of violation" of the city's STOP ordinance.

The owner does not go to court. You go to a city hearing, presided over by someone who is employed at the pleasure of the mayor or is a contractor (same thing). They present evidence that, usually, would not stand up in Metro traffic court, so no lawful violation of any traffic code is ever established. But, because they warp, twist and bend legal meanings, your rights are significantly diminished. You are essentially guilty and the burden of proff is on you. You have no right to an appeal from this process. Sounds like fun, huh?

As far as I can tell, (this is all just my opinion)- there is no legal authority for the city to adjudicate its own ordinances. This "hearing process" conflicts with established state law and therefore, the city's argument that they can do all this under "municipal home rule" provisions will get shot down one day in a New Mexico court. What happens then? Who knows...but it could cost the city a lot.

Look, I like what the cameras have done to peoples' driving habits too. If I get a real ticket and am guilty, I pay it, no problems. But if I'm innocent, I want to be able to go before a court.

Also, I don't want a city that times the lights, enforces unique local laws, sends out violations even if someone know thay may be wrong, sits in judgement and keeps the money. That's too much power in one place.

Merry Christmas all

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Let's celebrate, long live the STOP Program. I love the red light cameras. I think the fines should be doubled! I have noticed a huge improvement in peoples driving habits since they were installed. Way to go Marty, put more in & keep us that much safer as we drive.

Anonymous said...

"Let's celebrate..."

OK, here's my suggestion for a theme:

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
- Benjamin Franklin

We can have a costume party, you can dress up like a speed bump, k.

Anonymous said...

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase........

There is no constitutional right to drive the streets or run the red lights. If you run the light pay your fine or contest it...That's your due process. Your poor old Ben Franklin line is just that, old & poor. Your leader Georgie Boy, tried to sell that line to the American people when he cooked up the big lie to invade Iraq and then tried to tie it to 911.... I feel sorry for you people.

Anonymous said...

Let's celebrate, long live the STOP Program. I love the red light cameras. I think the fines should be doubled! I have noticed a huge improvement in peoples driving habits since they were installed. Way to go Marty, put more in & keep us that much safer as we drive.

Anonymous said...

Are these cameras even working anymore? I drive thru the intersections where they're at - I've seen people(& myself a time or 2) go thru and I wait for the dreaded flash and nothing. Granted the light was yellow when I went thru, but doesn't that trigger the flash?

Anonymous said...

"Way to go Marty, put more in & keep us that much safer as we drive"

Yeah way to go unless you're a tax paying CITIZEN...if you're an ILLEGAL LEACH you get a free ride!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll keep payin my share of taxes & hope that the city uses some of that money to put up a few more red light cameras...While you're at it, where are the speed cams on the freeways they said were being installed. Let's get them up and running.

Anonymous said...

Yeah way to go unless you're a tax paying CITIZEN...if you're an ILLEGAL LEACH you get a free ride!!!!

Boy that sure is true!!

Anonymous said...

Let's celebrate, long live the STOP Program. I love the red light cameras. I think the fines should be doubled! I have noticed a huge improvement in peoples driving habits since they were installed. Way to go Marty, put more in & keep us that much safer as we drive.

Anonymous said...

you "i love the red light cameras" "drive safely" "load the spots on your GPS and take the 'copter when crossing the city" "fines should be doubled" care bear a**holes need to take off your rose tinted glasses. Not everyone can afford the "small" fees, in fact if you can imagine it, not everyone has enough money to even spare the cost of one incorrect ticket, much less 3 (I have a piece of shit car that would not be able to drive carelessly if i tried..i don't know how i received the other 2 tickets, because like most sane people, i think these fines suck and I become really paranoid and cautious around these money sucking sites). I'm sure you supporters have never felt hunger in your life. there are better ways to protect safety rather than at the cost of imposing on the rights of legally driving citizens and raping everyone's wallets. can't you see, "safety" is a facade for "money"!!!! quit being so naive.I'm not so learned about the law specifics which caused this scam to be put into place, but I know enough to see the difference between making money and "increasing safety"

Anonymous said...

Regardless of how you feel about the program, one question remains:

How can you have one system of justice at the intersection of a red light camera, and another system of justice 1 block away without a red light camera should a law enforcement official catch you?

Same infraction; different fines, penalties, and recourse.

It's just not right.

Anonymous said...

Hello, my older sister was all that I had ten years ago. We lost both parents to a car accident in Colorado. My sister and I were on our way home from my school one day, and yes, she raised me. Until that day. We were going through an intersection just as the light turned green. A vehicle was coming towards us from the left side, attempting to beat the "yellow light". The vehicle hit our vehicle and sent us rolling into a third vehicle stopped for the light in the opposite direction. I watched my sister suffer to death with her bleeding head pinned inside of our vehicle. I lost my whole family, literally, to auto accidents. Please slow down. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I was also photo cited on the University west ramp. The most recent recent spill from a sloshing pitcher of muck.

I remember seeing the 30 MPH sign at the top of the ramp on the Left side (right side of the interstate) and didn't much pay attention to it as all of my traffic signs are on my right. Then an odd appearance at the bottom of the ramp right at the intersection, orange barrels Out of no where. I couldnt decide what those barrels were trying to direct me to do..was there a left turning lane..was the left turning lane blocked? I couldnt make heads or tails.

The appearance that these politicians who are lining their pockets with the public's resources is dismaying to me. 75.00 is a lot to pay for a single mother trying to keep 3 teenagers on a good track. As a matter of a fact, when I was photo'd by this money making scheme, I was on the clock of my second job. The fine pretty much wiped out that days wages and I lost time with my children at the same time. Sigh.

Mayor Monkey butt...please go one likes you.

Anonymous said...

To the anon up above who said that they have noticed less accidents since the Red light program..double the fees...put more cameras in...squawk squawk squawk.

There are laws of probability. You can never have an accident free environment.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I can shed some light to swoozy and all that do not understand the options the photo citations offer.

The front of a citation is a notice of your violation, your violation number and specifics of the violation; date, time, location. Like a regular real time officer's paper ticket that is handed through your window.

Below the citation are the failure to act warnings, the cost of the violation fine, general info (you can request to speak with tissueing office, contesting, 50.00 administrative fee for bounced or stopped payments)

And last but not least Payment instructions.

Turn your citation over (what you usually do if you feel like you may have to contest). I feel that way all the time, because I recieved the photo citation on March 13th in the Mail, The officer issued the citation on March 9th, and the violation date was February 26th.

On the turn over of the citation you will find this:

1. Questions concerning Violations
Please read the citation completely. If you still have questions concerning this violation please contact the APD Automated Enforcement. (give the #) DO NOT send ltters explaining circumstances. All concerns must be hand by automated enforcement bye phone. (no paperwork? Hmm...anyone got IPvoips? ..tape recorders... for your record of your communication?)

2. You must select ONE of the following steps:

It is sufficient evidence (GOOD ENOUGH FOR THEM) of a violation of Albuquerque city ordinance section blah blah blah, that the person registered as the owner of teh vehicle was operating at the time of violation. However, liability of the owner may be removed if the affidavit of non responsiblity (option A) is completed and returned in the enclosed envelope by (date) However, if not paid by the nominated person, liability will revert back to the registered owner.


This option provides only the following defenses,
I sold the vehicle prior to the violation

the vehicle was stolen

the person named below (provide information) was the driver of the vehicle. (Hope you dont have teenagers)


It is your burden to prove any of the following available defenses (i dont know if that means you only have a choice of these following "available" defenses or if you dont have to prove defenses not on that list)
1. The vehicle was stolen (wasnt that in Option A?)
2. The ownership of the vehicle had lawfully been tanserred and conveyed from you to another person before the time of violation. to assert this defense you must identify the transferee and provide proof of conveyance. (wasnt this also in Option A?)
3. The evidence does not show that a violation was committed involved the subject vehicle (lol.. they send you a full pic of you car and a close up of license plates)

OPTION C.. PAY THE FINE effect...they are only giving you the right to defend yourself with 3 defenses and you better have paper work and that person who barrowed, stole, or bought the car had better pay up!

heck..when you are giving a ticket by a real life get 2 the fine...(which never escalates) and request a hearing (with no limit of defense).
and a Judge will have further options for you should you request and appear for hearings.

I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

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