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Dec 16, 2007

Missing the Point... Keeping the Money

Late Friday the Almighty Alcalde vetoed Council President Brad Winter's bill to halt the Marty's red light scam-era program. The move cleared the way for the city to continue raking in MILLIONS of our dollars based on claims of increased safety. The mayor has decided that it is more important to keep them money than to assure our right to due process.
Chavez said suspending the program would be saying that violators have the right to run red lights and speed.

"I would be saying you're not going to get a ticket for running a red light and you're not going to get a ticket for speeding through a school zone," Chavez said.
Chavez's reasoning is as devoid of logic as it is justice. Last time we checked it was illegal to speed in a school zone, illegal to run a red light, and illegal to speed on the freeway. The Almighty One's veto doesn't make us safer it simply makes us less free (and millions of dollars poorer).

Before all of you scam-era supporters go off with your bumper-sticker logic saying anything to the effect of "if you don't want a citation don't speed or run a red light," consider the utter lack of thought required to take such a position and the dangers associated with simply accepting a quasi-law enforcement program built on inequity. It's the type of logic that somehow makes sense until you are wrongfully accused and you are denied the ability to defend yourself by a system that presumes your guilt.
No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.
The City of Albuquerque, the mayor, and the council have made a conscious decision not to enforce the State of New Mexico's traffic code in favor of a self-created and profit driven civil process in which the city has a direct financial interest. Due process cannot be present where one party holds the power of judgment and a financial interest in the outcome.

There's a reason that our judicial system is set up to include a third uninterested party - more commonly known as a judge. Their job is to both make findings of fact and to make sure that the rights of the parties involved are preserved. A judge's impartiality is required to make these decisions without prejudice. Marty's hearing officers have a direct link to the "prosecution" and cannot be considered impartial under any standard.

Folks the real issue here is freedom. Not the freedom to run red lights or to speed (both are rightfully illegal), but the freedom to defend yourself, the freedom not to be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. The absence of justice is the presence of tyranny.

From what the Journal (Subscription) is reporting, it looks like Councilors Sanchez and Mayer won't support a veto override. The jury (something you're guaranteed not to have in Marty-roo Court) is still out on Councilors Jones and Harris. Councilor Winter would need 6 votes to override the Almighty Alcalde's veto, which means he'd need at least 3 more than he got on Capo's night at the Council.

We'd suggest contacting your councilors... again. Perhaps they can be convinced to be more concerned about our liberty than their own power.


Anonymous said...

Instead of doing the RIGHT thing, once again the Capo four will do the WRONG thing and let the Veto stand, for no other reason because they are pissed off at Brad. So, for that reason and that reason alone We the People get screwed; AGAIN.
Forget the Childishness and OVERRIDE Marty's Veto. Don't let him keep sucker puching your constituents.

Anonymous said...

Does any body really think that Marty's Red Light Task Force will say any thing negative about his money red light scam.

Marty is paying them to research it! They will say what he, Marty wants them to say!

Gee people, get real! Here goes another cover up!

Anonymous said...

City Council; now is the time to distance yourselves from The little squid and show the public that you stand for what is RIGHT!

Marty is a human piece fo trash. It's all about the small childish puke. Marty, Get over yourself twerp.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that in KOB's news coverage the last car coming through an intersection with the "flash" of the red-light camera, it appears that this is on a green light. Anyone else notice this?

Anonymous said...

Task force here, task force there. Sounds like a nursery rhythm. Like "mother (Marty) may I"?

All these dictator assigned taskforce's are designed for the little one to get the answer he wants.

I know from experience. I was on something similar a few years back. When I spoke out for the truth, I never was invited back. In fact nobody ever notified me of future meetings. Not sure what ever happened to that group.

Not too long after that I volunteered to be on an unnamed (to protect my identity) task force. I never was called to participate.

All of the bureaucracy of task forces. Nothing ever gets done!
Albuquerque is a good 20-30 years behind similar cities.

You Marty buddy councilor's, grow some kahona's (sp?) & represent your constituents. Marty will dump you in a New York second if you cross him.

Anonymous said...

No way!! hahaha.........stupid one will stand up to Marty tonight!!

Anonymous said...

City Councilors, please I know you all read this blog...please don't walk in goose-step with Marty. You're better than that--he will go down in the history of this city as someone that had a chance to do good things but instead ruined his political future with greed, scandals, illegal activities and cover-ups. Please take the high road! You all serve as a fresh set of eyes when the Mayor becomes blind with power. Be that for the citizens of Albuquerque! But whatever you do, please don't go out to dinner on taxpayers dollars because you're afraid of crossing Marty!!

Anonymous said...

Here we are folks, Christmas time again. And it's the same old story:

Ebenezer Scrooge AKA little turd marty chavez is at it again. Lonely, by himself, counting his penneys (redflex $$). With his only goal of screwing everyone he can, just in time for Christmas.

What would it have hurt to give the public a break for Christmas. The "Study" is suppose to be done by January 15, anyways...What a jerk...

Anonymous said...

If Brad Winter is such an effective Council President, he should be able to pull the votes together to overide the veto, right?

If he can't do it (and watch how many Councilors who voted for Winter turn around and oppose the veto overide) then it looks like Winter is something of a figure head.

Yes, he gets all the glory, prestige and doubled salary that comes with TITLE, but he may as well be the president of his local neighborhood association.

If you can't lead that Council, you don't actually have their respect and you don't have any real political juice.

Anonymous said...

"Political Juice".......? Ummm? Somedody tell Many Aragon, Robert Vigil, Jason Daskalos, etc. etc. etc. that Albuquerque is tired of that line of thinking "Political Juice". What we the voters want is for our elected officials to do is the RIGHT thing. Novel idea huh....? Brad or Cadigan in 09'!

Anonymous said...

Come on, we are all wishful thinkers. Brad winter seems to be the only one that isnt kissing Mini Me's ass.

Anonymous said...

I wish there were MORE cameras and speed vans! Almost every day some idiot comes close to killing me on the road. I drive safe and I don't run red lights. I've never had a problem with the cameras. I just wish that all the money collected would go straight to law enforcement. We need more police officers.

Anonymous said...

What happened Councilor Sally Mayer! I remember when you first took office, you said you would never become involved in politics. You said you were just a plain house wife who would do what is right for the people!

Now, every time you turn around you are involved, sometimes against the Mayor, or in this case, Brad Winter. It just seems whoever pisses you off you vote against, whether the issue is right or wrong!

Last night you voted against Brad Winter, after you supported his policy change! We know you are mad at him with the other councilors, but don't take it out on the people!

Shame on you! You should know better.

We need to vote you out of office next time around, as you have become a seasoned politician! Just as corrupt as the rest!

Anonymous said...

Though I hate to recommend such actions against individuals or organizations that are not directly the cause of this action, here goes.

Begin to notify businesses that are in the immediate proximity to these red light camera intersections that you intend to take your business elsewhere due to the installation of the systems near their business locations and that you are not comfortable transiting these intersections to gain access to their business.

It seems to me that if we cannot get the attention of the elected representatives to do their job in a proper manner then by taking our money and shopping elsewhere, maybe we can get some action from the local merchants to encourage change.

There's not much in life that scares a politician faster than
a pissed off merchant whose business and profit margin is directly affected by poor decision political making

Anonymous said...

That last post was pretty lame. I am an APD officer and think the cameras do serve their purpose. I have responded to hundreds of accidents over the past 15 years and do see the innocent victims who get side swiped or T-boned. I responded to two accidents today alone where the suspect fled the scene. One was a t-bone on Lomas and Broadway where there are no cameras. Proof is in the pudding.

Anonymous said...

So,you just wanna run red lights with impunity? I mean, I just don't get it, I guess. I drive through the intersections w/cameras, and I've never had a problem. I wish there was enough cops so that we wouldn't need any cameras.

Anonymous said...

Begin to notify businesses that are in the immediate proximity to these red light camera intersections that you intend to take your business elsewhere due to the installation of the systems near their business locations and that you are not comfortable transiting these intersections to gain access to their business.

Huh?? Why should business owners suffer lost profits because Marty put in red light cameras near their business? So, someone totally uninvolved in the decision suffers because of Marty's stupid actions. You make no sense.......

Anonymous said...

So,why is the red light money not being spent on public safety...

Use it to give the police officers a large raise, which will attract others to join the force.

If we raise their pay others will join and the city won't have such a massive shortage!

Also, get rid of that chief who is driving the police officers to retire or leave to other agencies because of his rude and arrogant behavior.

Anonymous said...

I am an officer too. 3 can tell you first hand that accidents IN the intersection weren't the problem. The traffic unit sent the numbers to Marty and he didn't like them so he told the guys to get him numbers from the immediate proximity of the intersection. Its a HHUGE money scam for the mayor and he twists the numbers in hope the public will believe him.......COME ON PEOPLE DON'T BE THAT STUPID.

Anonymous said...

I like it. I'm calling today. Hit the politicians in their pockets, that's the ONLY thing they understand. If it wasn't all about the money, the cameras wouldn't be up would they?

Anonymous said...

And while we are at it, what did Marty do with the public safety tax that the public overwhelmingly voted on? Ok the department gets a few new cars here and there, but good lord there are cars with 180K lus miles still on the fleet. There are area commands with such a shortage of officers, that slots are opening for officers to work overtime. There are officers in need of back up and just have to wait and wait and wait. What is it going to take marty, ray.... is it going to take one of your own family members to feel the heat DIRECTLY that this department needs HELP?

Anonymous said...

Constituents, citizens can voice their opinion privately or in a group about any politician period. They are fair game and they know that going in. However, it's another matter when politicians are talking smack about constituents, citizens, taxpayers, whether it be vocal,by e-mail, group or in private conversations.
Be careful Councilor, don't overload your alligator mouth with your parakeet ass. Your NOT that powerful nor popular for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Follow-up to my previous post:

Seems I hit a nerve.

In the past 48hrs I have redirected significant purchases to other non-local vendors for operations. The largest of these purchase orders, 48,000, for materiels was sent to vendors based out of Arizona & Utah. Was also provided a better unit pricing structure for my trouble. It will add up quickly, this was just one job of a relatively small scope.

Talk is cheap, action speaks volumes.

A bit of advice for the nay-sayers: Don't squat with yer' spur on...............

Anonymous said...

Mayor, use that red light camera money to give the cops a pay raise. It is for public safety or so you say.

Put your money where your month is Mayor!

We need more of them on the streets. You should be putting more money into public safety, so you don't get anymore old folks killed by door-door sales people

Pay for more cops! Give them the raise they deserve!

Anonymous said...

A couple of day ago, I saw a police vehicle that looked like it was from the early 1990s! At first I thought maybe it wasn't really a poice car after all, but I now realize it was. WOW, Ray & Marty ought to be REALLY, REALLY ashamed of this behavior!! Take the friggin' money from the red light camera AND DO SOMETHING FOR THESE OFFICERS!!!! WHERE IS THAT MONEY?? THESE OFFICERS NEED IT NOW! How can these guys on patrol get anyone with a car that old? Now the f'ing bangers not only have better guns now they have better cars! God help us this city is going to hell.....

Anonymous said...

I was talking to one of the managers at the place that installs the police sirens. They are also the ones that built the BCSO cars. .Those cars are total OFFICER friendly. seems Darren White asked the officers what the wanted and they mixed and matched and came out with something that for the most part everyone is happy about. The layout, safety, etc is great with the cars.
ANYWAY, manager said that fully loaded (radar, etc) its 10K less than what APD buys theirs for. I asked why and he said Chief and Marty wouldnt go with the cheaper company, some "good ol boys" company


Anonymous said...

Last post up. You are really full of it. Our fleet is in the best shape it has been in over 20 years. The early 90's??? That would be a Caprice and I haven't seen one on the road for a few years now, not even as a pool car. The cars are rotated out on a regular basis. Sheesh, I had my first car until it hit 186,000. That my friend was a true POS and an embarassment to the PD.

Anonymous said...

It was seen near foothills sub. You should go take a's there for reals man!!

Anonymous said...

A few post up......You must be blind. APD's fleet is so behind, it's not funny!

There are not even enough cars for all the officers and many have to share with other officers from different shifts.

This is the way it is in our area command and i know it's like that in a couple of others, where my friends work.

So, you must be some commander with a new car that works at the main and as usual, does not know what the hell is going on out in the field! However, it does sound like you are a major kiss ass to the chief!

P.S. the majority of our cars have over 90k miles on them bonehead!

So, don't give us your BS about the best fleet in years!

Before you post, do some homework! Go look at the area command's cars, not dayshift either!

Anonymous said...

That's Lewie Lipshitz. He's the Fothills' Jack Ruby.

Anonymous said...

Look at all the police cars being driven... they are Pieces of crap! bottom line is the mayor, the chief, they dont care about our safety, they care about how much money that can save on one end and hide the other.

Anonymous said...

Today I had conversation with an officer visiting his family here for Christmas. He's from Massachusetts, BPD. He was really surprised to see: a)hardly any police cruisers on the streets b) the condition of the ones he did see. MAYOR MARTY AND RAY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES!!

Anonymous said...

I was at City Hall the other day and noticed that all the city vehicles have a blue sticker on them that states "How's my driving". Call 311 to report bad driving.

I noticed that that Mayor Chavez and the CAO's Tahoe's did not have those stickers on them.

Why does the mayor and CAO not have to follow their own rule and have those sticker on their city vehicles?

Don't give us some bogus excuse that they are undercover or it's a safety issue!

Is it so no one will notice them drinking at the bars?

The media should check into this! The tahoe's are parked under ground at Civiv Plaza. Go look and see for yourself!

Anonymous said...

Call 311 and ask them why there's no stickers on those vehicles. Since the inception of 311 I've been told to tell my customers (I work for the city) to call 311 if they have concerns/complaints. So let's ask them!!

Anonymous said...

FYI: unmarked police vehicles also have those bumper stickers on them.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor and CAO should also be held to their own standard.....Everyone else must have a blue How's my driving sticker on their cars!

They both drive like shit, maybe that's why...Then, who would ever tell them anything if they received a complaint. I am sure it would just go away!

Such a double standard in city govt!

Just be glad Marty fell on his face running for US Senate!

Anonymous said...

All you have to do is get the how's my # off the bumper sticker and call in the Mayor's tag # and vehicle description. Easy.