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Aug 18, 2009

Town Hall Hoax

There's an old saying... "It's better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove everyone right." Martin "Hunky" Heinrich has announced that he'll have a "Town Hall" this coming Saturday, August 22nd starting at 3:00pm.

Now before you start picturing scenes from other town halls across the country where angry constituents ask tough questions and Congressional Democrats dance, dodge, and dis their constituents, Hunky's town hall will be different. Despite being billed as "another town hall meeting on the critical issue of health care reform with constituents in the First Congressional District,"( Democrats are determined to limit Heinrich's opportunities to prove his constituents right by limiting the number of questions he has to answer.

Their first ploy was to hold his "town hall" on a train... yes, a train. What better way to limit public exposure than to have a limited number of people in a confined space speeding down a track (at a harrowing 40 MPH) in a diesel locomotive belching CO2 into the atmosphere? Well one way would be to have a panel discussion and call it a "town hall."

That's what Hunky's got up his sleeve for this Saturday. The Heinrich folks aren't really talking about it but they've assembled a panel of "experts" to do Hunky's talking for him. Our Eyes tell us that the Rio Grande Foundation's Paul Guessing was included on the panel Tuesday, but the other members are sure to be Hunky's Handpicked Helpers.

Here's the problem... The "town hall" is only 90 minutes. Even if Heinrich's folks have put together a balanced panel of experts, the Congressman himself won't be answering many questions.
"The event will bring together New Mexicans from across the district to ask questions as Representative Heinrich works to address the health care crisis in our country."
There's little doubt that "[t]he event will bring together New Mexicans" to ask questions, but don't be surprised if they don't get to ask many of them and don't be shocked if Hunky doesn't do a lot of answering. Democrats are determined not to have Heinrich open his mouth and prove everyone right and they really couldn't hide Hunky completely, so they've done the next best thing which is hiding him behind a panel. Make no mistake - Hunky's town hall is a hoax because the town won't be participating in the hall.

----- You Should Know -----
If you plan on heading down to UNM's Continuing Ed to attend Heinrich's Town Hall Hoax, you'll need to get there well before 3pm. There are a number of rumors that the timing of the "town hall" was designed to coincide with the end of another event that would take advantage of a large number of Heinrich "friendlies" who would already be in the building. Or that Democrats are planning on busing in ACORN or union members as they've done at other town halls across the country.

We don't know whether either rumor is true, but there are a lot of folks that want to be heard. We'd suggest getting there well before 2:30pm.


Michael H Schneider said...

Hunky's town hall is a hoax...

We had the one town hall where everyone got a chance to express their opinion. It was held last November, and people supporting health care reform cast more votes than those opposing. Get over it. Elections matter. Elections decide things. We had an election, and trying to overturn the election with gun totin' crazies talking violence is really un-American.

Michael H Schneider

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for the town hall meeting for going to war with Iraq...when is that again?

Anonymous said...

As a republican I do not vote strictly for one race of the other, it just the best candidate for the position and my values. For intance, I know Chavez is by far the best candidate for Mayor. Despite the arragant attitude, he has done wonders for our great city.

I can tell you that Heinrich and the other recent winners in the congressional race were all riding on the strictly Democratic ticket voteres. Our congressmen our worthless. They have proven to do nothing at the local, state, and now national level. God help us if they are OUR longterm Congressmen.

Anonymous said...

Michael Schneider. It's one thing to vote for "change you can believe in". It's another thing to try to change what we believe.

This country does not believe in socialism. Never has. Never will. It's one of the many things that makes us a great nation.

The Obama some of us voted for is not the Obama we now have in office. If he did what he said he would do during the campaign (fiscal restraint, govern from the middle, open and transparent government, etc.) his poll numbers wouldn't be in free fall.

Try turning us into a bunch of welfare state, government dependents and you'll find (as you already are) that the MAJORITY of us still have backbones, clear heads and an unyielding desire to be free citizens.

We also vote, pay our taxes (unlike half the Obama Administration) and go to Town Halls since dissent, as it was during the 2008 elections, is so gosh-darned patriotic.

We have no interest in being told by the best and the brightest (who usually are neither) how to live our lives.

We have not interest in supporting jokers like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who "worry" about people having government doled out health care while they buy Gulfstream Vs so they can travel like rock stars.

We have no interest in people like you who are realizing that you elected a very erudite dumbass who is now in the process of doing to your party and the U.S. what Jimmy Carter did and, in desperation, resort to BS rhetoric about gun-toting crazies.

Let's see what you have to say after the 2010 elections. I suspect those gun-toting crazies will also be "racists". Because you can't discuss agree with Obama without being one of those either, can you?

Anonymous said...

Michael H. Schneider: "Gun totin' crazies??? Excuse me, but there is a little thing called the Second Amendment to the Constitution that guarantees citizens of the US to arm themselves. So now those of us that choose to follow this amendment are "gun totin' crazies?"

Anonymous said...

Very well said poster 8/19/09 11:15:00. Let's hope the mid term elections bring about the real checks and balances we desperately need in congress.

Ron York said...

Over the last two days there have been violent out breaks at several town hall meetings being held by members of congress concerning the proposed health bill. Tempers have turned into violence. One organization keeps coming up in the articles SEIU. I was not there and cannot assign blame You are under no obligation to treat disorderly thugs as your "brothers." Do not lose sight of why you are a law enforcement officer - "To Protect and Serve." You do this without regard to race, color, sex, age, political affiliation, religion, or even your own paycheck - no exceptions. If the president of your own police union is behaving like a thug arrest him. If the mayor is assaulting some one arrest him. If some other union is behaving like thugs arrest them. If the local Priest and Nuns are behaving like thugs arrest them. Your duty as a law enforcement officer, which you accepted when you took an oath to up hold the law, is your sole credo. Everything else is secondary.