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Aug 5, 2009

Yet Another Airport Scandal?

We've got to hand it to KOB... They've been on their game of late. Wednesday, Eyewitness News reported that the new tower at the Double Eagle II Airport was not only years behind schedule but cost over 4 times the amount that of a similar tower in Denton, TX ( Hat Tip: Eye Reader
"There were six or seven years between the time those funds were allocated by the federal government and the time the tower was actually operational, which was just this year," said Derek Larson, the airport advisory board chairman.

Another issue is the tower's price tag.

Larson says a similar tower in Denton, Texas was built in only three years, at a price of $800,000. The Double Eagle tower took $3.5 million to build.
What is it with Marty and airports? It appears that his administration can't seem to do anything without obscene cost overruns. If the Double Eagle II tower should have cost $800,000 and cost $900,000, we wouldn't be too concerned. But when the tardy tower ends up costing $2.7 MILLION more we're a bit concerned that perhaps the money's not going where it's supposed to.

This is far worse than the observation deck fiasco (read it here), that only cost us twice the original $1 MILLION no-bid contract. Is this yet another airport scandal and will The Almighty Alcalde have to pay a political price?


ched macquigg said...

"Is this yet another airport scandal and will The Almighty Alcalde have to pay a political price?"

yes and, no.

What would it take to get an audit done on the tower? It was an auditor who brought the Courthouse scandal down.

Anonymous said...

Judge Ted Baca, releases "The Courts Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law" from a 2005 case, just about a month before voting starts in the Albuquerque City Election in 2009.

The poorly written "Conclusions of Law" includes personal attacks on Councillor Cadigan.

The new Chief Judge/politico.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Toulouse (Dist 5) and David Barbour (Dist 9) will get rid of conflict-of-interest Cadigan and ethics violator Don Harris.

We need new blood on the council.

Anonymous said...

David Barbour is a left wing nut that makes Pelosi look like a Reblican. He would no better represent District 9 than Mao Zedong.

Read about him and his buddies at the following link.

Anonymous said...

Everyone do a write in vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We need a new mayor. Enough of the old, we need change we can believe in. If Obama doesn't want him we don't need him.

Anonymous said...

I would love a post with info on ALL the mayor's scandals. We think of them here and there, but it would be great to see them all in one place as a reminder of why NOT to vote for him in the upcoming election.

Anonymous said...

Hey eye, you missed the news. Or did you want to protect your friend on the council who supports the person in the story below?


The race for city council on the West Side awakened this week with news that incumbent Dem Michael Cadigan is taking a hit from a district court judge(the judge is a Democrat):

"A judge slammed Cadigan repeatedly in a 17-page opinion that awarded former landowners $136,500 because the city improperly denied a zoning change. The case involves about eight acres in Taylor Ranch that once housed the Westside Equestrian Center...Much of District Judge Ted Baca's decision focuses on Cadigan, who represents the area and served as the City Council's land-use chairman in 2002. Cadigan voted against the change before recusing himself."

Anonymous said...

An independent audit is in order. But there have been so many "close calls" with this guy that I can think of -- why doesn't anything stick? Is he Albuquerque's own Teflon Don?

Anonymous said...

There is no way anybody with a decent set of ethics would vote for Chavez again for a 3ird term. Even if Chavez isn't so bad, then it would be just giving anybody another term going against two term limits!

Anonymous said...

That's too much money for an observation deck, so maybe another
money scheme that needs investigating!

Anonymous said...

Well,,,,, what do you expect! That dirt bag crock Nick Bakas is the director of the Airport.

He was a crooked cop and now a crooked director. The leopard can't change his spots.

The dude is dirty. Why does Marty keep him around, its
's for all the Greek money.

Look at how much bad press he got when he was running the Police Dept. Now that Marty put him is a closet it sort of went away.

However, everytime Bakas opens his mouth without exception, he gets in trouble with the media. The guy is just a big risk! An arrogant idiot that has fluncked the bar exam 6 times! Thank goodness he stopped taken it.

Anonymous said...

I think its nadines fault! she used to work at the airport before she begged enough to lateral to APD!

Anonymous said...

Just try to find the Cummins DWI case. The entire file is gone. If you have the documents post them.

I assume Don Harris doesn't deny the DWI.

If he can't remember the DWI I bet he will remember his "fetchin skirt"

Anonymous said...

Nadine Hamby needs to lay off the make-up. And spokeswoman for APD?!! WTF, she's an idiot.