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Aug 16, 2009

Eye Poll: Benton Blowout

In what can only be termed a blowout, City Council Commissar Isaac Benton scored a decisive victory over County Commissioner Alan Armijo. In our unscientific poll Councilor Isaac Benton received 65% of Eye readers support while Alan Armijo ran 30 points behind with 35% (view it here).

What we originally believed to be a close contest looks to be leaning heavily toward the incumbent councilor. Of course these numbers are unscientific, but no campaign likes to be 30 points behind in any poll. When you add these numbers to the fact that the Armijo campaign has been next to silent since qualifying for the ballot, the October election very well could be a Benton blowout.

This week we take a look at what had been a sleepy little race that looked to be a rerun of the 2005 district 7 council race. That is until one of the candidates - David Green - failed to file his Declaration of Candidacy last Tuesday. That failure changed the entire dynamic of a race that our Eyes told us was leaning toward incumbent Sally Mayer. Will the incumbent solidify her position? Will challenger Cook make in-roads with Green voters? Will the Green campaign wage a successful write-in challenge? All questions to be answered in this week's Eye Poll! Don't forget to vote!


Anonymous said...


Armijo cares about his pocket. The only reason he wants to be an elected official is to make money as a lobbyist. If he is not elected his disposable income will fall.

He wont be able to help out legislators so they will be out of the office when he comes calling.

Sam Mayer said...

What BULL! Who took this "unscientific poll"? I would not use the word "blowout" for Benton, unless we're blowing him out of District 3!

Anonymous said...

Benton : wolf in sheep's clothing ...oops sheep don't wear clothing but Anyhoo ....he's a brown noser to admins. Of many depts ....he votes just like the Perry/berry /tourek cartel want him glory ...asshat!