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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Nov 16, 2012

Cause and Effect

In the wake of a lawsuit alleging unlawful and despicable conduct as APD's and the City of Albuquerque's ruling class trampled the crime scene of prominent civil rights lawyer Mary Han, the APOA followed up with the release of their officer survey with shocking but unsurprising results regarding the crisis facing APD. Yet in the face of these stunning revelations, the city's Mayor, RJ Berry, and HIS police chief Ray Schultz commenced a counter campaign that makes us wonder if they have lost grips on reality.

RJ Berry recently stated, "the City is still on track to make 2010-12 the years with “the three lowest crime rates in the past 20 years.”

Really? Not according to recent stories in the television or print (mayor's spin paper) media:

But given there's always a chance that the media got it wrong, we looked at the FBI's own actual data and once again, RJ Berry has misrepresented and LIED about crime being at a 20-year low.

Then there is the issue of morale in the Department. As the book "Speed of Trust" indicates (remember earlier this year when APD promoted its reading during a quarterly management meeting?), organizations with high levels of trust not only have happier employees, but more productive employees.

According to Berry, "The City will offer $5,000 bonuses to cadets who finish the police academy and $500 bonuses to city employees who succeed in recruiting an officer. The initiatives are aimed, in part, at bolstering recruitment in case there’s a heavy wave of retirements." Sadly, RJ Berry not only misunderstanding the nature of police employment (even after boasting he's managed the department well) but has no clue about leadership. As he stated it is "neither my goal nor my job to win a popularity contest" and while being leader may not include being popular, all successful leaders are respected--something Berry neither understands nor has achieved.

However, we find it curiously ironic given Berry's much promoted status as a Republican "businessman" that his solution to the problems facing APD is to throw money at it. As endless studies concerning employee morale and productivity reflect, pay is rarely a significant factor in an employee's happiness and productivity. Since Berry and Schultz persist in their ignorance and inability in running the largest city and largest police force in New Mexico, here's a reminder of the top 25 elements affecting employee morale and performance:

According to a national study concerning morale amongst law enforcement officers, the top 25 elements affecting morale are the following:

1. Administration plays favoritism
2. Staffing levels are low
3. Motivation and morale is bad
4. Communication is very poor
5. Administration is “out of touch”
6. Administration does not support us
7. Discipline is unfair and inconsistent
8. Fellow employees have bad attitudes
9. Accountability is unfair or inconsistent
10. Supervisors play politics
11. Employees aren’t listened to
12. Criminal Justice system is frustrating
13. Bias influences leaders decisions
14. Training (internal) is poor
15. Respect isn't demonstrated
16. Teamwork is pitiful
17. Planning is non-existent
18. Safety is a low priority
19. Salary is not high enough
20. Criticism – there’s too much of it
21. Don't go to enough training seminars
22. Cooperation among workers is poor
23. Goals and objectives are never used
24. Supplies are inadequate
25. Sincerity - a lack of it is prevalent


Where is pay? #19. Not even in the top 10. Given Berry and Schultz's recent action to deny, deflect, and blame when the responsibility clearly belongs to them, they are now polarizing the issue even further. If our Eyes want to provide examples of their own for any of the items listed here...please feel free.  Facts do not lie; in contrast and comparison, Berry and Schultz make a living from lying.

We at the Eye will start with item #1: The Berry administration played disgusting favoritism when it failed to terminate deputy chiefs and commanders as they contaminated crime scenes and acted like ghouls instead of honoring their badge to initiate a criminal investigation.


Anonymous said...

This article sums it all up perfectly. Every time Berry and Schultz blame someone or something other than themselves and their cohorts for the state of things, and what has happened to APD, they slap every officer and their family in the face. Every time they insult the intelligence of the people that have to listen to their lies, they slap every citizen within ear shot in the face. This article explains everything, and it is the truth. A police chief and mayor who refuse to acknowledge reality are worthless and a liability to the citizens they are charged to serve. Whether Berry or Schultz want to believe it or not, they are SERVANTS. These pompous arrogant punks walk around like they are above the citizens. Their demeanors tell the whole story. They care about nothing but themselves. Anyone who takes a job with APD under this administration is insane. Is $5000.00 in petty increments that you will have to fight with personel to get, worth having a miserable work environment, while risking your life for an administration led by a bunch of liars who will throw you under the bus with their lies the first time you have to defend yourself. Is $5000.00 worth the possibility of having your life ruined by a bunch of liars. Is $5000.00 worth having your name attached to a sinking ship? The numbers are going to scream LIAR when these assholes are gone, and the number of recruits goes through the roof. No, Mayor, citizens don't want to leave their honorable jobs to be set up by a police department. They can experience that walking to their car after work down a dark alley in the night if they want to. There's no difference.
The problem with APD is Schultz, Feist, Berry, Banks, A few scum supervisors and commanders who lie as told and the city attorney. There ya have it.

Anonymous said...

Omg I could on....#1 when Lt Tim Lopez doesn't get disciplined for 32ng with 34s....

Anonymous said...

Hostess is out of business. No more twinkies. How bout that you fat boy? I guess burr-eat-oohs will have to do! Slob.

Anonymous said...

Your killing them Eye. Great Post.

#4: Example: when a subordinate is on admin leave and then is sent back on duty without telling anybody in his chain of command or his supervisor.


This week when the braintrust says focus all efforts on "YOU NAME IT" versus last week which now for whatever reason is deprioritized.

Anonymous said...

We go to work, take our calls and avoid being pro active in fear of something going wrong. We will be looked down on without explanation ......

Anonymous said...

One call at a time boys and girls,,,calls? "Let em hold,,," One way to get around letting them hold is now to make EVERYTHING a priority one call so they must dispatch immediately. Citizens when your tired of waiting hours for an officer just call back and have them make it a Priority one call! Youll get an officer immediately. Just say you see a dog in a hot or cold car in your neighbors car unattended or someone looks unconscious in your alley. Then when the Officer get there just tell them oops they left but since your here heres my problem,,,Works everytime. :)

Anonymous said...

Awww one of Schultz's hatchet boys got walked out today.....too bad so sad....

Anonymous said...

The Eye is calling these idiots out on their lies every day, and embarrassing the shit out of them with facts!
Good Job Eye! Keep it up. Pretty soon something is going to give.

Anonymous said...

Journal's editorial today....classic spin. The ship is going down, power is gone, we are out of ammo, and most of the crew is dead, but hey the weather is nice. Are you fucking kidding me? Schultz and Berry ARE the problem Ken. And so are you! Disgraceful! How bout all the endless times Schultz DID NOTHING until confronted with exposure?! The guy is an invertebrate.

S. Sgt. Paul J. Heh ( RET) said...

Come on Eye are you surised that the Mayor lied yet once again. The Mayor has a history of it. Of course if you are a City Employee you will be fired for lieing. How many times have the Mayor and Chief lied ? City Employees are hurting with furlough days and pay cuts but continue to run The City.If The Mayor has all this cash,spend it on employees that have continued to do their job dispite your uncareing, can't even say leadership, and pay cuts. I read the list and now everyone knows why the city is in freefall. The truth is going to be exposed in the next election mayor. Watch your 67%, which I believe as much as I believe crime is at a 20 year low, disappear .

Anonymous said...

Recruitment is tough all over the state. I work for another agency in the 4 corners and we don''t have a single person in the latest academy. We have tested well over 200 people in the last 2 years but most fail the POST exam. Those that get into backgrounds fail there for one reason or another.

The last two hiring cycles looked good with over 12 folks in backgrounds each cycle. Backgrounds reduced that figure to 4 who when thru the last academy and to one for this academy. We looked to have some good candidates from a recruiting trip to CA from retiring Marines. Nope, of 11 applicants, all but 4 got washed in backgrounds.

This is before they got anywhere near the polygraph.... !

We are down about 10% of manpower but we just increased the hiring bonus for in state laterals to $15K from $10K. Entry level recruits get $3K the day they start pre-academy.

Recruitment doesn't have a damn thing to do with what most of us in the job think about the current leadership at any agency. Most starry eyed recruits don't have the first idea what being a cop is all about. When I looked at joining an agency, I wanted to know what the take home care policy was, what the benefits for me and my family were, what the pay was and many other things. I wanted to be a cop but not earn $15.00 an hour nor have to pay to drive to work. I love being a cop but I'm not going to go bankrupt doing so.

If you want new recruits, you have to get really competitive in what you offer compared to other agencies or companies. You can have the best PD in the world but if the bennies and the money isn't there, they won't walk thru the doors.

It appears APD has some severe issues to deal with and the leadership is where it starts. There is a HUGE difference between being in charge and being a LEADER.

Anonymous said...

Trey Flint I bet you're not walking around the city like you're all that hu? SEE YA

Time that you get whats coming to you.

Anonymous said...

Most of you didn't see the pathetic excuses for leaders the other night at the APOA trying to explain to us why the chief has our survey to use against us, and now we heard the worst parts of the survey were deleted or destroyed after the chief got them!!! You cant hide forever sean and SGT Weber

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't somebody post the survey then? APOA members paid for it, why not demand the results!?! I notice is silent on it......

Anonymous said...

So the chief ripped up his copies like the temper tantrum red faced turkyneckin crybaby that he is? No suprise there! It's not like he is foreign to destroying or hiding evidence is it? I guess he has to do it himself now that his smurf Feist is running away. But, you are not going to tell me that the APOA does not have this documentation. The fact that this information is being hidden proves that those two are being controlled by Schultz, and if that is the case, they ar enot a union. Standby though, there is a legal matter coming for that union that is going to knock them into the stone age. If you think they fail to represent the police, you will know that in fact they not only fail to represent the police but take an active role in jeopardizing the welfare of officers in matters concerning the police department. An oily headed sergeant and pudgy lard bag with no street experience should be mopping floors in the union, not faking the representation of a department full of officers who are being victimized by a corrupt police chief and his coward bosses, the CAO and Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Survey says,,,The Chief and Mayor suck! This coming from an association (APOA) who hasn't had a consistent membership quorum in years. Nobody cares what the APOA thinks anymore. This isn't the leadership of past associations like Pacheco or Pounders. They had balls and stood up to their administrations instead of being owned by them.

Weber who became President by default and Wilouby who ran unopposed don't belong in there. Attorney Fred Mowrer has been in there so long he forgot what a courtroom even looks like cause hes so used to getting free, guaranteed, and consistent APOA cash. Then there's Ron Olivas who does god knows what for the membership. I remember him as the one who gave up lots of monetarily beneficial contract items to get nothing in return. His biggest claim to fame thus far has been to be the disloyal friend to Arensfield. If you think they are the best to be in those positions then you must be one of the 8 or 9 out of 1000 officers who show up to the "informational only" meetings.

It is hopeless for our once powerful association and contributing to it is a waste of your money. Your money is better spent into one of the Prepaid legal type ventures.

In my anonymous opinion anyways.

Anonymous said...


You are on the money. APOA is owned by the 5th floor, all the 34's know this.

Anonymous said...

Once again not all comments are being posted.

Anonymous said...

Get ready Mowrer. Intimidation of witnesses is a criminal charge. Motherfucker.

Anonymous said...

The APOA and its ENTIRE board are a complete joke!

Anonymous said...

Fucking bunch of back stabbing sell out bitches. Go lick the chief's fat frying pan ass.

Anonymous said...

@137 no kidding. Look who they are led by: Ron Olivas. Testilie in court lately Olivas?

Anonymous said...

Where's the audit and the survey results? All of the results!

Unknown said...

People don't need leaders, they need representatives.

Anonymous said...

Representatives now need lawyers. Good luck wood head. Your career is over.