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Apr 25, 2013

"All Is Well!" Or Is It?

While office holders in the state continue with their ridiculous rhetoric that “all is well” and “we’re moving forward,” the reality is things in New Mexico in general, and in Albuquerque in particular are not well. And like little toads in a pot of gradually boiling water, it seems the general public has no problem with the stage that is being set in anticipation of a boil-over.

Earlier this week, the murder trial of former APD officer Levi Chavez took a bizarre turn. In pre-trial arguments, Chavez’s defense lawyer David Serna successfully argued that the court should seal the hearings from public view (READ IT HERE).

Strangely enough, Chavez’s lawyer argued the state has sensationalized the case thus warranting the sealing. Last time the Eye checked, when an active duty police officer is indicted for murdering his wife and is suspected of being involved in a massive international crime ring, the state doesn’t need to sensationalize the case. The case speaks for itself!!!

However, Judge Eichenwald of the 13th Judicial District court agreed (some say the deal was already “sealed”) and order the hearing to be sealed at least until the trial is set to begin. We at the Eye are concerned about this because many of the nastier details of a trial are hammered out in pre-trial practice and now are at risk of being concealed. And this case is rife with nasty details which affect Albuquerque, RJ Berry, and APD’s chief, Ray Schultz:

1. Which exact APD officers arrived at the scene of the murder?
2. Why were they there and for how long were they there?
3. Why did so many go down there?
4. What did they do which interfered with Valencia County Sheriff’s Deputies investigation?
5. What brass (other than former APD lieutenant Shawn O’Connell) were in contact with officers there?
6. Why was APOA president Ron Olivas there and what did he do?
7. What is former APD officer Pete Dwyer’s connection with Levi Chavez and his stolen truck?
8. What is in Levi Chavez’s personnel file that precluded him from being terminated as a P 2/C when so many supervisors recommended he be terminated?
9. Who was Levi Chavez working with in APD?
10. What supervisors acted on Levi Chavez’s misconduct and what supervisors remained silent?
11. Why was Allen Banks in contact with personnel involved with the scene?

Lurking in the background in this case are the sinister elements of Mexican drug cartels known as La Linea and the Sinaloa drug cartels. Sinaloa is the largest Mexican criminal enterprise and La Linea is the tactical/enforcer arm of the Juarez Cartel. To be sure, elements of these criminal organizations are present here in New Mexico AND Albuquerque.

Think about every time there’s a brutal slaying of a Mexican national and how little news it gets (since when does the throat slashing of a 2-yr old bot and his mother NOT make headlines...). 

The real cops and good guys in APD, BCSO, and even federal law enforcement tell us cars, guns, and money flow south to Mexico while drugs flow north. They come up I-25 and then split three ways across the country East and West on I-40 and North on I-25 with Albuquerque as the distribution hub for this network.

Don’t kid yourselves folks, what happened earlier this week affects us all. The sealing and HIDING of the court record now protects not only criminals outside of the Chavez trial, but protects those that are compromised by their INACTION to be real police officers and combat pawns of Sinaloa and La Linea. After all, when a police chief looks the other way while there is gross/criminal misconduct and refuses to investigate massive complex crime, isn’t that truly an action of endorsement? Doesn't that reinforce the type of criminal conduct that leads to dozens of bodies showing up on the west side?

And isn’t it odd that Mr. Serna’s motion to seal the court’s record doesn’t even really protect his client from what he claims as “unfairly prejudicial” material. But it does protect the people that attempted to cover up a murder scene and are possibly involved in other massive crimes….

Please join us in our effort to petition to vacate Judge Eichenwald’s order and maintain our system of public trials.


Anonymous said...

TJ take your GPS tracking me and STFU so I can go do some work We did this before your RTCC and we will do it when you are finally gone and we won't have to have all these briefings to do it because WE know what we are doing

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jeff can write an article about this.... Oops I guess not. The Eye beat him to it again. That, and he is too busy writing slanted articles, covering for Schultz and omitting pertinent facts that don't sensationalize his piss yellow trash. Why in the hell would he write a piece on Cartels? That wouldn't get him a journalism award as fast as the self righteous bullshit garbage he writes on his crusade against those whom he obviously has a grudge against. Whats the matter paperboy? You protect the peopel in power that you are scared shitless and attack those you think are soft targets. You are nothing but a coward. The fact that you ignore the elefant in the room (Schultz) and go after the bullshit is evident that you are all talk and nothing of an investigative reporter. You are afraid to criticize anyone whom you know to have the political clout to make your life hard. Your career will starve when the next Mayor takes office and you are cut off from any intel. When this regime of puppets who operate on rumors hearsay and manipulation of the media is out the door, pack your fucking bags pal. Anyone could write the crap you print with the sources of fiction you have. Idiot.

Oh my..... Feelings are hurt....
"Just Wait"..... We will now see the abuse of power and vindictiveness at the Abq. Journal in one of the next up and coming articles within a few weeks or days. it might take a while but the abusive slanted fools at the rag will surely get their nuts off trying to get revenge over having their pants pulled down here. Oh my.......

KOB is about to scoop you again Paperboy.... Watch the news loser.

Anonymous said...

The mishandling of the Chavez case is toooo predictable and similar to the mess APD has made of my son Kerry's murder, too. Covering up corrupt and criminal conduct takes a chain of cooperation-cops, prosecutors and certain judges, and disgustingly, some media.
This is not "New" Mexico. Thank God for those who have the huevos to say "the Emperor is naked"......

Anonymous said...

Eye, your story here about the Cartel's was posted yesterday. Yet in this evening's news:

"Just before last call at 1:45 a.m. Friday, alleged Mexican cartel drug dealer Omar Cota was arrested off the Club Envy dance floor at the Route 66 Casino, according to an advisory from the US. Marshal’s Service.

Cota is known to be affiliated with the Sinoloa Cartel and officers also know him as a Brew Town gang member, according to the advisory."

Maybe some people better fuck'n start paying attention.

Anonymous said...

Chavez is McCracken redoux

Anonymous said...

McCracken family friend is former judge Geraldine Rivera. She posted his bond. Look it up on nmcourts. New Mexico, the land of the corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Who is McCracken....?

Anonymous said...

Mark McCracken was a state cop and was charged with killing his wife Melanie. At first police in Valencia County said she killed herself then they changed it to homicide. Judge Bill Sanchez threw the case out. McCracken is a free man.

It is all here

Sounds too familiar to me. Melanie, Tera and Mary Han all suicides? Dig deeper, you may find more.

Anonymous said...

McRacken was a state cop who possibly killed his wife and made it look like a car crash a few years back. Went to court a few times and nothing could be proved so he was let free. Just like Levi will be exonerated one day because of lack of PROOF. Good comparison whoever brought that up.

Anonymous said...

There sure is a lot of suiciding go on around the time other people are about to get exposed for their crimes!

Anonymous said...

APD brass would probably suicide if they thought it would fool the DOJ into leaving, and make them rich at the same time. The only two things they care about right now: money and getting away with their criminal escapades.