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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Apr 9, 2013

Why is it okay to defy the "will" of the People?

We researched the topic about Berry's "ABQ: The Plan" and the shenanigans being orchestrated behind the scenes by Berry and his foot soldiers. The best and most simplistic explanation we found was on Joe Monahan's Blog.  The Almighty Alcarde RJ Berry has managed to embezzle fundings for his "ABQ: The Plan" after the CITIZEN'S OF ALBUQUERQUE SPOKE (VOTED) THEIR "WILL" AND TOLD BERRY THEY DO NOT SUPPORT HIS WASTEFUL SPENDING.

As you can see by reading below Berry used his political friends in the City Council to do the old "Shell Game" and switch money around thinking the citizens of Albuquerque are idiots and would not learn the truth.  Since the voters already said no, doesn't this become an act that violates moral turpitude at a minimum, if not criminally?

The Eye On Albuquerque is fed up with the political games and the dirty politicians.  Why can't we get a real person into office who will do the "right thing" and follow the "will" of the people?  What ever happened to "We the people; by the people and for the people."   



We blogged this week of how Mayor Berry's "ABQ: The Plan" is getting increasingly wary treatment from the city council. There will be no bonds for the plan on the October ballot but as reader Elaine Hebard explains "The Plan" will still get money:

At the City Council meeting March 4, the Council voted to delete these items from the GO Bond Program: River Amenities, Enhancements and Bosque Restoration, $2,250,000; Bosque Trail Development, $1,000,000 (General Obligation Bonds categorized by purpose must be approved by the voters in the municipal election Oct. 8).

…And then the Council transferred $2,892,000 from the City’s General Fund to the Parks & Recreation Capital Acquisition Fund: River Amenities, Enhancements and Bosque Restoration, and Bosque Trail Development, $2,892,000. These funds do not have to be voted on and will be available as soon as the Mayor signs the G.O. Bond Programming Resolution. While we should be wary of adding new commitments, what really happened is that the public okay was removed.

Yes, the public okay was removed from "ABQ: The Plan" and the Mayor still got cash for his pet projects, but going forward it is going to be more difficult for him--especially if the Dems become the majority party on the nine member panel.
Former President George H. W. Bush Sr. stated it best when he lost to Bill Clinton back in 1992. The Republicans wanted to raise hell about Bush's loss.  In response Bush went on National television and asked everyone to respect the people's voices. The latter part of Bush's statement was something to the affect; "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!" Now why is it Republican Berry cannot be a decent honorable man and follow the will of the citizens of Albuquerque; they too have spoken?

Our apologies we are in no way, shape or forum are attempting to compare Berry to Former President Bush.  Obviously there is no comparison; one man has integrity and follows the will of the people and the other has no integrity and DOES NOT follow the will of the people.

Remember; this is the same guy who is asking for your support and vote in October.


Anonymous said...

The new ABQ 311 permits me to invade the privacy of my neighbors! If you post from it, you must create and register an account. Once I do that I can see everything my neighbors have complained about, where they posted it from and exactly what they complained about. It even awards "civic points". So the more they complain the better their ranking as a citizen.
I was going to report my crazy hoarding paranoid neighbor but being paranoid she is the one who said to all the neighbors how the app would tell her if we did and who turned her in.

Anonymous said...

The above poster what the HELL are you talking about?????????????? Get a effen life...

Anonymous said...

This city council dem or whatever party they are, are numb...stupid. dumb idiots they can't see the mayor pulling one over when his admin changes vision plans that will cost us more and that we DONT EVEN WANT ...the union spoke up yet the puppets the sheeple didnt question a thing and voted againt city workers and voted for berry on his kickback scheme ...they're all political whores...each and every one comes another lawsuit riding in.....BTW it's time to fog the 11th floor with insect spray ...God there's a bunch of creepy crawlies up there!

Anonymous said...

6:41: I don't think it says who is posting a complaint. It just logs and tells you what has been complained about in each area of Albuquerque. I posted a complaint about my neighbor having his dogs tied to a short leash for the past year and I didn't see where I was identified. The whole logging is a stupid waste of time but it was Sunday and 311 was closed.

Anonymous said...

Looks like this post got a couple people scrambling to cya! Lets follow the money again ($4000 a month) The original post said
Anonymous said...
Go to the city's transparency portal and look at what the City paid for the work ARAPA did over the last five years. I think you will find the city paid ZERO as it was done by a police employee.
Then prior to retiring, this police department employee opened ARAPA using the police station as her business address. Then she retired at the end of 2012. Now the city website shows that the taxpayers are paying thousands to ARAPA for the same work that we didn't pay for when city employees handled it. This is a big time scam. When this person retired another police employee should have been assigned to handle it. This is double dipping in a deceitful way.
Schultz needs to be put on camera and asked why a police employee can't do this same work? Why did he allow the company to work out of the police station? Will he allow other companies to work out of the police station? Why didn't the city put the ARAPA contract out to bid? Does Berry, Perry or Schultz see something ethically wrong in paying the retired civilian employee a city contract for work she was doing 6 months ago as a civilian employee of the city? Does this violate any PERA statutes? Does it violate anything city ordinace since it was obvious this scam was being worked on (and approved by the chief and others) prior to her retirement?
It just stinks of paybacks and favors. I hope Eye or the media expose this entire scam.
April 4, 2013 at 9:18:00 PM MDT
Here's the link to the PRC registration of ARAPA

It looks like the next week ARAPA Queen suddenly became an LLC

Now we know how ARAPA will be forwarding the check. What we don't know is what FISOA (who was not privatized but also uses her privatized website) will be doing with the "dues" they are making each bank pay to be a "partner" with Police.

Anonymous said...

@1031 from the main screen hit neighbors. If it asks use your current location hit yes. You will get a list of who around you (your neighbors) complained. Press each user name and you will get all the details
Sure some have fake user names but just like this blog you can figure out who they are.

Anonymous said...

Call the state auditor maybe someway a state agency is tied into arapa. Worth a phone call.

Anonymous said...

This may sound lame but Inspector General should look into claims such as ARAPA. Did you file a complaint with them? I have a similar issue with another department using a non -city entity working out of city property and using city workers to do their work. Unpaid. Slave labor.

Anonymous said...

There is NO city Inspector General any more. Remember, he quit because they sidelined him and he wasn't doing anything.

Anonymous said...

They fire everyone who exposes them, doesn't do what they say, or goes against their corruption. They fired Zane Reeves when he called them out on their bullshit. The IG left because they tied his hands. Now all they have is a bunch of order takers who do their dirty work and keep their mouths shut. ANd that fat red faced creep Perry says they are not trying to stack the deck. These criminals only know how to work in a biased environment slanted in their favor. Berry is a liar and fraud. He says transparency!!!!!! What a hypocrit. Keep hiding from the other candidates you wood head pussy.

DOJ, please drag these people in for questioning and charge them when the first lie comes out of their foul mouths. Start with Schultz.

Anonymous said...

I filed a complaint with the city's inspector gen office, someone named Pacheco. Haven't heard anything. It's good Intel I gave him and I got a whole lotta nada from him. I've got another issue but of a different nature. I wonder how many hostile work environment lawsuits are ruled in favor of plaintiff?