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Apr 22, 2013

Marguerite Chavez De Aragon Quits Race She Never Publicly Entered

According to the local media, Marguerite Chavez De Aragon has quit the Albuquerque’s Mayoral race.  The odd thing is; SHE NEVER ENTERED THE RACE PUBLICLY! 
Marguerite picked up a packet for the Mayoral race at 4:00 PM on the deadline before the City Clerk’s Office closed. Marguerite never publicly entered the race. According to Marguerite’s last statement made, she was planning on publicly entering the race at the end of this month. How does a person quit a race they were never publicly entered into?  Why not quit being an astronaut or a nuclear physicist too?

Here are some thoughts and questions:
  1.  Why did Marguerite send out these false pretenses that she was going to enter the race?
  2.  Was this false pretense for the purpose of political gain?
  3.  Was it to ensure she would have a job if she gave her “support” to another person?
  4. Was this fair to the people who signed her petitions or who worked diligently to help her?
  5. Was this a pre-planned and/or collaborated effort; a conspiracy on her behalf and others?
  6.  Did Marguerite know from the beginning know she was out-of-her-league and just wanted to have some fun at the taxpayers’ expense?
  7. OR did Marguerite simply realize she was in over her head and knew she did not have a snowball in hell’s chance to win?

When all is said and done, these questions will be answered.  The truth always comes out in the end.  We hope Marguerite’s plight was an honorable situation with honorable intentions.

Congratulations to Marguerite for dropping out of a race she never publicly entered…


Anonymous said...

I can't quit you Buquenos!

Anonymous said...

Dinelli for Mayor? And who will he appoint to Chief of Police? It appears he will appoint a recently retired firefighter, who in return for helping out in the campaign will appoint a few of his cronies to Deputy Chief (new faces, same games), NO THANKS!

What say you Mr. Heh, who will you appoint to Chief of Police and Chief of the fire department?

Berry will keep Breen until he decides to retire. Berry will appoint Deputy Chief Watson.

Doesn't matter who the Mayor is, the status quo will remain for the majority of individuals in both departments.

Anonymous said...

She got a job, let's get real.

Paul Heh, SSgt (ret) said...

I will appoint QUALIFIED and SKILLED individuals to lead the state's largest police force and fire department. We will have EXPERIENCED personnel leading these departments. NOT people who have virtually no experience in public safety matters. What happened in Boston can happen here and what you saw last week is the result of experienced public safety personnel responding to and resolving a incredibly complex incident.

And Mr. "I support Mayor Berry" Anonymous, why don't you ask WHO RJ supports as a replacement of Ray Schultz or Breen?

Anonymous said...

The second post is right on. Dinelli won't respond to me when I asked what his process will be in picking public safety chiefs. So if he makes it we already know which unqualified dimwits will be in charge. I'm going with Heh.

Anonymous said...

What becomes of the money Margaret Aragon DEEEEEEEE Chavez collected with the signatures???? I bet she put it right into her bank account.. ABQ PAC ALL OVER AGAIN. The Aragon/Chavez families are ALL CRIMINALS....