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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Apr 11, 2013

APD Conducts Counter Intelligence Against Citizens

The public expression of dissent is one of the greatest attributes we hold as Americans. To speak openly and FREELY about issues that concern us is a privilege that people the world over do not get to enjoy. In fact, in many countries, speaking openly about the government can get you killed. Or suicided.

But here in the United States of America, publicly expressing and stating we are fed up with something is a right we hold dear to our hearts. It's what makes us Americans.
Thus when the picture here was forwarded to us from a recent public demonstration against Bernalillo County District Attorney Kari Brandenburg we felt an immediate need to address this issue.
When our Eyes first saw the picture it was thought to be a heavy duty wheelchair with a center stabilizer for Wilham (Just a little Eye humor)...We have come to learn it is one of the APD's spy stations operated by hired, fired and re-hired Tj Wilham. 
On a serious note, pictured herein is one of APD's new mobile video surveillance drone's. You see this device was parked in close proximity to the protestors and recorded both audio and video footage of their, and every other passerby's, every doing. Everything they said, everything they looked at, every movement they made was recorded and watched by our friends in APD's "Smart" Police Unit. And to be clear, the video was operated on a live basis while officers zoomed in on citizens and recorded the entire event in high-definition digital video.

We at the Eye have a major problem with this and it's hard for us even to know where to begin.

Is APD targeting this particular group in particular? If so why?
Is APD going to target all public protests? If so why?
If APD is not going to target every protest, than who are they targeting and why?
Are they going to target officers at their homes if they happen to be home sick or on sick leave?
Are they going to target political rivals of Mayor Berry?
Are they going to provide video surveillance of where ever Chief Schultz is staying for "protection?"
How much of this have they already done?
How many covert mobile units do they have?
What are they doing with the recordings?
What review process exists to prevent abuse?
Who has access to the videos?

The questions go on and on, and for a department notoriously known for its secrecy and refusal to comply with public record requests, AND it's arbitrary and prejudicial investigations it's hard to even fathom anybody could think this is appropriate.

Then there are the people who are watching the watched. Directing the "Smart" Police Unit is none other than former Albuquerque Journal reporter TJ Wilham. Our Eyes tell us, Wilham spends countless hours eating and watching videos of questionable investigatory relevance. Of course, not to be outdone by Wilham is the unit's sergeant, Felipe "flip" Garcia. If you recall, Sgt. Garcia was vice-president of the APOA under former officer Joey Sigala and was named as a person of interest in a massive financial embezzlement investigation of APOA funds. Also in the unit is detective Nick Sanders....our friends in the DEA will remember him for the official misconduct that almost got him fired.

So in a nutshell we have an unjustified and arbitrary use of police surveillance AND recording of citizens asserting their constitutional rights being operated by a unit whose very management would not withstand ANY public scrutiny. Seriously, could you imagine the number of burr-eat-oh wrappers left lying around by Wilham? Is the "Smart" unit itself under video surveillance?

We know from experience that when people work in APD's main police station they develop symptoms of indifference, we wouldn't want to speculate but for some reason we don't have any confidence that IF they happened to see misconduct by fellow LE personnel they'd actually do anything about it.

To the folks at APD, you do understand that the DOJ is watching YOU under a microscope right? You do understand that the department is being scrutinized for a pattern and practice of civil rights violations right?

Look, we understand that there may indeed be a reasonable basis to have an officer assigned or dispatched to a location when there is a public protest going on. If for any reason it's to protect the protestors from the public. However, this type of authoritarian prejudicial "Big Brother" style surveillance is unacceptable.

In Eye terms it is simply UN-AMERICAN!! The Eye encourages all citizens to exercise their rights and become the true watchers of the and take pictures of any and all of these installations. The suppression and chilling of free speech is the first step to totalitarianism...


Anonymous said...

Hope you don't censor my opinion. Eye: r u a member of Cop Watch? Seriously.
The ppl. that should be protesting ARE the cops, and every citizen that works at the City ...hey all you Union Reps for ALL CITY BARGAINING UNITS : We need to stand up and fight like the employees of Smith's did when they wanted lower medical premiums. Heck if Smith's grocery workers stood up to the corporate greed, WHY CAN'T WE? I mean where's the outrage? Or do all of us just want to keep whining on this Blog? Unions? Buehler? Buehler?

Anonymous said...

Outstanding Eye. People should IPRA the fuck out of TJ and his unit's activities. This cannot stand.

Anonymous said...

0544, No shit sherlock ppl should be outraged. But the employees in this city are sheep. And the Eye is far from copwatch dumbass. It's been hunted by Schultz for years.....its Schultz Watch!

Anonymous said...

Why is Sgt Casuas indicted and probably fired, yet the officer who ran over Flora Aragon got off scot free. The city paid, the chief retained and the DA didn't charge.

Is the life of a young woman who livee in NW Albuquerque any more or less important than that of a elderly grandmother who lived just off Central Ave?

Anonymous said...

Brandenburg is APD"s insurance policy-she "fixes" their messes. It is about time (too late) that citizens are protesting her lack of professional standards !!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the sharing of official police databases with non sworn civilians, aka TJW, a violation of State and Federal law????

Anonymous said...

That contraption looks kinda cool, like a probe of sorts. to get into that TJ squad u must have been violated by all of its wonders.

Anonymous said...

So just how many supervisors does it take to run that TJ unit? I count 5 or 6,,,its set up like IA all sgts and a lieutenant and commanders thrown in for good measure. Sgt Flip, Sgt Sanders, Sgt Drager, Lieutenant Espinosa, Commander Dodo, and General TJ or whatever title he is this month! All in charge of a gaggle of prego chicks who have takehome cars & another one who forgot how to ride a horse so she hides in there. Another worthless unit in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

This corrupt Mayor and his scum bag strategist are pathetic. wrneeds to be brought to these power abusing liars. The whole situation in Albuquerque regarding these malfasants is out of control. They piss in the face of the department of justice. All they do is lie manipulate, falsify, fix, subvert, corrupt and outright break the law. USGOV.ORG needs to step in and level this place, then burn out the vermin before the citizens and the fed up decide to. Berry is nothing but a coward. He won't debate his challengers because they will humiliate him. He knows that Paul Heh is just waiting to face off with him so that he can smear his arrogant ass all over the stage. Dinelli will do the same. Berry is terrified of both of these men because he knows shit is on, and the niceties are out the friggen door. the funny thing is that these idiot have no idea what is coming.

Anonymous said...

Flip looks like a blow up doll for obese orphaned penguins.

What is wrong with this place? This guy gets promoted after he flees from the VP APOA position abandoning the rank and file like a coward, Schultz rewards him by promoting his worthless ass and puts him in a sensitive inside position. This person was involved with an embezzlement investigation. There is no doubt that dirty shit is going on here. Why resign if nothing happened? This place is disgusting. Another employee is on the promotional list after being deemed a murderer. Phucking Unreal!

Anonymous said...

How much you wanna bet one of those drones is parked down the street from Warfield's home to keep eyes from checkin on Chiefy?

Anonymous said...

It'll be fun when everybody in that unit gets subpoena'd.

Anonymous said...

Hey NE graveyard types...57/47 blast from the past racing around Paseo in his sports car after closing hours near "Vintage." Tag him and I'll buy you beer!!

Anonymous said...

@321 you forgot Baby Schultz is there to

Anonymous said...

"Why is Sgt Casuas indicted and probably fired, yet the officer who ran over Flora Aragon got off scot free. The city paid, the chief retained and the DA didn't charge.

Is the life of a young woman who livee in NW Albuquerque any more or less important than that of a elderly grandmother who lived just off Central Ave?"

The DoJ is in town, which is why you'll notice that suddenly the D.A. is concerned with "transparency." Also, it's an election year.

Casaus screwed up big, and he should pay for what he did. Unfortunately for him, his timing was bad, and now he's going to be a sacrificial lamb so that Schultz, Berry, and all the others can act as if they actually give a shit about "cleaning house." If there hadn't been a fatality, the city would have paid out, but he'd have been cleared of criminal wrongdoing.

Whatever he was up to, I hope it was worth it.

Anonymous said...

@ April 12, 2013 at 2:06:00 AM MDT

First of all, if you are a friend or family member of Mrs Aragon let me begin by again sending sincere condolences from the good men and women of APD.

To answer your question, it is because the officer involved in Mrs Aragon’s death was responding to an actual emergency call for service where the primary officer who was already on scene could not be reached by radio and the situation was presumed to have escalated, thus leading to the perception that the primary officer was in trouble. The officer was operating his vehicle running full code (lights and sirens) as per policy when the motorist ahead of him chose to make a turn into the path that the officer was travelling in rather than yielding to the emergency vehicle. The officer made an evasive maneuver to avoid what would have been an even more serious collision with the other motorist’s vehicle and travelled into the wall instead, not knowing that Mrs Aragon was on the other side of it. This was a horrible accident with no criminal intent by the officer or identifiable actions that would otherwise disregard the safety of citizens. Although the officer may done something different that dreadful night in responding to the emergency call for service the fact remains that the contributing factor lies with the other motorist involved. As for the Casaus case, there are obvious issues in that there was no call for service at all, and witness testimony and evidence contradicts Casaus’s statement of trying to catch up to a possible DWI. This has absolutely nothing to do with the age of the victim or the location that it occurred. To imply that it does is no different than pulling the “race card” when it does not remotely apply. To qualify that statement, I am an Albuquerque native and a longtime police officer who was born and raised not too far from where Mrs Aragon’s tragedy occurred. Whether relevant or not, I am also a “minority” from an impoverished community. And I am not the only one, as many of the good men and women at APD are from these same communities as well. With that said, please don’t paint APD with such a broad brush. Neither Schultz nor his programmed minions speak for me, or the vast majority of APD for that matter. The fact that Schultz failed to speak on this issue, and has further failed to speak openly to the citizens of Albuquerque (let’s not forget he has the media in his back pocket) in such a way that would help educate them in police policies and procedures that would in turn garner trust and support, shows again how he is a failure as a leader. Rather than utilizing the media in a positive way and reaching out to the community he instead chooses to alienate the department from the citizens that we serve.

I hope that this answers your question. And I also hope that you understand that although officers wear the same badge and uniform we do not share the same morals and beliefs of those like Schultz who are in the position to represent the department as a whole. Believe me he does not represent me or most others. We proudly identify with those that we are entrusted to serve and protect and will never identify with Schultz and his minions. This goes to Mayor Berry as well.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your kind response. I do believe there is one issue that news reports and witnesses contridict you on.

The officer was going to a call for backup, but had turned off all his lights, headlights included. He also did not have his siren on. This is why the other vehicle turned in front of him because after midnight with no headlights on he never saw the police car coming.

Now this might be wrong, but this is what the family and the news reported back in 2006. No lights. I know many APD officers and I don't know any who would drive with no headlights on in the dark. If I am wrong please correct me on this, but as I said this is what was reported back in 2006

Anonymous said...

@ 0722

It's good to know there are still stand up cops like you in APD. I suspect that is rarer than you think, however. With some work from a united police/citizen front, I do believe APD can once again become a police force everyone can be proud of. I know this is easier said than done, but I'm in if you are.

Anonymous said...

Smart Police Unit? Real Time Crime Center? Bullshit. Its the land of make believe staffed by broken cops, pregnant cops, and imbeciles.

Anonymous said...

@ April 12, 2013 at 2:50:00 PM MDT

From what I understand, and believe by the way, the officer was running code 3 (lights and sirens) while responding to the call. Now whether he turned down his equipment on his approach, I do not know as I was not there. As for officers driving without their headlights on, yes it does happen and is especially common for officers working the graveyard shift (at night, such as when this incident occurred) for the purpose of “stealth approach” to an active scene. The common police terminology is to “black out.” However, I do not believe this to be the case in this situation as there was already an officer on scene, not responding to radio dispatch by the way, so “stealth” or “black-out” would be beyond redundant by the secondary officer as the primary officer was already on scene. And, I especially do not believe that any officer would do this while other motorists are on the roadway as it would create an obvious hazard. This tactic is most commonly utilized during the final approach to a scene when it is most advantageous to the officer. So, when there are other vehicles, people, etc around that would provide ambient light, and the like that would expose the officers intent, this tactic would not be used at all.

Again, this is not to diminish the loss that Mrs Aragon’s family endured or to cover-up for any possible wrong doing by the officer involved (I do not believe there was any) but, the fact remains that this is a horrible accident. By no means do I expect Mrs Aragon’s loved ones to accept this explanation, but this is no more than the truth. The following statement was made to me at one time, “sometimes bad things happen to good people.” It took me a while to understand this statement, but I accepted it and moved on because I knew that I was in fact a good person and I knew that my faith was strong.

Unfortunately this explanation never came from Chief Schultz or any of his appointees. (Please note, I am not in the position to make such a formal statement on behalf of APD or its leadership.)

I learned very long ago that “APD” had become no more than a mystical revolving door of deception and corrupt behavior. There are so many members of the current command staff (from DCOP and trickling down to others, and up to RJB by the way) that do not give a crap about the people who they are entrusted to serve, protect, and represent. And for that, again I apologize on behalf of myself and for the good men and women of APD. Please accept the fact that Chief Schultz and his appointees are responsible for this as he has held a command position at APD since the 1990’s. That is undisputable…

Anonymous said...

@ April 12, 2013 at 4:38:00 PM MDT

Thank you for your response, believe me it means a lot.

Police work is very difficult to say the least. I do not know an officer who is infallible, nor do I expect it, and I especially cannot claim to be as such. We are mothers/fathers, sisters/brothers, daughters/sons etc who carry the burdens of life like anyone else… We are not much different than the community that we serve. What separates ourselves from citizens, in general, is that we took an oath to serve and protect, but please understand that we cannot fully protect our citizens unless we protect ourselves first. What is of utmost importance to any police officer is to “go home safe.” And the byproduct of that is most overwhelmingly is that our citizens are at home safe as well.

Many of us are in.

Anonymous said...

Here is one article from TJ Whilhem regarding the Aragon death.

I can see why the family and the community just don't trust the justice system. Schultz has been quick to pay off citizens to keep them quiet about his police department (Tera Chavez family comes to mind). The citizens never get to hear the truth. The only reason Casuas is in criminal trouble is because the citizens have had enough and the feds have stepped in. I can promise that without the DOJ here you would have had Schultz and Berry handing the family a large check and Brandedburg saying no criminal charges. That is why they all need to get booted out at the next election. We need people in this community to step up and run for office for the good of the community, not the good of their checkbook.

RUMad Bro said...

You hit the nail on the head..The utmost importance to kops is for them "to go home safe". It's not really to protect and serve. I would like to think one involves themselves with Law Enforcement because they DO want to "Protect and Serve". Citizens of Albuquerque, I ask you: Do you feel protected by APD? The SCOTUS feels it is not the Kops responsibility to "protect" you. Hence, is APDs only function to collect revenue from Albuquerque's citizenry? Or maybe to feed the beast we know as the Prison/Industrial complex? I'll let you be the judge.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

1103, watch the case fall apart cheerleader!

Anonymous said...

@1103 oh they caught A burglar. One case cleared, thousands to go but one case cleared. Can the Detective get a hero of the week and maybe Detective of the month for recovering this one households things?

Anonymous said...

"April 13, 2013 at 12:41:00 PM MDT"