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Aug 28, 2013

Heh Goes Viral!

Recently Albuquerque's failed Mayor Berry spoke about how the crime rate the past three years was the lowest in the past twenty-three years. Of course Berry was lying and Republican Mayoral Candidate Paul Heh responded to Berry's lies.  Heh told Berry and the crowd that the UCR Report (from APD) and the FBI stats showed the crime rate was in-fact up the past three years.

Heh backed his statement with bona-fide facts and documentation. Heh told the crowd that his staff had the actual data sheets available for those who sought the truth. Berry was feeling smug and "on-top of the World" until Heh sent Berry crashing to the ground.  Heh told Berry, "I have to call Bullshit!"  This was in response to Berry's lies about the crime rate being down.  Heh continued and told the crowd, if you want to know what the crime rate really is; ask any cop working the streets!

The video below is the portion of the debate when Heh called it like it is and it appears the video is going viral!

Click on the YouTube below to view.

Now that Berry has been caught with his pants down (again); what new lies or spin will he put on things...


Anonymous said...

Woodhead looked like a nervous bag of ass swigging his water four times in five seconds trying to play it off and look
cool as Heh kicked him in his skinny little ass. And Pete, you should have slapped him upside his woodhead instead of shaking his bitch hand. Shaking berry's hand must be like grabbing a jellyfish.

Anonymous said...

Paul did a great job, but 38 views is not viral. Let's kick it up to about 50,000 views. Copy and paste it into an email and everyone send it to everyone in your address book.

Here is the link. Start copying and pasting and send to everyone. The local news media won't show the truth about Berry. Time for grassroots Albuquerque to take over and get it done!

Anonymous said...

awwww somebody got their feelings hurt and theyre picking up all their toys and going away.....poor wittle baby....


Yea, it was funny watching berry take all those gulps from that water bottle after not even being able to swallow the first. He looks like a hamster with all that water in his mouth. He must have shit himself so bad he couldn't swallow. I will bet he never thought he would see the day Heh publicly embarrassed him for lying to him prior to the last election.

In 2011 Berry used Alliance Audio Visual for a presentation. There was a problem with the sound, which Berry caused after being instructed on how to use the equipment. Berry continued to use the equipment in a way against instruction by the technicians. After the presentation, Berry refused to pay, walking out on a $2000 plus dollar bill. Way to support ABQ businesses. Heh's staff should investigate this.