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Aug 27, 2013

RJ Berry's a FAILED LIAR: Here is PROOF

At a forum that was held at the Sheraton Up-town, Berry repeatedly (and acted snotty like a child) stated, "Crime is down in Albuquerque...Who says; the FBI says!"  Yesterday at another forum that was held at the Marriott Up-town, Berry again lauded his spew of vile about crime being down. Well, apparently Paul Heh did not believe a word from Berry's mouth. Heh was adamant that crime was up and repeatedly stated that to the audience. Heh called it like it is and told Berry, "I have to call bullshit!"

Heh told the crowd of around 400 plus people that he had proof to back his claim that crime was indeed up and at the end of the forum, Heh's staffers passed out a printout of the FBI stats from the FBI and stats from the UCR (Uniformed Crime Report) from APD.  This documentation clearly showed CRIME IS UP!

Heh also asked the crowd to vote for the best person for the job and avoid the prejudices of voting for a person based on party affiliation.

Heh stated after the forum, "I am not afraid to call it like it is. I represent change and reform; my plan will fix the problems that are ruining Albuquerque."  

Here is where it gets interesting. Channel 13 News reported (READ IT HERE) Heh used an "explicative" which was their "big story." What is funny, 13 News also reported that according to the FBI stats Heh was 100% correct; crime is up BUT if you take into account population growth; crime is actually down.  That rubbish has to of come directly from Berry. According to Berry's statement, crime was down based on the FBI stats. Was Berry lying when he said that or is he lying now that the spin has been placed on the story after Berry was caught lying?

Population growth? Here is a story from Channel 4 News (CLICK HERE). the story start sout by stating, "Not only does Albuquerque lead the nation in losing jobs, it's also one of the leaders when it comes to losing people, as in people moving away. It's a double whammy haunting the state's deeply troubled economy."  Now, how is it that Berry and Channel 13 News used "population growth" to legitimize Berry's claim?  And if population growth was a legitimate factor, the FBI would have placed that adjustment into the final numbers to reflect the true crime rate.

Now we have a mayor who is a liar and the media backing his lies.  Below is a media release from Heh on this issue and a graph from the FBI stats.

The last picture on this post says it all.
You may click on either document to have a full screen view.


Anonymous said...

Great story once again Eye!! Mayor Berry is a failure and a fuck up, along with his entire administration. I would like to know WTF the DOJ is doing? Are they just wasting our time? If Berry wins again we are screwed. Heh is the best choice but without money you don't get to far and why aren't people helping him? Dinelli has to much baggage from when he was a turd within the City, he just doesn't have it to win. If Berry wins I will be forgetting about my PERA and moving to another City.

Anonymous said...

Berry needs to resign and go back to working for his wife. He must have no pride to sit there and let everyone call him the piece of shit that he is.

Anonymous said...

Population in 2009 (FBI estimate) - 530,636
Population in 2012 (FBI estimate) - 553,684
Increase of 4.3% in population

Violent crime in 2009 - 4,082
Violent crime in 2012 - 4,151
Increase of 1.7% in violent crime

Property crime in 2009 - 29,140
Property crime in 2012 - 29,718
Increase of 1.9% in property crime

When population growth is higher than the increase in crime, the crime *rate* (amount of crime per person) goes down. The FBI does also calculate violent crime rate and property crime rate numbers per 100,000 as part of their data.

It's accurate to say instances of crime are up and also accurate to say the crime rate is down.

Anonymous said...

Don't get caught up in the minutia Paul!!! There is growth, growth trends, rate of growth, all kinds of ways to split hairs and try to massage stastical numbers. Dropping BS bombs and all that, can't do it, stay above the fray.

Stay on target buddy!!!

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of pussies. A man stands up and says "bullshit" and everyone has sand in their vaginas. Give me a break. It's good to finally see a man with balls in this place of passive aggressive crybabies. Oh my...... He said the BS word! And knipfling, you are nothing but a bluehair kitchen bitch. I'll bet your hands are as soft as a newborns ass. Have you ever even played the role of a man in your life?

kRQ teenie bop said...

Ok what is the deal with KRQE. You have that old woman Knipfing surrounded by romper room kids that probably can't even drink beer nevermind buy it. From Katie Kim to Alex Goldsmith I don't think combined their ages add up to 35. It's, just.....weird. maybe Knipfing is a perv?? Bob Clarke syndrome. Can't figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Don't get caught in the numbers. Point out one is one too many. I don't care if I am one of ten on my street victimized or the only one, I don't want to be a victim and why did I have to wait 80 minutes for a cop to come make sure the guy wasn't still inside my house. Dispatch tells citizens to go check inside themselves all the time.
The big picture is not enough cops, not enough paramedics, and hospitals closing with mass layoffs.. No one warned that someone tried to take a SECOND child, no recue crew if you live in the poor or democratic sections of the City anymore, and Lovelace on Gibson, the only hospital in a predominately poor part of town, closed while he is Mayor.

Anonymous said...

If anyone knows about the UCR, agencies do not have to report all crimes and some don't just like in this case. The actual numbers are obviously not being reported to make the city look like numbers are down. MY ASS! We all damn well know like heh said. Bullshit The numbers are down. This city of burqe has its thugs running amuck all over while Berry gets to sit and watch.