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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Aug 18, 2013

New Mexico Attorney General's Report: Part 1

The release of an official findings report from the New Mexico Attorney General regarding the Albuquerque Police Department's response to the unattended death scene of successful civil rights attorney Mary Han once again brings the incident to the front page and lead story of local media.

And again APD makes national news of yet another failure so egregious, the department is known from coast to coast as one of the worst law enforcement agencies in the country.

Over the next few days we are going to scrutinize APD and the city's handling of this matter in thorough detail. As we have been routinely monitoring the initial incident, the department's response, the actions of high profile public and private persons, and more, we at the Eye are confident in saying this sad affair not only challenges the very legitimacy of APD, but many of the city and state's current leaders. Our Eyes have kept us updated since the date of the original incident and we have indeed made some all but certain and definitely relevant connections which occurred prior to November 18, 2010.

We start at the end however. Today we look at the city's (and defendant) and Bank's response to the AG's letter.

The New Mexico Attorney General functions as the state's chief legal officer and legal counsel to state government, consumer advocate, and guardian of the public's general interest. It has civil investigative divisions as well as criminal divisions and has jurisdiction state wide. It is staffed with attorneys and certified law enforcement officers. Regularly the NMAG is asked to review incidents or conduct its own investigations into high profile matters that are beyond the scope of the local agency or appear to need an objective review.
These review are commonly known as opinion and advisory letters. Citizens, towns, cities, counties and the state use these opinion letters to guide actions. Think of them as robust legal analysis that give one an almost certain idea of where an issues stands. From campaign reporting laws to issues affecting law enforcement, NMAG opinions are significant legal products. Go here if you would like to see the archive of them:
This past Friday, the NMAG issued its objective and independent review of APD's handling of Ms. Han's death scene and the report confirmed much of what is already known: That APD deviated from standard law enforcement protocols, state SOPs, and internal SOPs that its actions were simply disgraceful. In fact the actions of APD and city leadership were described as “inappropriate,” “terribly mishandled,” “inexplicable,” and “fundamental police procedures for suspicious deaths were inexplicably not followed.”

What does this mean? It means that nothing that APD claims to be true at the scene, can be considered true.
When confronted with these findings, APD and the city of Albuquerque's leaders confirmed the report by simply not challenging it. They do what all people guilty of acts do, they attack the accuser. But in this case, the accuser are the people of New Mexico.

Instead of addressing any of the findings at all in the AG's report, APD's interim chief, Allen Banks jumped on creating a comparison between the AG and the FBI. Banks remarked that the FBI "did receive all the information."
When asked about the NMAG inquiry, Banks added,

"the Attorney General has not reached out to us. If he has additional information, um or evidence, then yes, reach out to us we'd be more than happy to work with him. I stand behind the investigation of the Albuquerque Police Department. I also stand behind the investigation of the state office of the medical investigator. I'm kind of surprised and perplexed at the way the Attorney General sent out a news release and has not contacted the Albuquerque Police Department.”
We at the Eye find that answer bizarre. It sound like what many of our Eyes hear when they arrest an offender and that offender cries that the arrest is bad because some other offender got away with the same incident on another occasion. It doesn't even make sense. Perhaps Banks didn't understand that the FBI was working in conjunction with the NMAG?

Following up those statements came this response from the office of David Tourek, the city attorney for Albuquerque:

"Mary Han's death was investigated by the independent, professional and non-political state Office of the Medical Investigator, which was on scene and reached its own conclusion based on scientific findings. Our understanding is that the FBI was asked to review this case and found no evidence to support additional investigation.”
This of course was in follow up to a statement by city lawyer, Kathy Levy on 11/9/12:

"We've reviewed the lawsuit and it does not state a cause of action under the New Mexico Tort Claim Act. The complaint is factually inaccurate. We are confident the court will dismiss the complaint."
While we appreciate the science that technicians in the OMI are expected to use, by now we've all heard the disgusting biased sexist comments offered by the forensic pathologist who examined Ms. Han. Dr. Reichard may have forgotten about New Mexico, but we have not forgot about him...
Feel free to drop him a line:
In essence, Banks and the city have conceded to the higher authority of the NMAG. And they are attempting to distract us all by attacking the messenger. Which of course not only will backfire, but will make things much worse for them.

Won't they CheetOh?



Anonymous said...

They failed to reach out prior to giving the media the results. we object to APOA releasing the survey without talking with us first. Oops, I mean we object to NMAG releasing the findings without talking to us first.

Anonymous said...

Yo CheetOh, the world doesn't serve or revolve around your fat ass. Grow up and take responsibility for the the total failure you and your blind followers are.
Cant wait to hear the justification you spin out your man juice spewing mouth about this latest APD officer arrested for Domestic Violence.
What will this make it now, lets see $10,300.000.00 + $45,000.00 + $40.000.00 + $14,000.00 = "Nature At Play #10,399,000.00".....

Anonymous said...


Make that "NAP #10,399,000.00 +1"

Anonymous said...

Another APD/RJ Berry cover up. Kennedy had Han killed and they know it. The problem is APD helped with the cover up BECAUSE Kennedy is POLITICALLY CONNECTED and Schultz & Co were GLAD TO SEE HAN GONE.

Thieves, whores, liars, con artistically and murderers. THAT'S who runs your city, ALBUQUERQUE!!!!

FSB Sergeant said...

This imbecile couldn't even answer the question "who fired Russell Perea" without sounding like an idiot. And out of John d'amato's mouth, Banks fired Dawn Roberto without any evidence of lying or violation of any SOPs. And to think this moron is our fearless leader. Tainted corrupt stalker maybe. But leader....not.

AFD First Responder said...

Tomorrow morning I will be calling the AG's office personally to inform them that the seasoned AFD medic who responded to the Mary Han CRIME SCENE immediately informed APD officers that the manner in which he found Mary Han's body indicated to him that it was NOT a suicide and was HIGHLY suspicious!

APD relies on us, AFD, for medical opinions on ALL calls medical related, period! Our medic told APD this was not a suicide and that it was a crime! APD immediately had top city officials and APD Chiefs on scene, including current APD Chief Banks, and THEY decided on scene to declare Mary Han's death a suicide!

This is beyond outrageous, corrupt, criminal, vile and obviously a criminal conspiracy committed by sitting APD Chief Banks and the leadership of Berry's administration!

Get your heads out of your fucking asses Albuquerque and demand Bank's, Perry's and Berry's resignations! Call you city councilor, your state rep., the media, the AG's office and Governor's office. DEMAND A FULL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION off all those motherfuckers on scene!

AFD's medic had already disclosed this information to the FBI and will be talking to the NM AG tomorrow!

Fuck you Berry, Perry and Banks I dare you to try to shut me up!

Anonymous said...

Eye, what happened to the series on AFD? After all I thought it was Eye on Albuquerque, not Eye on only APD!

Anonymous said...

FYI: Paul Kennedy is the personal attorney for Suzanna Martinez

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Deja vu, Stealth. How many times has everyone been up in arms, the corruption information surfaces, truth is told on this blog, then what happens? Nothing. Darren White finally resigned but only because Susanna had a job for him, at three times his APD salary. I bet he is no longer renting furniture in a rented apartment. I bet his wife is still popping street pills and driving under the influence, but now when she is stopped, she gets away with it. Mafiosos, all tied in with the casino, the racing commission, alligator hunts and greasy palms. Why is nobody talking?

Anonymous said...

Kennedy was appointed by Susanna Martinez to the New Mexico Supreme Court, corruption.

Heh did a good job this morning on KOB TV. The only thing that he didn't have a solid answer for was the adultery stuff. I agree that we need an SOP and we need to enforce it, but Paul did not really explain what he would do, how he would do it and how it would help. We all know if would help but he needed to explain his plan better.

I did like the drug rehab and rt 66 stuff. Paul explained it very well and it makes great sense.

Disappointed board member. said...

I would like to say this to all officers.
I would first like to voice my displeasure at the comments here and at work by officers against the APOA and it's staff present and past.

Everyone wants to judge what we do here. I am sick
of it. I am sick of hearing you needy complaining officers bash us, the department, the city and it's leadership. You are all worthless. We work hard at keeping stability and you all do nothing but attack the place and tear it down. You all are the reason for things falling apart. Don't cry about how your money is spent when you all never show up for union meetings.

We know who is speaking out against us and you will see. All of you air our dirty laundry. Laundry that should be kept in house. You all give the community ammunition against us. You should know better.
This liberal retarded band of vengeful activists called Albuquerque makes me sick. You are no better than them. These bunch of uneducated subhuman animals that constantly attack us, march against us and sue us for no other reason than to fill their greedy pockets so that they can buy more drugs to smoke up and shiny rims for their ghetto rides. You have lost sight of the big picture. We should be backing eachother. For your information, it is us against them! Do half of these so called citizens have jobs? Probably not. They probably have EBT cards though. These entitled lowlifes have the guts to insult us in our house? But you all attack the APOA?

As for money being stolen, that should have been handled in-house. There was no reason. for that to get out. That was just plain stupid.

Everyone here is angry and hateful. I will not standby and accept the trash talking just because we are not backing Paul. He should have left well enough alone. He decided to cross the blue line when he made complaint against a fellow board member. You don't turn on eachother. A rat is a rat. Period. Joey may have been a bonehead, but he was our bonehead. We could have taken care of it, but Paul had to be the hero and take the official route. This caused so much aggravation. Paul is also supported here. This is why we voted not to support him. He betrayed us just as all of you shit talkers here do. You cry about representation. You don't deserve representation and he doesn't deserve support. Be happy you have jobs. If you don't like it, quit and join the jobless moochers called Vecinos United and the rest of the entitlement crowd sucking the city dry. Go join the crybabies and see if anyone cares.
Just like all of you complainers, these worthless whiners will eventually lose interest when their circus loses it's

In closing, I will say this, nothing is perfect and nobody said life was fair. Get over it! You all deserve what you get. Crybaby people constantly bitching about the police when they contribute nothing to society and cops who are snitches who sell out their own. Sleep in the bed you all made. We do our jobs. Shame is you all have no idea because you are never at a damn meeting.


This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

AFD First Responder -

I wasn't there so I'm not going to try and 2nd guess the investigators who where. I would like to know, however, what Crime Scene Investigation training that your medic has received that qualified him to determine that it was a crime scene and not a suicide scene. Has that medic investigated many such scenes? Is he recognized by the courts as an 'expert witness' in crime scene investigation or reconstruction?

There were many, MANY things wrong with the way that the entire incident was handled. And your medic may have been exactly correct in his evaluation of the scene, but to jump up and down with an "We told you so" attitude is absurd.

Having said that - please accept my heartfelt "thank you" to the men and women of the Albuquerque Fire Department - some of the hardest working, bravest, and nicest people I ever had the privilege of working with and around.

Anonymous said...

@ 1442,

Nobody is talking because nobody really cares. All these players have ties to/dirt on the right people, so they're always protected. The rest of us are busy trying to lead lives, and even if any one of us truly was upset by the crime and corruption rampant in ABQ government, what can be done about it?

All the "good" cops that are occasionally crowed about on here are too scared to speak up or do anything about the bad cops (which really means there truly are NO good cops in APD). The regular citizen can organize petitions or go speak at city council meetings, for all the good it does.

What MIGHT make a change is if someone or a group of people ran through all the bad apples Punisher-style, but last I checked that only works in the comic books. This is real life, where the shitty people always rise to the top. There is nothing to be done about it, not really.

I understand that is a pessimistic POV, and I was once hopeful about fighting for change in my beloved city, but we should be realistic about it. Look at what happened to Mary Han.

Anonymous said...

LMAO....Levy seen posting a comment here on the Eye. BUSTED!!!!!

Bill Collector said...

@634, much has happened in just the last 14 months. More than can be openly seen but you can smell the panic. You can see it in the eyes of Banks, Berry, and Perry. What's been coming is now here and boy did they fuck with the wrong people.

Anonymous said...

RE: Hello, I would like to say this to all officers.

Willoughby you’re such a POS. You said you hate the Eye On Albuquerque, you backstab a fellow officer and then you post on here you fat ugly fuck! You are not a real cop and you will never be.

This site gets the truth out to the citizens and helps out real cops so stay the fuck off of here before you ruin it for us real cops!!!

If you’re “sick of it” then resign you fuckhead. You are the worthless one!!!

Anonymous said...

You are the lowlife. This is the very reason there is issue with APD. It's this mentality that has caused the rift and distrust within the community. Thanks for that, you corrupt hateful person.
A sad person you are. Very sad.

Paul Heh stood up, and did the right thing. He exposed the embezzlement and corruption when no one else would, yet you condemn him for it? Are you admitting to a blue code of silence?

All these people want is to be treated right and you insult them. Hopefully you get some help. You need it.

Anonymous said...

Disappointed board member, you are a coward.

If you had any balls or conviction about that pathetic shit you said, you would put you name on your post. It is absolutely disgusting that you attack the very members that you have taken an oath to support as a board member. Paul Heh has this thing you will never grasp, it is called integrity and honor. He filed a complaint against Joey that should be applauded by your board and membership.

It is dirt bags with your belief system that have destroyed your e board and tarnished your department's reputation. It is a well know fact that your members do not come to your union meetings because you and your scum bag friends are the rats! You work for the City and APD administration and disclose your members' concerns and political activities to your masters. I said as mush to your face when I spoke to your e board. Not one mother fucker on your board challenged my assertion!

The handful of people that attended the meeting where the APOA voted not to endorse Paul did so after Willoughby stated that he had a "connection" in the mayor's office that disclosed to him that Berry wanted the APOA to endorse Paul Heh so he could beat him soundly. Your VP addressed your membership about the mayor's race and his source of guidance was some POS from Berry's administration. That is revolting and just sad that the officers in the room were swayed by an insane argument.

As I stated to Willoughby to his face, we will make sure he is beaten soundly when he stands for re election in April for standing with Berry and against Paul. Yes Willoughby, I am publicly stating that you are a rat and stand with Berry. I am also stating to all APD members that we will assist you in defeating that rat fuck when he stands for re election and help you get your union into the hands of men and women that care about it's members.

I will stand publicly behind what I say. This is AFD Driver Matt Blanchfield. I am an IAFF 244 member and psychotically loyal supporter of all workers and a vehement enemy of Berry and his crooked administration. I am the founder of FMB and I am not hiding.

I will work as hard for my brothers and sisters in APD as I do for my own in AFD.

Anonymous said...

@457 you call it keeping it stability we call it status quo and we're sick of it. You don't handle crimes in house because it encourages the next person to do the same thing. We don't tell the citizens to handle their business in house, why would we do that when we see crimes in ours.
You just called citizens uneducated and subhuman then critized us all for being angry? Don't you realize you just proved the DoJs case in one sentence?
And welcome to the bitchfest board member and congrats pot you got some black on you

Anonymous said...

Rat Fuck Boardmember, when Joey and Flip were stealing money what did you do to stop them? Oh that's right, they brought you along like their little teabagging cheerleader.

When Ron Olivas was snitching out discipline to Proctor or double dealing with Banks, Mowrer, or DAmato, where were you? Oh yeah, standing right next to him feeling the juice.

You think I don't remember working Valley with you so many years ago when you were Mark Garcia's bitch. You sucked and lied as a cop then, and even more so now. Did you never get it why people was C4'd you?

Don't worry, I know stepped up and voted for Paul, and even better, so does he. But AT LEAST the following APOA board members didn't vote for him:

Stephanie Lopez
Shawn Willoughby
Matt Fisher
Jennifer Jara
Dee Candelaria
Anna Nunez
Bryan Price
Steve Powers
Matt Morales
Mike Lopez
Louie Armijo
Laura Martin
Toby Gallegos
Dan Torgrimson
Benito Martinez
Anne Mcconnell

Standing by and letting ship happen is as bad as doing it. Disgraceful lot, don't ever fucken 82. Take your fucken dues and stick it in the POS property you want to buy for your bar. I'm dumping you. Wanna be cops but really just worthless shitbags.

Anonymous said...

You call throwing two good officers under the bus backing your officers? You dirty motherfuckers knew that Joey Sigala, Flip, and Olivas conspired with Schultz and Mowrer to lie to the officers who took a wanted murder into custody who threatened ret. Det. Mark Krueger that he was going to kill the next cop that tried to arrest him. You dirty creeps tried to intimidate those officers into resigning and when that didn't work, you then tried to scare one of the officers into saying what Jason Peck wanted him to say and lie. A union president told an officer to lie to investigstors so that Schultz could use the incident to save himself and Perry from a DOJ invasion. When that didn't work, you refused to represent the officers and tried to get out of paying for their lawyers. You know who stepped up? Former officer Grover did. He did it on his own and received no
compensation. Jason Peck sat in Sigala's office every day looking guilty as hell and it's no coincidence that Sigala knew Schultz was going to terminate those officers wrongfully months before the investigation was over. Sigala had intimate knowledge of things he no doubt learned from Peck. Sigala stated in front of everyone that he wasn't paying for "those officers".
Mowrer intentionally conflicted himself out so as not to have to rep them either. You are all complicit in tampering with an investigation and intimidating a witness. The most disgusting part is all of this was going on while Sigala was stealing money from the officers he was betraying. None of you did anything. You all knew what was going on and you kept your mouths shut.
You not only failed your officers, you failed society. You are a disgrace to the justice system.

You all know everyone talks and nothing stays in the union. You all should have never opened your mouths.

Anonymous said...

You are all pathetic. Bitching on a blog, pointing fingers, name calling and accomplishing what exactly? NOTHING. Keep digging on each other, talking shit and make the divide bigger and deeper. You are all destroying yourself from within. If you don't think so, just take a look around. Remember, when you point your finger, there are always 7 pointing right back at you. And lastly, GROW THE FUCK UP.

Anonymous said...

What makes an AFD medic an expert of crime scenes involving deaths? Umm, over ten years experience at responding to over a thousand such calls that's what makes him an expert. Which basically makes the difference between him and, oh I dunno ALL of APD homicide like the education gap between a college professor and a 1st grader.

Anonymous said...

34s don't go to the APOA meetings because they are treated like second class.. If your not part of the union good ol boys club or on the board. You are just another 34. They need to look into all of joey's hang around gang and see what money they took.

Anonymous said...

The 34s should vote to disband the APOA and start over if you are that unhappy.

What this comes down to is 1% of officers willing to stick their neck out and get slammed by the other 98% who aren't brave enough to get involved in the APOA.

You also have the other 1% who get involved and rip everyone off (Torrez, Dwyer, Ron and Joey) because the 98% don't care.

So disband the APOA and start it over. Do it without Mower. Start fresh and write the by laws so that everyone gets involved.

Or don't and continue to bitch about the 1%. Your choice. Bitching is easier, but change is better.

As Saul said in Breaking Bad, "Monkeys in the banana patch".

Anonymous said...

@Disappointed Board Member:
Whoever you are, I doubt you were an APOA board member, you did a great job painting the APD as a corrupt group that covers for its corruption. Paul crossed "the blue line"..I thought officers of integrity would cross the "line" to enforce law. Law, that is a concept lost on so many in positions of power in APD. You say Joey was "our bonehead", that comment in itself shows you are a fool or a propagandist trying to paint all of APD as fascists. Officers of integrity report wrong doing whether that wrong doing is committed by "subhuman citizens" or members of the police department. Whoever, or whatever you are, your comments indicate you are a fool and should not be considered as a valid member of humanity...I think you are a Berry stooge!

Blue Line Crosser said...

You say this poster did a good job painting "APD" as a corrupt group?
Where do you see that? Speak for yourself. You are probably one of the sellouts down at the clubhouse. What I saw was what appears to be the true sentiment of that place. I didn't see that poster speaking for the officers. I believe poster 7:48 hit the nail on the head. The APOA is nothing but a social club for those willing to bend over for the administration. Sure, they may talk a good game initially, then when they see just what it takes to go the distance, they don't have the guts for it. Any day of the week you can go down there and hear the back stabbing going on. Guys like fat boy Tommy running his mouth about every 34 in the department. Hearing all of you kitchen bitches backdoor officers all of the time, I have no doubt in my mind that it's a board member. Your post is laughable! How many officers of integrity do you have on the board? How many were fired for integrity issues or ride around with their tits out in a police unit? How many are involved in the NATURE AT PLAY GAME, or are founding members? Really?!?! How many of them were openly unhappy with Heh filing a complaint on Joey? How many of you knew that Joey was openly stealing and said nothing for how many years. In most unions, a person with the backround of Ron Olivas would be unfit to represent a union member but you upstanding ivory tower dwellers buy the guy new suits. Did you read the transcripts of his testimony in Brad's case?
Now who is the propagandist and spin doctor? You all will sell your asses to the highest bidder, that's why you wait for a sure thing before backing anyone.

I don't see any of you trying to make right on any of the wrongs done by your cohorts. All you do is stick your heads in the sand, and wish the bad stuff away. Take your accusations elsewhere. You all learned well from Schultz to make counter accusations, but everyone sees right through it now.

You better have rock solid facts next time you post bullshit because this sight is obviously being flooded with others who do.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead union boy, tell us why the APOA screwed Paul. Go ahead and lie, and you will get embarrassed, because I know a who lot of people who know the truth behind your bullshit. Go ahead and open that door. I am pretty confident that the dirt going on down at the APOA and the petty reasons you all can't do your jobs will come to light pretty quickly. None of you should be union officials. Heck, none of you should even be police officers.

Anonymous said...

You, sir or madam, do not understand the concept of "irony". It is obvious that the poster at 1:08 is stating that the issue he/she has is with what that "disappointed" board member said, supposedly as a representative of the APD, about the hard working cops in APD. That poster referred to citizens as subhuman and that the cops should take care of their own problems. Well, it is obvious by your posting as well as a few others that APD cannot clean its own house. Good cops being thrown under the bus, APOA presidents facing embezzlement indictments. You see, that "disappointed board member" statements are propaganda. Look that word up in the dictionary. It is the transmission of information, spun or slanted so as to make a political point or accomplish a political goal. If the upset board member is speaking for the majority of cops in APD, then the APD cops view, with disdain, the citizens they serve and that whatever wrong-doings are done by cops... should be kept quiet and "dealt" with by cops. Cops like Schultz and Banks, huh. Whoever that upset board member is, he/she does paint cops in APD has narrow minded, cynical bullies. I am afraid that depiction does serve someone's political is your task to ask, whose?

Anonymous said...

Joey is only charged with taking $400.00 from the APOA? Where is the rest? And there are some serious LOSERS on the APOA board. Dee Candelaria, Jennifer Jara, now older sh&t doesn't get done.

Anonymous said...


Then you should run for election and be a board member.

Quit your bitching

Anonymous said...

You better be careful, Jara will 16 you and set some new case law. She is good at that.

A soon to be non-union member said...

Irony? What Irony? I believe they said what they said as a representative of the APOA. WHat's ironic about that? 4:07 took offense to being lumped in with the APOA. Your ass is propaganda. You tell me what was the propaganda. I too have heard board members spew similar rhetoric. Tell me you haven't and I will start naming names. I have also heard APOA board members discuss knowledge of officers being wronged. The same members refuse to step forward because they are either afraid or were in the chief's pocket. If you are afraid to make waves, and do the right thing, then you have no right working for a union.
You want to know who paints APD and the APOA as assholes murderers and bullies? Shitheads like Weber who show up at one city council meeting, and the one he shows up at he shows up with that moron Lampiris in tow dressed like a toad. Pathetic... really. Failed backrounds, Proven liar on job applications. Admitted criminal, and still hired, then backed by the APOA after admitting that he fucked up in court losing the city $10,000,000. This is the poster boy you decide to stand behind. Give me a friggen break Einstein. You want to know why? Because he was one of the boys, just like another poster above stated.

One thing is obvious. You're a board member and probably not one of the few who had balls and voted for Heh. Did the fat Tommy comment insult you? The truth obviously eludes you. You and Disappointed board member are the idiots here.

Anonymous said...

I was really hoping to hear an apology to the citizens from Stephanie Lopez last night at the City Council meeting. Now the citizens are left to assume that she, along with the entire board and membership of the union, agree with Shawn Willoughby's "it is us against them" statement.
When are the good, majority, officers going to publicly speak up and demand the Chief ask for all of their resignations???

Anonymous said...

It is amazing the stupidity exhibited by people who post here. They can't even tell when posters are attacking the very systems THEY themselves hate! If everyone who posts here is an APD cop, god have mercy on us, there are a lot of dummies carrying guns and protecting us. Well, I'll put this in language most of you will understand...APD administration is a bunch of lying, corrupt dumbasses, the APOA is made up of cowardly dumbasses, the APOA board are the leaders of the dumbasses. There, do all of you now understand what was being said in terms that obviously went over your heads? Pull you heads out of your butts and FIX THE F#*CKING UNION, supposedly it belongs to the cops! Better yet, quit paying dues and it will go away and you can start over with a clean slate! DUHHHH! What a concept! Do something and quite griping!

Anonymous said...

you need to walk away willowby. I doubt your career is worth it. you are digging yourself in further and further. At least some of the board is telling us the truth at briefing. sounds like it wont be much longer until all of Stephanie lopez dirt comes out and hits the media also. did you really think you could be Allen Banks personal henchman and keep it from us? I think its time to dissolve the lopez/willowby/mower union and start over. What will they do when everyone quits? now s the time i'm being told, we don't have a contract anyway. If you guys don't go quietly we will force you out. take notice. Lets star now folks while we have the momentum, just quit and save your money before Stephanie and pillowby by themselves a restaurant. they cant do anything if the money is gone. The LT at briefing said you can quit and still have representation since they'll take seven dollars anyway, but a least that will let us start a new union! or maybe we will have no union

Anonymous said...

Was that so hard?!?

Anonymous said...

I think our only option is to quit the union individually and save our money. The union is respected by no one anymore. Not even the minimum enough show up for a quorum to do actual union business anyways. The only time there is a quorum is if some detectives are about to be sent to the horrors of the street patrol. Please oh please union save us! We will do anything to avoid driving a marked police car and have to shave my 90's goatee and take calls in the heat!

Mowrer for one problem has been the attorney so long he just doesnt care anymore. He gets paid whether we show up or not. Lets stop paying that empty suit and hire a real attorney like Brad Hall or Sam Bregman. At least they use media when appropriate instead of hiding and hoping the scandal just goes away like what happened with Sigala. Where was Mowrer during all this? He was instructing everyone to just be quiet and hide and just keep paying him and all would be fixed in time.

Its time to disband the union & start over just like the fifth floor! There is too much blood spilled and its time to move on from that disaster of an association. Its time we had a steady stream of us just go to payroll and stop contributing to that waste.

Until they PROVE they are making actual REAL changes with REAL leadership im gonna save my money for satisfying things like my daily cup of Joe.

Anonymous said...

Haaaaaaaaaa yeah right like having one true professional, hard working officer on the APOA board will change anything. The APOA lost all its great board members about ten years ago. And Jara doesn't scare me oh by the way nice tattoos she's sporting. Now that's professional. And Dee ( I am not happy anywhere I work) Candelaria well enuf said......

Anonymous said...

I'm disgusted by all the profanity on this site. Are these the professionals sworn to protect our citizens, sworn to represent our city? Seems to me that with the vocabulary displayed here, whoever these people are aren't much better that the citizens they complain about. Grow up! If you all want to be treated better, more fairly, which is what everyone seems to be complaining about, then prove that you deserve it by approaching things with some maturity, instead of using the language of an uneducated street punk.

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