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Aug 23, 2013

Mary Han Part III: Shades of White

"Darren White has long fought against shady deals, corruption, and ethics violations throughout his career – from Santa Fe to Albuquerque. Darren White will shake up the political bosses, shady lobbyists, and the traditional power-brokers in Washington, D.C., and promises to govern in an open and transparent manner."
Displayed herein is a chart showing all the connections between many of the high level players at Ms. Han's death. The thicker lines represent thicker relationships. As you can see, Kennedy and White have the most connections and the thickest connections.
The above statement came from Darren White and his campaign on October 15, 2008, prior to being beaten by then city councilor, and now U.S. Senator, Martin Heinrich. White made the remarks as then state senator pro-tem Manny Aragon plead guilty to charges of conspiracy and mail fraud in a public corruption case which brought down the once mighty politico.
Two years later, White himself would be in the center of orchestrating the greatest and most macabre police cover-up in APD's history. In it White would be promoting the desecration of a crime scene, tampering with evidence, lewd acts of voyeurism, grand theft, obstruction of justice, conspiracy, and the cover-up of the murder of one of Albuquerque's most high profile and successful civil rights attorneys.
The call to APD Dispatch came in at 12:35 on November 18, 2010, and in it Ms. Han's former partner and rejected state supreme court justice Paul Kennedy reported an "accidental suicide." Kennedy stated to the dispatcher that he had gone by to check on her because she had not gone in to work that day. Instead of the silver Mercedes convertible Kennedy is known to drive, he arrived at the scene in a black Range Rover. But 911 is not the only call Kennedy made.
As the city's Public Safety Director, Darren White received a call, that his records indicate as being from an "Unknown Caller" moments later, White made a flurry of calls to City Attorney Rob Perry, to his own PIO TJ Wilham, to APD Deputy Chief Allen Banks, and to APD Chief Ray Schultz. From there those persons called other familiar names in Albuquerque's current affairs including then APOA President Joey Sigala, APD Deputy Chief Paul Feist, Assistant City Lawyer Kathy Levy, APD PIO Trish Hoffman and other unidentified persons including an APD detective.
As this mob of scoundrels descended upon Ms. Han's residence, the first responders were rapidly displaced by a never ending parade of stars and suits. DCOP Allen Banks and DCOP Feist went into the house and removed all first responders. Their actions, and the actions of others, remain inexplicable to this day. In the course of their actions triggered by White's flurry of phone calls, a crime scene was destroyed by people who had taught and overseen crime scene training and instruction. A scene was invaded by onlookers that seem to show a flurry of data transfers (that we are sure can be pinged to the cell towers near Candelaria/Rio Grande) which can only mean images were sent away. When those images and/or phones were "replaced" evidence of the scene was also tampered with and destroyed by the very people who provide instruction and oversight to thousands of city employees. And then there are the diamond rings.

Were they too tempting of a trophy for the offenders?

Or were they articles of nostalgia for one boxed into a corner by years of nefarious actions, unrequited love and bold rejection?
Displayed herein is a chart showing all the connections between many of the high level players at Ms. Han's death. The thicker lines represent thicker relationships. As you can see, Kennedy and White have the most connections and the thickest connections.

Help us fill in the blanks.....


Anonymous said...


Please explain how the citizens can gather petitions for force Kari Brandenburg to name a special grand jury to investigate the Han death.

I don't think Kari will do this without being forced to, therefore we need to start a petition drive now.

How do we do it?

Anonymous said...

About half that group met and later regularly lunched together at 8th and Lomas. Include TJ in that group of lunch buddies as well.
If it had not been for that one restaurant and the manipulation and machinations that went on there most of the mess of the last decade would not have happened, Ray would still be in Arizona and people with above room temperature IQ would have worked their way up.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the petition drive!!!

Start the petition drive and let's take our government back from the corruption of Berry.

How do we do this petition drive?

AYA said...
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AYA said...

Brandenburg is at least as corrupt as these guys, mostly more, on any given day. She has a career, it is dependent on her getting votes from the people. Bless their little hearts, ABQ keeps voting for her because she puts up really big numbers in the fights against DWI, domestic violence, et cetera..But she puts up big numbers because she condones, encourages even, APD to bring her any horribly cobbled together set of lies about innocent people that she can pursue charges against. It helps her image. The rough thing is, she picks on the people with no money to pursue civil cases against her after the fact, so a even a week in jail destroys these lives. No job, can't afford to get the car back, the apartment is gone. See, she knows she's doing it, and it doesn't occur to her to be troubled about it, even for a moment. I get the petition thing, but asking her to chase down her friends for you is like asking Bonnie to turn Clyde in, or asking Romeo to kill Juliet, or asking out cops to become honest, decent people. Do you see the problem?

Anonymous said...

As to a special prosecutor - ask for one from the Feds.

because of the ongoing and close (incestuous) relationship that any DA's office has with local law enforcement there is a too great conflict of interest present to prevent the independence and impartiality needed for the supporting investigation.

Yup - Gary King can start the ball rolling with a Grand Jury and then turn it over to the Feds.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how these scumbags hide and then milk the taxpayers out of even more money with their special contracts with the city. Right Citizen Schultz? Right Citizen Padilla?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Funny brad and kari had a thing,,, brad didnt say a word

Anonymous said...

Who is citizen Padilla?

Anonymous said...

Brandenburg is as corrupt as Berry and Schultz. She goes after citizens in a vindictive and persecutorial manner...especially on minor, but sensational, charges. She is in cahoots with the Schultz-Berry-White axis. Plus is elected one more time, she will get her 20 years in and live a tax-supported life of luxury.

we need petitions to RECALL KB, RJB and take some actions against White and Berry (certainly not re-elect RJB)!

Anonymous said...

Boy Mayor Berry's recycling plan is going JUST AS EXPECTED.... All we have in this City is recycled people posing as politicians. Lets get them all into those blue recycle bins and dump them all at the new recycling center. For crying outloud.

Anonymous said...

Please someone answer the question as to how to get a petition going !!

Anonymous said...

So there are clearly numerous approaches to cleaning up the crime scene that has become of our city:

As we can see, many community members from all walks of life have gathered and gained momentum on placing pressure on our officials. beginning with the petition process for requesting an independent grand jury investigation into Mary Han's murder, under state law, We The People need to gather a very small proportion of signatures by registered voters in that county. this is doable and could easily be combined into the eforts already underway to gather signatures asking for an independent grand jury into all the fatal police involved shootings that the DA has already justified.

now, as for changing the leadership, we have the not-so-fast track, and the harder-to-gain but longer-lasting approach.
the 'quicker' remedy is to mobilize recall elections and termination proceedings on the mayor and the DA. the recall petition against the mayor has already been filed, but i don't know the exact status of that, but i think a hearing is pending where the petitioners can show cause as grounds for a recall. The termination proceedings for the DA are similar, where, under state law, we must gather a small proportion of reg voter signatures, but the evaluation and termination proceeding is done by the attorney general, i believe.
the 'slower' approach consists of the ramping up of voter registration and mobilization efforts in the city and larger state. as we know, the shit is rolling downhill, as in, downhill from the state capitol. We clearly have our work cut out for us, but it's not anything that the community can't accomplish if we set ourselves out to do so. after all, this is new mexico. we've always, and still have it in us to overthrow corrupt and oppressive regimes.
the [hunger] games have begun. batter up, people.