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Mar 28, 2014

RJ Berry: Failed To Appear

Here's a very interesting press conference.....

Berry then, now, ....soon?

Over the last several years we have been witness to different political leaders "disappearing" during times of crisis in their community.  The most notable was Ex South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.  Who disappeared for six days in June 2009.  His staff told the media he was "hiking the Appalachian Trail".  

Later it was confirmed it was all a lie.  Sanford was in Argentina with his mistress.  Sanford ended up shamed and resigning as Governor.

So here we are in March 2014 with Albuquerque collapsing in every way. Once again, despite COPS not being here, our city is looked at by national and international media as one of the worst run cities in the country with one of the worst run police departments.  

We have children being murdered after they plead for help from Albuquerque Police and CYFD.  

We have lost over 4,000 more jobs in the last 12 months (The only major city in the USA to do so), we have a police department so mismanaged over the last ten years that now we are getting ready for the Department of Justice to take over, a massive protest of well over 1,000 Albuquerque residents and another (Boyd) questionable shooting.

And now even the international cyber watchdog group Anonymous has entered into the fray.  

But just like the cartoon, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, we have to ask, Where in the World was Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry from March 16, 2014 to March 23 2014?

Here is your timeline:
March 16, 2014
Albuquerque Police shoot and Kill James Boyd. 
Response from Richard Berry,,,silence.

March 17, 2014
Response from Richard Berry,,,,, silence

March 18, 2014
Response from Richard Berry,,,,, silence

March 19, 2014
Response from Richard Berry,,,,, silence

March 20 2014
Response from Richard Berry,,,, silence

March 21, 2014

APD Chief Gordon Eden holds a press conference where he releases a helmet video of the Boyd shooting and states the shooting was "Justified". 

Response from Richard Berry,,,,,,silence

March 22, 2014

Response from Richard Berry,,,,, silence

March 23, 2014
Response from Richard Berry,,,,, silence
Response from CAO Rob Perry,,,,,,Eden was correct as this was a "dynamic" event. 

March 24, 2014
Richard Berry finally appears for individual interviews with local media.  Looking haggard and not well Berry finally comments and says Eden "misspoke".

March 25, 2014
The group Anonymous threatens APD and the city of Albuquerque

March 26, 2014
Richard Berry schedules a press conference and then doesn't appear.  The reason?  A medical procedure.

March 27, 2014
Richard Berry again holds individual interviews with local media.  He says he is partnering with the DoJ,,,, funny how in 2011 he vetoed a City Council measure to have the DoJ investigate APD.  

My how times change. Las Cruces PD says "thanks but no thanks" despite all of Berry's grandstanding that they are going to come in and help APD.
The question is where was Richard Berry from March 16 to March 24?  From our sources with local media here are the different answers Berry and his staff have given on his whereabouts during the worst week Albuquerque has experienced during his time as mayor.

First response from Berry's staff was he was out of town on a business junket to Brazil (our sources say this was told to all media outlets).

On March 26 Joe Monahan reports that Berry's staff is now backing off of the Brazil story.  They are now saying he was never in Brazil but that Berry was in Arizona all week enjoying Spring Break vacation while Albuquerque burned to the ground!

770 KKOB morning talk host Bob Clark then reports (March 26) that Berry was only out of town, in Arizona over the weekend of March 22 and 23.  Where he was at from March 16 to March 21 Bob Clark doesn't know or say.

The next story from Berry and his office is he was in town on the day of the Boyd shooting, March 16.  They don't say where he was from March 17 to March 23.  (this comes from a media source).

So here are the lies told to the citizens and media from Berry through his staff:
Lie One:  Berry is in Brazil
Lie Two:  Berry was in Arizona the entire time
Lie Three:  We forgot to tell you Berry was in town the day Boyd was killed

So where was Berry from March 16 to March 23?  Why won't the local media put a camera in Berry's face and ask him why he disappeared for 8 days?  If he was in Albuquerque on March 16 why didn't he help newly appointed Chief Eden?  Why did Berry not make any appearances or comments from March 16 to March 23?  Why did his staff lie to all of us by saying he was in Brazil?  Was he in Arizona?  If so it is a one hour flight, why didn't he return to Albuquerque?  Was he even in Arizona?  For eight days this mayor disappeared and his staff lied.  Is Albuquerque just going to put up with this? Don't we demand honesty from our mayor?  Well he won't tell us where he was and his staff lied to us.  Every time this mayor goes for an interview he should be asked to prove his whereabouts from March 16 to March 23 and explain the lies and the silence.  

If you the reader agrees, please flood KOAT, KOB, KRQE, The Journal, The City Council and the mayor's office with calls and letters.  The bloggers are doing the big stories, will the mainstream media step up?  Call them and demand it!  Demand an answer!  Demand accountability for the lies!  It is time Richard Berry resigns as mayor.  8 days of silence is unacceptable.  Albuquerque this is your town.  Make some noise and demand TRUTHFUL answers!!!

The links:

This is the City government group that went to Brazil.  

Wednesday March 26 2014 Monahan reports Berry staff lied about him being in Brazil.  

Berry and Lonnie Talbert announce that the next Albuquerque / Bernalillo County Trade mission will be to Brazil.  hMMMMMMMMM.  Look at the dates, March 15 to March 23.  This is the trip!  Look at this quote:

"In addition to supporting the New Mexico companies, Mayor Berry and Commissioner Talbert will take advantage of their time in Brazil to meet with government and industry leaders to promote New Mexico as a strategic location for Brazilian investment.

Sure sounds like he was planning to go to Brazil, or at least planning on telling all of us he was going to Brazil.  Where was BERRY???


Anonymous said...

Here's a Thought. Why Doesn't the Chief get someone like Huntsman to come back and help straighten out this mess?????

Anonymous said...

Because Huntsman is too smart to be tainted by these morons.
KRQE today has Berry saying a DoJ takeover is not a good idea and "these are issues every city deals with".
Mayor Berry I pray you have been in and out of rehab. Clearly you have the judgement of an addict

Anonymous said...

KOAT newsroom 884 6324

KOB newsroom 764 2453

KRQE newsroom 764 5240

Journal Charlie Moore News Editor 823 3841

Albuquerque City Council 768 3100

Richard Berry, Absent mayor office 768 3000

Anonymous said...

I think he had emergency surgery getting Jay's hand removed from his puppet ass. This is what happens when everyone is jumping ship and he has no clue what to do next. Kind of like Eden, hows that top 3 years looking now?

What do you think of your political strategy now Mr. Mcklesky. Guess your stock just went down dramatically. It wont take Nana Susanna long to drop you from her "Staff".

Anonymous said...

How much more is it gonna take?

Anonymous said...

I've been of the opinion ever since the DOJ arrived on APD's doorstep, that they should take over the Dept. Ironically, some of the most egregious acts by APD have occurred since the DOJ came to town. In addition I now am of the opinion that the DOJ should take over the City of Albuquerque, not just APD. The political favors to campaign contributors is off the charts, the nepotism, the mismanagement of funds to be used for hiring are going elsewhere for other things. Employees (mostly supervisors) are stealing city property and not being fired or reprimanded and instead actually get promoted! The big raises for all directors and assistant directors and lowered pay for the low level workers,many of whom now rely on Food banks for help with food. DOJ: Things here are not right! The Mayor and CAO need to be investigated. Please take over! Our civil rights are being violated by this administration.

Anonymous said...

So maybe another questions is - where was the red thong lady during those days ?

Anonymous said...

To all of you who still think Berry should be leading, this is what leaders do in times of crisis.

Mayor Berry, where's the reassurance that another person won't get killed by a police officer and there won't be another cover up (this month).

Anonymous said...

From March 16 (day of shooting)to March 21 (day of Eden's press conference), Berry was on the phone with Perry, Eden and McClusky using his personal cell phone. Berry knew full well that Eden was going to say it was a justified shooting with all of them thinking the public would buy it not anticipating the impact of the video. Berry does NOT use a City issued cell phone so that he does not have to turn over phone logs asked for in an IPRA request. Now Berry is saying he does not feel DOJ needs to take over and that he and his new Chief Eden need time implement major changes. Berry is the same fool that two years ago announced some 58 changes made based on the PERF report that Ray Schultz contracted and had done. Gordo will soon be nothing but Chief in name only once the DOJ has a special master appointed to implement the DOJ recommendations. Gordon Eden can't save face by resigning because he needs a job and not even Susana would want him back. Hey Sherman McCorkle, please hire Gordon Eden as a security guard to watch over your fast cars.

Anonymous said...

I just called the media outlets and told them this needs to be investigated! Will the rest of you call? Or sit and do nothing like at the last election.

Anonymous said...

Look, anything that comes out of the master ass bag Bob Clark, Billy Cornelius, or that shit head Stiggler, is just that, foul air. Biggest bunch of pussy cheerleaders ever. You three ass munchers could only find jobs in a shitty market like Abq and only because you suck BerrPerry DICK!

Anonymous said...

KOAT reporting James Boyd evidence still hasn't been tagged in by APD. The city is corrupt because Berry and Perry are.

Anonymous said...

Is Buckner going to do the investigation?

Anonymous said...

Berry responded: "One of the things that we have to do also because we're on the national forefront for transparency with these lapel camera videos, we are always working with the department to develop additional protocol."



Anonymous said...

I just called, taking back our city!

Anonymous said...

You might not be able to get the Mayor's phone records on an IPRA request, but the Feds can get them on a warrant or subpoena.

Anonymous said...

Berry will say anything. He thinks the people are stupid. The imbecil will even say the opposite of something he said last week on audio tape and still stick to it when presented with the conflicting evidence. The guy is arrogantly thumbing his nose at honesty and the DOJ.
The only other excuse is that he is operating in an alternate reality.

Anonymous said...

The most frustrating part about all of this is that it is not new. This didn't just happen overnight. Hard working cops are being thrown under the bus instead of supervisors and admin being held accountable for running APD into the ground. People are marching on APD HQ when they should really be occupying City Hall! No leadership, supervision or oversight got us here and it certainly won't get us out. Berry is in over his head and proved it by appointing Eden.

I sent a letter to council but have not yet heard back!

Anonymous said...

You can back up the servers and delete the data bitches, but Anonymous is coming for your ass motherfuckers! Lots of sweaty palms and bleeding to come......

Anonymous said...

4:18 has a good point. I agree. Eye, you can help with the suggestion. I think it's a good one.


Mayor's press release part 1

Today I watched the mayor's (sociopath's) lieathon press release. This was a quite the carnival of lies. Mayor Berry aka Smallfruit (one word) you should have painted your wooden head all the colors of a clown for your bullshit parade.

First lie on the hit parade was when Berry was asked if the video release and Eden's Press conference was cleared through him. You lied Smallfruit. You stuttered and your face turned red, then you looked all around. The physiological reaction you displayed gave you away. Everyone knows you threw a piston rod after Schults made "nature at play" famous during one of his breakdowns. You do want to control all information that is put out. It has been all that your regime has been about. Control, lies, disinformation, and manipulation.

The second lie up on the billboard was when you said you cared about your police officers. You don't give a rats ass about your police officers. You could care less about the citizens either. All you have to say is you are moving forward. You said it about fifty times you asshat. The only thing you are moving forward with is filling your pockets with everyone's money.

Oh, but here's the doozie.... This is the Mother of all lies. This one actually made you speak in tongues, stutter, turn red as a stop light and forget where you were. Oh boy did you lose your mind there for a minute, you LIAR. When that golden question of whee were you when you first saw the video was asked, you let a little shit out of your ass, didn't you. Come on, you can tell us. Your asshole spazzed, and you stained your red thong, didn't you?
Because this is the response we all heard at the 14:15 mark on channel 13......
"Um uh first saw the video????.... Um uh uh uh Was away with family.... Um... Yea.... Um, my son was on spring break.....uuuuuhhhh......... I appreciate uhhhh.... That's not being personal travel....but uhhhh um. I got it up on my cell..... Yea... Or on my computer or something...... Uuuuuhhhhh yea.

WTF WAS THATTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????



Mayor's press release part 2

Well Smallfruit, you sounded like a robot that someone threw into the bath tub. I haven't had that good of a laugh in a while. We all thought you were in Brazil at a trade show. What happened to that lie? It looks like the only thing you weren't briefed on was synchronizing your travel story (LIE) about where you were at with the idiot who formulated the plot (JAY).
Speaking of Brazil, isn't that where all the Nazis hid out at after the war. Hmmmmm.... Coincidence your staff made up a story that that was where you were.

And then you end it in true tremendous Allen Banks style with the inspirational words of " we have to look at the circumstances. This is a circumstantial situation that is troubling." Nice. Did you get that fresh off of a Saturday night Live skit?

HUH?!?!! What the hell does that mean? You have truly lost your motherfucking mind. I guess keeping track of all of your lies will do that to ya.

Yea, you are at the forefront. The forefront of being the biggest babbling idiot of a mayor in the country who points the finger at every other city when asked the tough questions to get out of answering the tough questions.

If you haven't noticed by now, you are a pickled biology lab frog pinned to the dissection block and you are being analyzed. Every innuendo. Every physiological reaction. You can't hide the lies. You should probably stop reading the Eye because knowing that everyone knows will just keep giving you a guilty conscience. And now everyone knows your tell tale signs of just when you are fibbing.

On a more positive note, hello ANONYMOUS. You silly gooses are giving everyone the warm fuzzies. Well..... Except for woodhead.

Mayor, you and your criminals fucked with something compared to the blob. Remember that classic movie from way back, when that old intoxicated homeless man poked that purple shit that he knew absolutely nothing about with a stick? He fucked with something he never should have fucked with, and it devoured his ass. That is what you Perry and Ray Schultz did. Have fun getting overwhelmed by it.

You didn't underestimate anyone, you overestimated yourselves!

Adios Donkeys!

Anonymous said...

TR.....briliant. The Blob has come to Abq. yes it fucken has....

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a European, I have always thought what a wonderful idea it is that any one can walk into a FBI office and make a complaint, this being the case why isn't the goverment all over these awfull crimes against the public. If this killing had happened in Europe it would be all over every tv channel all the broadsheets would cover it. In my view this killing has not received the publicity that it deserves,
Who is keeping the lid on it,? It should be shouted from every roof top, remember this gentlemen, with all it's faults the free world looks towards America for democracy, decency, honesty,

I admire the Eye for it's stand, more power to your pen..

Anonymous said...

TR, you always make me laugh. Where's the link so we can watch the video you are referring to?

And to Mayor Berry:

Ask your wife and children what they really think about you. If your wife isn't blinded by the fallacy that old white guys still rule, she has got to know that you have some serious psychological problems. I only hope that your children don't grow up to be like you!

Anonymous said...

Until Berry holds a press conference to explain where he was at from March 16 to March 24 I believe he was with his mistress. I believe he told his wife and family he was going to Brazil and his staff supported this lie. Then when everything hit the fan they couldn't locate Berry. For days, just like Sanford in South Carolina. Berry was somewhere, unknown where, with his mistress. Lies to all of us. Until Berry goes on TV and takes questions about where he was and why his staff lied to all of us. I agree with TR. The KRQE interview speaks for itself. Berry is fooling around while Albuquerque burns to the ground.

Anonymous said...

Btw, good job TR. You have "mad skills" painting pictures with words. Hope you are journalizing all this. It is after all, history in the making.
I agree with. @4:18. The depth of the corruption is noti limited to APD. City Hall should be occupied. and marched on, not just APD. Every department head, directors, assistant directors are implementing anti -worker policies, not paying for overtime worked, mansgers flaunting power by taking long lunches, leaving early, taking comp time although they are E16 level accountability ..but we peons who do all the work must bring Dr notes, no matter how much sick time we have banked. We are denied vacation time because of understaffing ...yet managers brag about going to. Cabo or some ex
otic place. This is what makes our morale low. Thus, if you take APD out of the equation,you still have a mayor and department heads violating city workers rights, breaking their own policies, taking off on the dime of the taxpayers. They steal donated books and supplies. Hope Anonymous makes good on its threat and ihope all the lies, illegal acts, fraud, racketeering, RICO violations are revealed . But warning to Anonymous, they have been making sure we turn off computers when we leave at night . GET THESE SOBS!!
Signed ..Xena .

Anonymous said...

What's with all the clowns coming out of the wood work on Facebook to defend these assholes who executed Boyd?

Hey, I'm a cop but you don't get a pass just because we share a profession. Shit stains like the wannabe ninja's make it hard for me and others to do our fucking jobs because the citizens look at us the same way they look at the murdering assholes.

I don't NEED to see 4 fucking hours of the stand off to see the whole story unless it shows Boyd with knives in his hands, actively trying to cut people. Which, I'm guessing, it doesn't or his ass would have been toast before that. I am so fucking incensed by this I can barely type. This was an execution and completely avoidable. I've been hands on with plenty of drunks, idiots and mental folks but never felt the need to shoot them.

The dumb ass K9 officer needs to resign cuz he can't control his fucking dog worth a shit. One of my FTO's was a K9 and he as well as the rest of his team were professionals. His dog fucks up so he runs forward to the dog thereby putting himself at risk so the other tools then decide to shoot the homeless guy. Way to go assholes.

Anonymous said...

Eye post this interview. TR is right! Start at 14 minutes and listen to Berry dance all over the place about where he was from March 16 to March 24. ahh ohhhhhh hmmmmm let me see, oh yeah, with my family. Private stuff. Don't ask about why your staff was telling everyone you were in Brazil. Remember so long as Berry keeps saying we are transparent then you should just take his word for it. It probably is true, he didn't say WHICH family he was with.

Post this video. Who cares about Anonymous, the Eye is going to blow the lid off Berry being missing for 8 days and his staff lying to everyone about it. Eye has the scoop on this story, run with it. Post the video. Demand and IPRA for his exact whereabouts from March 16 to March 24.

Anonymous said...

I have to say to our officers who post about the atrocities that are happening in front of them: "Thank you. Thank you for being honest and upholding your honor. I appreciate your work and commitment. I am so sorry for you and how other rogue officers and the city have let you down, just like the citizens of Albuquerque. Please keep talking. Someone will hear your message. You continue to restore my faith that there are still honorable officers doing their job, who are equally outraged. I pray for your protection."

THE TREMENDOUS REGULATOR now with more psychoanalysis said...

Hahahaha... Smallfruit went all Brazil Nuts on their ass over that question..... Hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

oh poor Keith Sandy...but let's not forget about his cohort in all of these fucked up investigations.

That would be Detective Matt Vollmer....probably don't want to open that little can of worms too much, you never know what you might find out when 23rs are whispering sweet nothings during pillow talk.....

It's ok Matt, we know you burned solid cases to keep her out of the loop and all but made shit up to keep her protected.

APD VICE SID.....not for much longer....

S. Sgt. Paul J. Heh (RET.) said...

I have gone to The City Clerk Office and have begun the process to force a recall election of the Mayor. It is a process and I will keep you advised on how your help is needed. I will not back down. The question is what are you prepared to do ? If we all stay engaged change will happen. The only way to kill a snake is to cut off the head.

Anonymous said...

@March 29, 2014 at 8:28:00 AM MDT

The dog had more sense as was obvious by his own actions. They should have listened to the dog!
That's how dogs play, not how they attack!

And I agree that I actually have restored my faith in cops in that there are SOME who are still committed to truth and justice.

The next investigation is re: Redwine. Was it a cell phone or was it a gun? If you listen to the three witnesses that were 30 feet away, it was a cell phone. One even said it was glowing.

That means that the press conference with the pics of the gun was complete propaganda! As Reagan once said, "There you go again!" PLEEEAASE, your hitleresque days are over! Just tell the damn truth!

Everybody check your firewalls and security on your computers for penetration.

Anonymous said...

Police Shootings Are A Bit Overkill! Part I

First off I agree with the blog post. My wife and I voted for Mayor Berry to be a leader, not to react! The photos of Berry making the progression into the Cowardly Lion is evident that Mayor R.J. Berry has thrown his new Chief Gordon Eden under the bus along with the possibility of those in the community who have hopes of 6,500 jobs with Tesla Motors. If you care about the citizens of your community from a humanity point of view on such a horrific tragedy by the hands of one of your employees one would think that your response would have been a bit more empathetic and immediately to the other Albuquerque citizens living in the city. Ensure us Mr. Mayor that the events that day will be scrutinized. We want to feel safe not scared to call the police. You're reaction Mayor Berry to me characterizes you not as the very nice but Cowardly Lion, but more like President Coriolanus Snow the ruthless president of Panem. The main antagonist of The Hunger Games trilogy.

All this attention on this blog and my children talking about his has prompted me to do some research to find links to YouTube videos of police shootings in Albuquerque and a few from around the country. My conclusion after watching these videos is pretty much a comment from one of the YouTube video users "some crazys wanna kill anyone and everyone" This is evident by visiting Officer Down Memorial Page. Many cops will never go home at the end of the their work day. Many innocent law abiding Americans going through their average day will never go home whether by death by red light runners, DWI/DUI drivers, or criminal committing violent crimes.

From childhood I grew up to understand that there are consequence for my actions. A friend of mine recently text messaged me this and I agree with this statement, “We cannot change our past... we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And so it is with you... we are in charge of our Attitudes.”
― Charles R. Swindoll

I'm not a cop, never have been one, don't have any family members who are one, and would not encourage my children to be one; But I do support and respect the job of a good police officers who protect us each and everyday. Unfortunately, when a call for help comes police don't have the ability to tell the dispatcher, "No, I don't want take that call send me another one".

If you decide to watch the some of videos below try and put yourself in both the officer's shoes and the suspect's shoes and what you would do... Would you pull a gun or knife on a police officer? As the police officer would you shot a person who pulls a gun or a knife on you? Remember, adrenaline is running high and you only have a split second to decide. If you make the right call and deescalate the situation and nobody gets hurt or killed, nobody in the public will ever know about your bravery.

Anonymous said...

Police Shootings Are A Bit Overkill! Part II

These are your options for making a bad call and kill or injuring a suspect:
1) You may be critically injured or dead. If you die your family, if you are so blessed to have a wife and children they will receive and small insurance policy and your small pension to live out the rest of their days without you. Eventually, you'll probably have a police substation name after you:)

2) Injure or kill the suspect your split second decision you will be criticized by your own police department's administration and face an investigated by your own department's IA and the media will run you through the mud to those in the public you swore to protect; if theres video the world now looks at you as ruthless trigger happy cop:(

If you're the guy who made the dumbass decision to pulled a weapon such as a knife, or gun on a cop and your injuries, or killing is labeled unjustified, or excessive force you and/or your surviving family members will receive up to a multi-million dollar settlement, basically more money than any insurance policy you could have ever afforded to buy. If you die, your family no longer has to worry about you and who you may hurt, or deal with all the stupid shit you would have made them endure. Your family will forgive you for everything you've ever done and present the best photo of you to the media and forever say, Poor Johnny, he didn't deserve to die." meanwhile they'll love you to death while they're spending your blood money.

From my perspective in watching the John Boyd shooting video, well poor guy didn't have to die. Things could have been handled differently on Mr. Boyd's part and he wouldn't be dead; However, Mr Boyd acted as he obviously was a paranoid schizophrenic. As a police officer you'd probably have enough common sense to determine that. Instead of offering up a cup of coffee or a hot meal to get Mr. Boyd to trust you why not throw a percussion grenade at him once he's made the decision to accept you at your word not to harm or kill him. Definitely from watching the seconds before the shooting it appears that the APD officers and the command staff could have handled the situation differently that day. But again who am I to make that decision I wasn't there or in their shoes nor would I want to have been.

Hope you enjoy watch the videos of people at their worst.

I've decide to start with this video for those who don't understand why police officers maybe a bit paranoid when approaching people armed with weapons. This was training officers partners second day on job.

YouTube Videos on APD Shootings.
3/26/08 8:55 am: APD officer shoots, kills suspect

Officers shot at during traffic stop

Restaurant robbery turns deadly

Wife questions police shooting

Deadly days spike metro murder rate

APD officer shoots man in NE ABQ
Nov 15, 2013

Officer who shot armed man ID'ed by APD
Published on Apr 20,2013

APD officers shoot, kill armed man
Mar 6, 2013

Shooting of "Cop Killer" Captured on Bodycam Caution - Graphic Violence
October 26. 2013

Fatal APD shooting case in hands of jury

State Police officer shoots, kills man during ABQ SWAT... March 19, 2013

APD: Officers first instinct is not to shoot Jan 19, 2013

Lapel camera footage shows APD shooting Shaine Sherrill Dec 1 2013

APD: Officer shoots man charging with knife

Man dies following overnight APD shooting
March 2014

Suspect shoots APD K9 during SWAT situation
March 2014

Anonymous said...

Great post anonymous 10:37

Anonymous said...

I will sign the petition. But that is it. I don't want to get murdered, or end up in prison on bogus charges.

Anonymous said...

I'll sign, just tell me where to go.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME POST 10:37 cont. 10:39!

Anonymous said...

heh you are a dumbass and chicken shit

Anonymous said...

Way to go S Sgt Heh, could you also call for Eden to resign, the guy has no clue what he's doing! he was just picked because he's White's best friend. The city counsel should select the chief to take the good old boy system out of the running. Gorden is just always been a appointed political hack!

Berry and Perry took a great dept and have ruined it in in 5 years. How much worse will the run APD into the ground if Eden is left as chief!

We need you S Sgt Heh to use your political help to save what little is left of APD!

Anonymous said...

I will also sign the petition, I thing a petition should also be started asking for Gorden Eden's removal....... The mayor will not get rid of him because of the embarrassment, but if there is a petition, that just might do it.

Anonymous said...

@3-30, 9:32pm: He puts his name on every post he makes. He has made his address and phone # openly available. I don't even know him, but I admire and respect him. Now about you - you make serious accusations against him, post no facts supporting your accusations, and post under "anonymous". Ask anybody who knows you - who really is the dumbass and the chickenshit? Go ahead - when you count the votes I'll bet you will be a winner for the first and probably last time in your pathetic life.

Anonymous said...

9:32 is a chickenshit coward. Find Heh and say it to his face. The man has the balls to post his name and number here. It would not be hard to find him. You are just a pussy though.