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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Mar 29, 2014


As Berry/Perry b'querque order all of the city's computers to be shutdown in anticipation of whatever may happen tomorrow, this little doosey has been brought to our attention by one of our regular commentators.....

Question: "Where were you RJ?"  Answer: "Where was I? Ummm......"

In Friday's press conference (not that we had anything to do with Berry's first joint press conference), KRQE's Jeff Proctor asked Albuquerque Mayor RJ Berry where was he when he first saw the video. Berry clearly did not have a quick answer for this question. Click the above link and go to about 14:00.

He had to think about it and fumble. And as we and many of our Eye's know, that when somebody has been very specific throughout an interview and then they get vague, we are on to something. And that something is called deception....

Funny, Berry SHOULD HAVE been on a trade mission to Brazil. You remember that RJ don't you? You do remember that you are the chief executive of the state's largest city right? You do remember that Albuquerque is one of the worst performing cities in the country right? You do remember that as chief executive you have a duty to help improve this city's economic VITALITY right?

Apparently going off somewhere in the desert was more important than promoting economic opportunities between Brazil and Albuquerque?  We mean, there was a huge opportunity waiting for Albuquerque in Brazil. By RJ's own words:

“We have identified Brazil as a strategic market to promote trade with New Mexico. In the last five years, New Mexico exports to Brazil have increased fivefold from $8 million in 2009, to over $40 million in 2013 and we believe there is great potential for continued growth.”

But apparently going off into the desert on a "family trip" in the "family car" was more important.

Huh?  Sorry RJ, not buying it.

Will the media follow up with increased scrutiny on this matter? Will they IPRA RJ's schedule to see if he had actually scheduled time off from this important trip for "family time."  And, is there really "family time" when you're the mayor of a city under the microscope of DOJ, FBI, NMAG, and Anonymous????

Folks, we know a sales job when we see it. We also know deception when we see it. Start pressing Berry on hard tight answers and push back. Enough with the "let's have a conversation"'s time for "let's get real."


Anonymous said...

And where is Grandma Susana? Licking the wounds of Berry when she should be licking the wounds of all of the victims of this government.

And AG, where WERE you? You’re a day late and a dollar short. Is it any wonder why you didn’t get the 20% in the primary? If you don’t step it up, AG will stand for Already Gone before you even start.

New Mexicans, if you want to get out of the bottom of virtually every statistic for the US, demand REAL LEADERS with integrity. It doesn’t matter if you are a Republic, Democrat, Independent or any other party. Just LEAD WITH INTEGRITY! We are dying here.

Anonymous said...

Some statistics for those that want to see how this leadership is affecting us.

14% increase in new home listings or price drops from last week in one area alone.

Go to to see for yourself. More people are packing it up and moving it out, regardless if they have to sell their home at a decreased price.

If you want to watch what is happening to the home values, there are some great PDF files and charts at:

Click on the “February 2014 Market Report” to download. On page 9 it shows the average home price DROPPING by 2.47% from the previous year and DROPPING .93% from the previous month, January 2014.


Keep in mind this was before the two shootings which occurred in March. Next month’s report should be interesting since it will be the beginning of seeing how this is costing all of us.

Of course what’s most important is that two lives have been lost who should still be with us today.

How much more New Mexicans before you decide enough is enough?

Anonymous said...

Since when can a mayor disappear for 8 days, lie to the public about where he was at (Brazil) and then say, we are not talking about that it's a family issue!

Sorry RJ you should have learned this in kindergarten, when you lie it becomes everyone's issue. Oh yeah and I know you don't act like it much but you are mayor, therefore it is our issue.

How much did we pay for you not going to Brazil? I hope you reimburse the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

We're already dead...we just don't know it.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, the Mayor is lying through his teeth. Any good Chief would know that LCPD would not be able to investigate the shooting, way too small of a PD. What BS these guys blow our way!

Eden has never been qualified to be chief and it's showing already after only one month! What a F@*k up he is. Perry is the one running the APD, and he is as stupid as they come.

When they took over APD 5 years ago, the dept had 1100 officers. Berry kept Schultz dispite being warned and now look at where the dept is, 800 officers and under a DOJ investigation. Berry was warned about Daren not having any experience. Daren is the one who kept Schultz. Daren left under a cloud and brought in his buddy Perry. Now Perry has messed things all up and they bring in a chief with no experience at the command level, so they have to bring in Perry's friend Marie Sanes to address the child abuse issue, that's the chief's job! Sanes has no clue and is also a political hack like Eden, except she was run out of Santa Fe. Again, look at what's going on, these guys are total idiots and have wreaked APD!!!

How much further will they take down APD?

Anonymous said...

Berry did not P30 out on vacation last week. He got paid his usual pay and accumulated sick and vacation as usual. Ripping off taxpayes and LYING to them at the same time.

Lie Detector said...

Hey woodhead, why don't you run for president of Crimea or the Ukraine? You would fit in perfect over there, LIAR.
No wonder why you loved Ray Schultz, and lied for eachother. You are both two peas in a lying pod.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link for St Pius High School, I believe this is where his son goes to school. (correct me if I am wrong).

Spring break is April 17 to April 25.

So what is this spring break stuff?

And when you listen to the interview he has no idea of this video until March 22 when Eden releases it. He then says he doesn't see the video until he gets back home March 23 / 24, an entire week has gone by and Berry was completely out of touch with the city. Why is he being so secretive? Who did he leave in charge? What mayor plans and pays for a trip to Brazil, then quietly blows it off and disappears for 8 days while his city has the biggest crisis scene he became mayor? Certainly no professional ethical mayor. Nope only our very own, awww shucks Richard Berry.

Berry needs to hold a press conference first thing Monday the 31st and apologize to the citizens and come completely clean on why his office lied, where he was, why he went there, who he was with and why he was out of contact with the city for 8 days. And he needs to provide evidence. And he needs to reimburse us for the Brazil trip that got Albuquerque ZERO jobs since he didn't go.

Anonymous said...

The City Council meeting on April 7th is going veeeeery interesting, be sure to come...

Anonymous said...

March 29, 2014 at 7:29:00 PM MDT

Will it be worth leaving my comfy lounge chair in front of my home TV with surround sound?

I always hear it going be fun, and interesting and then nothing happens.

Don't you dare threaten me with a good time!

Anonymous said...

@ March 29, 2014 at 7:29:00 PM

Yes, it will be worth the trip, bring popcorn :)


Mister Mayor Smallfruit,
The bags under your EYES are so big I could harvest pecans with those motherfuckers. We all know you aren't getting much sleep. It must be all that travel JETLAG. Your mind must be racing to keep track of all those creative lies too. Oh my! I thank you for that!
The personal travel and spring break must have you exhausted, and I couldn't even comprehend what toll speaking in tongues has on a person. So, while we all await a visit from our guests of honor, I think you should lay that hollow noggin of wood down for a nights sleep. I know, It's going to be hard, but just try. Everything is out of your control now. It's now just time to curl up in your Barney snuggle with your stuffed Joe Pesci doll and sing yourself a lullaby

Rock-a-bye Berry, you're a fat cock.
When the DOJ's done, your cradle will rock,
When the plan breaks, you and Perry will fall,
And down will come Berry, Perry and all.

Now have visions of sugar lies dancing in your head. Sleep tight, don 't let the cyber bugs bite.

Anonymous said...

Should there be recall petitions on the members of the city council too? Even if there aren’t enough signatures, it would put them on notice that the people are SICK OF IT. Sanchez is now back peddling and doing the Don Harris dance of “perhaps the cops need more training.” SERIOUSLY?

Video tape the City Council meeting and post it please.

Anonymous said...

I have a legal question for our APD and the city-are citizens allowed to video their respective interaction with police, record or have phone connected with another party, for witness of interaction? I know of many incidents whereas traffic individuals stopped for individuals stopped for traffic violations, questioned, etc, have called someone (to have a witness) or attempted to record incident (out of fear) and police have taken phone, shut it off and even confiscated the phones. In fact it has escalated the interaction with APD officer. This seems to be an issue more and more. I hope someone can advise.

Anonymous said...

The Citizens of Albuquerque, the victims and any one else affected vs. Mayor Berry and HIS PEOPLE

Berry - king or maybe the queen

Perry - queen or maybe the king

Bishops - All the corrupt businesses and people where the money is being funneled including but not limited to the construction industry

Knights - Police Chiefs and other department heads

Rooks - All the city employees, including but not limited to the bad cops, who have chosen to compromise their integrity to buy into the “system” in hopes of getting promoted into knights and bishops so they can live fat, dumb and happy too - at least for a while.

Pawns - all the city employees, including but not limited to the good cops, who do their best to not compromise their integrity so they can keep their job and feed their families.

A few more moves and it will be CHECKMATE unless you are willing to voluntarily resign. The latter would be best so we can get this city back on track and repair its reputation ASAP. The pawns, the victims and hard-working citizens of Albuquerque who pay their taxes, which you then use to funnel the money to YOUR PEOPLE, are waiting for your next move Berry………

Anonymous said...

Just tapped the "like " button! lol

Anonymous said...

If Anonymous fails in its attempt to hack into city computers then what ? Since the protest seems to be the nexus for the cyber -hacking, if it fails does the protest also become a non -issue and dismissed as a failure by wood head & sweaty scotch man ? Or worse, the DOJ.

Anonymous said...

Through out his entire interview, Berry keeps referring to himself a the Mayor and his responsibility not to pass judgment and trying to portray the image of a man in control and above the crisis and not rattled. That little image trick of sitting at the table with his white shirt trying to have a "dialogue" with the press was pathetic as it comes with his rehearsed and evasive answers and no answers. Berry could not say when he saw the video nor be specific where he was and had to asked Perry for clarification. Supposedly, members of the press were upset that Berry would not say where he was for the 8 days, but none of those fools asked any hard follow-up questions. NOT on the video was Berry's request to say something off the record, and the press went along with it during the press conference. Jeff Proctor, no longer with the Journal and now with Channel 13, showed once again his poor reporting skills by not pressing the Mayor at all and asking only one question accepting the answer as true. Proctor working for Channel 13 is as bad as working for the Journal given the Berry biasness both "news" agencies have.

Anonymous said...

I hope they burn in Hell, APD was once the department to envy, now its just a shit stain.....

Anonymous said...

NBC: APD website down for hours starting at 11:00am. ANONYMOUS is SYNONYMOUS with GREAT!!! Also reported brief interference with city website. Grind these assholes to their knees!

Anonymous said...

What ya gonna do, what ya gonna do when.....shut down the Interstate......LOL, your making headlines ball less Berry, you and your shit hole had a chance to fix it, but you had to break in the knee SUCK IT BITCH!!!

Anonymous said...


Standing up for a homeless man who has no family, yet he was treated worse than a stray dog, Mr. Boyd will not be forgotten!!!

That's why I created a petition to Governor Susana Martinez, which says:

"Albuquerque police kill innocent man for illegally camping, APD is out of control and has kill 22 men in the 4 years, this needs to stop, and the DOJ needs to take over this department!!!!"

Will you sign my petition? Click here to add your name:


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Albuquerque is the scene of massive riot in downtown March 30 2014. That means Mayor Richard Berry has now left the town and is unavailable, on Spring Break.

Anonymous said...

You and Schultz are responsible for this. And where is that kunt schultz? Probably taking it up the ass and hiding somewhere the sun doesn't shine. Schultz, you are a pussy in every sense of the word. You put this entire city in this position. You scum bag. Every one of you gutless pussies ran like your asses were on fire when the DOJ came and now you are all hiding. And Feist, you little dick sucking bitch, we haven't forgotten about you you dounle dipping parasite. Are you having fun stacking the deck as a corrupt piece of shit hearing officer up at the LEA board? You parasite tick kneeling ring kissing bag of shit.

Anonymous said...

Sandy, you made a name for yourself. Good job. Riot gear is a good cover. I hope you're safe on the streets.

Anonymous said...

What a mess Albuquerque is in. Glad I didn't vote for
Berry Boo Boo.

Anonymous said...

How much do you want to bet Fat Rob and Woodhead RJ are throwing back some gin while everyone else is containing the mess out there that is THEIR FAULT.
Thanks you two assholes. Thank you for fucking up our city. I hope the US Department of Justice finds a way to indict you two lying, corrupt assholes under RICO.

Anonymous said...

Why do you bob your head up and down when you talk like some dumb ass hillbilly. The only thing that it looks like you should be saying is Yup Yup Yup.... Shucks Shucks Shucks and Why Golleee!!!!
And it looked like you were either crying or smoking pot on the news tonight. Get some eye drops douche.
It was nice of you to wear your Sunday best flannel shirt and jeans while everyone else was dealing with this mess.
You are the shittiest mayor the city of Albuquerque has ever seen. You look like a soup sandwich.

Anonymous said...

They could have ended that protest by strapping Perrywinkle and Berrytinkle to a light pole so the protesters could hock lungars on them.
Now I would pay to see that.

Anonymous said...

I was there yesterday when they trapped that one cop in his should have seen the look on his face, sheer terror. It was clear he was in over his head and was afraid. Ha ha....Citizens of ABQ 1, APD 0.

Anonymous said...

Eden needs to resign!!!!! he's in way over his head. Marie Sanes need to go with him, she's also a political hack that's worthless.

What a waste of taxpayer money!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

City Council needs to defund APD, there is no reason for the cops to have military gear..

Anonymous said...

I can not stop laughing at "senior" sgt heh acting like a martyr starting the recall of the mayor. Give me a break senior sgt you got like 7 votes when you ran, are you serious. In your famous words..... you talk the talk, but you are not walking the walk

Anonymous said...

Now maybe Berry will understand that Perry has no clue when it comes to selecting a Chief of Police. Talk about a selection disaster!

Marie Sanez, Miller, Miranda is also worthless, but Perry also selected her because Eden does not know anything about child abuse.

Eden needs to do the right thing and step down for the sake of APD! Eden's in way over his head!

Anonymous said...

The Journal Poll

53 percent are awake, aware and watching in anticipation of much needed change

32 percent are still sleeping

15 percent are Berry’s people

Anonymous said...

Pissed Off Citizen says---

Albuquerque protests are a secondary headline on At the bottom of the story are links to KRQE & the Journal. The Journal has its nose so far up Berry's ass the editor and owner can't breathe. Journal quotes Berry as saying the men and women are performing very professionally (referring to APD). Hey Stupid!!!!
If APD was so professional, a poor homeless, crazed, camper would not be dead! Professional my butt! Also, remember all you "good cops" out there manning the lines and firing tear gas, "following orders" did not help the Nazis at Nuremberg, and that excuse won't help you! I believe that many of you morons don't know what I'm referring to here and more's the shame! APD=ANOTHER PERSON DEAD.

Anonymous said...



We are tired of the abuse of your power and treating us as if the laws and the citizens don’t matter. WE HAVE A VOICE THANKS TO THE GOD-GIVEN GIFT OF THE INTERNET AND BEING ABLE TO COMMUNICATE INSTANTANEOUSLY. No matter if we are young or old, Democrat or Republican, rich or poor, US or foreign born, WE ARE UNITED!

Anonymous said...

By the way, who's the APD Midget who made the cover of one newscast? Mascot maybe????

4'7", WTF, APD really lowered the standard, and some of those in riot gear listen up, Its called a GYM for a reason, all of you trying to look like Lopez?????

Anonymous said...

9:57 posting: "The Journal has its nose so far up Berry's ass the editor and owner can't breathe." Its the other way around. Berry is constantly calling Ken Waltz for approval on his policies and programs to get positive editorials. Watch the Journal now do an editorial on how well Berry and Eden handled the protest marchers and fail to report anything on where Berry was during the 8 days after the shooting which is what got us here and led to the protests in the first place. Perry also goes out and meets with the Editors every now and then to make them feel important and relevant. The Journal wants to promote Berry to Governor or US Senator to push the Republican Right Wing agenda. The Journal knows Berry and Perry are schmucks, but they are their schmucks.

Anonymous said...


EXACTLY! You hit the nail on the head. Don't forget the Koch brothers, who Martinez and Berry report to.

We are (or should I now say were) a weak and apathetic state politically, which is why they targeted NM. They put the bait in front of us by funding a minority woman as governor. Remember the Tea Party is who gave her the idea of running for governor.

Anonymous said...

He is well past his expiration date. He's a sad little man without an identity.