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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Sep 17, 2016

Looks like no more barbecues in the Federal CASA.

Well... Well... Well... In the spirit of a downright wanton disregard for transparency, honesty, and forthright effort for reform, the City of Albuquerque mob attorneys, lead by miss ambitious sour puss face Jessica Hernandez, and henched by the APOA, with crooked, double talking, two faced attorney Fred Mowrer, decided to exhibit the audacity they are well known for while doing what they are known for best, when the the critical truth presents itself; they try to silence it.

We are not surprised at the above, who had the balls to ask that federal monitor James Ginger's Special Report, mentioned in yesterday's Eye article, be edited (BY THEM) because the truth hurt so much. We here at the Eye ask you to read the order issued by U.S. District Court Judge Robert C. Brack, putting the kibosh on that shit immediately. No doubt there was major disappointment down at the Cult of Co-Conspirators on the 4th, 5th, and 11th floors Downtown, when Ginger's ass ripping hit the Eyes of the world yesterday.

"Lost and Forfeited Opportunities" is the last Appendix in Ginger's Special report, and it is appropriately enumerated as as letter F. That is perfect, because as Mayor Berry ordered Eden and Schultz to always give themselves, and this administration an A, we all know they are all
F-ers. The last Albuquerque mayoral election was a lost and forfeited opportunity. Lost and forfeited should actually be at the tops of their birth certificates, and the birth certificates of a bunch of other culpable individuals who have fled, and a few that are still lingering like Jessica Hernandez's metastatic origin Kathryn Levy, the lynchpin, and mother of all liars who's modus operandi still lingers around this administration like a hot fart. The power of the above title means more than you know, because there is a golden opportunity to not lose, or forfeit any more opportunities to take the gloves off, hold accountable, and punish these dishonorable malfeasants. These creeps only understand aggressive enforcement, because they are bullies, and this is now what needs to happen. It should have happened long ago, but better late than never. The passive aggressive ring around the rosy needs to be over. No more barbecues. No more pizza parties. No... just getting to go to bed without your pudding. No! These delinquents need a federal belt across their collective weak asses, and a sentence to a locked room for a few years. When someone is indicted... when someone loses their career... when someone loses their pension... when someone loses their reputation... when someone loses their bank account... when someone loses their home... When someone gets their door kicked in with a federal search warrant... When someone gets shackled....THE SHIT WILL END! It is time for the taxpayer paying the price for the actions of these criminals, and their limitless public corruption defense fund to end. This administration has the mentality of children. They only make it appear as though they are doing what they are supposed to do when someone is watching over them. They need to be dealt with as such. In the case of this administration, no government is better than what we have. Yes, it's that bad. You all paid the city attorney to write this garbage that actually and ironically, if approved by the judge, would have kept you from seeing the truth. And if you think this was bad, just wait till you see what is coming down the pipeline for these cowards.

The City's argument is even trash. Wrong is wrong. Changing SOPs has no bearing on the moral compass addressed by Ginger.

As we have always said, deviation in patterns is where you can find vital signs of an issue. Before DoJ, this administration was in a furor to scapegoat officers, while lying and concealing evidence to say that officers were untruthful, and fire them, when indeed they were truthful, and reported their actions. They thought this would benefit them in keeping the DoJ from coming in. Now we have an administration that is covering for officers who lie, while lying and concealing to protect them when they failed to report their actions. They now think this will benefit them by stalling and fooling the DoJ into going away, or until they get to their pensions or next kick back scheme, pay to play, or investment scheme. We say Ginger is right, but it is more devious. It is intentional.

The leadership of APD are failures. This sums it up:
"At present, in our judgement, APD does not have sufficient organizational capacity to guarantee that use of force investigations of all types confirm to professional standards and CASA mandates"

Eye on Albuquerque Translation:

APD Leadership is deficient, incompetent, arrogant, arbitrary, capricious, duplicitous, two faced, fraudulent, compromised, malfeasant, and criminal in their behavior. They are intentionally bucking the CASA, and if they did have a semblance of competency, they lack the honor and integrity to choose to do the right thing anyway, so reform with these assholes at the wheel is futile. The ship will sink, unless we toss the rats overboard.

In light of some current court cases and this mess, City Attorney Hernandez should be barred from representing the city in the reform process and fired. She is a smug, ambitious little princess, who should be relegated to babysitting that bloated, parasitic tick of a CAO Robert Perry.


Since we all know this administration's penchant for retaliation, concerning those who hold them accountable, like politically attacking district attorneys with malicious prosecution, retaliating on whistleblowers, employees who go against their culture, and citizens who go after the city for various injustices, we wonder what they would like to do to the Monitor and his team, along with the federal judge. Yes, they are that stupid and foolish.

Reading Ginger's report, you can see that the Federal Monitor has had to deal with the same shit from the city as defense and civil attorneys, oversight investigators, the media, wronged employees, and citizens have had to deal with for years. Now is the time to force THEM.

To know what one's enemy fears the most, watch what they do to their enemies. It's time for a little medicine to be administered. The DoJ needs to declare weapons free on this administration.

We have also been told the APD Sargent who scared the living shit out of his wife after she confronted him about an infidelity, is now occupying that same cushy CHAIR RIDE TO RETIREMENT that Lieutenant Brachle enjoyed as he was protected, and ushered to retirement. This Sargent has a little over a year to get to retirement, and the powers to be plan to get him there. Lips are sealed on this incident, as far as the city goes.

Berry probably should not run for election or re-election.


Anonymous said...

Sedler is being Brachlized!!!!!! Double standards abound at Eden's APD.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know who the officers are that keep being talked about in this report says they were disciplined and put to se impact

Like me hate me said...

Does anyone know who the officers are that keep being talked about in this report says they were disciplined and put to se impact

Calibrated Optics said...

Responsibility and accountability goes both ways. APD is a total train wreck that is past meltdown. It is now a time to think about takeover by the feds and state, or restructuring and phasing is out in favor of a metro type law enforcement agency. And in all actuality, the DoJ let it get this way by not taking a more aggressive proactive approach. The same goes with Hector Balderas. They have more than emough evidence to pursue charges against many of those being spoken about on this blog, but they sit on their hands. Balderas is a disappointment. Instead of focusing on himself and low hanging fruit to make himself look good, he needs to do his job and bring forth an indictment concerning Taser. The Feds have the power to start a major probe into this place for public corruption, yet they prefer to be made fools out of by them.
If we all woke up to a federal crackdown on the ABQ city administration, this whole headache would be over almost immediately. Elections and meetings are not going to cut it. They are nothing but lip service. Someone bad has to take a major hit, and when they go and take others with them, it will end. I think everyone is in agreement on this one, but getting your government to back you as a whole is exactly like the mayor's ART project. They are going to keep doing whatever they want, to whoever they want until one of their victims snaps and it makes the national news because they gave them what they have been asking for. Killing people's lives just because you feel like it, or because they spoke out about the wrongs being done, and to protect your money and self from prosecution is planting the seeds for something that is going to simmer, and be reaped later on. Some people just do not walk away like that, even if you think you retired and moved away. No. Not when you do some of the things that this crowd does.

Anonymous said...

Jonathon Franco was one of them. Basically worked too hard and got a couple stupid complaints so they hid him in impact to let things settle down a bit but he's back kicking ass again.

Anonymous said...

It seems Ginger's report is spot on as being reflective of where APD is today and not as the City Attorney or APOA Attorney would have had you believe if Judge Brack had agreed to their request to censor the report.

Eden got a polite, too bad, going over at the City Council tonight.

He admitted EIS is a failure and, unwittingly, that the IAPRO software developer appears be using APD as a beta tester at full pop $$$$$$.

Eden also admitted that the Command Staff has yet to be trained on UOF investigation SOPs or reporting requirements laid out in the Settlement Agreement.

And when Eden was asked about Ginger's Staff Sergeant ultimatum, he said he had already determined it would take too much time, 8 months, and the department simply didn't have that luxury and instead he is going to promote more officers the rank of Sergeant (talk about a moral lifter). Councilor Harris pointed out it didn't make much of a difference because the department would fail to have the required staffing levels needed to get out from under the Settlement Agreement anyway.

So while you 34s out there are wondering what the SOPs are today you can rest assured none of it really matters because the department is in a death spiral with Eden and his devoted Command Staff at the helm. R.I.P. APD

Oh... I forgot to mention, Eden fixed the October 15' UOF incident. He told the Councilors he had a "third party" trauma physician look at the videos and he found no evidence that the suspect ever lost conciseness. It's all in the investigative file that for some, unexplained, reason didn't get to Ginger's desk.

Anyone interested in a bridge?

Anonymous said...

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Sept. 19 20:16

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