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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Apr 13, 2019

Hard working APD cops slapped in the mouth by APOA... DOUBLE STANDARDS... A former state auditor as mayor, playing mum to protect political interests. Stealing money PIO style in Albuquerque. CPOA HEAD is a liar... A criminal investigation into Drobik for fraud is warranted. The media is providing cover for the mayor. Where is the state auditor on this? Where is the AG on this? Watch as they all do political gymnastics to cover up theft.

There was once a day where being called a good cop was judged by your performance on the street, how many felony arrests you made, and the time you spent in court standing up those arrests, backed up by the opinions of your peers and community you work for. Not here in Albuquerque. 

This week we were all notified of the results of the CPOA oversight board’s decision on the Albuquerque Spokesman’s overtime fraud investigation. They recommended termination, but they were only half truthful about what they said. Folks.... just watch the fucking gymnastics, word games, and bullshit fly as this administration tries to protect their media mouthpiece, and camera lens cosmetic cop Drobik from losing his job. You can see how bias the television media is towards the Keller administration with the small snippet below...


But the Albuquerque Urinal delved a little deeper...


We all remember the James Geha case, Right! This is worse. Director Ed Harness tried to say that he can nor recommend a criminal investigation. Read about what he said, because he obviously forgets what he has said before. You see, about two years ago, during an Albuquerque Police Department investigation into a police Sergeant who used NCIC to find out who a person was who was surreptitiously recording his conversation as a third party criminal. The person that did that ran away with his wife after getting caught, but before doing so, the CPOA was almost used as an arm of retaliation when the director called for a criminal investigation into something where the only crime committed was committed by the crud tape recording another party of two’s private conversation. Of course no criminal investigation was conducted to look into that matter. Refresh your memory below...


Read our Geha Article...

If you do not think the same people are all connected to protecting themselves, and their friends, while railroading the living fuck out of everyone else to protect their interests, just read everything as we connect the dots for you. 

If you reread the above article link, you will see that a police Sargent blew the whistle on the James Geha case. Because of this, Geha was charged, and others left the job, to avoid being terminated. They were all tight with former DCOP Tyler. Tyler was the one who unlawfully had NCIC access their database to find out who ran her husband’s plate so they could retaliate on the Sargent. No doubt, for bringing light to the timesheet fraud going on. Charges were pressed only after the NEW Mexico State police stepped in to investigate. Nothing was done to Tyler as usual, and no action was taken on her state certification either... again, as usual. Now she is a Deputy chef of Farmington PD. 

 Now we have Simon Drobik. Officer Drobik was lauded as the hardest working cop by APOA President Shaun Willoughby.  Willoughby knows. Ha ha ha... Just ha ha FUCKING haaaa is what we have to say about that, folks. Here is the exact quote...

I don’t know a harder-working police officer than Simon Drobik,” Willoughby said. “Every single time we are given information about some atrocity inside of Albuquerque, Simon is the face that you see. He’s doing a job nobody else in the department wants to do.”

We really think Willoughby should put the fucking Burrito down before answering media questions, because all that twenty four hour chewing must be fucking up his head. What he said was a slap in the mouth to every single officer on APD, who is actually doing police work. AND BY DOING POLICE WORK, WE MEAN RUNNING FROM CALL TO CALL EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, AND ARRESTING THE DANGEROUS CAREER FELONS AND WANTED PERSONS OUT THERE ENDANGERING THE HEALTH AND WELFARE OF OUR CITIZENS.  NOT ONLY THAT, BUT DOING IT EVERY DAY AND NIGHT, AFTER GOING TO COURT EVERY DAY AND STANDING UP THEIR ACTIONS. WILLOUGHBY IS NOT A COP.  HE IS AN OFFICE WORKER. There aren’t many left, because the APOA and city threw them under the bus. The smart ones left, or retired as a result of it. Sitting in a supermarket and talking on the phone is not hard to do. Being a proactive officer out there, busting your ass every day with an administration that does not have your back is what is hard. But then again we are talking about the perspective of people who never did this or took the job to do this. 

We think there are plenty of cops who do not want to see dead people, handle 30 calls a night, miss all the holidays, constantly roll around with filthy smelly criminals, and get up every day to 
go to court after working all night doing the above. They don’t get to eat fancy dinners, rub 
elbows with the upper admin staff and get political perks. They surely don’t get to choose when they want to work or enjoy being protected. No, they are used, and the PIO’s office is usually where the media lies and garbage on them originates from. 

If you want to call this guy the hardest working cop, then back it up by posting his arrest stats, along with his court overtime, because we believe he is a poser, who is protected, because he knows things on people, is politically protected, and has connections that will protect him because of his worth to them. Just look how after we called him out on his car being parked in front of a KRQE journalist’s apartment, he was given a new unmarked car to sneak around in. 
See that article here. Correlate our date to the date he was given a new car to hide in. We bet it was the week after the below article hit. We do know that the journalist fled the town after it hit. 



Why is a mayor who was the previous state auditor saying it is up to the chief? Why is Geier being made the hammer? Why is the mayor saying he can not comment on it? That is not correct. He surely can comment on it. He is being a political coward, and they already “think” they know what they are going to do, until the rest gets out. This is why there should be a criminal investigation. The Geha case involved 10 to 20 thousand dollars. This involves almost $100,000, if not more. 

This administration has in place an orchestrated infrastructure to control investigations, in order to get to their desired outcomes. If that doesn’t work, they just do what they want, because 
nobody does anything to them for doing so. That is a fact. Certain people are protected, and if they can’t totally protect them, because shit got out, the system is compromised through favors being called in to go soft on them, or technically sabotage further proceedings procedurally “throwing” it for them. Meanwhile, they disparately steamroll everyone else from all angles with impunity. We are seeing this as the Drobik case unfolds. The dancing is starting already.

The CPOA concluded their investigation, but stopped short of calling for a criminal investigation, and a criminal investigation is what is needed, because we believe this is deeper. 

How many times was this guy on the clock, while he was driving that unit to an apartment complex near KRQE in his shorts and ball cap to see his “friend?”

How many calls to his city cell phone that were claimed as OT were from his “friend,” and how many were from others whom he knows in the media? Were media members investigated to see if parties conspired to call Drobik multiple times, so he could claim it in exchange for access to scoops and information? How many of those phone calls were the same numbers?We believe there is a facet to this that needs to be peeled back like an onion and looked into with a microscope. 

The CPOA stated 50 times Drobik violated SOP to enrich himself, but let’s see if doing something like that constitutes being morally unfit to be a police officer. Let’s see if Geier fires Drobik. Better yet, let’s see what he gets, because officers were fired for much less, and had their certs pulled. Let’s see if Geier flies an LEA90 on Drobik, and if he does let’s see if that withers too. Let’s just see what portion of this administration is a hoax, because illusion and hoax is all we have seen so far. 

If no criminal investigation is done on this, and it is whitewashed like the Garcia investigation. We know exactly where we stand, and it will get worse, just like we said it would. 

Please read the below Abq Report articles. They did some good work starting this ball rolling.



However the chips fall on this, it will be the tea leaves test for where things are going and it will prove if a few people are full of shit because the mayor is already distancing himself from this to let others make the decision that is already made. 

The fact is that here in Albuquerque when the Administration wants to get you or protect you they will do what they want whether you are an employee or a citizen, and they will attempt to control all variables to get to the conclusion that benefits THEM. 

They think everyone is stupid. 

They are wrong. 


Suck on that.


Anonymous said...

Good job Eye! This is where corruption starts. It began with Geha and blatant overtime fraud. Then it was Jennifer Bell Garcia admitting to falsifying public documents to cover her inept ass (a felony) but Geier would not ask for a criminal investigation. Now we have Drobik, abusing and defrauding the taxpayers since 2011! Hardest working officer my ass. He is the hardest working officer at defrauding taxpayers and screwing female reporters. This should tell everyone in the city that APD management has a bunch of morons in high places along with some officers who are committing fraud. If this doesn't get Torrez or Balderas off their asses nothing will. Let this corruption remain and it will only get worse at APD. This should cost Geier his job. Oh I forgot, the buck never stops at his desk. He has no clue what the fuck is going on, but neither does Ross and Armijo.

Anonymous said...

Agree on all you have written. I believe Shawn Willoughby is a dough boy and sits behind his APOA desk eating burritos and donuts everyday because he is not a real COP. Yes, I said it, and because he is not a real COP he is afraid to actually try to fit his Fat Boy body back in a uniform and take priority calls for service.....Can you say "AFRAID". APOA does not represent the majority just the minority of officers who throw their dues away to support the likings of Shawn "Fat Boy" Willoughby..

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha, looks like your Golden Boy Timmy K. isn't who you believed him to be.

Congrats on getting hoodwinked by slick talking.

Anonymous said...

Drobik has been doing this for years and it's just now making the news? Why in the hell is a field service officer assigned as a PIO? As short as the field is it makes no sense. The Mayor is hiring all of the people that gave him money for his campaign, so why not make one or two of them the PIO. Or make the Deputy Chiefs be ON CALL as PIOs they are making the big bucks and not doing shit in thei ivory tower of a 5th floor. How is what Drobik and LT. M did not a crime? But chest bumping after taking down a career criminal is? Just like in the Mary Han case city issued cellphones will suddenly disappear and nothing will happen to Drobik or LT. M. The 5th & 11th floors are much more interested in going after the hard working cops so Drobik is safe.

Anonymous said...

Drobik the hardest working cop on APD???????????? Are you fucking kidding me? The APOA President is a disgrace and needs to go along with Drobik. If Drobik does get fired, maybe he can get hired by KOAT like TJ Wilham did. Saw that disgusting slob the other day what a douche.

Anonymous said...

Willoughby speak for yourself. I don't think Simon is the hardest working 34 in the department. I would love to do his job. I haven't seen that guy in metro or dist court in I don't know how long. That's our job to put people in jail. I would do Simon's job didn't know it was ever opened thought he just got it cuz he was the biggest kiss ass. It is obvious timesheet fraud. lets see what type of balls Geier has, berrys or big ass balls and fires him.

Anonymous said...

Geier will do absolutely nothing. We are all still waiting on what really happened with Jennifer Garcia and Steve Arias. If the chief doesn’t have the balls to be open about those two cases, do you really think he’ll do the right thing with Drobik? And stop acting like this is a new thing for Drobik, he’s been doing this crap for over 10 years. That’s over a million dollars in OT. Wake up Albuq.

Anonymous said...

Sadly that's true. They will play the 'wait it out it will go away' tactic used in all of the above mentioned cases. Gier will clam up and hope it goes away.And it will be disposed of quietly with a good outcome for the culprits. But this Drobik disaster involved hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer dollars. Which rises it to a higher level of crime.It could be RICO material. But I don't expect much will be done in that regard. As usual the wagons will circle around Drobik and the passage of time will come and go because no charges will be filed because all of the filers of charges are as corrupt as APD's chain of command. And it will be yet another missed opportunity to hold the corrupted city of Albuquerque officials accountable for their illegal activities.

Anonymous said...

You know what is even lower? I was working that night and those guys didn’t chest bump. They were gassed out from the incident. Schultz Feist Banks and Paiz knew that. iIt came out that Banks lied about it when he made it up as he was telling the reporter about the arrest. So, you don’t have to even do something with these sociopaths in charge. If they want to fuck you, they just do. If you are their boy, you can do anything and get away with it. APD is a treacherous place to work, and it’s not because of the crime man. There is no other place like this in the country where so many innocent people are burned while so many corrupt liars and criminals are protected. I remember when that incident hit the news and Beth Paiz who lied years ago in an Internal Affairs investigation over her fraternization with her male supervisor turned on them after the mayor told her she would be fired if she didn’t. I was thinking how Albuquerque had to be the only police department in the world who would say that one officer should get up off of a homicide suspect who was armed and fighting in order to stop another officer who was using force to assist his partner in getting a violent suspect under control before he was even handcuffed. YES, Beth Paiz said that shit right in the news the night they fired those guys and she looked just like someone who had a gun held to the back of her head by Schultz, Perry and the Mayor while she said it.

If Geier doesn’t call for a state police investigation like what as done with Geha, he is a Geier in Schultz clothing.

Anonymous said...

A couple of comments. Geier didn't call for the NMSP to investigate Geha, it was APD Sergeant Adam Anaya, someone with integrity who exposed the who thing. As for Willoughby saying that no one wants Drobik's job, that's bull shit. Gilber Gallegos has Drobik's job. The Journal reporter should have pointed that out to Willoughby.

Anonymous said...

4/15 3:54. Wow just wow. So it sounds like even if someone wants to do the right thing like Beth tried to do, they get threatened. Now we got witness intimidation to add to the mix! Still something is not right though. Frankly, she's probably more afraid of losing her life than her job. These guys are scary. Consider the Mary Han incident.

Anonymous said...

If Drobik is close to retirement I will bet that they drag this so called investigation on him out so he can retire and split like so many other crooked cops before him have been allowed to do.

Anonymous said...

LT. M is McElroy. He's a tool, the people that are in positions of power at APD are what's wrong with APD. Drobik only works hard at falsifying documents. If it was anyone else they would have tire tracks on their ass from being tossed under the bus.

Anonymous said...

Yeah time to say it Eye, we got fucked with Keller. He can take his OneAlbuquerque and We are all Burquenos shit and ram it up his ass.

Anonymous said...

Geier isn't running this dept just like with Schultz, the Mayor's office is running the dept. Same thing just different people. Look for lil Mizel to be promoted soon to DC so he can try and get his high 3 why Geier is in place. Be interesting to see who runs for Mayor in a few years.

Again APD is top heavy and Geier hired the clown from Rio who can't even spell Police and has no idea what a cop's duties are.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, Ed Harness admitted his agency does not have jurisdiction to make determinations concerning criminal activity within APD.

Anonymous said...

City of ABQ Personnel Rules and Regulations: 311.8 Occupying Two City Positions - City employees are prohibited from holding two (2) city positions simultaneously.