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Sep 2, 2008

Eye Poll: Udall

Last week's unscientific Eye Poll saw Tom Udall take the honors by a solid 14 point margin (read it here). The results are a bit surprising considering what is going on with energy and the lack thereof - a lack that can be directly tied to Tom Udall's votes in congress. Candidate Udall is busy telling the voters that he's for more oil production, but Congressman Udall has a long history of voting to block domestic oil production.

If oil becomes the deciding factor in this race and if Congressman Pearce is able to claim it as his own, Udall will have a hard time selling his new found attitude about drilling.

Over the long holiday weekend, just about everywhere we went the conversation centered on Sarah Palin. It seems that the McCain Campaign caught everyone by surprise with the Alaska Governor's selection for Vice President. So far, we like the choice and respect Governor Palin's fire and tenacity but in our conversations Obama supporters seemed to be absolutely incensed.

By contrast, Joe Biden's selection brought a collective yawn from most people we talked to no matter who they were supporting in the election. We don't really believe that a Vice Presidential Candidate can win an election but they can lose one. Tell us who you think was the better choice in this week's Eye Poll!


Anonymous said...

Well, I agree with you about one thing: Steve Pearce can claim Big Oil as his own, and vice versa.

The reason Udall leads Pearce is that Pearce is a lockstep Bush supporter (he voted with Bush 100% of the time since Bush has been in office) and because the Bush administration has demonstrated itself to be corrupt and incompetent. Why should people vote for someone who agrees 100% with a corrupt and incompetent administration?

Personally, I've found that Obama supporters are more amused by the selection of Palin than anything else, because the motives are completely transparent (try to appeal to Hillary dead-enders and religious fanatics at the same time) but the lack of vetting may end up with her going down in as the worst VP nominee since Eagleton.

Anonymous said...

Once the curtain closes on the voting booth and folks arent afraid who will see what box they check or lever they pull, the candidates who offer the most drilling for oil will win. People in the darkness of their own conscience will almost always vote with their wallet. Groceries take precedence over polar bears when a bright eyed young pollster is not looking over your shoulder.

Anonymous said...

Above, If people vote with their wallet I guess its a good thing that Obama will lower taxes more for 95% of the population than McCain will. That top 5% will probably still vote for McCain though. Are you making more than $220K/year? Vote McCain! Otherwise, your tax bill will be lower with Obama in office.

Anonymous said...

If i am not paying taxes at all Obambi will make sure I get a rebate -- it is called welfare - which is what is expected from a Chicago community organizer!! Pull you head out kool aid drinker

tooloftheDIVINE said...

Politics is nothing to fight about.
When it comes down to it neither of the canidates have any solution to any of the problems we are facing! We should be using other resources other than oil not trying to drill more. This whole election is keeping you from seeing what our government is doing! Keeping you destracted from the truth. You should care how we treat the world and the people who live here, not about MONEY, CARS,PHONES,TAXES,BILLS,HOUSES,TELIVISION,FASHION,FADS,COMPUTERS ect...IF you don't WAKE UP now it will be too late and there will be a NEW WORLD ORDER!