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Sep 11, 2008

Scam-eras in the City Different

The City Different has decided to be the same as Albuquerque. Wednesday night the Santa Fe City Council decided they wanted a piece of the action and approved their own red light scam-era program.

The Santa Fe Scammers plan to rake in about $1.1 MILLION a year from the program (ABQ Journal - Subscription). All that's left to do is find someone to install the equipment and run the program. Tell you what... we'd be happy to sell you some lightly used (Ok, there was that paint ball incident), universally disliked scam-eras at a rock bottom price. Simply contact The Almighty Alcalde perched high atop city hall for information.

What'll be even more entertaining is the number of legislators that have their photos taken by the scam-eras during next year's sixty day legislative session. On second thought, that might be the fastest way to put an end to this type of traffic travesty.


Anonymous said...

The Automated Enforcement Program is the greatest traffic safety initiave ever put together by the APD. The streets and intersections are much safer and other NM cities other than Sante Fe should be on board also. Scam-eras? thats funny guess you dont like being held accountable for your actions.

JustBeHonest&TellUsABQNeeds$ said...

Marty Chavez, stop posting to this blog and get back to doing whatever you're supposed to be doing.

Anonymous said...

First of all, the Mayor told the traffic unit to make the numbers the way HE wanted. The fact is the number of accidents involving "rear end" collisions has increased. The Mayor's scientific data is anything but scientific. Mayor, I have an idea,.... you have brought the cameras to watch us, can we put one in your driveway to watch you?

Anonymous said...

That first comment isn't Marty's. He's in China right now. I thought we weren't going to get a Panda Bear. Oh, that's right - he's picking out a Sister City. Lame Duck Mayor eating Peking Duck.

Anonymous said...

hes in china picking his mail order bride! he sooooooooooo horny!