The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Dec 8, 2012


Policing is rooted with honorable men and women who want to serve the public.  These men and women have valor, pride, integrity, dignity, honor, honesty, fairness, self-respect, respect for others, compassion, understanding, patience, courage, hope, wisdom and trust as values of belief in doing the right thing for all.  When something goes wrong and the fault lies with a police officer, the honorable thing to do is take responsibility for what you have done wrong and accept the discipline imposed. The police officer then moves forward with a commitment to never intentionally repeat the same offense.

For the public, who law enforcement, must earn trust from and maintain it, this is acceptable when the police act accordingly.  The public also finds it acceptable when a police officer errors and he accepts responsibility and makes a penance. We here at the Eye believe this is true for public officials as well.

Yet, we have a mayor who refuses to take responsibility for his part in ruining the Albuquerque Police Department and hiring Mr. Schultz for the top post.  We also have the City’s Top Cop who refuses to take responsibility for his part in ruining APD.  Mr. Schultz lied to the United State Federal District Court as well as others and has never been held accountable.  How can you tell he is lying; his mouth is moving.

It is up to the citizens of Albuquerque to cure the city of these two cancerous tyrants (Berry and Schultz). What we mean by “cure” is people need to take their VOTE to the polls and rid our community of this cancer. We all know if cancer goes untreated, it only gets worse till it ruins everything. Folks; we all know this is where we are at.  The cure for this cancer is your VOTE.
If Berry and Schultz were men of honor; they would both do the honorable thing and resign.  Allow a real leader to step up and clean the mess this administration has created.

Oh, Berry…Do you really think people have forgotten about all your blunders?  Here, let us remind you about one of them.

Can you guess who? 
Here are a few clues:

1)      This person worked for a local paper.

2)      This person was hired by Berry as a (let's say) public icon.

3)      This person was fired by Berry via his staff.

4)      This person had too many of Berry’s secrets and was re-hired by Berry.

5)      This person was then placed under Schultz.

6)      This person recently spent time with Darren White and Ray Schultz at the Downs.

7)      This person was hidden in the basement of APD like an experiment gone wrong.

8)      LAST and final clue; this person likes Burritos!                                                                              

Mr. Schultz why are you so angry?  Are you sorry you got caught; but not sorry for what you have done?
Schultz stated he wants a challenge; grab a shovel Ray.  The "snow job" you have given Albuquerque is over.
Please stew over this for a few days...


WkdWitch of the NORTH! said...

And take your little dog, Toto-levy too!!!

Anonymous said...

That fat bitch accesses personnel files and releases personnel file photographs of officers to the media. Get ready for another lawsuit you fat motherfucker.

Anonymous said...

Talk about snow job, Berry APPOINTS A CAMPAIGN DONOR OF HIS to Debbie O'Malley's city council seat when she specifically requested Benton take over for her? WTF is wrong with him --it's as if he really really believes he's above reproach ...seriously!

Anonymous said...

Darren White, Ray Schultz, TJ Wilham all sitting next together is great. They should get used to that when they hear "will the defendant please rise."

Oh and TJ don't think your emails haven't been recovered you Judas fat sack of feces.

Anonymous said...

That red faced schultz photo is outstanding. That is the face of a liar when caught and embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

Cathy's editorial says DNA cases were worked that had previously not been. Thanks for publicly acknowledging what we at APD already knew, that even rape kits are not a priority at the Crime Lab. Tell me, how do we know there isn't a serial killer on the loose in Albuquerque when there are so many afis and DNA unprocessed -thousands! BTK went silent for years once he thought he'd had a close call. Is West Mesa doing the same?

And how does it not violate the community's civil rights if the crime lab intentionally doesnt have enough staff to process the kits and fingerprints? Just look at the annual report for how much evidence was processed then watch Feist's interview again on how much backup there is. Here's an idea stop buying so many toys for smart policing (over 200k just on building the new office plus TVs, a truck, a digital board telling you the bait car is here, pole cams....) and buy a crime lab tech or two.

Site all the SOP you want about an FI at every x,y, or z. It doesn't mean shit if the kit sits on a shelf never processed.

Anonymous said...

Creepy quiet. The comments have stopped on the eye. APD/City e-mails have also stopped. Quiet before the storm????

Anonymous said...

Honor is nothing known by these criminals. They violate employees rights and then cut deals as fast as they can. Cowards is more accurate.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that there was no appearance of or mention of Chief Schultz during the Dateline episode... He is usually first in line to get his MUG on TV but not this time.. We all know what happened with the Clifton Bloomfield case. There were two in custody and one actually confessed so THERE WAS NO NEED TO HAVE ANY DNA evidence tested.. It should be that ANY AND ALL violent crimes having workable DNA be tested immediately.. None of this we will get to it when we can... The entire thing was a true shame...

Anonymous said...

That is true about Ray's philosophy of conducting investigations. If an investigation comes to a fork in the road, and one of those paths holds any evidence that might jeopardize the case by being unbiased, you can bet your ass Ray and his bunch of kangaroo court henchmen will take the other path in a hurry. They'll be sure to obscure the objective path with twigs and brush to make sure nobody else finds it if they can be assured that no one would find out. Good luck trying this shit with the folks at the DOJ.
Get ready raymond. It's karma time. Shit is coming around, and the people you did dirty are all in line to tell their story. You shitbags are done breaking the law. Take your retirement and move to Juarez where your corrupt bitch ass will fit in perfectly. Tell your sissy that his cabin in the woods isn't far enough away for the subpoenas coming for him. I hope the DOJ takes a bite so big out of your worthless asses that you all need a pair of prosthetic buttocks just to sit down to piss.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the journal this morning? The DA's office says the PD takes their good ol time putting officer involved shooting cases together. The PD counters calling the DA's office liars.
Why is it every time the 5th floor gets caught they attack those that shed light on their bullshit with counter accusations, more lies and attacks on everyone else's integrity? I wonder if Schultz and his dog faced attorney will pull this shit on the DOJ.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the DOJ will let Ray resign and move back home with his family in lieu of prosecution. Take the 5th Ray. Feist will probably testify against you.

Anonymous said...

Feist is a fuck'n rat. Moving out of state won't make things easier pussy. And Barboa's crack homicide squad?! Hide much shit Gary? Datline episode was stunnning. Poor Apd... Give me a break. Lazy worthless detectives. And yeah, I mean you. The only one worth his salt was a twin and retired.

Anonymous said...

Beth and her letter, is she wanting Ray's position? Arn't all of Ray's DC's tainted?

Anonymous said...


Many Officers Are Giving

I think it is wonderful how the national spotlight was placed upon a New York police officer, who bought boots for a shoeless, homeless man in New York.

It is important to know Albuquerque Police Department officers and others in public safety here in our own community perform these random acts of kindness on a daily basis. It’s tragic our local media does not talk about the goodness our officers do, but rather choose to exploit the negative. Our community deserves to hear how our officers go above and beyond every day and our world could certainly use more good news!



Anonymous said...

What letter did beth write? She is nothing but a liar. A few people she lied on are getting together to compare evidence. I hear there is a mother of all lawsuits coming.
Let that liar get that position.
it will backfire in all of their faces. She wanted to spend more time at home. Bullshit. She ran away like all of them will be doing very soon. Dirtballs.

Anonymous said...

Oh, give us all a break Beth. You are a part of the problem. You stood by and let it all fall apart with excuses of "that's just the way it has to be". That is pathetic and it shows a lack of courage to stand up and do the right thing. You would do better to just keep your thoughts to yourself and keep your mouth shut.
You kept your mouth shut when dirty shit was going down on the 5th floor, then you ran out teh back door when you knew it was going to catch up to you. Everyone knows. Don't act like you support the officers now. Liar.

The Tremendous Regulator said...

Do you all know that if you pay attention to all the news stories about the APD regarding every time the chief opens his mouth, you will laugh harder than any comic in the paper. For me the journal has become an entire comic book. Research all of Schultz's statements to the media over the last seven years if you want to laugh hard. Is this guy really that much of an imbecil? Who do we compare these clowns to? The land of make believe? Oz? Alice in Wonder Land? Why do all of these stories have mushrooms in them? What is the correlation between mushrooms and these folks, especially when we are talking about onions now? Does Schultz think the DOJ took the bananna boat to Albuquerque? Really? We live in a desert. They could not have taken the bananna boat here! They didn't come on an imaginary plane either. Maybe Schultz thinks they are a figment of his imagination. Maybe he is just wishing them away. Who knows? Maybe it is Schultz who is operating on an imaginary plane. Maybe the DOJ is here to wake him up and take him away on a vacation? A well deserved vacation. Maybe he can take his burr-eat-ooh eatin caddy with him to club fed?

I want to know why Schultz wants everyone to stick together while the DOJ peels their onions! I want to know how he thinks he is going to help the DOJ peel the onions? I want to know why the chief has his deputies following officers around to see if they are talking about peeling onions to the DOJ!
I want to know why the mayor and chief want to peel onions now, after they said that absolutely no onions needed to be peeled.

Just what is this onion peeling funny business all about? We all know, Schultz couldn't peel a tootsie role wrapper by himself.

I say look out.... Mushrooms, onions, banannas... OH MY!!!!!

The Rank and File said...

Retired DC Paiz,
Might as well stick that letter where the mushrooms grow!
You had your chance to do the right thing. Talk about a fair weather friend and a total hypocrit. You wanted everyone to think you were a cops cop but we all know better.

Anonymous said...

you went away Beth, so stay away Beth,,,,hows your little judicial bullshit job the mayor got you? just stay left us to rot here

Anonymous said...

A judicial job huh???
Well that explains why she changed her story and lied to everyone including the media about her stance on Doyle and Woolever being justified in their actions. Everything eventually comes out? There are two commanders and a hell of a lot of officers who witnessed her statements. What a dirty bunch.

Anonymous said...

Beth is on the state's Judicial Standard's Commission. No joke. Bought and paid for by secret government state governor Susana Martinez.

Unknown said...

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