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Dec 28, 2012

Albuquerque Journal Assumes Too Much Based On Their Own Bias

Ever since RJ Berry won election to be Albuquerque's Mayor in October 2009, the local paper (the Albuquerque Journal) continues to unleash a never ending attack on the rank and file of the state's largest police force: the Albuquerque Police Department.

Week after week, month after month, the editors of the state's largest and most influential paper criticize, comment, and defame officers and non-management personnel who frequently are vindicated from the uninformed attacks. A case in point is the paper's most recent editorial where they address the "steroid" problem facing APD. This investigation is barely off the ground, the details hardly known (if they exist at all), and appear to be as bizarre as the case against APD Officer Burge who is accused of kicking in the apartment door of a fellow officer and stealing a flat screen plasma TV from the apartment. But the paper unloads as if its a given that there is widespread steroid use amongst officers in APD.

Yet the paper's uninformed bias continues and reinforces the notion that poor Ray Schultz has his hands full and just trying to clean up his department of a few bad cops. But the reality is, Schultz has been in charge of APD since 2005, and much of whom the department was staffed with since then are....gone. APD is but a shadow of the department it was yet the paper continues to hold Schultz blameless for the mess APD is in now. APD is a mirror of Ray Schultz based on his creation, choices and selections.  A mirrored mess so large, the US Department of Justice is doing the most thorough investigation it possibly can of the wreck APD has become under Schultz. The Journal however is quick to blame and attack rank and file officers, is glaringly obvious in its lack of criticism of the very people who have brought this problem upon the citizens of Albuquerque: Schultz, Berry, and Perry.

While red states, blue states, red cities, and blue cities surround us show positive economic and employment growth since Berry's election, Albuquerque remains stagnant; a literal black hole in the desert. Few new jobs, declining revenues, stagnant home sales, virtually no new construction, and downgraded municipal bond rates. But the Journal under editor Kent Walz's leadership and decisions continues to grant exceptions to the very people it should be holding accountable--City and Department leaders. It seems tonight's statements by Schultz on KKOB-4 (watch it HERE) about the Albuquerque Police Officer Association's survey will be more of the same: the officers just don't get it and the data is skewed. In other words: I know I'm chief, but it's not me, it's the other guy.

Well, here's some data for you Mr. Schultz. Below is a list of every editorial published by the Albuquerque Journal since Berry was elected mayor. While so many officers have left, and so many "new" policies have been implemented (at least on paper, we all know there's nothing really new), and so many unqualified people have been placed into positions of leadership, the problems in APD have only gotten worse.

Yet despite all this turnover and change in APD, one thing has remained constant: Raymond Schultz has been APD's chief of police.

Schultz Returns Shine to All APD Badges10/21/2009
APD Brass Shares Blame1/17/2010
APD Shouldn’t be "The Young and the Restless"2/5/2010
Facebook Posts Put All APD Conduct in Doubt2/17/2011
City, APD Break Down a Blue Wall of Silence6/2/2011
Time For Change in APD Culture, Practice6/13/2011
Stakes Just Got Higher in APD/White Inquiry6/25/2011
All of APD Needs to Scrube This "Stain" Out6/26/2011
DOJ Probe Could be Positive Step for APD8/7/2011
APD Needs One Chief, Schultz Right for Job9/2/2011
APD Security Overkill Raining on Parades9/15/2011
APD Officer Deserves Community Thanks10/20/2011
Cost of APD Rogue Cop? Close to Priceless10/24/2011
Felon Freed Because APD Didn't Disclose11/4/2011
Mayor Missed Chance to Step up on APD11/18/2011
APD Protects a Culture Out of Control11/23/2011
Make APD's Oversight Commission Effective12/10/2011
APD's Efforts Pay Off in a Safer Community1/2/2012
Current Process Won't Rebuild Trust in Police4/24/2012
APD's Learning Curve On Use of Force is Steep4/24/2012
APD Changes Should Make Us All Safer5/9/2012
Friends Have No Place in Ex-cop Investigation5/25/2012
Keep Troubling APD Lawsuit Out in Open6/12/2012
Video Shows Challenge for APD Training Boss6/23/2012
Another Suit Reveals Deep Problems in APD6/27/2012
Electing Chief Would Hurt Department6/28/2012
Kicking Case Reveals Need for Better Intel8/9/2012
Fix APD the Right Way 8/9/2012
Schultz Moves to Stop Game of Pass Bad Cop8/31/2012
Schultz Gives APD an A for Reforms9/12/2012
Weigh APD Grade with DOJ Resolution9/17/2012
Schultz Sets Example of Policing APD Needs9/18/2012
APD Doesn’t Need Cops Who Sext Minors10/2/2012
APD Should Build Its Force the Right Way10/10/2012
Consider Chiefs Action With Survey11/17/2012
3 Months of Paid APD Leave Enough Already11/21/2012
APD Must Fire Bad Cops11/27/2012
DOJ Probe Could Make a Better APD12/1/2012
Steroid Use in APD Raises Concerns12/27/2012

It's a never ending cycle of blame the cops but hold the chief blameless. Despite the fact that the largest and most grotesque scandals have occurred under Ray Schultz--there's no comment about that by Walz. Despite the fact Schultz personally caused millions of dollars in judgements--there's no comment. Despite the fact Schultz own officers are turning on him--there's no comment. Berry recently said he could care less about what the rank and file feel about him. We find that humorous because looking at the list of editorials, it seems all they care about is the rank and file...

If APD's devastation were to be converted to a mathematical equation it would be very simplistic to solve.  The "constant" in this situation is Ray Schultz throughout the time frame that APD has been decimated.  Ray Schultz is the main problem; not the rank and file officers who are doing the job.


Anonymous said...

The average citizen in Albuquerque doesn't care. They're spoon fed this crap and they believe it. There's no print media competition. A city this size that's unacceptable. They've never heard of this blog and most have no idea who Joe Monahan is. Sheeple. I have co -workers, intelligent and college educated who believe every single story they read about APD without question. I get so frustrated! I can only sympathize with the rank & file as being portrayed in such a bad light by the Journal!

Anonymous said...

Not that there was ever any doubt but its good to see the AJ's bias confirmed in such overwhelming proof.

And Schultz on KOB last night....who ever's advising him should remember DOJ lawyers are scrutinizing every public move he makes. He gets a ZERO on "receptive to criticism." What a joke.

Anonymous said...

What a pathetic and disgusting interview the chief gave on KOB last night. This greedy malfeasant hangs on out of greed after the mayor makes a deal to up his fat pension in order to bring him on as chief and he is calling officers greedy? This clown hangs on to a sinking ship not to fix a problem because he is the problem, but to try to salvage his reputation so that he can go on to get another job after wrecking this department and he thinks nobody sees this? That interview was typical Schultz and Levy fashion where they concentrate on one point that they think will poke the ire of the masses and attempt to exploit it. In this case the contract due to fiscal issues. It's pathetic that this lowlife plays games with the taxpayer's feelings, in order to attemp to turn the public against the officers at the advisement of his siamese twin attorney.

If you watch him make excuses his language is laced with contempt for the rank and file. If the officers are full of it, and not all of them feel he is the problem then why all the defensiveness? Why the sitting on the edge of his seat and the red face? Why the blame game? He says no letters from officers exist about them feeling unsafe. We know the idiot reads this site. Maybe he should read the letter posted here by the officer who just retired. Schultz just told the media another lie. One such letter is right here and the chief's paper printed it in their rag AGAIn attacking anyone who goes against this scum bag as a malcontent when we all know that letter is the truth.

The letters don't exist, huh Ray?
Like the facts in cases where you directed your minions to burn down officers for doing their jobs? Just like all of the omissions in your corrupt cases against those you tried to use to get your fat as out of the DOJ's investigation?
Every time this moron opens his mouth he buries himself.

Watch his mannerisms. The bobble head trying to enamor himself with the reporter as the victim. The facial expressions of mitigating what really bothers him. The hand gestures as if he is a great orator with the answers to everything. Look at the smirk of duping delight in his face when he thinks the reporter and ultimately the audience has bought into his lies and trash coming out of his mouth.

Look at honorable police chief's across the nation. Not one of those chiefs blame their people for the state of affairs within their department. If an officer does wrong, they deal with it and move on. If there is systematic meltdown they admit failure and step down like quite a few have done the last few years. Not this idiot. HE stands there and burns everyone around him down. Like a coward, he points the fingert at officers, citizens and everyone else. Soon he will be blaming the DOJ.

Duck and dodge all you want assclown. EVERYONE is talking and it is just a matter of time now. You can keep up that arrogant attitude of "prove it" but witness after witness and statement after statement will eventually add up. When you get accused of the same crap over and over, sooner or later they are going to find enough. You all have gotten away with your dirt for so long that you became arrogant and sloppy. It's going to be satisfying watching you all go down.

This chief has been found guilty of directly violating civil rights. Enough said!

Anonymous said...

This site is picking up momentum. More people read it than you may think. The media reads it. The families of those wronged by APD and this fraud of a chief read it, and if you google these usual suspects, this cite comes up front and center along with all of the hilarious cartoons. But best of all, the drowning chief of the Albuquerque Police Department reads it every single day. He even brings it up at promotion training and command meetings. The TRUTH hurts. He even sometimes throws temper tantrums in his office like a toddler wearing a diaper full of shit.

Anonymous said...

Eye, you are kicking the piss out of these fools. Keep up the demolition. They are shitting themselves. This is a war against their corruption and lies. They thought they could bully their way out of getting caught, now there is a bigger game in town with more resources than them....the DOJ. Their worst nightmare. They were terrified of a DOJ investigation, now they are horrified. The problem is that they have no clue what they are in store for when the statements and evidence against them starts flying. Keep disseminating the information. They hate it and it's their worst enemy. It would be beautiful if these sociopaths faced charges and indictments for their actions.

Anonymous said...

New Mexico is the most corrupt state in the union. Lets hope the Feds are starting the cleanup with the City of Albuquerque! Hurray!

Anonymous said...

We all know just who is advising him. AND so does the DOJ. Hopefully she loses her license to practice when this is all over.

Anonymous said...

Schultz said "God help us"
He should have said "God help me"
Hopefully his arrogance is rewarded by the DOJ.

30-24-3 Bribery or intimidation of a witness.

A. Bribery or intimidation of a witness consists of ANY person Knowingly:

(2) intimidating or threatening any witness or person likely to become a witness in any judicial, administrative, legislative or other official cause or proceeding for the purpose of preventing such individual from testifying to any fact, to abstain from testifying or to testify falsly.

This is a third degree felony.
Get ready buddy. When your order takers fall, they will take you with them.

Anonymous said...

"It does not require many words to speak the truth." Chief Joseph (1840-1904) Nez Perce

Yet Schultz interviews are like listening to War and Peace laced with rationalizations and excuses.


Anonymous said...

....And that where's Waldo clown Walz reads this as well....Seen it on your Ipad Ken!!!!!!

Chad Wilder said...

It was a huge relief to learn on the news this morning that nothing is wrong with APD or it's leadership, the APOA survey itself was flawed. Good to know, I feel reassured now.
There are definately more people reading this blog than anyone realizes. Maybe the moderator should enable a counter on this site to actually show how many viewers it has. My hope is that someone who wants to save this Department is aware of what is going on and steps up to the plate. The media sure as heck does not want to address the truth.
I was recently informed by an active supervisor who told me no one, including the Chief cares about anything I addressed in my "exit" letter and advised it was a waste of time. I will have to call BS on that one because I have a phone message dated 12/03from a Deputy Chief asking me to call him, two days after my letter was posted... Since we're not friends on Facebook, I'm betting he wasn't calling me to apologize for missing my retirement Happy Hour on December 1st. As I no longer worked for him, I figured it was in my best interest to hold my tongue for a change. Good luck my "brutha's" and keep ur heads up and your butts outa the line of fire.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't everyone know that everything that goes against Ray Schultz and anything that does not fit into his agenda is flawed.

Anonymous said...

If you think the lawsuits now are wrecking APD's 5th floor. Just wait till you see the badass ones on the way. Oh my are they doomed.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Chad right after your exit letter made it to the EYE your former commander was telling anyone that would listen that it wasnt the letter she saw. Just saying...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Schultz wants to know who the officers are that spoke poorly of him so he can GO AFTER THEM as well.. He doesnt like anyone that speaks ill of him and will have his GOONS retaliate..

Anonymous said...

Schultz tells KOAT and KOB that retirement letters blaming his management and lack of leadership do not exist! He lies again!

I urge everyone to send copies of Chad Wilder's retirement letter, and any other (they are all public record by the way) to KOAT and KOB.

Hopefully the reporters involved will not like it that Ray has lied to them and the public and they will put him on the spot with all the retirement letters that point to him as the problem at APD.

S.Sgt. Paul J. Heh (RET.) said...

Chief Schultz, wasn't he in charge of the evidence rooom ? yes he was. He swept that hole mess under the rug. No one ever demanded answers, so it just faded away like so many other scandels. D.O.J. start there. If people are afraid to talk to you ,I am not.

Anonymous said...

Since Ray is going to deny that retirement letters slamming his horrible management of APD exist, I would tell the media to do a Public Records request for ALL letters of retirement and resignation done in 2012. You will find that Ray has lied to you once again. Furthermore any officer who has retired in 2012 and who retires in the future should send a copy (like Chad Wilder did) to all the media outlets, that way Ray can't say he didn't know.

We need to expose Ray for what he is.

The Orkin Man said...

Hey ray,
You can bullshit the baker and get a bun, but bullshit me and you'll get none.

That interview was a slap in the face to every person inhabiting the city of Albuquerque. In essence, this arrogant liar said screw all of you . You are all the problem. I am perfect. Yea, perfect for a parasite.

Anonymous said...

Part I:
I am very disappointed with Mr. Schultz and his need to continue to not take accountability for the damage he has done to The Albuquerque Police Department. I am a retired Sergeant and have seen the bias and favoritism he has used to benefit his own needs and agenda. He has, on more than one occasion, disregarded officers and has turned his back on them in an effort to favor political figures and/or favors for his benefit. I have seen this first hand. And, because of this, I have since lost respect for him and refuse to condone his “management style,” or lack thereof, or call him my “Chief.”

When I saw his rebuttal on the news about the APOA survey I could not believe what I was hearing. Instead of taking this information to heart and taking steps to regain the respect of his subordinates, or at the very least make an attempt to increase morale within the rank and file, all I heard was denial and a “prove it to me” attitude. I have to agree with the APOA to NOT release specific responses. First and foremost, this survey was given with the promise that all would be anonymous. This is why there was such an overwhelming response. The ability to read the exact responses from officers will give Schultz the ability to analyze them and break down who may or may not have written them. And, as we all know, although deductive reasoning is not an exact science, all to often and very possibly, it will be used to prosecute or in this case, retaliate against those who gave their honest and heart felt opinions of the questions answered.

Furthermore, I cannot believe the message Mr. Schultz is sending to the public as well as his own officers by not believing what was in the survey! Sadly, we have come to a time where an officer’s word is no longer his bond. 99.9% of all the officers I worked with as well as supervised took and take this bond very seriously. Sadly, due to the news media, court system, technology and now YOU Mr. Schultz, the day of, “an officers word is his bond” is now only believed with a tape, video or written documentation. Shame on you Mr. Shultz, this is exactly what has fueled the fire with the public and the loss of credibility toward your officers. As an officer and a man of honor, I would not lie to benefit anyone. I truly believe very few officers on this department (of the rank and file) would compromise their honor or moral standing in an attempt to discredit anyone; even you Mr. Schultz. What was found in the survey is true. Take it for what you will Mr. Shultz, but this many officers all the same page should show even a brand new investigator that the truth is stated in the numbers, not by one who refuses to acknowledge wrong doing.

Now, lets address the comment you made of officers resigning, are not stating anything negative in their resignation letters. Mr. Schultz, not all officers who are retiring are independently wealthy or have stock portfolios to live off of when they retire. Most have families with children in school, upcoming college tuition, car payments and mortgages. And, because of you and what you have made this department, many want out regardless of the cost. There are not many officers who can leave and solely live on their pension or have the luxury of not needing a secondary career to make ends meet. They will be looking for jobs in the private sector and will need to list previous employment on their resumes and applications. (continued...)

Anonymous said...

Part II:

Mr. Schultz, you have a reputation for retaliation, false prosecution and lack of integrity and morality. These retirees do what they must to keep in your good graces as to not possibly get a bad review or decertification should you not like what you read or hear and a future employer contacts you for a reference. I too, handed in a resignation letter that was short, sweet and to the point. This should have been your first clue not all was rainbows and unicorns. I would expect those who retired with me, as well as after, would do the same in an effort to protect their reputation. So please do not base officers retirements and short resignation letters as happy departures. You have been on long enough to remember “back in the day” officers loved their jobs so much that it was not uncommon for them to work 23, 25 or even 30 years, regardless of the fact they did not get any further compensation toward their retirement or pensions. Today, officers are “buying” their time just to get out.

Also, your final statement about APD officers and the APOA taking this survey and its responses are all based on “money” is offensive. I worked many hours both on and off the clock to get my job done and do it well. I saw and see many officers going in early and leaving late and not requesting overtime or comp-time because they are dedicated to this department and the citizens of Albuquerque. Officers take work home and work without compensation to make sure a proper investigation has been completed and written up correctly. Reports and follow-up as well as loss of lunches or breaks shows how dedicated these officers are to this department, the City of Albuquerque and its citizens, yet you point your finder and tell the public that this is about money. Shame on you again, Mr. Shultz; shame on you!

I came onto this department when we were considered the “Top 10” in the country. I was proud of this department and the Officer and Sergeant I was. I look back on my time with The Albuquerque Police Department with pride knowing I did my best for the City of Albuquerque, its citizens and even you Mr. Schultz. And for that, I have no regrets. I am, however, saddened as to what this department has become under your direction. The men and women of this department are the best at what they do and I continue to stand behind them. Please follow my lead and do the same. Learn from your mistakes and those of others and instead pointing your finger, take note and own your mistakes and do what is needed to make things right. This is not asking for anything less than what you expect and demand from your officers. I have had many supervisors during my time as an officer and supervisor with APD, some good and some bad. Those that are and were good, I learned from and used much of what I learned in my own management style. Those supervisors that were bad, however, also taught me something. They taught me what NOT to do, how NOT to act and how NOT to supervise poorly. You, Mr. Schultz have become the latter in my eyes, the eyes of your officers and now the eyes of the citizens and the DOJ. Acknowledging your mistakes and making an effort correct them does not make you a weak leader but a moral and ethical example of what every officer should see in their Chief. Please note that this editorial is also “anonymous.” Even after retirement, I as well as others must keep our anonymity for fear of retaliation or slander. Yet one more thing you should feel shameful for.

Anonymous said...

Schultz logic: external blind survey resulting in "F" is bad and not valid. But an internal managmenet skewed survey with no methodology resulting in "A" is good and valid.

Just like the Journal is objective and free of bias. Lmfao..hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahah, dumbasses!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that he just didnt say "I didnt know that was going on." Seems to be his common response to all problems the media questions him about.

Anonymous said...

RayRay is still on the LEA Board. Are you f*ing kidding me? His Dept is under a DoJ investigation but he gets to decide if other Dept's Officer's are behaving appropriately! What does it take to get him the hell off the Board?

Chad Wilder said...

Thanks for having my back "ears", thats what cops are really about. We are supposed to have a partner to trust when so many in the administration are out to get us. It is true my letter was differant, I revised it every week over my last six months to keep up with all the changing issues that arose so frequently. Everyone who worked around me knew I was releasing a letter that so many wished they could write. I am not wealthy, but I do not care if the administration slanders me or tries to ruin my reputation. I did what I thought was right and will suffer whatever consequences may come of my actions. I refuse to sit in the shadows when the Department I risked my life for on a daily basis is facing its downfall from its own leaders. By the way, that same letter was sent to all the local media outlets listed and more. There was no one who wished to publish it, except the EYE. Where it went from there was a product of the internet. There seems to be quite the interest in this irrelevant blog that no one reads...

Anonymous said...

DOJ please if youre reading this everyone is fearful because the goons will come a knocking, you have to start with the head of the snake..Buckner,wallace,sandy,stephenson,porter,,,just look,you will find the reset! don't give up hope everyone,this is starting to get to them..and look..I have had my probs and concerns with apoa in the past two years..its not perfect..but im done sitting back, I think they did good this time and opened the door, so im going to get involved to try and unite more 34s..we may not all agree or have beers on weekends or whatever..but enough of the bashing each other, the fifth floor is the common enemy,,put aside old wounds,,use the apoa,,use this website,work together and force change at this department ,,the kob clip is all the proof you need that there are cracks,,,,,,,DOJ help us!!

Anonymous said...

How come none of these reporters can simply finish Ray Schultz off. HE has more baggage than a freight train. The KOB reporter had him when he was all but leaping over the table..hit him with a hard question when he's doing the "the thing is..." and he's down. "Well chief, since you seem to know so much, how many sworn officers are there in APD now?", "What about Officer WIlder's letter?", "Tell me about the evidence scandal?", "Tell me about Doyle and Woolever?"

Fuck, do I have to do this shit myself?

Anonymous said...

9:02 says, "How come none of these reporters can simply finish Ray Schultz off."

Schultz has dirt on several of the local reporters and anchors. Look at KRQE, they are afraid he will expose their 10pm top anchor for her affair with his supervisor. KOB's reporter worked in Mayor's office, Schultz has dirt on several of the local media. The media is Schultz puppets to play how he wants.

Anonymous said...

Yup here comes the spin from that rag paper....Schultz says there's no merit to criticize the promotional process because a third party is used. ONLY FOR SERGEANTS AND LIEUTENANTS. Liar Schultz again omits anything about the total political process for promoting commanders and deputy chiefs. Schultz says a dozen officers came to him and said they wanted to but didn't take the survey......right. Well chief, you want APOA to name names why don't you name these poor souls that are so buried in your ass that they don't know what's going on? Lia Schultz Says if there's online training than all training is solved...100s of times....right. That's why he and Liar Banks didn't even use or wear their own lapel cameras at the state fair arrest OR EVEN AT THE DOJ PRESS CONFERENCE!!! And the best part:

RJ Berry: "We're not going to dance around and play games." that's all you've done for the last three years douche bag. The band is just getting warmed up..

Anonymous said...

"all promotions are handled by a third party contractor". LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE

Anonymous said...

"This is about money" "lets stop playing games"

Take your own advice you lying piece of shit. You are nothing but a corrupt lying piece of shit. Hopefully the feds roll your smelly ass and you end up in prison. Just listening to your pedophile voice makse one sick. Nice face motherfucker. You look stressed. REALLY STRESSED!
When karma comes around for you it's going to be something to behold. You fucking nutless coward. I hear your pension is going to be paying some officers directly. Get ready for a rough 2013.

Anonymous said...

Jay Gilhooley also wrote a published letter that outlined the problems at APD. Does anyone remember?

Anonymous said...

New Mexico State Police have completed an investigation of former Albuquerque police union President Joey Sigala and forwarded its reports to Bernalillo County District Attorney Kari Brandenberg’s office, a spokesman said Friday.
Spokesmen for both agencies declined to release the reports or discuss details of the investigation.
No criminal charges have been filed, said Lt. Robert McDonald, a State Police spokesman.
Kyla Thompson, a spokeswoman for Brandenberg’s office, said details would emerge if the case is taken to a grand jury and the jury decides to return an indictment.
Questions about APOA’s finances surfaced in February when the union’s attorney, Fred Mowrer, raised concerns about whether the union would have enough money to pay for ongoing legal disputes with the city.
Mowrer said that $259,000 in dues had been spent in two years, much of on unspecified “union work” and salaries for then-President Sigala and others.
Sigala was fired from APD after his arrest in May on misdemeanor charges that he had assaulted his wife. The charges were dismissed this month after the alleged victim failed to appear for trial.

Anonymous said...

Yup, that columnist wrote about Gilhooly: "Lt. Jay Gilhooly retired from the Albuquerque Police Department on Aug. 3, three days before it notched its 25th officer-involved shooting since 2010 and three days after allegations surfaced concerning the use of cellphone cameras and private cellphones by high-ranking police officials at the home of deceased civil rights attorney/adversary Mary Han.

It was also the week one of two ousted officers continued his fight to regain his job before the city Personnel Board after repeatedly kicking a downed and potentially dangerous suspect.

Meanwhile, other officers continued to bicker anonymously on public blogs, some citizens continued to only half-joke that they were in fear of their police force and Chief Ray Schultz was out of town. Again.

“Morale,” Gilhooly said in what is certainly one of the biggest understatements of the year, “is pretty bad.”

Bad enough that some APD insiders say that more than 160 officers who are eligible to retire will do so by year’s end.

“It’s an exodus,” said Gilhooly, who likes to talk in MBA-speak, an indication of his next career move. “You have all this great human capital looking at how fast they can leave. They see no sign within the department that anything is going to change.”

Anonymous said...

Come on media, Schultz says the retirement letters slamming his horrible management don't exist.

Well we have given you Chad Wilder letter and the Journal published Jay Gilhooey letter. Now what more do you need to call liar Schultz on the carpet? Just when will one of you ask him directly who is responsible for the $30,000,000 in APD lost lawsuit money, who is responsible for the DOJ investigation, who is responsible ................

Please ask Schultz this one question and lets see if he has the balls to say the buck stops with him. I figure he will blame someone else or not answer the question at all, but please will someone ask it.

Anonymous said...

Things taken away: 4-10's, take home cars (attempted), pay raises, and alot of comp.

Things given: Lapel camera!

Get a 95% on a PT assesment and earn all of two hours of comp. Way to encourage your officers to stay fit Chief- because the ability to run down criminals and get em' in custody saves the city big $ by not having to deploy those additional resources.

When a citizen at a City Council meeting asks you a direct question, you sit there in your comfy chair with a :) on your face instead of manning up and taking accountability for your decision.

You can have all the tear-jerking recruiting commercials in the world but once quality candidates find out about the mess our leadership (or lack thereof) has created, no man or woman of integrity will want their name attached to this mess.

Anonymous said...

What a laughing stock.
What a joker.
Quit while you're ahead boy.

Anonymous said...

Just a question -- if the DOJ finds that Schultz is responsible for a patterns and practice charge,and since he has been found guilty of civil rights violations with more lawsuits on the way, doesn't that prohibit him from getting his Pension? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Schultz said in the paper that he has spoken to dozens of officers, Sgts, Lt's that did not take part in the APOA survey. Yeah we bet those that he spoke to are all the BROWN NOSERS that would have tilted the survey possibly in his favor.. And to send the survey to each persons city email would only allow Schultz and comapany to read everything since that is what he is paying John Gallegos to do ALL DAY.... The survey was to be anonymous to protect from retaliation. HOW DOES IT FEEL SCHULTZ to not be able to get to something you want so bad... Kind of like all the times you had your people withold important stuff from investigations and ETC... The APOA needs to stand up for all of its members and not fold under any circumstances....

Anonymous said...

Someone from Elephant Butte posted this on Facebook:

So Albuquerque, you have a police shooting grand jury system without the power to indict, a district attorney who backs that, a mayor that locks himself in his office, a chief of police that is a convicted civil rights violator, a civilian police oversight commission that does not want civilian input and is chaired by a woman who is a registered agent to a police support group that diametrically opposes Civilian Police Oversight, and a city council that ignores your warnings to act before they cause another taxpayer funded lawsuit.

What could possibly go wrong?

December 24 at 10:52am

Someone from Chicaco, IL responed to post:

In Chicago, we have had the 500th homicide of the year. It is a slippery slope Albuquerque. Put an end to the self-serving politicians before it gets out of control
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Most of the written comments consist of things like "Schultz sucks." Let's get real.

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Free legal advice here - get a lawyer who is willing to ask a judge to stop the Chief from trying to get the anonymous notes. You're welcome.

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The 5th floor has tried for years to get the authors of the anonymous posts here revealed, to no avail. they certainly do not have a stronger case now. Pointing out that incredibly remote possibility to people seems like a scare tactic to get people to be quiet aka witness intimidation.
In the event a Judge divulges who the posters are I will stand before that Judge and state I post anonymously for fear of retaliation. My freedom of speech is censured legally while I am on the clock because of my work however it is not fully censured as multiple cases have proven. By posting anonymously I am exercising my most basic civil right, freedom of speech, and to divulge who I am is the most egregious violation of that right. One that I will seek legal remedy for, once the DoJ is done chalking it up with all the other civil rights violations.

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An Albuquerque doctor is fighting to keep the state medical board from disciplining him over claims he has prescribed medical marijuana to too many patients, according to a lawsuit filed last week.
The doctor, identified only as “John Doe,” says the notice of action against him is improper because he doesn’t prescribe medical marijuana. Instead, the suit said, he certifies people who qualify for the state’s medical cannabis program.
According to the lawsuit, filed in Santa Fe County, the medical board began taking action against the doctor in mid-November, accusing him of “injudiciously prescribing cannabis.”
It’s not clear how many patients the doctor approved for the pot program or in what period of time.
The doctor, described as having practiced in New Mexico for more than 30 years, wants the 1st Judicial District Court to issue a temporary restraining order or injunction preventing the New Mexico Medical Board from continuing the process of administrative action against him.
Discipline against doctors is public record and available on the medical board’s website by looking up the doctor’s name. Having action taken against him and made so publicly “will irreparably harm Dr. Doe’s reputation within the medical community” and “impact referrals to his practice,” the lawsuit states.