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Jul 9, 2013

City Clerk Bailey Cooks the Books in Berry’s Favor

We learned earlier today that a respected and experienced political watchdog group has conducted a large random sampling of petition signatures for all candidates.  No surprise; the City Clerk, Amy Bailey, cooked the books in favor of Berry.

Folks; this is real-life corruption not something off of the internet from Chicago or New York.  We are told early-on during the signature collecting phase; the City Clerk’s Office was releasing the rejection rate for each candidate.  When the other candidates started questioning why Berry’s rejection rate was so low; the City Clerk’s Office responded by NOT releasing the rejection rate.  We know why now.

Amy Bailey as the City Clerk is accountable and responsible for her office.  We say this upfront because the first word out of Bailey will be she did not know about it till now and she did not count all the petitions herself. 

NOTE: As long as it took to complete the process Bailey could have easily counted them all and still take a 2 hour lunch daily.

Here are the results of the ransom sampling:

Mayor Berry has a 12% error rate above what Bailey reported.  The random sampling shows 12% of Berry’s signatures that were APPROVED should not have been approved but REJECTED.

The random sampling also showed an error rate for Heh and Dinelli of 6%.  Thus, Berry’s error rate was double ALL IN BERRY’S FAVOR!

This is plain and simple fraud and a complete abuse of the public’s trust.  This amounts to a crime being committed against each and every single person living in Albuquerque.


Berry appointed Amy Bailey as the City Clerk; anyone wondering why?

The City has refused to release e-mail communications requested by the Heh Campaign between the City Clerk’s Office and Mayor Berry’s Office.

The Heh Campaign’s legal counsel is preparing to take legal action against the City Clerk’s Office.  In the meantime, the Dinelli camp is determining how they will respond to this recent discovery.
According to the Paul Heh Campaign, when Heh is Mayor; the City Clerk will be an elected office.


Anonymous said...

Amy is not qualified for the job. Before she was given the position of city clerk, she worked for Wolf and Fox, a law firm that has done plenty of work for the Mayor and hatchet-men. Here is her bio:

Anonymous said...

Traci Wolf, Amy's former boss, is also co-owner of Defined Fitness. One of her business partners is Paul Blanchard owner of the Albuquerque Downs. Here is the link:

Anonymous said...

Hey Schultz and West APD is about 2 years behind. BCSO already offered a police program at a APS school. APD acting like they are starting a grand idea.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't be so suprised with Bailey's actions this has been happening for years. City Clerk after City Clerk have decived the public. This postion should be voted on my the people not appointed by the Mayor that inturn makes them their cronies!!!!