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Jul 24, 2013

The Nature of Things

While we will continue our detailed Expose of what will surely be remembered as one of APD's most disgraceful moments, the Levi Chavez affair(s). We take this moment to address some disgusting comments by APD's current, but soon to be departed Chief, Ray Schultz.

In an interview with KOB anchor Tom Joles, when asked about the endless affairs going on between officers in APD, Schultz's response was:

"In law enforcement you've got young good looking folks that do this job, that's our target group of employees.  Twenty, thirty, forty year old men and women we ask them to stay in good shape..." And in the ultimate statement of endorsing the behavior, "uh... there's...uh....nature at play."
So, is it "nature at play" when a supervisor is sleeping with another officer's wife and she kills herself?
So, is it "nature at play" when a supervisor responds to a DV call of one of his subordinates and sleeps with the officer's wife?
So, is it "nature at play" when an officer is sleeping around with numerous other officers he works with?                                                                                                                                           
So, is it "nature at play" when an officer sleeps with another officer's wife?
However, isn't defying "nature at play" what it means to be a police officer? That you DO NOT give in to temptation and you do what's right? That in order to have the extra credibility in court your behavior is beyond criticism because you defeat natural and malignant temptations?
Since, Schultz opened the door to "nature" we thought we'd remind him and our thousands of readers what "nature at play" means:
"Nature at play" happens when you have fewer officers now in the department then when you did 20 years ago.
"Nature at play" happens when your senior officers retire as soon as they are able to.
"Nature at play" happens when lawsuits against your department exceed budgeted funds.
"Nature at play" happens when you give "too much soul" as a reason why you left Michigan, but are replaced by a person who may actually have a soul.
"Nature at play" happens when DOJ comes in to undo the mess you've made of your department.
"Nature at play" happens when as chief of police you get served a subpoena at an apartment instead of your house because you've been kicked out by your wife.

"Nature at play" happens when you allude from the truth of what is really going on with you.
"Nature at play" happens when you're fired as Public Safety Director when you interfere in a criminal investigation.
"Nature at play" happens when you get sued even more because you discipline employees unfairly and lack consistency.
"Nature at play" happens when your department is so toxic you've had three times as many officers take their own lives than killed at the hands of criminals.
"Nature at play" happens when you're policies are of such failure crime rates continue to soar and there are beggars on every corner harassing motorists.
"Nature at play" happens when your training programs are so poor state and federal court judges use you as an example of what not to do.
"Nature at play" happens when you use your fascism management style because of the culture of corruption you have created.
"Nature at play" happens when you force a social media policy on employees because of your shortcomings.
 "Nature at play" happens when you act childish and try to get "even" with everyone and anyone you view from the ivory tower as opposing your authority.
"Nature at play" happens when you run your department so poorly, over 95% of the officers say morale could not get any lower.
"Nature at play" happens when you lie to the United Stated Federal District Court.
"Nature at play" happens when your own deputy chiefs retire as soon as they can despite being promoted to the #2 position in the department.
"Nature at play" happens when your credibility is eviscerated when you can't give the same answer to the same question asked over and over.  (We at the Eye have heard at least six reasons as to why DOJ is here. From "I don't know" to Schultz saying "City Council asked them to come" as he does in the above picture. Micro expression much Ray?)
"Nature at play" happens when you reduce recruiting standards and hire "not to be hired" applicants and find yourself the focus of national attention for your misconduct cases.
"Nature at play" happens when you lose support of your community because you cover up bad police shootings.

"Nature at play" happens when you lose even more support of the community because: it takes you three years to fire a cop for killing his wife, 3 months to fire a cop who ran a red light off duty and killed a young woman, but 1 day to fire a cop who anonymously posted on the Internet.
"Nature at play" happens when you violate the police officers oath of office and the resulting mayhem.
"Nature at play" happens when you show no remorse for all the lies, bad and evil things you have committed against your our department, staff and community.
"Nature at play" happens when you are angry and hateful...Go to Church or get some counseling.
Infidelity and/or adultery is not acceptable.


no more secrets.... said...

Brilliant story Eye!!!! Here's a question...who knows what Banks's screen name is for that singles site he trolls at???

Anonymous said...

Nature at play is this ass-hoe we know as R. Shultz, who is the nature of the beast whore stained worthless piece of shit in this picture. He has raped the public of its trust and turned his department into a sewer plant, and still in his fragmented mind thinks he's a DO-GOODER. Toilet paper is a do-gooder. Ray is that feeling you have after you wipe your ass and flush your stained toilet paper. Your glad when it's off you and can't wait to flush it! A. Banks, you're a piece of shit as well.

Anonymous said...

I hear the Mayor's phone is bowing up..... One can only hope that the APOA's and a few attorneys phones are as well, with sexual harassment claims.

Anonymous said...

Schultz says in his interview, "that he may end up as a police chief in another city" and "a change of scenery may do him good". No other city would want your lying, cheating, greedy, coward, pantsy, ugly ass as a police chief. But do leave this city - run and hide like your other cohorts. YOUR NOT WELCOME IN THIS CITY ANY LONGER!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Where is Berry?????? All of the religious folks need to look long and hard (no pun) at Berry over his failed leadership of APD. Schultz works for Berry. Berry is scared of Schultz. Berry is like the cowardly lion from OZ and Schultz is the wicked witch.

Don't forget this when you go to the polls. Don't vote for a mayor who will not uphold our religious principles. Berry has failed, time to give him the boot so he can go on a search for his courage and his soul.

God bless APD and Albuquerque

Anonymous said...

Is Legacy Church still going to stand behind Berry in the shadows???

Way to go Smotherman...

Anonymous said...

Want to make a difference? Call Heh and Dinelli campaigns and ask what they need.

Call 786 3000 and demand the Mayor fire Schultz and DO NOT GIVE HIM A CONSULTING GIG.

Call your city councilors (768 3100) demand they take a stand on Schultz.

Rumor has it Schultz agreed to retire only if he got the $10,000 consulting gig. Let's see what happens if his consulting gig disappears. Will he pull his retirement? Will he get angry and spill Berry secrets? Will White and Jay come to his rescue and give him a high paying job with Susanna?

Come on people fire this up. Make the calls and demand Schultz be dismissed now.

Anonymous said...

Berry are you still PROUD of Schultz?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see Shitz on the witness stand in the Tera Chavez civil case.

Anonymous said...

Berry you are doomed. You were told from day 1 Schultz will bring you down. But for Three years you have stood by him. Praised him. Endorsed him. Printed him. You cannot say you did not know what was going on. And if you dare say that then your secret is out too.....

Anonymous said...

Will someone please tell Shultz that Heisenberg is a fictional character...... And probably not a good role model.....

Anonymous said...

Is it "Nature at Play" to have an Schultz-APD Lieutenant on the Vice Squad having as a girl friend a well-known prostitute?

The Tremendous Regulator now with more muppets.... said...

Oh dear Lord!!!! Oh, the humanity!!!
Just when i thought i have seen the worst contorted look on that pink pasty turkey necked jelly fish face, there yall go making me spit my tea out all over the floor.
No doubt, that is the face of someone with the mayor's hand up their ass up to the elbow.

Anonymous said...

Name the LT with the hooker. Citizens need to know.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how red Shultz face got when he saw this picture of himself on the eye. ahahhahahaha

Anonymous said...

They should use this photo to place in the Chief's office wherw all the past chief photos arw memorialized. A real classic.

Anonymous said...

I watched the Joles interview with Ray Ray and this picture happens when Schultz says "City counsel ASKED them to come in". Gee, I could be wrong but it sure looks like he is as mad as viper. Good catch Eye...really well done.

Casual observer with a bucket of buttered popcorn said...

So far Chief Pants On Fire has given at least 4 different reasons why the DOJ is here. From civil rights violations, to he doesn't know, and everything in between.

Lets set the record strait. The DOJ is here for Ray.
The proven liar, civil rights violator, and moral and ethical disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Berry refuses to go on camera to discuss this mess. He must be having an outbreak of the oral syphilis he contracted from kissing Ray's ass.

Anonymous said...

So, APD hires good looking young people to F around on the force - married or not - or because they are able to perform their duty to the public. Sounds more as though they are hired and qualified by they age and looks which then qualifies for their on-the-job sexual activities which will follow! NICE criteria, Schultz! Aren't you more educated than that? Isn't YOUR force better than that? Uphold what is right. Every officer represents YOU and YOU are apparently accommodating this crap because you are doing it yourself!!!!!!! Don't just run away and retire - address the damn issue and FIX it! All the way from the TOP to BOTTOM! It is your responsibility! you had an itch and Fisher scratched it.....

Anonymous said...

So Shultz gives some advise to you future Chief to keep one eye forward and one behind. Well Ray, that maybe you because of the people you have screwed over, the officers you have retaliated against and your dirty deeds are following and catching up from you. When you live a life with morals and honesty you do not have to keep looking behind you as if you were a criminal.

Anonymous said...

Vote Berry out of office.

Any Albuquerque citizen with MORALS (not morale for Rob Perry), will be voting against Berry and his fooling around chief of police. I will not support a mayor who does not support God's law. Adultery is a violation of the ten commandments. Berry is as guilty as the rest because he can put an end to Schultz but he had decided not too.

You reap what you sow RG, lay with the sinners and sin will get on you. Your election just lost this Christian and her family! I hope other christians put their moral faith first and hold Berry accountable for Schultz and the adultery at APD.

Anonymous said...

Was Schultz not recently caught with his hand in the cookie jar???? Maybe Mrs Schultz should post a little something about Ray's infidelities....

Anonymous said...

Apparently the practice of hiring "good looking young people" at APD is waivered for females.

Anonymous said...

APOA gives tacit approval?? REALLY???

[The police union says the portrayal of APD as a breeding ground for infidelity is way off base.

“Our police officers who serve and protect the city of Albuquerque are not all Levi Chavez’s. Do you have relationships within the department? Yes you do. But that was over heightened and sensationalized,” said union president Stephanie Lopez.

"We have responsible men and women in this department who protect and serve and are more than adequate mentally and physically to make sound decisions for themselves,” said Lopez.

The union has faith in their officers.]

Anonymous said...

Mayor Berry and Police Chief Shultz:

"Ignore all the damage around town folks, it's just nature at play".