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Oct 6, 2013

CAO Rob Perry Caught Lying and Aiding in the Atrocities at Animal Control

Last week we and KRQE-13 reported the many atrocious, if not illegal, practices perpetrated at the city of Albuquerque’s Animal Welfare Department. As you recall, in response to that story, the city and the AWD director, Barbara Bruin, stated that “…the investigation was never made public because a committee decided it wasn't done properly.” Well, thanks to our Eyes, we have a copy of the city Inspector General’s office report. Not just the cover letter as shown here, but the entire 15 page report.

To say that it was done in a manner other than very proper gives you an idea of the lengths of deception, lying, and fabrication RJ Berry and leaders in his administration will go. When faced with incontrovertible proof of major issues in AWD and then to say the report is improper deeply concerns us.

If they will lie about the neglect and abuse of animals, poor department morale, unequal treatment amongst employees, and matters concerning employee health and safety…..what won’t they lie about?

Will they lie about conditions in APD?
Will they lie about fiscal matters facing the city?
Will they lie about criminal incidents involving city personnel?
Will they lie about involvement in extra-marital affairs involving the mayor?
Will they lie about Ray Schultz and Allen Banks’ direct involvement and possible patronization      
   with the Southwest Cyber Companions prostitute website?
Will they lie about their involvement in covering up former PSD Darren White’s illegal conduct?
Will they lie about the steering and self dealing of public monies for their own enrichment.
Will they lie about their coverup and actions involving the murder scene of a civil rights lawyer?

The answer is: Yes. Yes they will.

We say this in total earnestness because in the Inspector General’s report, Mr. Carrasquillo found:
1.       There was near total lack of confidence in Ms. Bruin’s abilities and her ineptitude has demoralized the AWD employees.
2.       There were safety violations involving the containment of dangerously aggressive dogs.
3.       Animal Control officers were not being trained correctly in the use of pepper spray and batons.
4.       Animal Control officers were not being given replacement body armor.
5.       Animal Control officers were not being adequately trained or supported and such deficiencies jeopardized their safety.
6.       Concerns by veterinary and kennel staff regarding the care and euthenization of animals were being ignored.
7.       There was the possibility of misuse and abuse of animals.
8.       There were significant allegations involving abuse and/or misuse of authority by CAO Robert Perry during a site visit to one of the shelters.

Aside from many of the details which we’ve already seen pictures of, #8 troubles us deeply. You see, CAO Robert Perry went to one of the shelters to view a dog for adoption. When he was told by an employee that there were certain protocols to follow and that he could not just take the dog he got, as usual, hot headed and called Ms. Bruin and ordered her to tell the employee what to do. During the investigation of this, Mr. Carrasquillo told Mr. Perry that he would have to swear to tell the truth during the interview.

Mr. Perry refused to take an oath. The Inspector General himself noted, he was “perplexed by the reluctance of the CAO.” This matter was of such concern that the IG contacted the city’s legal office and spoke with an Assistant City Attorney in order to gain an legal opinion of the matter. The ACA of course shelved the matter. One of the IG’s conclusion regarding this investigation was:

“The CAO knew or should have known that this was an improper use of his position no matter how minimal he believes it to be.”

Let’s call this like it is shall we? Mr. Perry prefers to hide and lie, than tell the truth. If the city’s highest paid employee and chief administrative officer can’t tell the truth during an internal administrative interview, what CAN he tell the truth about?!?!? And to render an opinion on his own misconduct? Again, more evidence that these people play by their own rules while holding others to impossibly high standards.

Folks, you’ve read yourself here on the Eye for years and you’ve seen the reports over and over and over. This administration makes the practices of former mayor Martin Chavez seem benign. Never has there been greater corruption in the city of Albuquerque and a great effort to conceal it.

You have a choice, do what needs to be done if not for yourself, then for your neighbor. Our city is being fleeced by people like Perry and Bruin and Berry is all the more so to help out.


P.S. Barbara Bruin is a direct contributor to RJ Berry’s reelection effort. On August 15, 2013 she personally gave $250 to him as his campaign finance report shows. And of course, Lou Hoffman also gave to Berry, and so did Perry.

P.P.S. As you can see in the above letter, RJ Berry received specific knowledge of this report and the incidents detailed therein when he was issued a copy of the report. So was city council........

P.P.P.S. Mr. Carrasquill has since resigned from his position as the city's IG. Gee, does anybody really wonder why....

What Report?

F&%k the Report!

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!!


Anonymous said...

Fucking scum in the bag motherfuckers!

Anonymous said...

That letter is almost a year old. With all other things going on in COA lets get back on point. No one really cares about other departments.

8:23 is a Loser said...

Hey 8:23, in case you haven't noticed, more people are upset about the fucken puppies than they are about anything else. And really, Rob Perry gets busted swinging his weight around, the IG who is supposed to ensure integrity by city officials resigns because of this shit and they kept this shit hidden since last year makes it irrelevant?

Everywhere you turn shit is upside down but you only have bwahahahahah to say. Go fuck yourself because in case you didn't notice this is exactly on point: more evidence of their corruption. But I know you burque eating burrito boy, just shrug and maybe it will all go away.

Rob perry can go fuck himself, let him try that shit with me and I'll break a hockey stick over his dumbass.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Early voting was 26,000 I don't think Berry is going to get 50%. Be sure to vote tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

If there is a runoff berrys lilly white ass is fucked!

Anonymous said...

F Channel 7...and yes ALL DEPARTMENTS ARE RIFE WITH CORRUPTION AND THEY ARE ALSO VIOLATING WORKERS RIGHTS DAILY! The middle management is the worst I've ever seen. I am close to retirement at a certain department that has the most stupid ppl ever in management...yikes! Dumb as a sack of rocks. I had a medical issue and the Doc wrote a note to my manager saying that I needed "periods of desk work with my leg elevated" She calls me at home and says I need to take sick days because we don't have anything here where you sit down all day. I politely asked her to 're-read the note. It says nothing about sitting down all day, it said PERIODS OF DESK WORK!!!!! You stupid ugly fat bitch....I know you have reading skills, how are your comprehension skills working for ya?

Anonymous said...

Why is Perrys face always bright red like a spanked ass?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the DC fiasco will take some of the limelight off APD. At least APD shoots people with plastic spoons and cell phones in their hands, unlike the DC phuck ups.

11th Floor No More... said...

Wow sounds like Perry was a little pissed off this morning. Why such anger Rob, the IG was only doing his job and caught you swinging your weight around. And really, over a couple pets, grow the fuck up. Remember when you were on the news lambasting Roberto Albertorio for doing public defender work while on the city dole. Isnt this what you were doing? Shopping for puppies while on duty as the CAO and then pushing BB around like the door mat she is. C'mon Rob be a man and lead from the front. I know it requires stepping away from your paramours (gross) for a few but, damn give the girl a break will ya! And fuck, quit the scotch, you smell like shit!!!

Anonymous said...

Remember when Al Gore lost the election by just a little-the little that spoiler Ralph Nader took away ? Well, is it really wise strategy to have another Republican, Paul Heh, diffuse the anti-Berry vote???
Too bad he didn't give it to Dinelli to help defeat Berry.

Anonymous said...

Jay go fuck yourself. There will be a runoff and your woodheaded friend will lose. Then you can go back to blowing people for money.

Anonymous said...

After looking at that picture of the head of animal shelters, I'm surprised more animals haven't requested euthanasia.