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Oct 5, 2013

Kill Shelter

When Does It End?
Hidden away in Friday’s newscast on the first night of yet another windy balloon fiesta, KRQE-13 had this report about animal abuse in the City of Albuquerque’s animal shelters:

“The city's Inspector General did an investigation about some of these concerns, but a spokesperson for the shelters said the investigation was never made public because a committee decided it wasn't done properly.” 

And dying and dead dogs are stacked alongside one another in total contravention to any humane practice of animal control. Making matters worse, the city’s inspector general did an investigation that ONCE AGAIN appears to be buried.

Perhaps this is why the city’s IG expressed his contempt and disgust for RJ Berry and CAO Rob Perry by actions: he resigned.

But in their spin, an unnamed unknown "committee" decided an investigation wasn't done properly. In other words, the committee found that investigations finding held the city liable and at fault.

Rules and Endorsements
Folks, there are stringent and specific rules governing the care and shelter of animals, even for strays, abandoned, or sick dogs and cats. RJ Berry amazingly boasted that he was endorsed by some Animal Protection league. We're sure they regret that action after this expose. It would be like the ACLU endorsing RJ Berry for his commitment to civil rights! Or even more accurately, it would be like the National Republican Party endorsing RJ Berry for his open and candid support for anti-abortion measures, being against gay marriage, and being against Obamacare. Oh wait, we forgot, even though those are Berry's position on those issues, he hides from stating them like a child.

Well, here we are again with another scandal. Dogs left to die after being dosed with death inducing drugs while their bladder and bowel purges only to be discarded after rigor mortis has set in or even worse, being bagged before the animal's death is confirmed.

Under RJ, things go from this:

To this:

And then lies about what is going on.

Be honest RJ, it's not an animal shelter.

It's a kill shelter. And if this is how you treat the weak and sick, then we know what your true nature is really about.....


Anonymous said...

This disgusts me. And all I know is that buffoon of a mayor refused to take a position on Obamacare. What the fuck is that all about?!?!

How can he refuse to take a position and not have it reported?! Fuck the local media. I hope Paul or Pete know how much bullshit they're going to get from those fool because Berry ain't going to win. Berry going to LOSE!!

Anonymous said...

I hate this man more and more every day.No wonder he is so ugly to look at: his ugliness on the inside shows thru to the outside. This man has no soul, no dignity, no class and no brains.Where is the Animal Welfare Director in all of this -- oh snap..she's a SOB! Has blood on her hands too!

Anonymous said...

Does Animal Protection of NM know about this horror? Or any other animal rights group for that matter?

Anonymous said...

It's true I work there. Barbara Bruin should be fired

Anonymous said...

I think Nathan Wineograd of No Kill Nation has Animal Services of Albuquerque on it's radar but a local group needs to get involved to stay on this disgusting practices. I am sending these pics out to animal rights groups.

Anonymous said...

How about this....dogs and cats injected and then put in bags for disposal before they are confirmed dead. That happens all the time over by the k9 pumps.

Anonymous said...

We should clean our own back yard. Mark is trying to starve the horses from the HMU because he thinks that will make them easier to ride. Does eye have a contact in the HMU.

Anonymous said...

Wow..can of worms...good I hope everything gets put out in the open and more citizens show up sign up to speak at City Council meetings about these horrendous conditions at the city shelters! I rescued my 2 dogs from there..what I saw as a citizen was appalling!!

closer than you think said...

City Council? Then folks asleep at the switch? Fuck that noise, vote this motherfucker out. Run RJ, run!!

Anonymous said...

I am outraged that our animal shelters are leaving animals to die a lingering death. Leaving them to die in a hallway? What sort of individual would allow that to be done on a mass scale? These are our companions, our trusted friends, the ones we can turn to when we can turn to no other. Is it a case of negligence or is it abuse? Or is it planned? I wonder why an administration would so cripple its own infrastructure as to allow this. Why was the investigation of animal cruelty not made public? Where am I living that any one individual can keep me from knowing the truth about what was found. Ultimately it is a failure in our leadership. Mayor Berry has crippled Albuquerque's infrastructure and has done it knowingly and with malice. We need a change for the people, a change for strengthening our own city. I believe that Paul Heh is that change. He knows what is needed to rebuild Albuquerque, he has actually worked for the city and knows what its going through. We need leader that won't tear us down from the inside, a leader that won't destroy its own departments, a leader that won't let our animals die in a hallway.
Josh Ortega-Scheiner

Anonymous said...

All I want to know is where are thr criminal charges. A man is in mdc on a 100, 000 cash only bond for animal cruelty. The DA has gone after cops doing their job. The head vet last year was paid 85, 000 in 2012. Doesn't add up. Why doesn't sheriff houston start his own investigation.

Anonymous said...

11:12 P.M.

Let me explain. Berry is Repub, Houston is Repub. Both have agendas.Both dislike minorities. People who dislike minorities also dislike animals and anything they perceive to be beneath them. The State is being run by Repubs and were still last I everything. It astounds me how easy it is to brainwash people into voting Repub (They're gonna take your guns, They kill babies, they are communists etc). Now look where were at. SMH

Anonymous said...

I conducted a very random inaccurate poll today. Just going about my daily routine I would strike up a conversation with a clerk at the grocery store, gas station worker, pharmacy worker, etc. To get a feel for their political feelings. All said they hated Berry and all said he'd probably win. It was kind of like they felt there's nothing they can do about it. That's what's really sad Americans who could make a difference just not even participating in the process believing what the media has spoon fed them !

Anonymous said...

These poor innocent creatures, never did anything intentionally wrong to anyone and their manner of death is one that should be reserved for those who put them down like this. Contact Albuquerque Adoptables Facebook page ..they help get these poor creatures homes. They perhaps can shed some light on who is directly responsible for these crimes against animals.