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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Oct 14, 2013

We Must Believe Albuquerque is in Great Condition

According to the voters; Albuquerque is in the best condition it has ever been. The overwhelming amount of voters who actually voted made this statement very clear. According to those voters, Berry has and will continue to make things better.  Everything from our realistic 14.1% unemployment rate to Berry's admirable control of the Albuquerque Journal, KOB TV Channel 4, KOAT TV Channel 7 and KRQE TV Channel 13. 

We must all believe in the 11% or so who have voted the fate of our entire city.  We must all believe that slain Civil Rights Attorney, May Han's, Murder was an accidental suicide. That although Ms. Han's 100 pound body contained enough carbon monoxide to kill a 300 pound man and her high dollar BMW was equipped with a sensor that AUTOMATICALLY SHUTS the car off when it detects carbon monoxide; was just a "suicide."  Berry will make it better.  

We must believe that now interim Chief of Police, Allen Banks, is a wonder guy even though we have all heard the recordings of him lying under oath to big dollar attorney Samuel Bregman. We must all believe Allen Banks did not desecrate Mary Han by taking pictures of her dead corps and texting them to vacationing Chief of Police, Raymundo Shultz. We must believe that then City Attorney Rob Perry, Former PSD, the Nefarious Darren White, Fired employee and rehired the same day employee, Tj Wilham, DCOP Paul Feist, DCOP Beth Paiz and a host of others who trampled through the murder scene of Ms. Han were all justified in their actions.  We know from past experiences and experiences since then, this was a "one time thing" and it was perfectly fine to do. 
Berry will make it better.

We must believe Rob Perry is a great guy and his huge salary is justified because of all the suits Perry has won. After all, the city has only paid out $55,000,000.00 in liability. Remember we could be paying out $100,000,000.00.  Perry did not really lose $55,000,000.00; he saved the city $45,000,000.00. And to think "MayBerry" thought "they" got a real deal when they were able to get "Odis." Of course this is not MayBerry...  Berry will make it better.

We must all believe the Ken Ellis Jr. jury award of over $10,000,000.00 after a trial of community peers is wrong and the jury award was wrong.  Berry will make it better.

We must believe the Department of Justice wasted tax payer's money doing a frivolous investigation into police involved shootings. Damn DOJ, always starting investigations and taking over police departments across the nation for nothing.  Berry will make it better.

We must thank Mr. Berry for keeping the APD intact instead of privatizing it.  After-all; Saturday night there was still two police units to cover the entire Southeast area command of Albuquerque on graveyard. And we must all believe Berry will get us all the protection we will ever need; if we need it.  Remember according to Berry crime is down since he took the helm.  Berry will make it better. 

Since crime is so low now with Berry perhaps we should do a RIF and cut APD down to match the SUPER low crime rate that Berry lauds himself over? Or is that what has happened? Perhaps, we should eliminate APD altogether and let other local law enforcement agencies handle things.  Between BCSO and NMSP they could easily handle the super low crime rate (at least according to Berry). Do not think of the city as being short three hundred police officers as a bad thing but as a good thing. Think about all the money Berry is saving and now has available to use in "ABQ THE PLAN."  One more thing to remember; three hundred police officers short and Berry is still providing all this WITHOUT a cut in service!  Berry will make it better.

We must believe the animals left in hallways that have been put to die is a good thing. Disregard they were left there to die alone, humiliated, urinated and for the public to view is a good idea and is the fair way of conducting things at the "Speed of Business."
Berry will make it better.

We must believe Berry knows more about what we need than we do. He will bring in the bull dozers and the concrete trucks and make the Albuquerque Bosque a dreamland that Martha's Vineyards will blush at the thought of. Yes, the votes blew that one by voting down Berry's Boutique projects. The good news is Berry knows better than you and he will still get them done; with your vote or without your vote!  Berry will make it better.

We must believe that all the closed storefronts in Albuquerque is for esthetic reasons and not because our economy is in the toilet and there are no jobs.  Berry will make it better.

We must believe being at the top of every BAD LIST is a good thing! Why? Because positive Berry through his magnificent leadershit has placed us at the TOP of every list even if it's the top of all the bad lists.  Berry will make it better.

We must believe that having enough money can buy any election. Berry raised around $900,000.00 which means Berry spent about $20.00 per vote received compared to Mr. Dinelli whose average cost per vote was around $18.00 per vote and Mr. Heh's average cost was $3.00 per vote. You can clearly see who the winner was in this race. It would have been cheaper to give $10.00 checks out to voters who went out to vote for Berry. Perhaps money can buy anything...  Berry will make it better.

Our apologies for being so enthusiastic and euphoric but Berry is Mister Wonderful! We hope Albuquerque Voters and politicians who placed Berry back into office get their "Just Dessert."  Berry will make it better.

We want to close this story with a parable as we move towards the next four years of "Berry will make it better."

There once was a trusting man walking along a path that was covered with snow on a very windy and cold day. The trusting man happened upon a snake that laid across his path.  The snake made a special request of the trusting man. The snake respectfully pled to the trusting man, "please, please mister; I am cold and almost frozen, pick me up and put me in your jacket so that I may warm myself?" The man promptly replied, "Oh, NO! You are a snake and you will bite me!" The snake lying cold and shivering repeated his plea and reassured the trusting man that he would NOT bite him.

The trusting man picked up the snake and placed him inside his warm jacket. As the man continued down the path, the snake started to move around and became warm and snuggled against the trusting man's body. All of a sudden; the snake bit the trusting man. The trusting man fell to his knees and eventually was lying in the snow; cold, bewildered and perishing.

The trusting man asked the snake with his dying breath; "You were cold and dying; I trusted you and you asked me to help you and I did...why did you bite me?" The snake replied, "YOU KNEW WHAT I WAS WHEN YOU PICKED ME UP!"

Unknown Author

So for those 11% of Albuquerque voters and politicians whom placed Berry back into office; keep stuffing your pockets with snakes...Let us know how that's working for you...  Because, Berry will make it better.


The Tremendous Regulator said...

I love parables. That snake story brought a tear to my eye. Why does everyone keep picking up the snakes in Albuquerque. Ray Rob Richard and the list goes on!

Anonymous said...

Interesting info: Yesterday I got a facebook from Albuquerque Adoptables (the adoption group that adopts out animals from the Albuquerque Shelters) They showed a photo of Junior in desperate need of adoption because of sever abuse. It further stated he was at East Side Shelter. They said they were probably going to take out his eyes because he is in pain from them,even tho he can see shapes. Well, I pitched a fit and said that place is a disgrace and there are drops that can heal a dogs eyes, I've seen 2 pitties that did not need surgery due to the drops working. What really pissed me off is they told me they don't have a dog fitting that description,never did!! I'm looking right at the post they sent me telling me he is there,yet when I said I was filing a complaint on them, they denied even having Junior there! How can they flat out lie like that!!

The Tremendous Regulator said...

Second chance!!!!
Forgive them!!!!!
Have mercy.... Please?!?!?
For the love of god, please!!!!!
Please go down to city hall right now and ask to hold hands with Berry to sing Kumbaya.


Ask for a second chance and see what happens!

Anonymous said...

The daily lineups for each area command and each shift should be emailed to the Eye so that they can be shown to the public. Does anyone at APD have the courage to print these lineups and send them to the Eye?

Anonymous said...

APAO get ready,

Armed response will soon be responding to 911 calls for service! You were warned privatization is coming! Here is a local organization pushing to privatize city services and APOA rank and file is on the radar!

”Albuquerque City Council decided to kick the can down the road rather than change how the Albuquerque Zoo is managed, but that doesn’t mean the issue will go away. That’s especially true with the City facing a sizable deficit of $10 million.
The folks at Reason have an idea: privatize zoo management. As this article outlines, the solution is one that a majority of zoos in America now follow.”
Paul Gessing

Anonymous said...

While I agree Berry is trying his hardest to privatize most city services, in the long run public safety won't be one of them look at the fiasco in the corrections departments that went to privatization quite the disaster. He. could privatize the cultural services depts. Like Zoo, admins services,library. That's probably the only one,maybe parks& rec. Luckily I won't be around to see the demise of the City. Retired, sell home, buy RV and HELLO REAL WORLD Goodbye Albuquerque.

Anonymous said...

Yes, ABQ residents get what they deserve.

As a smart person said:

The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to realize that it is not just dingleBerry and Martineztits that are ruining New Mexico. The majority of blame goes to the lame local media. KOB, KOAT, KRQE, and the Urinal have done so much to destroy what was once a great city and state.
Our media gives a black Eye to every legit journalist in this country.
Do your part cops and firefighters, refuse to give info or statements to the media. Kick them off scene when they show up. Wet them down when fighting fires. Shine the spotlights in their eyes while they are filming.
They sure don't give a fuck about us, so we shouldn't give a shit about them.
Funny how they treat us like shit but every news anchor and reporter is sucking a cop or fireman.

Anonymous said...

Sluggo Ray at promotion training: "you know about the blog right?"

Yea, nobody's worried about this sight. Righto simpleton. They are all worried about this site.

BTW I heard Jay was really a woman.

Anonymous said...

So when will Harry and Lloyd down at APOA decide to tell everyone they passed up raises for police officers to sell their souls and keep their worthless jobs while spending our hard earned dues money? Come clean you cowards.

Anonymous said...

Our dues pay for them, why are they wanting us to donate OUR hard earned vacation time to pay for their salaries. BULLSHIT! As soon as our rep told us that they are trying to sell the idea and plan on stacking the meeting with their own friends, I decided to pull my dues.

Anonymous said...

Very VERY true.

Anonymous said...

Ch7?! Who the fuck cares what comes out of Channel 7 and that loser Sue Stephenson 's proBerryTinez propaganda extension of short Lang's paper. Ch7 is worthless.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:40:
Junior, now known as Jordy, was taken from the City shelter yesterday by Viva Animal Rescue. He was seen by an eye specialist and it has been determined he will be able to keep his eyes. His condition is treatable. He is in a foster home now with two other pits that were also rescued from deplorable conditions. Shame on the City shelter for making such a rash determination on his eyes before really knowing the exact condition. Thank goodness the pup is far away from that place now.

Anonymous said...

Dont act like a child because channel 7 trumped this blog in a great story. Run back to channel 13 maybe KH can give you the ego boosts you need.

Anonymous said...

Please help educate fellow 34s. The APOA leadership is trying anything to avoid doing any work. Don't be fooled! I'm not happy about a two percent raise either. But I will take that over losing everything or worse taking more money from us so that you two clowns get paid to ruin the union. Why not get rid of one of your positions or cut both your hours down? We know you're not working 40 hours weekly between BOTH of you! How dare you be so selfish.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Viva rescue.I wish the DOJ would do an investigation of that place...
They lied to me and said he wasn't even there when they first posted to my FB! I am grateful to all the rescue groups who do this hard work day in days out....another BERRY BAD LIE from one of Berry' s minions!

Anonymous said...

Kick reporter whores off the scene? This is no possible for some cops and FF. make Ficke an example of this.

Anonymous said...

What story? We have a channel 7?
My television skips right over that number.

koat sucks said...

Oh now I know it's some stupid ch7 hack. Is that you Suzy?! I bet it is you dumb twit. PSAs doing more law enforcement that is a breaking story. we've only been talking about that for at least six months. Have teen agers process crime scenes and take police calls when no offender is 56....sheer genius. and I mean that in only berrytacular perryvicious way. Hahahahaha. Hahahahaha. Funny as fuck.