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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

May 19, 2014

Major Mistake!!!


Has anyone noticed the persistent filth in the air lately?

    The low visibility due to the kicked up dust?
    The high winds, that would otherwise blow away the litter, trash, dead tumble weeds, and excess soil and sand with little resistance?          
    The lack of rain to wash away the settled filth?

Nature has an efficient way of cleansing and renewing things. It has been the same for thousands of years. It only deviates when man and corruption enter the equation. 

Everywhere you look, Darwin's Theory is at work. Everywhere...that is...except for Albuquerque, New Mexico. An uneducated onlooker would ask; why is this? Readers here, and others fed up with being fed bullshit, walked on, having their dignity ripped from them every day, then being silenced, know the answer.

A successful organization should always evolve in areas that most often change, like technology, mental health and social issues, but it should stay rooted in its foundation of core values in regards to basic morality; the right and wrong of things. These are things we all know. These are things that do not change. I am not talking about religion or cultural based decisions. I am talking about things that are universally understood like a handshake (not the corny ass'd slap punch bullshit) that two men engage in when they meet and or agree on something, or a smile. Along these basic lines is where two things meet:

    The problem
    Common ground

You see, the problem here is that the filth and least desirable have found ways to defy Darwin's theory and Nature's way here in our city. The seeds of worthless water depleting weeds have embedded themselves so deep in Albuquerque soil that they have grown rich and fat. The gardeners have fallen asleep, letting them multiply, and the blowing soil, and trash has not been taken away. It has just been redistributed to cover the damage being done by these parasites. 

Morality and righteousness is the common ground here folks. It is what crosses all divides, and brings those together who disagree.  When there is such an imbalance as we have here, the righteous transcend their differences, in order to overcome injustice, and progress to a higher state. Notice, I said the righteous. This is the trait the administration of the city of Albuquerque lacks, and it is intentional. This is what leads us back to the PROBLEM, the selfish.

When you burn a human ear off, it does not regenerate and grow back like the fleeing lizard's tail you may have ripped off as a child years ago. When you light elderly gentlemen on fire in a bus stop, their skin does not grow back the same. They have to live with red and pink turkey like skin for the rest of their lives, like some of our favorite administrative criminal minds we have here. When you murder unarmed, and non-threatening members of people's families, then lie about it, and attack those who bring attention to what you have done, the harm is irreparable. When you fill your pockets at the expense of everyone else, with THEIR money, you upset the balance of things. Last but not least, when you sacrifice the good of all, for the welfare of the few at the top, it all goes to shit.

So what do those who run this city do? In keeping their true dogmatic rug lifter fashion, they dig in, LIE, deny, LIE, make excuses, LIE, play the shell game, LIE, break out the dog and ponies, LIE, do a song and a dance, LIE, play with smoke and mirrors, LIE, commit crimes, (oops you can definitely add LIE in there with that one too) play the victim, then LIE some more, circle the wagons, LIE again, and when all else fails, they hire people to do all of the above for them. But the stubbornness of a few is obvious. A few continue to refuse to drive their snake oil shitwagons out of our town. 

They cling like the parasites they are. 

All of this might lead one to believe that the oldest book of lies is contained somewhere in the City LIARS office, Oops... I mean Attorney's office, where it is protected by a stringy haired, hunchbacked, troll with Olympic lying abilities, but yet who can't even walk up a flight of stairs without vomiting. It's a wonderful thing, isn't it?

Well folks, the septic system of city government has failed, and will have to be cleaned out by hand. It is a dirty job, but someone has to do it. 

This is not a wonderful thing. What do we do with all the lizard tails ripped from the fleeing defendants? Where do we procure orange jumpsuits for the turkey? Surely Kauffman's west can't supply these items, and if so! Will there be a bid? Shall we hire more Tazer employees to make more excuses for mayor Smallfruit?  No, the answer is to add an asterisk to the uniform insignia for this shiny new rank.  Yes folks, this is the only option as the city sees it. We will now have a Major who majors in the surgical removal of human ears through electrolysis. Clinical trials stated that this method was unjustified, but in our little neck of the world where Josef Mengele rules apply, it was the Tazer's fault, and we should all just carry on. There is nothing to see here. Not only that, but this guy should be rewarded for his lifetime of under achievements (Darwin's Theory). The Albuquerque police department has run out of shiny golden trinkets to hang from their uniforms. So the new major will Be assigned an golden asterisk. Oddly,  and appropriately enough for this little ear burner, the asterisk resembles the sphincter or butthole. Make all of Schultz's buddies majors for their last three. Give them brown shirtS with asterisks on the collars and give the contract for the uniforms to Kauffman's like usual. No one will notice. I will say no more!

The administration, should take note. The Nazis lost, and there is a hurricane coming to the Garden of Eden. It will flood the weeds, wash away the seeds, and Darwin's theory will again function within the confines of the city of Albuquerque. Soon, the cream will rise, instead of the turds who only care about their high three, and those who want to do the work of a police officer, and honor their oath will refuse to follow suit. The troll will not be able to find water wings big enough, and the remaining brown shirts will get their asterisks too. Wagons don't work in a flood, and the water carriers will be immersed in their water. The calm before the storm is upon us.  The vicious cycle ends. This is a wonderful thing. 



Anonymous said...

Scheitze! Outstanding, Brilliant rhetoric-best blog online.
"I want what he's having!"

Anonymous said...

TREMENDOUS REGULATOR for Governor!! And/or Mayor!! Great post, TR! Now we can just watch and wait for all the little needle-dick bug fuckers to come crawling out from the cracks in the baseboards, skittering and scritching for the nearest dark place.

Anonymous said...

The Tremendous Regulator sure does sound like a retired cops version of Geraldine Amato.

Anonymous said...

That tirade, without a doubt, is the biggest line of horseshit to grace this blog. Here's a pebble of sand to raise that mole hill of yours. Tremendous my ARSE!!!! A legend in your own mind for sure. You sir, are a DOUCHE!

Anonymous said...

Someone's feelings are on the rocks. Join the butthurt club shitstain. Here is a tissue.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord, what a horribly written blog full of ignorant innuendo that I guess only the author understands and apparently thinks is clever. I got bored midway through and just started skimming. Thank goodness I didn't miss the "Garden of Eden" reference. Boy that one was clever! But wait, . . . What if Gorden Eden "Noahs" that storm is conming and has built an "ark?" Didn't think about that one did ya!?

Frickin idiot

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr or Mrs Gonterman,,,,,

Anonymous said...


"my ARSE"? They use that term in a pretty much insignificent place on the far side of the Atlantic from here. Are you truly from the land of fat pasty looking women and 10,000 miles of smelly foreskin? Or are you just popping smoke out your brain-dead "ARSE"?

Anonymous said...

Maybe this asshole Tim can tell us all how EEOC investigations proceed since he's been the target of so many and is currently under the microscope for three right now.

Anonymous said...

You are nothing but a part of the punch line. It worked just as expected. You run off at the mouth, but it sure got a rise out of you, didn't it, asshole? Thank you for your input, as if we give a shit. As far as the Ark, TJ is the ark. You and your pals will probably climb into his fat ass to float away. Now go back to walgreens for your diapers.
I thought you weren't coming here no more.

Anonymous said...

HA HA!! Yep, TR, the times, indeed, are a changin"!!

Anonymous said...

7:12's bitch reads like a crybaby.
If you are that stupid to not know that the TR is pushing buttons you need to get out more. The story obviously worked. And just because you don't understand it it's ignorant innuendo? Maybe you should pull your head out of your ass. You sound like a corny assed dork.
And "fricken"... Really?!?!

Anonymous said...

You know what I say?


Anonymous said...

As long as brutal thugs are promoted to leadership positions in APD, the rank and file cops see the kind of behavior that is rewarded by the department and act accordingly. Besides the DA won't ever prosecute police misconduct no matter how awful.

Anonymous said...

He burned somebody's ear off? That is plain mean spirited.

Anonymous said...

APD is just like a septic tank... All the shit rises to the top. Those huge stars on Gonterman look ridiculous.

Anonymous said...


I would encourage as many people as possible to attend the police memorial. The mayor and city hall have tried to sweep this memorial under the rug and hide from doing the right thing. Getting killed in the line of duty seems to politicialy incorrect right now, but we should never let that happen. The mayor's staff claimed that the survivors families wanted to have a private memorial, but they never talked to myself, my sister, Yolanda Cline, or any other survivors that I know of. I hope to see you on Friday.

T.C. "Cub" Haralson retired APD and proud of it.

From an email I just received

Anonymous said...

Clarify, the posting regarding Cub Haralson was from an email, not from Cub directly.

Thank God we have brave APD 34s like Cub who are not afraid to expose Berry!

Thank you Cub for you and your family, you are not forgotten.

Anonymous said...

The Tremendous Regulator always sounds like a bitter, disgruntle, WASP, pus bag ex APD Cop, ex Sgt., with nothing better to do than try to act intelligent while he draws his retirement check as he sits back in the morning, having his coffee and scone at the Flying Star in Corrales, scratching his fat belly. Yes, a lot of us know who you are. Go away and talk your psycho babble to the voices in your head.

Anonymous said...

Can you please provide some detailed names and dates.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

@5:04 PM The sad part is that this memorial event to honor our fallen brothers/sisters has always been attended by surrounding LE agencies; BCSO, RRPD, VCSO, SCSO, NMSP, FBI, US Marshal, USSS and the USAF, just to name a few. I guess the ABQ leaders in all their infinite wisdom have decided not to invite these organizations to the memorial event being held at the APD Academy. The memorial will honor those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for keeping our communities safe!

I just can't understand the administration's logic in not inviting the above listed agencies who have always attended this event to honor our fallen!

It's a shame what the ABQ City Leader's have done to APD, it's a shell of the great department it once was and continues to diminish!

Anonymous said...

9:20 WE know who you are. You're the type that fuck over cops trying to do their jobs in an honorable way while you milk calls, lie to citizens, look for excuses to thunder them because they don't follow your orders because you have the presence of a gnat. Your the type of cop that pulls your Taser out because somebody won't comply or follow instructions. You're a pussy. And if you know who TR is, please let's all meet up and have some scones....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Call Berry at 768 3000 and demand that this event be moved to Civic Plaza and opened to the public. Right now it is hidden and only honors APD fallen. What a disgrace for BCSO and the families.

Make the call or do nothing. Your choice. Stand up for those who gave their all, or do nothing. Make the call!

Anonymous said...

Maybe a testicle for an ear?
Oh yea, that's right, this cowardly little Knut doesen't have testicles.

Anonymous said...

The APD way. Promote dumb asses.

Anonymous said...

The families of the fallen officers ask Mayor Berry and Chief Eden, "how could you forget about us?"

CAll 768 3000 and ask Mayor Berry.

Anonymous said...

If I were a political appointed Chief of Police where I'll be getting an extra $50,000 a year and and extra $25,000 more per year when I retire, I would:
1) make it look like I know what I'm doing by hiring "experts" to focus on "doing something" to make my "daddy" mayor look good,
2) create more official sounding ranks to make it appear that I know what I'm doing, again to make my daddy look good,
3)blame others who came before the mayor, to make it appear like I know what I'm saying,
4) find officers to blame and indict to make it appear I know what I'm doing and make the mayor look good.

Hmmmmmm, if I were an officer who has a 'bit' of history, I better start looking out for myself even more.

Hmmmmmm, if I were an officer who only goes to work with the intention of just coming home alive, I better find others of like mind and vote out the bastards.

Stop waiting for 'somebody' else to do some 'good.' Get out and organize others to vote, tell others to vote, spread the word to vote. Contact candidates to see who you want to vote for. 'Dingleberry' is the result of leaving to others to vote for you.

Do it for yourself!

Anonymous said...

Gonterman, ha ha ha. Fat little punk.
I remember him walking the run in MOE every year. He always took the easy way out all the time. And a puss poor 34 too.