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May 21, 2014

Tentacles of Taser

Was Taser the only company selling Body Cameras and is there another product being sold?

As everyone knows retired APD Chief and now Taser employee Ray Schultz helped Taser get a $1,950,000 contract with the City of Albuquerque for body cameras for APD.  We all know that currently the Albuquerque Inspector General, the New Mexico Office of State Auditor, the New Mexico Attorney General and possibly the Department of Justice are investigating Schultz and Taser for pay to play.  Finally the check and balances citizens depend upon seem to be working.

Or so we hope.

It seems we have bought a Taser product that has problems.  So many times there are no APD videos because of Taser camera malfunction and when there is a video all we see are the officers’ armpits or the people standing to the right of the officer.  Very rarely do we see the actual event.

We would then assume that all police departments are having this same problem, and we would be wrong.  Albuquerque’s smaller neighbor, Los Lunas Police Department just upgraded to HD body cameras.  A report from KOB TV shows that LLPD was so satisfied with their original product that they have upgraded the cameras.  How can this be?  Schultz told the City of Albuquerque that the Taser Body Camera contract had to be “sole source” meaning that no other company manufactured this type of product but ONLY Taser.   

Did LLPD buy the Taser body camera?  NO!  LLPD were good stewards of the public money and actually researched their product choices and made the best decision based upon the product and the cost, not the kickback and promise of future employment.  The MUVI-LE PRO (made by Veho-World) was one of the most affordable body cameras on the market with a MSRP of $249.95 and $119.95 for the Micro version.  Compare this to the Axon Flex (what Schultz sold to Albuquerque) coming in at $499!  Not to mention the big money that Taser makes on the multi-year contract with Albuquerque for is Taser’s “cloud” that all APD video is uploaded to.  This is where the big money comes into play.  It’s not just that the cameras cost more than double other and possibly better cameras on the market, it is the tethering of Albuquerque to a multi-year contract for First we pay a premium for a inferior product, then we pay monthly fees like an expensive condo package.

By doing this Taser has its teeth into Albuquerque forever.  Because Taser is holding our video recordings, our evidence.  If the city were to end the contract with Taser in five years, what would happen to all those videos uploaded to  Nobody knows and that is scary.
Can you see why Taser wanted to get Schultz on their side?  By getting Schultz to claim this was a sole source contract there was no review of the competition.  By getting Schultz in bed with them, Taser signed the largest contract in Taser history ($1,950,000).  By getting Schultz to convince the city that is the way to go, Taser has guaranteed they will be getting Albuquerque money for years to come, maybe forever.  Albuquerque could have easily created their own cloud storage for the videos.  Why didn’t they?  Does anyone think it is a good idea to have third party manage evidence storage of any type?  Does anyone think it is a good idea to sign a contract with a company who may not give back the evidence if their contract is ended?  What would this do to Chain of Custody? is a nightmare scenario for Albuquerque criminal justice if Albuquerque Police ever decide they don’t want it.  That means Taser can (and probably will) raise the price when the contract is up. 

What is Albuquerque going to do about it?

And let’s not forget Taser guns.  They were bought by APD because Taser convinced Schultz that using Taser guns would reduce the number of lethal encounters with police and reduce the number of abuse complaints.  Open the DOJ report and you will see that police shootings in Albuquerque are up, WAY UP.  Six pages of this report were used to detail Taser abuse by police officers.  We didn’t have these issues prior to Taser coming to town, is it time to say Taser is a failure?   The recent video of the student who lost a testicle in a fight with an APD officer shows the officer initially threatening the citizen with a Taser after he said “sit down” almost 18 times. What ever happened to command presence? 

Do any of you citizens think it is a good idea to do business with a company who buys off police chiefs?  Who own OUR evidence?  Whose product fails at an alarming rate? Whose stun guns have cost us millions but have not reduced the number of police shootings but have increased the number of stun gun abuses?

The city council must void the Taser contracts as quickly as possible to avoid Albuquerque being on the hook to Taser for years to come.  This is easily done once the Inspector General, etc find that laws and rules were violated by Schultz and Taser.  Taser is the new law enforcement industrial complex and Albuquerque is going to be owned by Taser.  Don’t believe me?  Just wait………. 

--Desert Hawk


Anonymous said...

Call Berry at 768 3000 and demand that this event be moved to Civic Plaza and opened to the public. Right now it is hidden and only honors APD fallen. What a disgrace for BCSO and the families.

Make the call or do nothing. Your choice. Stand up for those who gave their all, or do nothing. Make the call!

Anonymous said...

Taser is still down 40% from their high now that truth is revealed even at their feeble attempt to prop the stock up with a buy back recently.

Truth revealed!

Berry will be down 40% and will be recalled.

Martinez will be down 40% (already dropped 5%) and won't get re-elected.

Keep up the good work Eye and the Movement!

See you at the protest on June 21st!

Would like to see Eye's analysis on Mary Hawkes' killing since she was shot in the side three times with downward projection and with, no surprise, no lapel camera video to protect Dear from his lies. THEY HUNTED HER DOWN AND KILLED HER! SHE ALSO WILL HAVE A VOICE JUST LIKE THE OTHERS!


This is a huge disservice that the APD 5th floor lack of Command had done to the families, co-workers, and friends of our fallen officers. Houston went to Police Week in 2011 on our dime when a BCSO Officer he didn't work with died in 2010. We want to remember our loved ones with others that have experienced the same loss. Demand it be held on Civic Plaza with full Honors!

Anonymous said...

Do you want to understand why APD is killing people and then lying about it?

Do you want to know why Berry says one thing (when he finally comes out of his bunker) and does another?

Do you want to understand why Martinez has reduced or eliminated services paid for by our taxes and destroyed the social and mental health services via Health Services Department, virtually eliminated the Environmental Department, reducing services to CYFD so that children like Omaree are dying or abused with no help, virtually no oversight to the Construction industry and creating a police state?

Find out who owns them and then you will understand EXACTLY what their intentions are and what they are doing.

Recall Berry and vote in November or NM will continue to deteriorate!

See you at the protest on June 21st!

Anonymous said...

Surprise, Eden, Blair, Berry and the command staff on the 5th floor all lied about the families of the fallen wanting a small private ceremony this year. I was at the ceremony in Santa Fe and I spoke to two different families of APD heroes who were killed in the line of duty. NONE OF THEM HAVE BEEN CONTACTED BY ANYONE WITH APD OR CITY HALL. NOT A SINGLE ONE!

Now I know why the citizens have no faith in APD and City Hall. They lie lie lie, Eden Berry and their staff lied about the police memorial and Janet Blair didn't even blink. I now understand why the anger at APD. We need a total change in command staff and in the mayors office.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line, cameras were a stupid idea in the first place. Now the courts aren't taking some cases without video evidence. Wtf next? Cop's will need their own camera crew to follow them on shift. This pussy Mayor and the pussy Chiefs don't have the spine to tell the media and the public to eat shit. The majority of Officers are good Officers and do their jobs day in and day out. If people don't start realizing that this City is violent and swimming in drugs and gangs instead of whining about video this video that, then we are in a City of mental midgets.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line, officer worn cameras are here to stay, you pussy mental midget.
And you say "eat shit", to the public!!!
I think the public has told you to "eat shit" as we are not going to take being pushed around by scumbags like you any longer...
And as far as ABQ being a violent city, it doesn't even make the top 100...
I think you should resign and get a job collecting shopping carts at WalMart...

Anonymous said...


You don't like cameras, go live in the wilderness!

And the judges are basically calling all of you liars unless you can prove it with a camera. Why would they do that? BECAUSE YOU KILL PEOPLE AND THEN LIE ABOUT IT!

Anonymous said...

11:20 and 3:14,

Thanks for proving my point. Now go take your meds and go to your room. The grown ups are talking here.

Anonymous said...

How about some cameras that actually work, are easy to use, and easy to start recording?????
Sounds simple enough!

Anonymous said...

A pussy afraid of his own shadow speaks.
A pussy who hides behind his job.
A pussy who thinks a badge makes him a grown up.
A pussy who thinks he is the only one with the right to speak.
A pussy who thinks his opinion is the only opinion.
A pussy who wouldn't have the balls to speak third mind in public.
The same pussy who let's another pussy like Ray Schultz intimidate him and all his other pussy co-corners into remaining silent.
A pussy who let's the same bunch of admin pussies control and walk all over him has the balls to say he is an adult.
You are nothing but a spineless fucking coward.

Anonymous said...

The bottom lines here is that no matter how much officers try to appease the "public " by implementing change that the liberal DOJ, the media and the protesters demand, it will never be enough for them. They will always find fault. It's a no win situation. When the DOJ decides cops here are doing a better job, the "public " and protesters will disagree and start whining again ..
FMB ...

Anonymous said...

5:08 is Angry Juvenile wannabe a cop. He tries to spread propaganda just like what he wrote at 7:12.

It's not about the messenger, stupid, it's the message. The Movement will be the only way to fix the problem. That should be obvious to the wise man by now.

If you want someone to listen to you, Angry Juvenile, go to the right-wing blogs where they have an IQ of 2 and might think you have a point. We are too intelligent for buying your propaganda. Nice try!

Anonymous said...

5-23, 1:46am:


Anonymous said...

@9:22 & 7:12

Bottom line is, the DOJ is the babysitter for an agency that acts like a bunch of belligerent little children! You want to distort and contort the rules on the playground to benefit yourselves when the score isn't favoring you? You deny, displace and disown any fuck up while on the job (LEO agencies are the only people who do their job correctly every time right?...NOT!!)Try this for once....start acting like grown ups, do you fucken job with some respect and dignity, own your mistakes, then maybe the public will support you? What a fucken concept eh? How fucken pathetic that an outside agency has to now babysit you fuckheads to make sure you're doing your job correctly! You guys are pathetic and once again, legends in your own minds!

@1:46 I applaud you. Pussy is too much credit because a pussy is attached to a spine. These APD fucks are jellyfish....spineless!

Anonymous said...

Maybe this explains the retards on APD that can't hit a simple "on" button for a lapel camera.

More info in IQ scales....according to this article, anything at or above 90 isn't ideal for a police candidate. 90 is closer to the bottom of the barrel. In other words, you guys are only a few IQ points off from being officially categorized as having a mental impairment.

Over 140 - Genius or almost genius
120 - 140 - Very superior itelligence
110 - 119 - Superior intelligence
90 - 109 - Average or normal intelligence
80 - 89 - Dullness
70 - 79 - Borderline deficiency in intelligence
Under 70 - Feeble-mindedness

Anonymous said...

5-23, 1:46am & 4:24pm:

You both have posted totally accurate descriptions of those individuals who do not deserve uniforms, badges, weapons and any authority whatsoever. I do agree with 4:24pm in that "pussy" is way too flattering a term for them. "Pussy" is very very good - not at all like these narcissistic knuckle draggers. Speaking of which, it is now apparent that offizier Dear has contributed to his own legend in his own mind AGAIN using the camera that NEVER works. Another life-time member of "The Chickenshit Squad" who murdered the illegal camper in the foothills for brandishing a nail clipper or something equally dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this blog about how Taser has bought of Schultz and Berry? Stay on topic.

Anonymous said...

I am a long time reader of this blog. I am not law enforcement. My only affiliation has been on the wrong side. There was a lot of that in my younger days. I was bad, I got caught, I paid the price. I was never beaten, shot or tasered. I don't hate cops. I think there are some very very bad guys in APD. The process to remove them has begun. But the main problem seems to be leadership and accountabilty. The line officers can only control themselves. The officers who come on here with their arrogance and contempt displayed are probably bad guys. The non officers who come on here with their contempt and anger aren't helping.
Who expects officers to do their jobs without ever using violence? They should have wide latitude in that matter.
At the same time, the use of force does need to be monitored, and the officers who use it inappropriately need to be yoked up.
But please keep the focus on individuals and specifics, and APD leadership.

Anonymous said...

@ May 23, 2014 at 4:39:00 PM MDT

Nice little IQ breakdown there, but it’s very easy to copy-paste and plagiarize other’s data and discuss how “unintelligent” a police officer is or might be. Cop-haters such as you, presumably with a high IQ, just love to paint those in law enforcement with a broad stroke. But, what your IQ scale does not account for is common sense and instinct. I suppose that you are the type that would pause in the heat of the moment to turn on your recording device rather than respond appropriately with deadly force. I guess that makes you more intelligent, right? It could also make you dead! The dynamics of a deadly force encounter develop at a rate that most could not fathom. The time that it takes to pause and redirect attention to push the record button could allow for an assailant to gain him/her the advantage, which could lead to the police officer’s demise. It’s always easy to “Monday morning quarterback” an event, but you can never appreciate the perception of those who are actively involved in the encounter at the time. The ~30 deadly police shootings could easily have resulted in just as many dead police officers. Regardless of IQ, a rational and civilized society should never be okay with dead citizens or police officers as opposed to dead criminals. Mental health issues aside, many of these suspects were engaged in felonious criminal activities at the time.

Would you rather be dead with a high IQ or alive with an average IQ? Go ahead, you can be the brilliant one and I’ll take the latter.

Public Servant said...

Would you please shut the fuck up? These people hate us because people fucked up then the city attorney, Schultz and all their criminal buddies shit on them to hide from the DOJ. It is plain and simple. They are fed up, and do not want to be pandered to anymore, especially by cops who think they know it all. You crying about your dumb feelings is only making it worse. Sorry pal, instead of laying on your back silent all these years, you should have been speaking out about the corruption, but you chose not to. They are done with excuses for bullshit. They understand how fast you can be killed. It does nothing for the bullshit excuse of not having video running when you are on your way to that hot call. When you are responding to an in progress call, it takes nothing to push a fucking button. I am sick and tired of taking heat because lazy ass motherfuckers can't do what is expected. We all know that it would be impossible for you to activate your camera if you just got out of your unit in condition yellow, while going into a store for a drink as you were attacked by a man with a gun from 10 feet away. Schultz is a liar, and everyone who was promoted by him is no better. Everyone learned how to lie from him and Levy. Until the entire legacy of liars is ripped out and uprooted, this scum bag culture of "see what?" will continue. Cowards want to fall back on blaming everything else, and never taking responsibility for their own actions or the lack of their actions. Under Schultz everyone was taught this technique of lying and getting away with it.

Take your bullshit down the road. Tell me how a plastic spoon from across the street could have resulted in a dead cop? Tell me how the fuck a homeless mental patient with a thermos and bag in his hand, who was cooperating, surrounded by a gang of fucking pussies could have ended up with a dead cop. Was it the 2-1/2" fucking dollar store folding knife in his pocket you were afraid of. If you were, fucking quit you big bitch.
I am sick of the excuses for being a pussy. I see it every day. Cops who are afraid of their own shadow. If you are a punk, don't claim to be a cop. There are bitches who are only on this job to look fucking pretty and impress the ladies. When the shit hits the fan their voices go up 10 octaves and they scream like sissies, then wait for 20 more pussies to arrive before approaching a suspect. The whole world knows this now. It is embarrassing. Until we own the fuck ups, admit wrongdoing, and work to make sure it does not happen again, the community is going to continue to say fuck the police and the field will continue to get the brunt of it, not the fake self serving assholes at the top who are full of bullshit, and surely not the scum bag liars in the city attorney's office who are directing these fuckers on how to get away with their schemes.

Anonymous said...

@ May 24th 0839,

Are you a cop? Because you display the complete lack of critical thinking skills that define every officer in APD.

"Cop-haters such as you, presumably with a high IQ, just love to paint those in law enforcement with a broad stroke."

Citizen-haters such as you also love to paint everyone who isn't a cop with a broad stroke.

Are all you cops so scared of citizens because they can go about their daily lives without the need to be violent thug pussies? Does it freak you out that other human beings can live their lives without the need taze or shoot someone when they don't immediately get their way? Do you have nightmares about how when other people go to work, they actually work a full 8 hours, and they do their jobs the ENTIRE time?

APD is full of pussies who think rules don't apply to them. One of these days you're going to push people too far with your bullshit.

Inside 34 said...

839....where the fuck are you when good cops are getting fucked or speaking with their feet by leaving? I just got back from a LEO conference and everybody is fucking laughing at us. The running joke is being involved in a fucked up shooting is an entry requirement for APD. If somebody actually gets in a shooting people are saying G wait we don't want to look like APD. All of this could have been avoided if we acted and we're held accountable like a professional police organization and not a bunch of frat house pussies. And this goes to you to Bob Huntsman. I heard your wise ass remarks at the academy yesterday. Try wiping Berry's jizz off your mouth tough guy.

Anonymous said...

2:09, 3:08 and 4:48

It's real men and women like you that stand up to this corruption and reveal the truth from the inside that will be part of the solution. I want to thank you for not submitting to their corrupt and evil ways and fighting the good fight from the inside and exposing their BS.

It's war, and with people like you, we will win. That which doesn't kill you will make you stronger and I'm sure you are stronger in your values and convictions because of this.


Anonymous said...

The two carpet baggers Streicher and Greenwood need to pack their shit and take the next fuck off train back home.
These guys fancy themselves with inside connections with the DOJ and brag about it like they have some influence. Maybe they should be dragged into a federal investigation to see if there was any inappropriate relations between them and someone on the inside along with Schultz. We will see real fast how those smirks leaved their self serving faces. I find it interesting that nobody funded it odd that Schultz called these two clowns when he found out the DOJ was coming in ANC before they were contracted. Gee... Maybe it was because Schultz met them at Tazer international, tears ago.

Anonymous said...

You know where he is....
He is combing his fucking faux hawk like the feminine little metrosexual he is. Then he is getting his shirts fitted like a village person. Next, he is shining the beauty rings on his unit. Then he goes and gets a pedicure and facial. Oops... Then it's time for Pilates, and some hot yoga. After all that, it's time for a few laps around the high school with the old patrol car to impress the ladies.
No worries for this little prick. Worries are everyone else's problem. Life is good for this little fella. That is why he could give a shit. Not a worry in the world because all he has to do is shoot someone if they make him a little nervous. That, or call for 82 like a chicken shit fairy when someone scares the shit out of him. Biggest pussy ass police department in the country.