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May 27, 2014

Welcome to TASERtown

The above link is for the City Council meeting of May 19 2014.  Richard Berry’s two heroes, Scott Greenwood and Tom Streicher addressed the city council at this meeting.  Questions have swirled regarding just who these two are, how did Berry find them, what is there connection with Schultz, what will they do for Albuquerque and what is their track record.

Starting at minute 24:00, Scott Greenwood makes some very disturbing comments.  First, Greenwood states that he and Streicher opened their business “a couple of years ago”. Well checking online with the Secretary of State of Ohio we see that Greenwood & Streicher LLC was opened on April 19, 2013.  That’s thirteen months, not a couple of years. (entity number 2192938, document number 201311200624). 

Next Greenwood talks in detail about their “experience”, but an online search shows that Greenwood & Streicher have only reviewed one police department, Hamilton County Sheriff, located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  (Streicher was police chief of Cincinnati). 

Reviewing a police agency is a lot different than being the target of an investigation, as Streicher’s Cincinnati Police Department was.  So were these guys the most experienced team that Berry could find?  We won’t know because it was not opened to competitive bid.  Apparently Greenwood & Streicher LLC was the only company contacted.  Sounds a lot like the Taser Axon Lapel Camera contract doesn’t it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,??

Then at 25:40 things get really interesting.  Councilor Rey Garduno asks Greenwood how they were contacted.  Greenwood says that “the city called twice.  First was from our (Albuquerque) old chief (Ray Schultz) when the city received the Department of Justice letter.  Ray called them and asked, “What happened?  What happened?”

This is a strange way for Schultz to phrase his phone call to Greenwood, “What happened?” Could it be that Greenwood & Streicher had already been working behind the scenes with Schultz?  Was the DoJ investigation not supposed to happen? And Schultz was surprised when it did?  Could this be another “greased” moment? 

We deserve to know why and when did Schultz first contact Greenwood & Streicher. And the connection between Schultz and Greenwood & Streicher has a very disturbing common denominator: Taser.

Was Taser involved in any of this?  Who first put Schultz in touch with Greenwood?  Schultz, Greenwood and Streicher all have very strong ties to Taser, was it these ties that brought Greenwood & Streicher LLC to Albuquerque?  We are hearing they worked together at a Taser conference,,,,,,,

Consider this, Greenwood & Streicher LLC did not open until April 19, 2013. The Department of Justice announced their investigation into APD in November 2012.  Did Greenwood & Streicher LLC decide to open their company because they already had the inside track for a lucrative contract with the city of Albuquerque?  I would surmise that Albuquerque taxpayers will be on the hook to Greenwood & Streicher LLC for well over a million dollars by the time this is all finished, and everyone is saying this is going to take years.

The questioning by Garduno continues and Greenwood says this to him in response, “That was the recommendation of the Department of Justice, that they (Albuquerque) reach out to us.”  Really?   The Department of Justice told Schultz / Berry to call Greenwood & Streicher LLC?  If this is true there would be a paper trail and I believe all of us would like to see those documents and emails.  I find it hard to believe the DoJ would tell APD / Albuquerque to call a private attorney and his pal from Cincinnati at the beginning of the investigation.  Or even at the end of the investigation. Since when does the DoJ recommend legal counsel to the police departments they are investigating?  This makes no sense and the Department of Justice needs to come forth and explain.  If they did direct Albuquerque business to Greenwood & Streicher LLC, why?  Is that ethical? Legal?  If they did not then what is Greenwood saying?  What is the real story?

Greenwood then says they did not hear anything for a year and a half.  Then suddenly he gets a phone call from the mayor (Berry). So Schultz still had Berry’s ear (just like he promised Taser he would) and he told Berry to call Greenwood.  This is the entire vetting process?  We are about to spend probably millions for these two guys from Cincinnati and the entire background is Schultz telling Berry to call them.  I feel very sick to my stomach that we might not have the best counsel money can buy, but I am sure they are going to make us pay, dearly.  Who does business like this?  Would you spend your money this way?  Would Berry spend his own money without checking around first?  Oh it’s not his money, it’s ours.

Greenwood does say they work for the city of Albuquerque.  What is not asked is Greenwood and Streicher’s ties to Taser and was it those ties that put Ray Schultz into contact with them?  If the DoJ demands that Taser guns be removed from APD or moved back up the Use of Force Continuum, will Greenwood & Streicher LLC agree or will they fight this because this means less money for Taser?  Have Greenwood & Streicher severed all ties with Taser? If not, why? And what capacity is their employment?

Below are several links that should concern all of us with how deep the Taser influence is in Albuquerque.  It should also make us wonder what happened to Greenwood & Streicher LLC regarding the New Orleans Police Department. 

Demand that the city council and Berry publicly ask these questions! (written by Greenwood & Streicher, the only body camera reference is made by Taser June 2013)
Power Point Presentation by Scott Greenwood for Taser May 2011 (attached).  Ends with the statement “I am a believer!” Greenwood quote, “There is zero justification to be against these weapons.” (Taser press release for investors, listing Scott Greenwood) (from Taser’s website featuring Tom Streicher). (from Taser’s website featuring this quote by Tom Streicher, “ is undoubtedly the best solution for any police agency seeking to leverage the power and economic advantage of cloud technology.”

We could go on and on with links connecting Taser with Schultz, Greenwood and Streicher but I think you get the point.  There is nothing wrong with these guys liking the Taser product, where the problem comes in is that they appear to be selling the Taser product.  At a time when Taser abuse in Albuquerque received special notice in the DoJ report.  This also goes hand in hand with the Taser Axon Body Camera no bid contract that Schultz handled for Taser while he was still chief.  Now we have Taser people, Greenwood & Streicher being the only folks contacted to defend the city in talks with the DoJ.  Can these people serve Albuquerque citizens and serve Taser?  Is there a conflict of interest?

Are there other departments that Taser International is corrupting?

It certainly seems that there is a very cozy relationship between Taser and Rialto Police Chief Farrar and Salt Lake City Police Chief Burbank, both of whom are speaking on Taser’s behalf at upcoming Taser Technology Summit June 6, at Taser Headquarters in Scottsdale (along with recently retired APD Chief Ray Schultz).  Burbank, in the article linked above, went so far as to stress that he does not work for Taser.  Now why would he say that?  Is he and Farrar being paid by their towns while selling Taser products in Scottsdale?  Is Taser providing the airfare, food and lodging for them while in Scottsdale?  Working for Taser or being compensated by Taser or being provided gifts by Taser, what is the difference?  Both of these chiefs are walking down the same road that Taser and Ray Schultz have done in Albuquerque.  Maybe the Department of Justice needs to review these two chiefs of Police and Taser’s relationship with them.  It is one thing to say body cameras should be used by law enforcement, it is entirely different to have active members of law enforcement selling a certain type of body camera.  Add to that that these members of law enforcement are chiefs of police who have the final say in approving multi-million dollar contracts and you can see where this activity has crossed the line.

Albuquerque certainly looks like it is owned by Taser International.  Towns like Rialto, California and Salt Lake City, Utah look like Taser has its prongs into them as well.  Is it illegal for these chiefs of police to be working on Taser’s behalf, while still working for their community?  I hope the Department of Justice decides to investigate and answer this question.  Is it ethical?  Not by anyone’s standards. 

Welcome to the new age of the Law Enforcement Industrial Complex.

Taser owns us, their advocates are here, are we OK with this? 

P.S. We found it very interesting that on June 12, 2013, Schultz REDUCED the use of a taser in APD’s use of force procedure to that of pepper spray (check APD Procedural Order 2-52-9 G). We all know what that means, lower justified use of force means MORE use of that particular weapon…..

---Rascally Rabbit


JUSTICE said...


Anonymous said...

When questioned on PBS by Dolan, Greenwood told her it was not Albuquerque citizens business who his clients are!!!!!! Well Mr. Greenwood we disagree. I for one believe you are bought and paid for by Taser International and you will do more to represent them that you will to represent us.

Please city council show some courage and squash this bull shit contract for Greenwood and STreicher. This is not transparent and it is a waste of our money.

Anonymous said...

Eye you reference a Power Point by Greenwood. It says it is attached but where? Can you post it to your site?

Anonymous said...

KOAT had a report from Regina Ruiz tonight where she hands Ken Sanchez city contracts for Taser products that were all NO BID! She then produces evidence that there are many companies that sell the same stuff for a much cheaper price! Sounds like Corruption to me. But don't go asking Greenwood and Streicher, they represent Taser and they will not tell the citizens of Albuquerque anything. Greenwood says we have no business knowing his conflict of interest.

Dump Taser, Dump Greenwood and Streicher. Indict Schultz. Recall Berry. Breath test Perry.

Anonymous said...

We have obviously fallen down the rabbit hole where things get "curiouser & curiouser". A police chief lining his pockets with gold paid for with taxpayers money, a mayor in complete oblivion (?) a city council afraid of its own shadow, a process
of bidding (or not) ignored by those who oversee that process, and the entire chain of command looking the other way so Schultz can do whatever he wants (which also puts $$$ in the links in chain 's pockets) and a local media with no spine. No wonder the local stations have such a high turnover rate. Obviously all the good reporters leave. We're stuck with the cop fuckers like Garate and several other badge bunnies. Oops I just made myself sick to my stomach. This place is an infected swill hole .

Anonymous said...

Gentleman City Council President Ken "I am running for Mayor for Sure This Time" Sanchez says he wants an full investigation. By whom, you idiot? No backbone, no balls, ever! As President of the City Council, Sanchez could just call a special meeting of the full council and call Tazer, the "miracle twins" and Berry and Perry before the full council and start asking questions about the Tazer contract. If there is no cooperation, just vote to terminate and rescind the contract. The City Council has lost all opportunity to show any leadership when it comes to APD reform.

Anonymous said...

Here’s the NM In Focus interview with Berry and tweedledee and tweedledumb.

You'll notice in the first minute that Berry goes from smiling to "oh shit, she's going to strip me of my clothes." He’s such a double talker in this interview. It's amazing to me that people actually believe anything he says anymore. It's obvious he intends to change nothing at APD and they will continue to lie, kill and keep the cameras off.

Can citizens really be this stupid in Albuquerque to think he should stay in office???????



Anonymous said...

KOAT REport on Taser Albuquerque Schultz Berry no bid contracts.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

8:19 and 10:25

And this is why we need the Eye, Monahan, Baca and reporters like Regina Ruiz. Great reporting! Don’t let KOB and the other media outlets compromise your journalistic integrity like Erica Zucco did when she falsely reported on the City Council meeting as being calm. Consider going independent to report the truth. It’s the future of journalism. Here’s what the future of reporting looks like and they are hiring. We desperately need this for Albuquerque and NM. If Martinez gets reelected and Berry isn’t recalled, you will have four years of reporting a massive amount of revelations about our government that should be able to get the company off the ground. I have a lot of evidence to give you if you do. It’s becoming clear that the world is a-changing and the real news is coming from independent sources, not the old-style media that has become nothing more than a Hitleresque government propaganda machine.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the publicity stunt Berry did where he threw the director of St. Martin’s Hospitality Center a bone? St. Martin’s is where James Boyd funeral was held. At the very end of the video, Berry tosses $50k to Martin but the program actually needs $150k. Good investment Berry to make yourself look as if you give a shit! Too bad Martin drank the kool aid and would sell himself for so cheap. What a disservice to the homeless people!

Anonymous said...

This article clearly opens the eyes of everyone who doubted the corruption at the top of APD. Will the DoJ now open an investigation into the pay to play with Taser? If they are going to criminally investigate officers for several shootings then the DoJ should also investigate Schultz et al for corruption and pay to play.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The last statement made by Doug Fernandez in the KOAT-TV report on the TAZER contracts was: "Mayor Berry says a lot of the contracts were signed before he took office". Ch 7 has big expose report on the TAZER contracts and Doug Fernandez guts it at the end by reporting Berry's spin blaming the previous administration. It was still Schultz and Schultz was Berry's Chief. Channel 7 did not even bother to ask Berry what he intends to do about the impropriety. All City purchasing contracts usually have a 30 day cancellation clause usually giving the City the right to get out of the contract without cause. Berry could issue executive order terminating the contract with 30 day notice. Berry has been in office for 4 and half years and Berry still blames Chavez and the news media lets him get away withit.

Federal Prison Warden said...

Berry is doing what Schultz and Levy and company have been doing forever. When faced with loss, embarrassment, justice, and the truth, they start paying people off to keep the truth from getting out. These scum bags think they can just pay off their headaches and make them go away. The disgusting thing is that Schultz has committed crimes, then commits more crimes to cover it up, and they continue to pay people off with tax dollars to protect his criminal ass.

Nothing will change here until these people are removed from their positions and prosecuted for the white collar crimes they have committed, and conspired to commit, along with the crimes they have committed and conspired to commit to cover it all up, including everything the mayor, Schultz, Banks, Feist, White, Korn, the LEA board, and the city attorney's office have done, and continue to do to obstruct the DOJ investigation into the city of Albuquerque.

The feds need to smash the fuck out of these motherfuckers.
The evidence contained in this article alone is more than enough to start federal hearings into this whole situation. There are plenty of people willing to step up to fill the void left when everyone is removed in handcuffs and taken to prison.

Shootings justified to prevent the feds from finding out about this. Mass resignations and retirements from the fifth floor when the feds got here to hide from getting caught. Employees railroaded to distract investigations. Games played in the media with the timed release of information and the concealing of other information to further distract from the truth. This has all been conspired and those that have conspired, including political advisors with multiple arrest records need to be prosecuted for conspiring to obstruct the federal investigation that could have already found out all of this and had the ball rolling on indictments.

Anonymous said...

I saw Greenwood at the city council meeting. He should take his scooter back to where he came from. Maybe he could fit Perry and Streicher into his carpet bag while he is at it, the parasite.

Hint: maybe if you would lose some weight, you wouldn't blow your knees out. Also, the yuk, yuk, yuk, shit about you and Streicher being former adversaries, then looking at each other with that bromance, ain't we cute little twinkle in your eyes shit is not amusing. You are wearing the shit out of that corny introduction.
And by the way, you are caught.
You like Eden will be saying what have we gotten ourselves into very shortly, if not already.

There will be no draft as you call it. There are findings, then directed recommendations. Just like when the mayor thought that he would get a heads up draft of the findings but wound up slapped in the face as the complete findings were given to the citizens first, Right? Did you forget about that? There will be demands, backed by overwhelming evidence against the city. There will be no negotiations either. You will do as told, or your asses will be in federal court paying out the ass. Please quit acting as if you have a say. It is do as they say, or get sued into extinction. But what does the mayor care? These criminals will continue to spend tax monies like it grows on trees to make sure they don't get caught.

following the pattern of what this administration does, you know that they do not retain anyone unless they can gain an unfair, if not illegal advantage by manipulating the inside track. They hired TJ because of this and these two bozos are from the Schultz camp via Tazer. As you can see, when this administration does not get their way and the truth is exposed, they retaliate like they do with KRQE. The threats and intimidation come out showing their true colors. The irony is that if there were suddenly no rules and thug behavior was fought with thug behavior, these bullies wouldn't last a minute and would be ejected from their positions out into the street on their asses much like Moammar Gadhafi.

For once, get off the fence, and grow a set of balls. Call for a federal investigation into the Pay to play schemes and kickbacks. It is not many times in one's life that they get the chance like this to really make a difference. Do it already.

S. Sgt. Paul J. Heh (RET.) said...

Thank you Eye for your excellent reporting on this issue. A special thank you to Regina Ruiz for her reporting on this issue. I partly blame the media for the mess we are in. I feel the media for whatever reason has been asleep and allowed problems we face fester like an open wound giving cover many times to the politicians that have gotten us here. I hope this report by Regina Ruiz marks a change to a sleeping media. Mayor Berry wants to blame the Chavez administration. Here is a hard fact for you Mayor Berry you OWN THIS ! This happened during your administration when the gears were greased. Ken Sanchez is asking for an investigation into Taser. Thank you Mr. Sanchez I could not agree more. Bring the two from Cincinnati and the Mayor in front of the City Council, put them under oath and get the facts. I would love to be the person appointed to ask the questions. I offer my service free of any charge. On March 10 2014 I filed a complaint with The State Attorney General Gary King asking for an investigation into Taser and Schultz. On May 2 2014 I was interviewed by Agent Stan Gloria concerning the matter. I recorded the interview. MR. King wants to be our next Governor lets see how he handles this investigation. I must say I have not been impressed into the investigation of Mary Han death. A Grand Jury is long past over due.

Anonymous said...


n a fellow worker or member of a staff, department, profession, etc.


an associate.



1. a person with whom one works, especially in a profession or business.

synonyms: coworker, fellow worker, workmate, teammate, associate; More


Stop referencing the DOJ as colleagues of yours. As you can see in the above definition, you do not work at the DOJ. You never have. I don't think they would appreciate your representations and the fact that you referenced them as colleagues at the recent city council meeting many times. I think that reference insinuates inappropriate relations. You are contracted by Berry and work for Tazer. You should think about resigning your position before the criminal investigation really picks up steam. Lets stop playing the word game shall we?

Anonymous said...

This isn't the first time that the City has not complied with the bidding process. It happens a lot. There was that coffee shop at the main library that the library director and one of his buddies co-library worker owned and would work at while on city time! No bidding process, nothing. Other examples come to mind but my point is if one is high enough up the chain one can do anything they want. There are no checks and balances for them, that applies only to lowly worker bees that do the hard work day in day out.

Anonymous said...

Anyone having connections in Rialto California, Salt Lake City and the Department of Justice should send this article to them. The media in those towns should know that their police chiefs are selling Taser products on duty time. They are probably giving Taser no bid contracts with the promise of kickbacks and future employment. The Eye strikes nationwide. This story needs to get out to warn the entire nation!

Anonymous said...,
If you are seeing this, please break the story nationwide that Tazer is marketing their product on the backs of citizens who would otherwise be taken into custody by less drastic means in order to drive up their product demand and fill their pockets.

Anonymous said...

Good to see that KRQE and KOAT are no longer in Berry's "framily." Maybe they and the government's propaganda newspaper will start telling the truth so they can claw back some credibility.

Anonymous said...

First it was KRQE, now it is KOAT, soon Berry and Eden won't have any news station to talk to. KOB still is doing fluff news, they are falling behind. They need to report the Taser corruption.

Anonymous said...

Take a lesson from an East coast cop with balls on how to deal with a criminal. If he can do it why can't these pussies?

Anonymous said...

KRQE and KOAT are beginning to realize what side their bread is buttered on. The citizens are the ones that keep their businesses afloat. If they want to stay in the game then they have to step up and do what is right.

erica zucco said...

Hi Anonymous, who posted at May 28, 2014 at 5:59:00 AM MDT
This is Erica Zucco from KOB Eyewitness News 4. I responded to your comment on an earlier Eye entry, and if you don't see that one, I hope you see this one.
I noticed you have some concerns about my reporting in a recent newscast.
If you look at the story you had concerns about - the video and text was posted at 10:00 pm. That is when our newscast airs -- and at that point in time, the meeting WAS pretty calm.
It was after 11 when people started getting cited.
If you check my Twitter account, I was liveblogging the people standing in silence, and the criminal trespass citations -- and I also interviewed several of the people cited so that we could use that content in our next day's shows.
Here are a couple of the tweets:
Please let me know if you have any other concerns. You can email me at, as I may not check this entry again in a timely manner.
Thank you for your concern and interest in our community.
-Erica Zucco