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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jan 3, 2008

Couldn't, Couldn't, Couldn't, Shouldn't

KOB TV Channel 4 is reporting that Mayor Martin "Hugo" Chavez is taking the first step towards another term as Albuquerque's Alcalde. Apparently his recently fizzled senatorial campaign has inspired his honor to challenge the provision in Albuquerque's City Charter that prohibits mayors from serving more than two consecutive terms.

You'll remember that The Almighty One is already serving his third term as Eyeand's mayor only interrupted by Jim "The Duck Man" Baca's ill-fated term that ran from 1997 to 2001. In 1998 Marty's political ambition prompted him not to seek re-election for a second consecutive term so that he could take on Governor Gary Johnson in the 1998 gubernatorial campaign. The incumbent Johnson kept Chavez out of Santa Fe by defeating him 55% to 45%.

Since that time Chavez has managed re-election to Albuquerque's mayor's office twice but his attempts to move beyond the 11th floor have been thwarted not once but twice and that's just since his last election. Now Marty thinks that he needs to find a fall back position just in case the political winds continue to blow against him.

So now the mayor is challenging limits on his mayoral power not in council or at the ballot box, but in court on the basis that the limit is unconstitutional under the state's constitution. Most people seem to agree that the Almighty One has a pretty good chance in front of the robed ones since the council's term limits have already been struck down.
Our Eyes tell us that Marty has been telling people that if he were not to win the senate race - which he can't now that he's out - he'd leave public office and make some real money in the private sector. The Eyes have it that he's being courted by (or courting himself) environmental special interest groups who have plans to send him to Washington to lobby for their cause.

A note here to anyone who wants Marty to lobby for them - our Eyes tell us that every time he was in Santa Fe during the last session, his lobbying actually hurt his legislative agenda.
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In KOB's report with reporter Stewart Dyson, the mayor is quoted as saying that "at the end of this term I may decide to say... I'm going to ride off into the sunset and do something else." From what we've heard the mayor may decide not to run for a fourth term, but he's obviously trying to keep his political options open.

We've got to hand it to The Almighty One here. If he does decide to run for a fourth term, from a political stand point he has to challenge the term limits now. If he were to wait until the campaign for mayor became the focal point of local politics he'd only look like a power hungry politician whose options are limited and ego demands that he retain some kind of political power.

By suing now, he'll be flying under the cover of a national election that sucks up all of the oxygen in the mainstream media room. We're sure that he hopes the general public here in Albuquerque will forget that he was power-hungry enough to be compelled to sue to be able to maintain power. Unfortunately, he's got a track record of getting passes from the mainstream media and who knows; the winds of his political fortune could shift to his stern a year from now.

You know... twelve years should be enough for anyone in a job as demanding as that of the Mayor of Albuquerque. Why anyone would want to continue is beyond us, unless of course they are driven by a need to be important and a desire to hold power at all costs; which sounds more and more like that South American Chavez.

In short, Marty couldn't be Governor in 1998. He couldn't be Governor in 2010. He couldn't be Senator in 2008. Now he shouldn't sue to keep his office on the 11th floor unless of course he wants to prove that he's a desperate politician with a limited future and an unholy desire to maintain power.


Anonymous said...

Marty in 2010!!!!!

Anonymous said...

He's also probably getting pressure from the undeserving people he's given "cush" jobs to, i.e., Payne, Schultz. Once Hugo is gone they will be too. This needs to be the "Stop Marty" website. He's definitely overstayed his welcome.

Anonymous said...

Again, a bit of hypocrisy and favoritism on the part of The Eye.

While denouncing Chavez for entertaining the idea of a third consecutive term, The Eye did everything short of offering walking around money to assist Brad Winter's campaign for a THIRD consecutive term.

If term limits are a good idea for the executive branch (and they are), they're also a good idea for the legislative branch.

But you can't have it both ways. And you really can't apply term limits on an individual, case by case basis.

Anonymous said...

Marty, give it a break. Just in case you continue to think that you are someone of any consequence, you are most decidely not. That laughing sound that has been getting louder of late are from the surrounding cities & states, you've done us no favours. Let us count the ways:

Your administration is not trusted nor respected by the citizens of this community or peers within the profession.

Your citizens have an inherent distrust of ANY city function to perform it's duties in a timely and efficient manner.

Local business are on pins and needles trying to anticipate what kookie BS that you're cooking up next that they will be left with the tab on.

Your officers are angry & demoralized. Many are looking for the exit.

You continue to pursue questionable policy to what ends we may never know (Scameras).

City schools are failing miserably & no matter how it's presented our kids are left with not even basic life skills and the community has precious little to show for that immense tax burden that we have been left with.

Your "Sanctuary" policies with illegals have placed this community in a risky position with all the problems that come with it. This includes failing to comply with federal laws & regulations that may put funding & appropirations at risk that many worthwhile programs depend on.

I encourgage others to contribute to this list as I'm certain I've only scratched the surface.

Marty you are not an asset but a liability to this community, give it up. I can hear it now, "but just look at what Marty has done for our city". Glitz without substance backing it up is just trash soon to be found on the heap.

Anonymous said...

This city can not take another 4-years of Marty Chavez. The votes must work to make sure this does not happen.

However, I don't think Marty has the same political support he once had!!!!! I don't think he can be re-elected!

He has too many strikes against him!

Anonymous said...

Albuquerque has had ENOUGH.
Like in national politics, the people want change. The more he stays in power the more corrupt things become.
let's get beyond this incompetance now. You need to go home and take your incompetant friends with you.

Anonymous said...

Let the voters decide the term-limit issue. That should squash the dictator wannabe and his chances at a fourth term. I would have to believe the majority of us have had enough of Martin.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, stick a fork in him, he's DONE!! Can anyone think of who would be a viable candidate besides those from the Chavez dynasty?

This could be a case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend, so maybe Winter or Cadigan would stand a good chance?

Anonymous said...

Marty sucks, I will do everything in my power and my checkbook to stop this turd from running again, he has destroyed this city from the inside out.

Anonymous said...

It occurs to me that Marty Chavez was born twenty years too late. He would have made a great politico of the Manny Aragon ilk.

Now that people are starting to wake up to the levels of corruption and incompetence subsidized by tax revenue, they are going to be less tolerant of corrupt and incompetent politicians and public servants.

There is no more work for crooks in government; he'll have to find something else to do for a living.

Anonymous said...

Martin Chavez knew the the entire time that Chief Gilbert Gallegos was protecting those girls that were stealing money and drugs from the APD Evidence Room. Chavez knew the chiefs were sleeping with them!

However, to protect his own hide, Chavez let Gallegos stay until it was absolutely positive that Gallegos was going down, at that point Martin hurried and Gilbert Gallegos him so he would look as if he was taking care of business.

The fact is, that Martin Chavez stilled covered it up, as much as he could, not going after all that were crooked on the 5th floor.

In fact, he let Schultz hire back 3 of the crooked/dirty 4 chiefs from the APD Chief office.

Anonymous said...

Our group will use our check books and our friends to stop Chavez, but I think he's pretty much done himself in all on his own.

I think he's done in politics!

Anonymous said...

Under Mayor Chavez this city has lost most of it's experienced officers and is now one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

Thanks Chavez, you have really screwed up this city.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Cadigan who hit the nail on the head on the TIDD issue. But frankly as long as they are truly pro-business they'll get my vote. They also must work to bring more companies/jobs to town, work with APS to improve our schools, take better care of the Police/Fire Departments, and not work so hard to have our city on "best of" lists and truly make it a better place to live. Someone we could all look up to (pun intended).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No Marty, you can't stay at the party anymore. Go home and take your cronies and crooks with you.

Anonymous said...

Term limits under our constitution were instituted to combat political corruption and to allow the comman man a chance to serve the people. This self serving administration has to go. Albuquerque has been under seige long enough, let our people go!!!!! We need a fresh start and this will never happen for us unless we make the change from the top on down. New Public servants can overturn this corrupt culture which grows like cancer with time being its fertilizer!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw an interview with the mighty one this evening on the news. I'm so confused!!

He said term limits in the City charter is unconstitutional. Is the whole thing unconstitutional? He's not doing this for himself, he may not run again, he's doing this for all candidates. What!, doing something for someone else!? How would he benefit? City patsy, Bob White, said that he can run again. IM LOST.

He must think all Albuquerqueans are stupid. Well, maybe we are after all he's been mayor 3 times.

For you that said Marty was 20 years too late. Not so, his ex-wife is Manny Aragon's neice. Maybe some strings we're being pulled, do ya think? Hint: metro court house scandal!

He'd make a terrible lobbist, but if that enviromental group wants to hire him, maybe it's the only way we'll get this creep out of Dodge.

Isn't it odd that everytime he's been mayor he changes the city logo, there's a bunch of stupid bumper stickers, now the green logo. My guess... he has an interest in a printing/sticker shop.

All these great glittery idea's, with no results. like: "the string of pearls" a train from the sunport to downtown. Did he ever listen to that ZZ-Top song? The "arena" downtown where he wore a Scorpian's jersey to the press confernce said the Scorps would be playing there & they had no idea. And "Mens Health" naming him the most fit Mayor. Did they ever get a look at him? Now green, gardens on our roofs! And after he told us to yank our lawns & xriescape!!

All these cute, frill, fun-filled ideas. Lots of money spent on plans, task force's, etc with no results. Think maybe he should concentrate on public safety & our lousy crime rate?

Anonymous said...

Way to go Marty! We support you and your efforts to clean up our city and police force. You have my money and support for another term.

Anonymous said...

Well what did you expect. Thats what you get with liberal democrats; DON'T DO AS I DO, DO AS I SAY mentality, (Not that republicans have done much better).

I've said this before, I'm retired from the city, so I've seen,experienced and been a victim of a bunch..

APD was a good Police department. (Hugo) I like that, has said that the police have one of the best retirements in the country, and for the most part they do.

But the problems still out weigh the retirement with the top two being pay parity with smaller departments and recruitment. Think about it Hugo, give the officers the pay raise that they deserve and make APD the top paying department in the state like they were at one time many years ago and should be. The retention would take care of itself. But thats too easy. Mr. Hugo your spin on this issue is typical of liberals, you don't want to understand that these other Police Departments are not only making more pay BUT THEY HAVE THE SAME RETIREMENT !!!!!

This is why it's easy for these other departments to recruit and attract well trained APD Officers, not to mention all the criminal activity on the 5th & 11th floor.

Let me ask you something ? How in God's name can you justify 9 deputy chiefs for the Fire Department ??? I don't know sounds like Ralph needs to promote 9 relatives. We all know that 73% of the Fire Department is related.
Thats why about 95% of OUR APD Officers that do have integrity dispise your leadership oh sorry, dictatorship.

I said earler that APD was a good department at one time and it took you (HUGO) and Jim Baca 16 long, long years to drive it into the ground with the rest of our city Government.

Laugh now, cry later your days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Chavez, our police dept is realy screwed up, please fix it.

P.S. you need to start at the top and get us some good leaders for a change.

If you really want to be a mayor for another term, you should really look at changing our dept.
Don't let our 5th floor give you a song and dance as usual!

Anonymous said...

Does Marty want to keep his APD drivers so they can continue to drive him to the bars. Marty does this so he won't get popped for DWI.

However, with APD numbers down so low, you think he would put that sgt and squad to take calls for service for the citizens of ABQ.

Marty is not worried he lives in the violent city, as he has APD security 24 hours a day. The ABO citizens pay for this with their tax money.

No other Mayor has ever had a security detail period!

Anonymous said...

I am so worn out with APD personnel, with their 20 year retirement (the rest of the city needs 25 years), bitching about their pay when it is EXACTLY what was advertised when they signed up for the force. It isn't any more, it isn't less, it is exactly the pay they were told they would get when they VOLUNTARILY signed up.

Oh, but that's when they just wanted to get in, isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Follow this link and read who is asking the city for tax breaks for their new business. HMMMMM how much do we wanna bet that they get what they are asking for?

Anonymous said...

Look how cocky he's gotten during his third term in trying to control every aspect of our lives. We need less government, not more. Marty's agenda is more government = socialism. What do you think he would do in a fourth term??? It would get much worse than it already is.

Anonymous said...

A few blogs up. You are right on the money, the mayor has had so many stupid, corrupt and wasteful ideas!! We need to go back to his very first administration and list every one of his stupid or corrupt ideas on this blog and keep track of them1. So when he gets ready to run for mayor again, and you know he will, there will be a reference point from which an opponent can start from and possibly unseat this corrupt tyrant.

He has had so many, it would be nearly impossible for one individual to know or remember them all. We can call it "Marty Chavez's legacy of waste and corruption (mclwc for short)" or whatever we please. I am sure by the time he is ready to run again, the list would be quite lengthy. This list would consist of items that we know to be factual or can easily be proven.

We can make make another list that we would call "Marty Chavez facts" (mcf for short), similar to "Chuck Norris facts". For example, When Chuck Norris does push ups he is not pushing himself up, he is pushing the world down. That's how tough Chuck Noriss is! It may take a little effort on the blog author's part to keep track of these lists, but come next mayoral election it could be important and fun.

Let me start this off:

MCLWC #1 - The mayor has a friend (ex fire chief carlos dominguez) who was convicted of shop lifting baseball cards, who is now in charge of the supply warehouse for the fire department and is being paid $90,000 plus all he can pilfer from the warehouse.

MCF #1 - When Fidel Castro needs tips on how to control and strike fear into his subjects, he calls marty chavez.

Since the mainstream media doesn't get this guy, let's have fun in our own backyard with our own ball.

Come on, thea gates are open, lets have fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but that's when they just wanted to get in, isn't it....

you obviously have no clue what your talking about....educate yourself before you criticize without all the facts!

Anonymous said...

Okay, here are some more:
Built Paseo del Norte & extension

Built Montano & expanded the driving lanes.....

Built Isotopes Park.....

Brought several large clean companies and new jobs to town...

Promoted development......

SJ/Chama water project......

Cleaned up the graffiti & trash....

Grew the police dept #'s

Increased City revenue

Made sure every city employee got pay raises.........

I'll save the rest for later.....

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but if Marty runs again? He will win. Fact. No matter what crap you want to make up, what ever lies you want to post he will win. The public is smarter than you think. They know that the City is better today then it was 4, 8, 12 or 20 years ago. Way to go Mayor. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Just a short note to those who think Marty is doing such a fantasic job.

When local business begin to pack up and leave the area because of the very high cost and hassle of doing business here, are you willing to sacrifice your job for his?

I've already laid the groundwork to be able to immediately depart the area with over 300 technical positions in tow. Many of my peers tell me they are doing the same sort of contingency planning.

New Mexico, you're making your bed right now with these turds in command at not only the city but county and state level as well. Hope you're ready to lie in that bed as you will have no one else to blame.

In the 40 years that I've been a resident, I've never seen it this bad, and it's getting worse.......

Anonymous said...

I'd like to play the MCWLWC game!

*told city workers to go out and re-stripe Montano just 'cuz he could...

*tried to get city councilors to approve funding for a trolly system 'just 'cuz he could....

*brought in Sun-Cal to overdevelop the Westside, why?.......(yeah, you got it)!!

PS: I too will save the rest for later!!!

Anonymous said...

Marty did some good things...listed above, however, he overlooked all of the, public safety, quality of life. Marty has simply started to catering to the special interest groups instead of the public's general interest.

Anonymous said...

He grew the Police Dept. #'s......? Ahhh the last time I checked He never hit his proposed 1,000 officers and now wants to waffle and say they are gonna grow to 1,100, and the Administration still will not release the TRUE numbers to the Public, Media, or anyone else. Way to spin for him though it's funny. Red light SCAMERAS, small, and unhappy Police Dept., 911 system still is a mess (No! Pete Dinelli did not fix it), and a majority of City workers are tired of his tyrant ways. Good luck maybe if you keep up with the spin you might convince a few but the MANY are to smart and tired of the has been political hack.

Anonymous said...

I agree, great job Marty.

Anonymous said...

pay raise ha ha ha!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Marty saw how unpopular he was for US Senate. I think he will see the same next time hetries to run for mayor.

This city is sick of him!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Once again; Good-bye, see ya,later.

Anonymous said...

Ok I have to admit when Marty first took office I thought he did a decent job, even the beginning of the second term as well. Now forget it. Taxes are up, crime is up, officer to citizen ratio is down. It's in a mess because he has a napoleon type attitude. If he would have stuck to his original ways of truly believing that he was doing the best for Albuquerque then I would vote for him again. The problem is he got to egotistical and this city is now paying for it.

Just to clear up some things, the numbers in the PD actually decreased, remember everyone was saying we had a 1,000 at one point now less than that. Can't play the number game twice.

Isotopes was Baca, city revenue may be up but so are expeditures. Hence the hiring freeze of civilian employees and the attrition rate is at an all time high according to one of the deputy chiefs.

We need change.

Anonymous said...

OK, to the poster Re: Cultural Services Deputy Director-- 2 fairly recent DWI's and a "misdemeanor" (it's public record-indecent exposure)charge that was dismissed, still he gets that job...the charges are within 3 years. Again my question: Why don't the admin. people have to adhere/abide by the same rules we lower eschelon people do? Like criminal background checks and if anything comes back within the past 3 years not hired!

What else are they hiding? I'd like to see criminal backgrounds of all city admin. people! We deserve better that this, to have our higher ups not held to the same accountability as we are!

Anonymous said...

If we did backgrounds on all city employees it would probably cut the work force in half. Depending on what the criteria is.

The Verizon call center does back grounds on every employee. That's why they've had to go out of State and recruit. Plenty of qualified people apply, they're just not passing the background.

Al these great business' coming into town to put the locals to work & help the economy, but they can't find honest employees. How long's it going to be until they leave town, taking all the great tax breaks with them? Just another empty building, & when we drive by we can say: what business use to be there?

I guess there's one good thing about that, we can keep the social system alive and well. That way state & city social workers will always have job security. Humm, maybe I should change my major.

For the employer that will probably leave town: Just pad those polical pockets a bunch & the red tape will go away. I know I've hit those road blocks. I'd rather keep the money & my dignity.

Anonymous said...

RE: Isotopes Park.

I always wondered why the city has a sky box there. Who gets to utilize it???

Anonymous said...

Marty, clean up your police dept! There seem to be a serious morale problem!!

Anonymous said...

As to the Cultural Services Dept Deputy Director garbage, you people are soo lame. CSD does not even have a Deputy Director....The job is vacant and has been for many weeks now...Check your facts people. One again, the "Lie on Albuquerque" is proven to be nothing more than a gossip whore.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what happened to that created position? As of last Friday he was still listed as the Deputy Director. Guess someone on the 11th floor got wind of the posts on the blog.

Are they gonna fill it with another patron, or just let it be swept under the carpet, like the Public Safety Director vacancy? The position that Nick held before a different position was created at the airport for him. What does he know about aviation?

And who are you that blogged? The tone of your post is very, very angry. I guess you are in the 11th floor bubble thinking that this administration & it's cronies are untouchable. We aren't that stupid alot of us were hired pre-Marty, but we are smart enough to stay anonymous. We know what the wrath of Marty can do to our careers.

Anonymous said...

so was the guy in question the former deputy director? Did he quit?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, still listed there as of Friday and maybe even today. And thank you very much for your kind offer to give ourselves up, but like the poster 2up said, we are smart enough to remain anonymous. So if the job is vacant:
a) why is he still listed,
b) and if it is vacant did he quit, or
c) was he forced to resign?

The truth is out there! Someone out there knows something...(apologies to Fox Mulder!!)

Anonymous said...

Yes. He quit two weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Marty's political career is over and he and his people know it!

They are just hoping to come back in a year or two, but the citizens will not forget!

Anonymous said...

Well, the city needs to update its website'cuz he's still listed as Deputy Director, Cultural Services. So did he quit because he was found out or did he get out of Dodge before the s*it hit the fan?

Anonymous said...

Let's ask this question ONE MORE TIME. What the hell do we need an assistant Cheif for? (Joe Bowdich) What the hell does he do? He is out of sight/ out of mind and so is the $100,000 we are paying him(To do What) What the hell are the 3 Deputy Chief's doing,(?) besides running around covering up all the dirt. It's a vicious circle that they can't get out of. Habitual lying, means maintenance, that is consumming all of their time. Is it possible to get back to real police work? Not likely anytime soon, unless a thorough house cleaning takes place, staring with this Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Here, here, I agree, fire them all. We don't need no stinkin supervisors. Fire all of them, starting with the rank of Sgt. What a great career ladder for the officers........Moron, go back to sleep, your shift at the the DQ is about to start.

Anonymous said...

Bowdich is a good guy, but policing in 2008 is way beyond him. He is a cop that was good in the 60's and 70's, but his mentality stayed in that era!

This was the same problem Gilbert Gallegos had. The new generation of policing is far beyond their comprehension.

Some people just don't know when to call it quits!

The $106,000. paid to him would be better spent elsewhere.

However, it's a political deal Mayor Marty and Chief Ray came up with to try and save the credibility and image of APD.

It didn't work!

Anonymous said...

Why quit when you can make six figures for sitting around!

Anonymous said...

What do any of those guys do, anyway??? The pictures on the website shows Bowdich, and 3 DCOPS, one of which I've heard of or actually seen. God, this city is F'kup big time!!! Go away Marty....