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Jan 10, 2008

Infallible? Hardly.

As you all know by now, Chief Schultz, Mayor Marty, ET al. has been trying to convince us that their little red light scam-eras are infallible. In fact so infallible that you really don't need to have a fair and impartial hearing by an independent judge or at least a disinterested third party. Obviously you're guilty because there's a picture of you at that intersection.

Apparently the geniuses down under at Redflex don't realize that the intersection of San Mateo and Montgomery is in New Mexico, not Minnesota. According to the Albuquerque Journal (Subscription) Omar Vigil had his scam-era citation dismissed in Marty-roo court when he presented his citation that read "San Mateo and Montgomery, Albuquerque, MN."

Whoa... not only is San Mateo and Montgomery in Minnesota, Albuquerque is in Minnesota. We wonder how you'd say Albuquerque with a Minnesooota accent.

Vigil told the Journal "It's at least reasonable suspicion that the system is faulty." Damn tootin'! And if you'll remember this isn't the first time that the scam-eras at that intersection have malfunctioned. Back in August we showed you that very intersection (one of the first scam sites in Albuquerque) happily clicking away as all of the vehicles in the surveyed lanes were at a complete stop. We've helpfully posted the scam-era foul-up below.

Will the city pull every citation issued at the Montgomery - San Mateo intersection and refund the money because the citations were improperly issued? Will the city even check to see how long the infallible Redflex system has been improperly issuing citations and whether or not they're being properly issued at the other 19 scam-era locations?

For the answer, simply ask the 1300 or so people who were given scam-van citations for driving over the speed limit in a 55 MPH zone, when the zone was really a 65 MPH zone (read about it here). Marty and company seem to have the ability to find dastardly scam-era criminals in order to deliver their citations, but a complete and utter inability to find them when the scam-era system screws-up. Incompetent? Absolutely. Infallible? Hardly.


Anonymous said...

Marty and Schultz had their Speed van on I-25 SB@Coal yesterday at about lunch.

So much for safety in school zones!

Marty just wants the revenue that those vans and camera's bring in! He does not care about public safety.

Anonymous said...

Oh I
Love to shred mail
Postmarked Scottsdale

While you are kissing cameras
And snuggling speeding vans
Dreaming of the trolleys
And money in your hands

I’m left to wonder just when
Due process took its leave
Then, at once, I see the light
No longer do I grieve

Now I never see the notice
The envelope might contain
I do not like their rules, I say
I will not play their game

Put up 70, 80, 90
I really couldn't care
See the pretty, light confetti
Floating through the air

I love the lies, I love the threats
My notices contained
Sometimes just to be different
I'll set one all aflame

One day I got a picture
Of my car up on a hill
It was so nice, I sent a pic
Of a hundred dollar bill

Just don’t speed, don’t run red lights
Some pinhead will retort
When they give out real tickets, Pin,
I’ll show up to a real court.

Anonymous said...

It's not just with the Scam-eras that the Mighty Alcalde likes to cook the books with. Read today's ABQ Journal about how the City's "green" reputation was manufactured. Funniest part of it was how much credit they were claiming for BURNING off the methane at the city landfill. Gosh, even with the most rudimentary high school chemistry background, i can tell you that methane (CH4) when burned turns into water (vapor) and carbon dioxide....two greenhouse gases even more powerful than methane itself. If Smarty Marty was really "green", he'd find a way to ues the methane to at least fuel the damn trash trucks that have to drive half way to Laguna to drop their loads instead of burning all that diesel!!

Anonymous said...

The Winter blog is stretching. A typo doe not prove Redflex does not know Montgomery and San Mateo is in Alb. Common we are not that stupid.

If the data from the study proves the cameras prevent accidents and saves lives, will you support the program? If you argue invasion of privacy trumps saving a life then i have one more question, why do you not complain about the cameras that exist at every intersection. If the city invades our privacy with the 20 or so red light cameras they are trampling on our privacy with the cameras that are used to identify traffic problems. Those cameras are capable of recording all cars that move through the intersection and image enhancing software can identify all cars.

Invasion of privacy is red herring because cameras already exist. Look at the image when you click on the link. These cameras are on just about every traffic light in the city. Look up the next time you are on the road and see for yourself. If the eye is indeed concerned with privacy, I want to see a blog about all city cameras on the street. If it is not written then the writers prove this blog is nothing more than a shill for Winter.

Anonymous said...

To the poster who is a "Shill for the shill". How come not mention of the "Right to do process"? The system is set up by a kangaroo court. How many city upper management have had to answer to the Red Light Cameras? My guess is NONE. It's all about public safety unless it involves one of the "shills". The cameras probably are a "GOOD" thing but the system to contest a ticket is a fraud, and a insult to a true court system. Bye the way my neighbor works high up in the "Shills Ivory Tower" and he tells me The cameras are not for the "SHILLS".

Anonymous said...

Who's arguing invasion of privacy?

There are cameras at grocery stores, Walmart, in parking lots and in front of houses. You have no privacy rights in public.

Evidence from cameras is perfectly admissible in a real court.

I agree it's a red herring, non-issue,

Anonymous said...

So, it's okay to break the law as long as a cop doesn't see you do it? I sincerely hope the poet doesn't have any children. That's a terrible way to behave. Ya gotta do the right thing even when no one is watching! Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Deputy Chief Bowdich had his red light camera violation taken care of last year. They don't tell you that though!

Try to find it and I'll bet all the evidence was destroyed. However, he and others on the 5th floor and the red light camera unit know he ran the red light and had it taken care of. He was in a city vehicle when it occurred.

Anonymous said...

"Ya gotta do the right thing even when no one is watching! Sheesh"

Since ANY violation of ANY traffic law is a violation of the STOP ordinance (per the STOP ordinance), I sincerely hope you "do the right thing" and send in your money to Marty & Co. with a full confession everytime the car you own (regardless of who is driving) fails to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, fails to signal within the proper distance of a turn, fails to keep proper distance between your car and the car in front of you, etc. It'll help make up for the cash he's missing from me.

For I'd hate to think you're a hypocrite,
Pompous, bloated and full of...

Hmmm, what rhymes with hypocrite?

Anonymous said...

All the brass get the locations of the speed vans on their blackberrys so they can avoid those areas. Have been for at least a year or more. What are they afraid of???? Getting caught!!

Anonymous said...

Hey poet! I obey ALL traffic laws ALL the time! I really don't find it that difficult either. You should try it sometime.

Anonymous said...

I am sure all the APD brass have their speeding and red light tickets taken care of...

Anonymous said...

Deputy Chief Bowdich did!

Anonymous said...

I heard that Ron, as in the APOA Ron also got a redlight ticket & he had that "fixed" the Administration.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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