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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jan 26, 2008

Taking Command

This past Thursday a little known and perhaps little understood APD special order went out, quietly creating a new position in APD's command structure.
Effective immediately, the current rank of Captain has been officially changed to Commander. The new rank will be incorporated into the Departments SOP, General Orders, Procedural Orders and Administrative Orders Manuals at a later date.
It certainly doesn't look like much, but with the stroke of a pen Chief Schultz removed an entire rank from the APOA. You see, up until last Thursday, your local substation commander was a captain; now the Captain in command is a Commander in charge.

You're probably thinking so what, a rose by any other name... The problem here isn't in the title it's in the job description. Now that Captains are Commanders, they are no longer a part of the APOA. In essence they have become at will employees of the Chief - who in turn is an at will employee of the mayor.

By creating the new rank to supplant the old, the 11th floor has managed to extend its tentacles through the 5th floor and right into your neighborhood substation. Our problem is that APD already has a problem with ambitious officers buying their rank (we won't mention DC Castro's name), removing Captains from the union only increases the necessity for Commanders to be loyal to the current administration.

We've been watching the administration for some time as it worked to move "their" people into the captain slots; as more senior and experienced Lieutenants were repeatedly passed over for promotion. Our Eyes tell us that these passed over Lieutenants didn't have a problem with qualification, but rather with loyalty to the current administration.

According to our Eyes this move has been in the works since 2005, when a number of APD Captains and Lieutenants were openly supporting other candidates; which by the way, they have every right to do as long as they are not in uniform and not on duty. Then Deputy Chief Paul Chavez vowed that the mayor was going to remove both Captains and Lieutenants from the ranks of the APOA; and it looks to us as if that is exactly what the mayor is up to.

You may be wondering why the APOA would go along with such an obvious power grab. Well The Eyes have it that the APOA quietly agreed to the provision under the tenure of former President, Lawrence Torres; who now coincidentally works for the mayor.

Our Eyes tell us that these types of tactics have been compared to the iron fisted control over the police wielded by the legendary "mayor" of Albuquerque Clyde Tingley, by none other than current DC Michael Castro. Oddly enough, we might find ourselves agreeing with the Deputy Chief on this one.

In the final analysis, it really doesn't matter whether we have a Captain or a Commander. What matters is that they make law enforcement their first and only priority. The Area Commands are not the places for the politics of the 11th and 5th floors; they're a place where citizens should be able to trust that eradicating crime is the only goal.

Unfortunately, these new Commanders will owe their jobs to the Almighty Alcalde and should they prove too independent from his honor, they we be forced to go it alone. Our Eyes have seen it too many times; cross the administration and suddenly there's an IA investigation that pops up out of nowhere. If you're perceived to be disloyal, you end up with your phone bugged.

The Albuquerque Police Department needs more insulation from the politics of the 11th floor, not less. That means that they need to be less dependent on the good favor of the mayor and more concerned about fighting crime so that headlines like "Crime Welcomes TV Crew" (ABQ Journal - Subscription) aren't just an expected part of the Albuquerque experience.


joe schmedlap said...

There is no reason to make it easier to exert political control over the department. In fact, all police activities should be throughly insulated from local politics. Not that the union is always right but certainly making a larger portion of the employees "at will" can only lead to less open opinion. There may be people who would otherwise feel obligated to opine on another path for the department who will now be forced into being a "yes man" to the city administration. Strangely, politicians (no doubt because so many are attorneys) have no qualms telling cops how to do their jobs. I'm sure that this is how it was done in the old days under Tingley, it is also how it was done in Chicago in the 1920s, that doesn't make it the right thing to do, it just makes it the politically expedient thing to do! Decisions that are politically expedient are more dangerous to the populace then any gang banger or thief, because those are the sorts of decisions that lead to loss of liberty.

Anonymous said...

Torres sold out alot of people thats how he got the job he has now!!!!

Anonymous said...









Anonymous said...

I think this was an excellent move by the Chief. To be effective in that capacity you need loyalty from your top people under you. If you didn't have that, under the old rank structure, you were in for an o'l fashioned tug-o-war. This way you assure loyalty in the rank structure. If they don't want to follow your rules then they can be swept aside and room made for a more trustworthy, loyal staff. Nice going Ray.....Smart

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was the Chief's sole idea, the union sold them out for a monetary trade. In APOA there is no room for Captains, rehires and soon perhaps it will be LT's and Sgts's.

Anonymous said...

Schultz and Chavez just want to have total control over the dept to do what they want without any questions being raised on violations of city and dept policy on their part.

Schultz will take out the Lt's next....

Schultz is terrified of command level officers with opinions, ideas and view points of their own, or officers with honor and integrity that will not lie or cheat to save the dept from a black eye.

That is the reason all the senior level command oficers have been leaving. They know what schultz is all about, himself!

Schultz now controls all the captains, except two that drive him nuts by holding him accountable!

These two will watch him until he is out!

He fears these two..

Anonymous said...

Lawerence Torres, political hack and traitor to APD. He sold APD down the river for a high paying job with Marty.

He is the biggest kiss ass around! Marty won't be here forever Torres, then you will be ours....

Anonymous said...

That's all this administration wants is to have total control of everything. So, as a result, no one dare expose any wrong doing by Chief Ray Schultz and his Command Staff.

This management team works off of fear and intimidation of it's officers and supervisors.

They don't lead by example!

They constantly violate the APOA contract and officer's rights.

Further, they don't believe in doing the right thing.

This department will have to do major repair to right all the damage Chief Schultz and his cronies have done. It will take years to right all the injustice and mismanagement!

Anonymous said...

APD continues its slide into the abyss. Everytime we think we have hit the bottom, we sink further. No wonder we hire officers who rape women while on duty and who forge papers to join APD. Oh yeah and regarding the last one, that happened under Schultz but is there going to be an investigation into Recruting to see why the doctor was not called when the slip was presented. NOOOOOOOOOOOO there won't be any investigation. I wonder how many other new police officers have gotten in under falsified and forged documents! Schultz owns this 100%, but because he now has surrounded himself with YES men/women no one will dare bring it up to hold him accountable.

Last thing, how many full time APD officers do we now have? Only about 900! This is a far cry from the 1100 promised and the 1400 needed.

Crime is everywhere in Albuquerque. It is embarrassing that Extreme Makeover had their vehicles stolen and vadalized while here. This has never happened in any other town they have been in. Albuquerque needs a better police department. The only way this will happen is to hire a better police chief.

God help the police department and the citizens of Albuqueque, the future looks very dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Torres isn't the only union president that sold it's membership down the river. The fire department's past pres, John Garcia, is now the county fire chief and has no experience to be. He used our fire union dues to campaign for the county commisioners and city officials including our freind, Marty. It didn't matter what the membership wanted. He had less than 2 years experience as a firefighter, the rest of his short career was on the inside fixing computers.

Loyalty is exactly what our leaders want, it has nothing to do with quality or experience. If the city was run, like a private business, then all the pals would be working in the mail room.

Anonymous said...

It's sad when I read what has happened to the APD. I spent 25 years with this fine organization. Now, All I hear is how bad morale has become. In addition, our cityies crime rate is as high as its ever been.

Politics have no place in a police department. Research shows that it only leads to corrupt police organizations whose officers buy their promotions by donating money to corrupt politicians who now control an organization's ability to enforce laws. However, not against the corrupt politicians.

This current administration to include the mayor a chief of police must never hold office once their term is done!

They are not healthy for the APD or City of Albuquerque!

Anonymous said...

Bakas has always been under the good ole boy system. The guy works off bribes, kick backs and paybacks.

It was a joke when they made him head of public safety. He would sell his mother to get ahead.

This guy has no business near a law enforcement agency.

Anonymous said...

Deputy Chief Castro almost did not get his money's worth, as Ray Schultz by passed him for Deputy Chief in the first go round. The reason he was picked was because Capt Candeleria had way too much pride, honesty and integrity to accept a chiefs position from Ray who he knew was only in it for himself and not the APD.

Castro was the only senior capt left to chose, as all the other great senior capts had jumped ship and retired after Ray took over.

Castro was not Ray's pick although, Ray tells him that. The mayor's office suggested Castro, not Ray!

Castro is not stupid and knows this. He is much brighter and far more intelligent than Ray is.

He is just playing their game.

Anonymous said...

There is a BIG difference between the mail room and a top level position!!

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget the nice pay raise that Captains/Commanders got...what was it from about $36/hr to about $41/hr...almost 14% not bad.

Not that I think they shouldn't be paid well, heck I think it's a bargain for what they're paid.

Here's the but: Notice how many people will test for the upcoming promotions. Plenty. Yet we still have staffing challenges for the rank of Officer. Pathetic.

I'm an officer and I don't want a raise. I want to be paid a competitive salary. I want to know that I'm serving with the best and with a department that's growing in terms of officers on the street.

F.A.C.? COAST? I could care less about though I will extend a huge thanks to the P.T.C. and the O.I.M. for evidence tagging.

Admin types take notice, your city is falling apart because of a lack of presence on the street. Media types should take notice of the massive increase in armed robberies during the day...take a guess what that's a reflection of...

If Emperor Ray wants to surround himself in yes-men go for it but it's going to be a good laugh when the lights come on.

Anonymous said...

The raise for the capt's was nothing special after you factor in everything they lost. No more 8hrs of comp time every two weeks. No longevity pay or super longevity pay, no more college incentive pay. All gone, so when you add it up, it's not that great!

Anonymous said...

Although I am in agreement that Lawrence Torres is a bottom feeder, the move to oust the Captain happened under the current union leadership, Ron and company. Pay credit where is due!

Anonymous said...

People have got to remember the other backroom deals that were cut that got Torres his job and set cops here ten years or more back. Torres and vigil cut the deals that created the two different pay scales and longevity scales, as well as the lie we were told about the big PERA deal. all of these combined have stalled our pay for the last decade and has saved the city millions of dollars, all while dividing the officers. It was a dirty nasty but brilliant ploy. In the end the city will suffer for this. APD cant hire or retain, morale in the crapper, FIVE officers quitting in Jan and Feb! Perhaps had Torres put up a fight for those Capts we wouldnt be getting written up by them all the time, what goes on below them doesnt matter anymore. it might have been a tough fight but the capts might have some loyalty left for thier subordinates. Gone..........all gone. And it was all for a BS "raise" for our retirment contributions, that money was already earned. I have bitched and complained and not help my "union" one damn bit, I know this. I have also openly disagreed with the people making the decisions over there, but it was only to bitch. Well no many of us have had enough.....whichever fifth floor person is reading this and reporting to the 11th floor, try to take this seriously. And you bet your ass Im anonymous, this dept will hunt you down and kill you for stepping out of line

Anonymous said...

I agree, despite getting a "raise" the Captains/Commanders got hosed with the loss of other benefits.

However to give credit where credit is due, this issue of losing this rank out of the APOA membership was part of the contract presented by Lawrence NOT Ron Olivas. Again, when this was presented, not one person spoke up in discontent.

Get real with a proposal or hold on....

Anonymous said...

This is crap, you think we were born yesterday??? The City could not had canned the Captains without union approval. The deal was signed off by the union, who are you trying to kid?????

Time and time again, this union has failed to represent some segments of their members, such as the rehires and now the Captains.

Wake up people!

Anonymous said...

The only ones that suffer are the officers who no longer have any backing.....Your fish food now if Schultz decides to come after you.

To think, this is same chief that put a clause in so they could not remove him as a deputy chief, removed the savings clause when he became chief, and now took it one step further and took out the capt's

Schultz, you outsider, you really F*#KED up our dept!

In two years you will retire or get thrown out and run back to your home state!

RAY SCHULTZ, Thanks for screwing up APD!

Anonymous said...

APD continues to sink lower and lower!

Anonymous said...

Did you hear the radio slamming Chief Schultz again! This poor guy can't do anything right.....

Schultz will go down as having the worst police administration in APD history, even worse than Chief Gilbert Gallegos, who for the record, is the only APD Police Chief to be FIRED!

Gilbert had a great excuse. He was stupid and also liked young girls.

Schultz is just arrogant and power hungry and does not care about his officers!

Anonymous said...

All of Gallegos' DC's also had a weakness for the young ladies.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. We can't get more officers to offset attrician and now we are promised AGAIN, by the end of THIS year we'll have 1,100 officers. We've been promised that for 5 or 6 years now.
BUT, we CAN afford to just pay in access of $200,000 + per year so that Ray & Marty can control the
politics of the rank and file from Lt. and above.
Does anyone NOT see a problem with this?
Hitler was paranoid as well.

Anonymous said...

Only weak leaders rule by these methods. It also means that the rank and file are not buying into this leadership and have no trust or confidence.
If your troops are not willing to follow based on the examples that you set, your likely not to exist long in that role as leader.
Years back aboard ship, you simply just came up missing.
In other words, your 'rack'(bed for civies)was just thrown overboard in the middle of the night, with you in it.

Anonymous said...

Well Torres has screwed ove two departments (Open Space and APD), so I guess Aviation is next.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think Schultz' command staff is so young, all of his capts and deputy chiefs have just a little over 1 year in rank.

That should tell the public something about this man's management style. All the senior commanders would not put up with his BS, so they left.

In fact, as soon as the command staff and officers even get close to 20 years on the dept, they are leaving, because the chief has no clue how to lead and inspire his troops.

Also those that can't leave are all counting down the days until Schultz leaves or they can retire and get out of APD.

Morale is the worst it has ever been!

This is really sad that an organization which had a great image at one point is now looked at as a politically corrupt dept with piss poor management!

Anonymous said...

2years. a year and a half. Think again. The end will come sooner than that. Investigations are in the works, and when they get close to Marty, dicks will start coming off. Marty will not go down with you, so get out now while you still have it attached.
FYI. Already retired? That won't shield you either. Better look at setting up shop outside the country.
As for the Directors; the next mayor will take you all out like the garbage. The next words out of your mouths will be, " would you like fries with your order"

Anonymous said...

"...would you like fries with your order", good call and I hope you're right--if not damn funny. HAHAHA haven't heard that in years!

Anonymous said...

Makes me sick to think that men & women committed to serving the public are reduced to this! Thanks Mayor Marty for being a punk-ass, prick.
You deserve the worst and I hope you get what's coming to you. You belong in jail.

Anonymous said...

Have you all heard that Schultz may make one ex-deputy (big ears/aka:wing nut) chief's girl friend APD PIO.

Ahahahah that would be a big joke. Talk about not improving APD's image, that would really put morale and APD's image further into the shitter.

Everyone knows who I am talking about. This person came from the Airport Police, and didn't even go through a regular APD academy.

In fact, she was banned from applying to APD's Academy by the recruiting staff!

I wonder who pulled the strings to get her in as a lateral officer????

Anonymous said...

Maybe Schultz and Walsh want to get lucky.....

That would be the only reason for such a move!

Gil Gallegos all over .

Anonymous said...

Oh please - the public knows all about APD corruption from the top. In fact, so does the world . . . check out - human trafficking of American children right here in good ole NM. Viewers include UK Parliament, two Canadian province governments, Russia, Lithuania, most of Europe, military organizations, the Dept. of Justice, etc.

Anonymous said...

She lives real close to Chief Schultz, just down the block.

I wonder??????

Then, there is John Walsh. We all know what he is like?????

Anonymous said...

It is funny how History repeats it's self. Usually it takes a few hundred years, but not in APD. I Remember an APD Chief named Baca who was the puppet for a Mayor Shultz. And guess what that Mayor is facing prison time for the scams he has committed. The Chief left with his head down.

Anonymous said...

When history repeats it's self, it
usually takes a few hundred years. Except at APD. I remember a puppet, Chief Baca that left with his head down worked for a Mayor Shultz that is now facing possible prison time. Maybe History is repeating it's self.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess! The new, to be, PIO's mommy also has political connections. Why does any department need a PIO anyway, all they are is a voice box for the lies admin has to tell. Remember poor Jeff Arbogast. Schultz didn't keep him because he'd been the voice for the evidence scandal. Keeping him would have constantly reminded the public. And according to Marty, at that time, he'd cleaned house. Jeff just relayed what he was told.

How does APD pick up all these crappy laterals? Torres use to ride a bike for open space and was very instrumental in getting Open Space & APD to merge. Why you ask? Because he couldn't have made APD's academy. Just like that Aviation cop. That was back in the day when APD actually had standards. Now we have rapist, theives and the like. It seems like administration hire people who mirror themselves. After all they're pressured to hire all unqualified friends and relatives for contribution payback's. I'm so glad I'm leaving in a couple of years, but I'm sad for the citizens.

Don't take my word for it do your own investigation it's easy and free, but could be time consuming once you discover the crimes.
-Get a list of public safety employees, including the fire department. It's public record. As a taxpayer you have the right!! You also have the right to know what the big-wigs are making.
-Go to Bernallilo County website
-Click A-Z, go to courts under "C"
-Enter the names under both metro and district court(s). District court will reveal, civil & felony charges. You'll find domestic violence, DWI, shop lifting, fraud, forgery, indecent exposure... And these were crimes commited prior to city hire. Would you want these people coming into your families houses?? And yes there is a big difference between high level positions and the mail room. Most of these people couldn't even be hired in the mail room. Ask local businesses, who Marty, I mean Bill brings to NM. They have to go out of state to hire qualified people. Maybe the schools should start with a work ethic's class in primary school on up.

I guess Marty & Ray are desperate to reach that bogus 1100. Sounds like the name of a movie.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of bullsh*t. This site is nothing but a group of disgruntled cops doing what they do best. Complain. The Albuquerque Police Department is a good department with good people at all ranks.

What is even more interesting is these same officers are complaining about not enough Cops. Read the crap you are writing. No wonder you are having a hard time hiring. It only takes a few disgruntled BAD cops to ruin an organization. God help you poor souls. You are the problem, dont blame anyone but yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Being a female PIO is a great way to get promoted! Good luck to you Nadine,,,u will follow in the footsteps of Beth and most recently Trish.

Anonymous said...

The major problem with this dept is that it has become way too political.

The post a few up does not mention how bad it has become and indicates it's all fine, because he is a deputy chief that purchased his way to the top!

Well, the rest of us don't have that kind of money!

Further, this is the guy that is breaking all the rules trying to get to 1100, so sure, everything is great for him and his friends.

He even put one of them, a sgt, incharge of the APD ranges, althought the guy was not even qualified and is considered a major screw up on this dept! The sgt was even kicked out of the DWI Unit.

So, I say again, it's not just a few cops complaining. It's more like 90-95% percent of the force.

Just go to any substation and see for yourself how bad morale is! Lets not even talk about the manning levels!

Officers go from call to call. We have priority one calls stacking daily, with no one to send! I feel sorry for the citizens that need are help, as there are not enough of us to go around.

If it wasn't for the 80 plus rehires that we now have, APD would be in major trouble! The dept would be about 700. The admin does not tell you that they can't recruit. Before long, the dept will be 50% rehires.

These are guys that retired and were hired back, and yes, they make more money that the newly hired cops.

Rehires are paid $21/hour, new cops $19/hour, and they wonder why recruiting is so bad???????

Back to morale, if you want to know whats going on at APD, talk to any APD cop, better yet, talk to any of your friends that work for APD and ask them. Do it away from an APD building or the chief's office will come after that officer for telling the truth about the deplorable conditions on APD!

So, I conclude by saying, this is a great place to work, however, the current administration has screwed it up! After they all leave, it will take some time, but it will be a great place again.

Anonymous said...

Good guess for all of us, that Nadine will be the next PIO. Don't compare her to Beth or Trish until she proves herself.

Good Luck, Nadine, reporting the bullshit that admin tells you too. Hopefully you won't end up like Jeff, for reporting the lies that he was told too. Make sure you don't cross them, if so, you'll be kicked to the curb like at least one PIO we all know of.

As far as complaining. The public, including recruits, need to know what's going on. Especially recruits, there are plenty of other good departments, like Rio Rancho, that don't hire criminals.

If I had to do it all over again I would have gone there. At least their pay & benefits are coming up. So anyone wanting to be a cop consider them, unless of course you have a criminal past.

Anonymous said...

-Go to Bernallilo County website
-Click A-Z, go to courts under "C"
-Enter the names under both metro and district court(s). District court will reveal, civil & felony charges. You'll find domestic violence, DWI, shop lifting, fraud, forgery, indecent exposure...

Thank you poster, very, very well said-YES!! I've been doing my own little "investigations" this way for some time now! And you are right on the money, the charges that come up from these searches is mind-blowing.

Like I've been saying all along it's not fair to hold us lower-eschelon city employees to a rigid standard and then have worse charges against the "AT-WILL" employees. It sucks, it's discriminatory, it's eleteist(sp?) it's condescending, it's a lot of things, (but unfortunately for us on the bottom of the food chain), it's probably not illegal.

Down with Chavez and his corrupt puppets!! Albuq. deserves a fresh start with new blood, new ideas and all new adaministrative officers.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for your site! In my opinion, this is the order of corruption, from worst to least:
*U.S. Marshalls and US Atty for NM
*BCSD (Bernallilo County Sheriff's Dept)
Rio Rancho PD is MUCH better. Thanks to those of you within APD with the balls to speak out. I'm glad there are still some good guys there. Let us know how we can help.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Geraldine, you forgot to mention the Federalies and the corrupt banking system.......

Anonymous said...

Just how many full time officers does APD now have? I heard after the end of the year the number dropped below 900! Is this true? Can some reporter ask for this public information and get it to the public? I know APD is low because you don't see Schultz or Chavez talking about it.

Anonymous said...

"Rehires are paid $21/hour, new cops $19/hour, and they wonder why recruiting is so bad??????? "

Perhaps because that is what they were making in the first place and franly, they have a lot more experience.

Anonymous said...

does having a prior career as a stripper disqualify a person to be hired for APD's academy?

Anonymous said...

No I'm not Geraldine. I don't wear aluminum antenae on my head.

The coruption being posted here is rampade throughout the city. This isn't about a few disgruntled cops. It's a majority of disgruntled city workers. If you'd been reading all the posts, you'd know that. And you're a stupid Marty fan if you think the public is not aware of the coruption. We live in the information age, the days of smoke signals are long gone.

This city's political system is broken. We need a major change in leadership, and it will take years to fix. Hopefully we can get honest leadership that won't always be on the take, obviously including you.

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with a stripper! I hope she doesnt show up to court.


Jason Daskalos

Anonymous said...

Talk, talk, and more talk. The only obvious overt action that's been done to honestly express discontent is the APOA ad placed last fall. And good for the APOA for placing the ad--well done fellas.

If there isn't a monumental change in the new contract what are you going to do? If they offer a lot of $$$ but take people out of the union what are you going to do? If they offer you a pittance of a raise and let you keep Lts/Sgts in the union what are you going to do?

Start thinking about it because you're going to have to make some decisions very soon. Whining about this bullshit isn't going to accomplish anything. Could things be better...always, but start leading from within. Who the fuck wants to help when there's nothing but this bitching. Pull your shit together and fix yourselves.

Joseph Lopez said...

It is true that negativity can give a Bully Boss the rope he or she neeeds to hang you, just as doing your job flawlessly gives them no reason to mess with you.

Its good to get the bitching out though, how else can people figure out what common problems they have and then try to fix them?

Every big organization in Albuquerque has ethics and accountability problems due to lack of transparency and oversight.

Who Watches the Watchmen? It appears no one.

Anonymous said...

Hey Geraldine, don't go away mad....Just go away. We miss seeing you at the Council meetings talking about how the gold is missing from the Federal Reserve.

Anonymous said...

I* reww oswe