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Jan 22, 2008

Getting in on the Scam-eras

Tuesday Governor Bill Richardson announced that he's got a hankerin' for some scam-era cash (ABQ Tribune). We figured that it would only be a matter of time before Santa Fe got into the act and tapped the new revenue stream that the Almighty Alcalde has created. With oil and gas tax revenue dwindling and state roads crumbling due to the Rail Runner raid on the state's road fund, we guess it was only a matter of time before Big Bill and company succumbed to the scam-era tax temptation.
Gov. Bill Richardson has added Albuquerque's controversial red-light camera program to the agenda of state legislators, with an eye on using some of its revenue for DWI prevention.
During last year's legislative session we were hopeful that Governor Bill would sign legislation that stripped the city of its prize "excess revenue" cash cow. After all, Marty said last year that he would have to end the scam-eras if the state got hold of his red light booty.
Senate Bill 780, unanimously approved by the Senate last week, would require the city to give the state $74 for every citation issued by the traffic camera program.
"This bill is a program killer," Chávez said. "This is very unfortunate. The state's largest city comes up with an innovative program to improve public safety, and the legislators just see green."
It's amazing how a year and two failed attempts at higher officer have changed The Almighty One. Now it seems that the city and Mayor Marty are ready to share and in a courageous statement made by Marty's political, uh... police chief, Marty embraced the Guv's idea.
"The mayor would welcome the opportunity, as of course would the Albuquerque Police Department, to work with the governor and the Governor's Office to utilize this excess revenue for traffic awareness and enforcement on a statewide level," Albuquerque Police Chief Ray Schultz said Monday.
Note the repeat of the phrase "excess revenue," known to the rest of us as profit. The scam has raked in over $5 MILLION in pure profit thus far. Marty has already used part of its largess to balance the city budget and Bill is moving to get his share just like Bill's neighboring gubernatorial colleague and Sandia High School graduate, Janet Napolitano.
Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano says the deployment of new photo radar or other speed enforcement technology on state highways is all about public safety. But her proposed state budget counts on the anticipated speeding fines to help erase a projected revenue shortfall.
- (Hat tip Eye Reader)
We had that AP story emailed to us over the weekend and couldn't believe our Eyes. Governor Napolitano came right out and nearly screamed "it's all about the money!" At least the Arizona Scammer-In-Chief is being honest about her desire to balance the state budget on the backs of scammed drivers. Our own Governor is trying to pass off the state's monetary pursuit as a philanthropic venture benefiting DWI prevention programs.

It's a new twist on a "sin tax." Eventually, we can sell prepaid scam-era indulgences to people who don't drive so well or just want to be careless for a week or two. Perhaps we can encourage participation by giving bulk discounts - buy a pack of ten and get one free. Just think - we'll all be able to sleep better knowing that we've already paid for something that we haven't done yet since we haven't got a chance to prove that we didn't do it in the first place.

In the final analysis, Governor Richardson is doing nothing to address the program's underlying injustices; he's merely providing yet another justification for continuing it. The scam was bad enough already with a mere 20 fixed locations and a couple of scam-vans participating. Just think if the state gets into the act spreading a couple hundred scam-era locations and ten or twenty scam-vans across the state. Public safety? Rrrrright.


Anonymous said...

If the red-light scamera's are truly about "public safety" then how about making it a criminal citation?

-violators could have their day in court
-fines would go down
-insurance rates would go up, essentially causing the amount of citations to go down
-it would legitimize the program

Now to be the devil's advocate:
-the cash cow would go away
-politician's, with their dirty hands, would not be able to tap into the "excess" money
-MADD would be pissed off
-Redflex wouldn't get their commision
-it would most likely clog up the courts

But remember it's all about "public safety". Right?

Anonymous said...

Bill's gonna take Marty's football and go home with it. That leaves marty & Ray with zilch, especially sinc it was recommended by the 'Blue Ribbon' committee
(Marty's friends and kick-back buddies), to reduce the fines.
Soooo... Marty either bend over and takes it from Bill, or he terminates the program. So he'll then look like a hereo so he can run for Mayor again. If he does that then Bill will pour money into Margaret's campaign to beat Marty like a Biach.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor knows he is a sinking ship and will bring aboard anyone that will support his red light camera's.

The mayor figures it's better to have some money than no money!

Any how, the mayor's political future is over and maybe Big Bill will throw him a bone when the Mayor's term is up!

The drowning Mayor at this point will grasp at anything to try and stay afloat for the next two years.

Remember, today this Mayor could not be elected as janitor!

Stick a fork in him, as he's done!

Anonymous said...

Marty shouldn't have pissed Bill off by beating him to his big announcement.

Anonymous said...

Boy howdy, you're right about that!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Go ahead Bill take the money. Dont stick up for WE THE PEOPLE , you know the people that gave you your nice job. Go ahead and you will be done just like your twin marty the lier!

Anonymous said...

Stick a fork in him :) :) :) You're soooo funny. I want to be first in line...for the 10-pack I mean...that way they don't even have to waste their time or stamps mailing me their f***ing "citation" and we can all go on to something more fork sticking!

Anonymous said... all need a nap and an ass whippin.How about more work and less chit-chat earn your pay.

Jim Baca said...

The "Little sawed off Turd" pissed off The "Fat Bastard".......????? IDIOT.

Anonymous said...

To "Babys"

FYI, you Stepford child, since you have an obvious flaw in intelligence you probably don't know what that means. FYI means "For Your Information".

So, FYI. City employees know better than to post any comment on city time that disagrees with the King. Marty's ISD police would track them down. Then the wrath of the Mighty Mouse would follow. He'd also have our home computers hacked, if he could. Other tax-paying citizens can post when they want. Every heard of the First Amendment????

You must be a Marty zealot, an at-will bully, posting such witty thoughts on a city computer while working(?), like: "babys", "whine", "get back to work", "ass whippin" and the ever so clever "whats good for the goose"...

This blog allows city employees to get the truth out about the disgusting corupt leadership we have. There's no doubt that Marty will go on in politics someway somehow, but the finger pointing will continue. When negative news reports occur he didn't know anything, when good reports happen it was all HIS idea. No kudo's for any of his slaves.

You won't exist once the ship goes down. You'll be drinking, Jim Jones', poison koolaid like the other sheep in his flock.

Anonymous said...

In my ever humble opinion, I think that Marty is hoping that by letting Big Bill et, al step in and skim off some of the Scam-era money that it will give him political cover for this travesty of constitutional infringement. And sadly he's probably right. In his first term when the airport observation deck (which no one but ticketed travellers can use now) went way over budget to one of his buddies, did anyone hold that against him when he ran for his second term. I did, but then I didn't vote for the weasel the first time either. Along with 2/3rds of the voters at the time. He led with a 31% plurality but since the idiot NM Supreme Court ruled that the old runoff system was unconstitutional, he "won" (we lost) and then he declared that he'd been given a "mandate" for change in ABQ. Well, he's changed it alright! Now we have one of the highest crime rates in the nation, but his focus is on RLC's, smoking in the parks, cellphones in the cars, chips in Fido, and making us drink water that Espanola has already flushed down their sewers.

"Good For You Albuquerque" for keeping this megalomaniac at the helm for 3 terms, and considering his cozy relationship with the NM Supreme Court, you'll probably get the opportunity to give him a fourth (Fifth? Sixth? For Life??) term.

God help us all!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To "humble opinion"

I couldn't have said it better.

The only thing you left out are all the corupt projects, but you wouldn't have time or space to note all of them.

Nod, "God help us all!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried that San Juan drinking water?

Friends and I were at an event at civic plaza this past summer. There was a group handing out the water in bottles.

Yuk, it tastes like sulfer with tons of chlorine to try to cover up the putrid flavor. We even compared it to our store bought bottled water. All of us took one sip then left the full bottles behind.

The water ABQ has right now is so good I can't imagine that coming through our taps.

James said...

Mr Chavez fat cow red light camers are killing his popularity and poor people,s bank account,s ,I hope those greedy bastards choke on all the fine money!!!!!!!!! And about the train well that will finish what money we have left! WHER IT GO CHAVEZ AND RICHARDSON

Anonymous said...

That was not a bottle of SJC drinking water I handed you.....OOooops

Anonymous said...

that's funny the label said San Juan Chama on it. I guess just another ploy by our corupt govenment to make us think the aquafer is drying up.

What was it? The sewage from Espanola?

Anonymous said...

Squirrel piss !!