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Jan 6, 2008

Eye Poll: Not Safe in Albuquerque

Back in October we ran this same poll (see the results here). We're not happy to announce that there has been little change in the past couple of months. Those of us who reside here in Albuquerque by and large do not feel safe.

In our unscientific poll 43% of Eye readers felt unsafe, 19% felt somewhat unsafe, 27% felt somewhat safe, and only 11% felt safe (see the results here). The results are almost identical to those of our October poll. No matter how you slice it we don't feel safe and thus far APD and Chief of Police Mayor Martin Chavez don't seem to be making any progress in that regard.

This week we look into how you feel about the possibility of a third consecutive term for Mayor Chavez. Don't forget to vote!


Imisseditnews said...

So according to your post, 0% responding to the poll felt safe? "In our unscientific poll 43% of Eye readers felt unsafe, 19% felt somewhat unsafe, 27% felt somewhat safe, and only 11% felt unsafe" Everyone knows what you mean, but that's not what you wrote.

Anonymous said...

998 Vs 1,100. we need more than 102 more officers to make our city safe.
We need 1400 + according to the Justice Department guidlines in alignment with our population PERIOD.
That's it, the End.
Term limits? My ass, get a new mayor and a chief that can get it done.

Anonymous said...

How can ABQ be a safe city when APD's numbers and morale are at a record low!

The majority of troops that I have spoke with indicate that the number of officers at each of the area commands through out the city is so low, that priority one calls are even holding, as there are no officers to send!

Most shifts sometimes go into service with, as little as four officers for the entire command! This is especially true on Mondays when only one squad is working per area command, per shift.

Citizens of ABQ need to hold the mayor and Chief accountable for this major shortage!

This morning on GMA they said violent crime was down in most cities through out the country, however, not ABQ! ABQ is at a record high in all areas of crime, not just violent!

What does the APD Police Chief and Mayor plan to do about this problem?

Don't agree, do the research for your self.

Anonymous said...

How can this city be safe with so few cops. In addition, their morale is in the toilet.

Chief Schultz and his staff treat their officers like dirt, having no respect for them.

"A competent leader can get efficeint service from poor troops, while on the contrary an INCAPABLE leader can demoralize the best of troops".

This is a quote from Gen Pershing, Gen of the Armies.

It appears that this is the case within APD, as the morale is so low and continues to get worse!

Anonymous said...

YES, for term limits!

They're designed to keep the politicion's accountable (not sure that works) and prevent dictatorship. The councilors should have them too. The presidential seat has them. What is the little one thinking? That he's better than the president. What a case of small-mans complex. And what's with the 40% of the vote needed to win. That means less than 1/2 the people wanted him. It should be 51%, duh, a majority. The second run for mayor he won by less than 40%, with Bob Schwartz close behind. Marty spent 100 times more than Bob and barely won. The 3rd time, the mighty mouse one, used city billboards, no cost to him, to promote himself. Even the construction signs! Maybe it should be a partisan election, that would prevent the vote from becoming so split.

I will use my life's savings to keep him from winning again. Lets keep this charlatan out. Now we need to find someone bonifide.

Anonymous said...

Marty and Ray are safe.
What !!

Anonymous said...

Can you believe that Chief Schultz took his capt's out of the APD Union. He was so scared that they would rise up against him that he now made them at-will employees.

Talk about a screwed up deal.

When Schultz made deputy chief, he passed a procedure that would not allow the chief to remove him.

When he became chief, he removed that procedure, that way he could remove the deputy chiefs, sort of like he got rid of the last three. However, that did NEED to happen!

He did hire them back, but as patrolman. That was the deal for them to leave.

Clearly, this shows that Schultz is all about himself! When his own butt is on the line, he protects himself by passing procedures that could remove him.

However, when his troops are on the line, he throws them infront of the bus, and reverses the procedures that will protect his deputy chiefs and now capts.

They say he is trying to get the Lt's out of the APD Union next. Talk about being a control freak. No outside thoughts, but Schultz' in this dept!

The capts have always been in the union. However, after the last incident, when the capt's rose against Chief Gallegos, when Gallegos let those evidence girls take money and drugs, as he dated them. The 11th floor could do nothing to control the capt's actions. The 11th floor wanted the entire incident covered up! That did not happen, so them came up with a procedure to remove the capts protection from the APD Union.

Then APD President of the Union, Lawerence Torrez, sold the capt's down the river and allowed the Mayor and Schultz the remove the capt's from the union.

Just another way that Chief Schultz can keep total control of the dept and continue with his corrupt ways with no one to stop him.

That's why they removed the IA capt. Now, a Lt, who some day hopes to get promoted, reports directly to Schultz. The Lt dare not piss Schultz off, much less look at Schultz and his staff for any wrong doing.

Watch how fast the IA Lt's get promoted for covering for Chief Schultz!

That Lt will be promoted basically for keeping his mouth shut and letting Schultz violate policy.

Folks, no checks and balances here on APD.

I guess Chief Schultz feels he and his staff should not be held accountable to APD's rules and reg's.

This dept needs serious change at the top, as it has just gone to shit over the last 6 years!

Anonymous said...

Great news!!! Instead of obtaining all the cops we need, let's just put a red scamera at every intersection! WE all know according to ray and hugo that the scamera's are a saving grace. After all, just think about all the murderers, rapests and pedifiles that these "wonders" have apprended.
Time to get rid of all the trash, including hugo, ray and their scamera's.

Anonymous said...

I work for fire so I know what it's like for your union pres to sell his soul to the devil

thank gawd the county hired him as there new chief doesn't matter if he's qualified

sooo glad he's gone

the new pres is great

Anonymous said...

How can this city remain safe with Schultz constantly shaking up the dept and destroying morale.

He told the Captian's, which he made at will employees that he would protect them.

Yeah right! Like the way he, Chief Schultz has apologized for his Officers actions in the media.

The way old Chief Gallegos protected Deputy Chief Silva!

Yeah right, Schultz will throw his Captian's under the bus to save his hide. He has always done that will his troops!

Thank god he will be gone by the time I get up there!

Anonymous said...

Not soon enough!

Anonymous said...

Unsafe in Albuquerque, unsafe in the pubilic libraries, too. Watch Mitch Blacher's report on pedophiles that stalk kids in the library.

Oh yeah, and the cultural services deputy director was arrested for indecent exposure, too.

Wow our city is so safe!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who was that deputy director that was the sexual offender.

Can I just get the first letter of his first and last name?

Does someone have that?