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Jan 28, 2008

The Furr's Still Flying

We told you recently about the Chavez administration's continuing problems with fuzzy math (read it here and here). They seem to have problems with numbers in just about every department and frankly if the 11th floor claimed that there were 24 hours in a day, we'd ask to see a clock. Now they seem to be tailoring reports to specific councilor's sensibilities (or lack thereof).

Monday, the Albuquerque Journal reported that a four page report - meant to justify the mayor's shakeup over at Animal Control and convince the council to release some $4 MILLION in funding that had been frozen in response to the shakeup - had been tailored in an effort to please one councilor.
The administration's initial four-page report was cut in half at the request of Councilor Sally Mayer. The final document failed to include criticism of the old animal-care leadership team— information the administration had included to bolster its case for hiring a new director.

In an interview last week, Mayer, who supported the previous leadership, said the parts she objected to were misleading.

"I said, 'This is insulting,' '' Mayer said. "It was a big spin campaign."
The Mayer didn't like the idea that the administration's report included information that was less than flattering to the previous manager and her staff. First of all, we don't know what the heck Ed Adams was doing having a councilor approve a report to council. Second, the thing was four whole pages?! If your average mid-schooler showed up with a book report of four pages they'd probably be spending more time in mid-school than they'd like (except at APS but that's another story).

Remember, this report was supposed to justify the major shakeup over at animal control and almost half of the original report was characterized by The Mayer as "spin." So... the council takes definitive action freezing $4 MILLION and demands an accounting of the administration's actions and Mayor Chavez's team comes up with four pages. That's $1 MILLION per page - $2 MILLION per page for the submitted report. Apparently, even the councilors noted the lack of report in the report.
City councilors seemed surprised recently when the administration presented a two-page report on plans to improve animal care.

"This is the report?" two councilors asked during a November meeting, sounding surprised and disappointed.
We've been baffled by this whole shakeup thing and suspicious of the apparent rift between The Mayer and the mayor from the very beginning. It almost seemed to be a fight over who was going to take credit for making Albuquerque a live exit city.

From the numbers we saw the shelter was making substantial gains before the shakeup. After the shakeup the new director claims credit and follows up by inflating numbers at an adopt-a-thon that was by all accounts successful without the fuzzy fib.

There really doesn't seem to be any justification for what the mayor did when he sacked the previous management and even less justification for what The Mayer did afterwards. Why lead the charge to freeze money for Animal Control only to accept a substandard report as justification as long as it didn't speak ill of the people that it was supposed to justify replacing?

Yeah, we know... bizarre doesn't even begin to describe recent events.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Mayer and Marty were once buds. Maybe Ed Adams is her new bud! But as for the recent months he and APD distributed inadequate/bad data on red light cameras, the number of pets adopted during the holidays was bogus, the "green" facts were over-inflated by beaucoup pertage points, and what else? Marty received an award for the "greening" of Albuquerque. When does he give it back? Does the awarding organization even know it was all a scam? On top of that, several thousand high-quality, mulitpage booklets touting Abq's "green" successes...and paid for taxpayer money...are being removed from the public's eyes and destroyed. At least they're being recycled. But what another waste. Now Marty is up for an award called "Most Outstanding Mayor of the World"!!! Go to to see for yourself. Meanwhile, city job vacancies are frozen and the administration is looking for many millions to be saved in all the departments this fiscal year to pull the botched city budget out of the fire. And this guy wants to be reelected?

Anonymous said...

What in the hell is going on here? This administration seems to employ Directors that are simply unqualified to hold positions related to running of this city. As for the City Council, well that goes without saying. I have never witnessed such amaturist bullshit in all my life.
This city needs new blood, a new set of Directors that will do right by it's citizens, instead of what's right for this mayor.
Term limits,forget about it.
There is no debating this. Simply put; keep term limits in place for everybody. Obviously this system of 'Patron' style politics simply doesn't work. Enough of the lying, cheating and stealing from these elected fools and their appointees.

Anonymous said...

Soooo sad, gross incompetence, but it sure is nicely spun.....follow the money.

Anonymous said...

I still say that Deborah James has pictures of Marty in compromising sexual positions. Remember that she was the one who got into it with Denise Wilcox over how the department should be run or what direction it should go.

Amazing how someone can have that much power over the mayor to sway him to make such a drastic change to a city department that was pretty much holding its own. Makes you wonder if there's anyone else out there who's got the goods on Marty to force him to make another move like that, of course at taxpayer expense...

Anonymous said...

In the Tahoe or his office?

Anonymous said...

He's reallyn up for Mayor of the Year award??? This sh*t has gone far enuf-I'm so over this squirt and his minion squirters...I'm going to see which investigative reporter has the 'nads to take all this on...(not that freak Barker, either). I used to be proud to work for the city; now I just say I work for the government if someone asks. God why can't he just be exposed for the crook, thief, wife-beater, drunk-ass, punk-ass that he is! Come on people--let's get this creep behind bars where he belongs.

Anonymous said...

JIM VILLANUCCI for MAYOR..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Villanucci for Mayor! Once Smarty Marty called him a "Kook".....! Man he has laid the smack down on the pint sized fool. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Come on Jim this shit is funny what's goin' on now. You are a comedian, at least we can just chalk up any weird, or bad ideas as "Dem just jokes". Ya' feel me?

Anonymous said...

The first report contained untrue things about the former management team at the shelter -- maybe that is why the Mayer rejected it.

And the whole thing looks like it was written by a four year old...

Anonymous said...

I know what the poster means by not saying they work for the city of Albuquerque. I do the same thing, I just say I'm a civil servant. I'm embarrassed to admit I work for the city.

The investigative reporters in this city want everything handed to them on a silver platter. Either they don't want to do the work or they're afraid to ask the Mighty one. One of the media outlets needs to sue the city for 1st amendment rights violations. Those APD numbers are public record. Let's hope one of them will stand up to our rotten administration. Other media has done this in small towns around the state and won.

As far as him being up for Mayor of the "World" go to their website and post a comment. His profile reads as if he's really done all of the things that he's fudged the numbers on. They also they have him listed as married with 2 children. HELP expose him to his peers.

I wonder if US Mayors are going to get their "green" award back and give it to someone that isn't a liar. It certainly would have to be another State since NM is rit with coruption everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Villanucci for Mayor! I agree. I think he has the pulse of the city on most issues. The guy is what Mayor Chavez used to be.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so went to that website. I think they need to know what the "Little Prince" is really all about & I'm just the person to tell them (from a secure internet IP server). & from that same secure internet site I think Mitch Blacher @KOAT may want to do a blurb on the Mayor along with his investigative piece exposing the libraries as havens for child sex predators (convicted & listed on the sex offender registry) so it's not made up!
Yeah, it's time for an ass-womping on this corrupt city!!

Anonymous said...

If the compromising sexual positions were in the office, maybe they had something to do with the Chief Administrator??? Just something a little birdie told me . . .

Anonymous said...

This Mayor does not know when to end all the lying. He just digs himself deeper and deeper.

They lie about everything. His directors lie just to save their jobs, ie, the police and animal control and all the others!

Impeach this guy!

Someone needs to give this site to the Mayor's 's of the country website, so his peers can read about him in Albuquerque. Post this site there! let them see what Marty is really about!

Anybody for Mayor, except MARTY!

Anonymous said...

Don't count on Channel 7 to do anything, as they are in the mayor's pocket and will bury and help cover anything up to protect him, just like Larry Barker @13.
In other words, they are being fed news stuff by the PIO's in exchange for not exposing the truth. This way they don't really have to work. Just sit around Capos resturant and work both sides of the fence.
Where are the real journalists in this town? Oh, I forgot, Chicago, NY, LA and other places.

Anonymous said...

What pictures does Deborah James have. Oh moma!