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Jan 16, 2008

More Fuzzy Math for our Furry Friends

Apparently, we're not the only ones being treated to suspicious numbers from Albuquerque's Animal Control, Care, Welfare - whatever. According to the Albuquerque Journal the Alliance for Albuquerque Animals has been receiving statistics from Animal Control that don't jive with the numbers being fed the media.
A nonprofit advocacy group apparently received bad information from Albuquerque's animal shelters in response to public-information requests.

Debbra Colman, founder of the Alliance for Albuquerque Animals, said she believes the misinformation was deliberate.

"I'm profoundly disturbed that for three years the Alliance has been given false information," she said. "It just doesn't make any sense that the reports could have inadvertently been wrong rather than deliberately falsified."
We wouldn't expect the city to cop to playing with numbers so as expected Chief Operating Officer, Ed Adams turned on the spin cycle.
Ed Adams, the city's chief operating officer, said a question about the accuracy of reports is part of the reason the mayor shook up the animal program last year. Mayor Martin Chávez last fall brought in new leadership for the shelters and made the program a stand-alone department in city government, meaning it reports directly to his office.

The bad formulas were developed before Patterson took over, Adams said.
Yeaaaah... that's it! That's the reason the "mayor shook up the animal program last year"... bad formulas... that's the ticket! Now with Marty's new regime in place everything is above board and they've "got nothing to hide."

It appears that Director, Patterson's "nothing to hide" assertion isn't strictly true as we've received more evidence that the Journal story from Christmas Eve sounded better than it really was. The story by Journal reporter Jack King claimed that the Home 4 the Holidays adopt-a-thon left "Albuquerque's east- and west-side shelters [with] no animals available for adoption— all found homes at a weekend event."
Our Eyes tell us that the adopt-a-thon was held December 21st through the 23rd and that a few days after the event 67 dogs and 55 cats were still available before December 24th.
Today we received numbers from the Alliance for Albuquerque's Animals that shows that as of December 26th three days after the event, there were 41 cats and 87 dogs still available for adoption. The review date included suggests that all of these animals were available at the time of the Home 4 the Holidays event.
We're not suggesting that the Watermelon Mountain Ranch knew anything about the numbers being touted by the city. In fact, we don't want to do anything to discourage volunteerism at our city-owned shelters. However, we do believe that the city has both a legal and ethical obligation to tell us the truth about their successes and their failures.
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We've posted our latest information here. As you can see this report shows the impound number, review date, sex, spade or neuter status, animal evaluation, breed; and is broken out in to cats and dogs available in either the East or West side shelters on 12/26/07. While it's true that these numbers don't exactly match the ones we previously reported, they are close enough and they bear out that indeed there were animals available for adoption after the adopt-a-thon.

We really don't understand the administration's need to overstate the success of an event that had by all accounts been a tremendous success without having to inflate the figures. Kudos to the Watermelon Mountain Ranch folks and everyone who worked their tails off to place animals in good homes; they deserve better than fuzzy math for our furry friends.


Anonymous said...

Come on, we all know the reason the city is over playig this, is so that Chavez can play musical funds.

WOW, Could you imagine being under direct orders from the mayors office to do some Criss Angel shit with taxpayer money, moving monies from fund to fund to conceal activities? If Marty had any creditability you could give him the benefit of the doubt. But you have to take into account Marty's minimize,deny & blame, it didn't happen, are you gonna believe me or your lying eyes criminal activity.

On top of that you have to look at what Gil Gallegos got away with, the evidence room (sex,drugs & rock n roll $money$), sexual harassment and the Deputy Chief's he gave a pass to: Sauer,Chavez & Johnston. So we should never be suprised when the city or I should say Marty upstages any event, if anything we should be attentive and watch the action because it speaks louder then words.....

Anonymous said...

Lying about "the numbers" seems to be a common theme in the Chavez administration. Everything from the number of cops on the street, the number of accidents the red light cameras have reduced, the number of carbon emissions, and now the number of animals adopted out. What else is this administration lying about? I'm almost afraid to ponder the question! One thing I know for sure is that I don't want this guy re-elected as mayor of my city! What a sleeze ball!

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea Lier Marty. Why don't you have redflex place your scamera's in the pound. This way it could actually catch a lier in action; YOU!

Shame on you "Hugo."

Anonymous said...

I just saw Ed Adams, the new COO(?), on the news. Boy did he throw the past animal services management, Denise, under the rail runner.

The glitch in numbers was from prior management?? How would that effect the adopt-a-thon, under the new management?? And boy, did he look like a deer in the headlights. What qualifications does he have to obtain that position? Oh yeah, he's proably a college buddy.

And kudo's to the Watermelon Mountain Ranch. I know where my future chaity donations will go. It's so unfortunate that they had to be attached to the city and Marty's lies.

I wonder if the new animal services management will be re-ass-signed like Alfredo.

Anonymous said...

More lies.
They're all like immature children. They lie just for the sake of lying. High school bitches, one in all.
But the people of Albuquerque just keep looking the other way. Don't speak out against these bastards Albuquerque, just keep taking it like pansies.

Joseph Lopez said...

Marty and the rest of the spinners in this city have us believing that Santa Claus has a toy shop on the North Pole, and Fairies teleport you money by using your old teeth as collateral.

I get angry, literally shaking and temple-throbbing pissed off, when I see the bold faced lie every year in the media that Santa is being tracked by NORAD.

This is the same tactic that Marty and other politicians and government officials use to pull the wool over all the Peter Pans here in Albuquerque.

We believe the lie, swallow it whole without checking the facts...

Unless you have The Eye kicking butt, taking names, and getting serial numbers. Well done sir.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Marty's political future is over after this term and he knows it!

Anonymous said...

Red Light in the pound...LOL LOL!..hillarious! :)

Anonymous said...

We are stuck once again. Two more years of Marty; two more years of RedFlex.
2009 we need a change of guard, from top to bottom. However the company that runs this town won't be prosecuted, but instead will retire on our money, the ill gotton booty. ....and the public will keep letting it happen.
The citizenry has no balls or brains for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Before you start talking about how wonderful Watermelon is, you should check into their shady past as well.

Mike Davis who works for them also worked for the Journal.

Anonymous said...

No - we're only stuck with this A*hole if we let it happen again! Vote again the bastard! Why don't we sign a petition that we don't want the city charter revised so that troll can't run again? Don't we have a say as citiziens?
So where's Darren lately? Haven't heard anything about him or his political future now that Rudy's campaign is in the toilet.
What's the status on Ken Ronzone, et al? R they back from buttf'k no where?

Anonymous said...

Smarty lied about APD Chief Gil Gallegos who was dating the APD Evidence room girls, as well as letting them walk out the door of the evidence room with loads of cash and drugs.

Smarty and Nick Bakas covered it all up. Bakas would not let his chief friends go to jail.

Anonymous said...

I love the Redflex camera system! What a huge improvement in driving habits in this town. Put up more of them & make our streets even safer......

Anonymous said...

More red light camera's, Sure thing Marty kiss ass!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the city charter. If one item is unconstitutional shouldn't the whole thing be??

If so "The Merit System", Personnel Policy, will go also. The city would have to throw out Disciplinary action for city employees. That way employees could lie, cheat, steal, be immorally inept, bully, take trips on city money, get a brand new vehicle, have sexual relations with a subordinate then give her a great promotion with lots of money when she threatens to expose you, make $90,000 a year plus for doing nothing, give yourselve a raise every year, be a convicted felon, don't balance your check book, misappropriate federal grants, hire your unqualified relatives, create bogus positions, try to dictate what others do on their days off, be a hypocrite, have union leaders in your back pocket, scam your campaign money, go to the bars where there are scantily dressed women and have your body guards (on duty APD cops) drive you, get in car wreaks and leave the scene, drag race with a buddy and leave the scene when he runs a red light and almost kills 2 people then have nothing to do with him when he's indicted, beat your spouse, bring your untrained dog to work who runs around smelling women's crotches and when he poops don't pick it up, have your own TV & radio show, etc, etc, etc, etc...

Remind you of anyone??? Albuquerque politics have always been corupt but nothing as bad as this administration. It makes me sick!!! Lets get this creep out, I'll sign a petition!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I agree, put more camera's up..

Anonymous said...

A few posts up is Marty Chavez who does all those things!!!!

Anonymous said...

Are we murdering the animals at the shelter and calling them adopted?
What up?

Anonymous said...

Oh and don't forget have one of your minions pick up the dog poop...I've seen that one from across the street!!

So why is everyone OK with the fact that the Almighty Alcalde doesn't have to adhere to the same rules, regulations, policies, city charter whatever the f*@k you call it, AS THE REST OF US CITY EMPLOYEES. Yet we all know about it.
Next time the fat troll calls for his APD "Taxi" why don't you guys just say "NO"?? Seems to me that is something you guys have control over--you could turn him in to the attorney general for gawd's sake!! What up--Just don't be his bitch, for once.....!!!

Anonymous said...

"just say no" yea right, have you ever said "NO" to him? And what does the AG have to do with it? "for gawd's sake".

So, now lets get back on track. The numbers on every study that any politician orders are going to be inaccurate. It's the fox watching the hen house.

Regarding the "merit system" rant. That poster is so right on the money, it's scary.