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Feb 19, 2013

Berry and his "Train Wrecks"

Recently APD's struggling and spiteful police chief, Ray Schultz, lashed out at critics who offered fair and impersonal criticisms of where he has brung the state's largest police force during his tenure. Schultz attacked them for not being knowledgeable of police matters because they were too far removed from the department, or were of lower rank than he (typical Schultz fascism), or were biased. Of course Schultz failed to refute any of the facts offered against him; in typical “Schultzian style,” instead he just attacked the person.

Berry announced yesterday that he intends on running for re-election. In a statement to Channel 7 News, Berry stated, “We’ve got the train on the track if you will, and now we need to get it down the track.” We here at the Eye do not believe Berry should be talking about his "train wrecks" as if a train wreck is a good  thing; Berry and all of his "train wrecks" are a "BAD THING." There are two problems here: one, Berry is the one who caused the train to go off the track in the first place. Two, so now he put the train on the tracks only to cause a horrific wreck for the citizens of Albuquerque.  This is the worst parable Berry has ever used. We wonder if that hissy snake (McCluskey) gave Berry this bad idea?
Way to go Berry…Now an example of Berry’s most popular “train wrecks.”

Since we know so many people in Berry's office, APD and the media read the beloved Eye, we thought we'd relay some facts from some people who seem to know a lot about police leadership....the FBI National Academy. Since Schultz and many of his minions are graduates of the FBI's National Academy, surely they wouldn't refute some of the findings in a recent study entitled "The Ineffective Police Leader: Acts of Commission and Omission" by Joseph Schafer.

You see, folks and attendees at the National Academy have a lot of time on their hands to study police leadership and they get to meet a lot of police leaders from across the United States. In doing so, they've identified several dominant themes of an ineffective police leader. From the report it notes:

FOCUS ON SELF OVER OTHERS: They have failed to be mindful of their current duties, what was in the long term best interests of the office they currently hold, and the human needs of the personnel they supervised. They fail because they are not concerned about others and more focused on themselves....

EGO/ARROGANCE: They have an inflated sense of self importance and display it. They adopt an attitude of "my way or the highway." Their near absolute belief in their own opinions and judgments... What keeps them from being effective is they cannot see their own faults and accept responsibility for those faults.

CLOSED MINDED: These leaders seem unable or unwilling to listen to other perspectives, opinions, or voices. They fail to examine issues from all sides and fail to consider unintended consequences.

MICROMANAGEMENT: Ineffective leaders are far too autocratic and fail to delegate when appropriate and fear when subordinates would outshine the chief's own accomplishments. Micromanagement is a reflection of lack of self-confidence. The more micromanagement the more lack of self-confidence becomes.

CAPRICIOUS/POLITICAL: Arbitrary and capricious in how they make decisions with no baseline from which subordinate can work off of is evident. They do not adhere to a systematic approach. They tend to put personal relationships ahead of what is right, just, and lawful. Ineffective leaders foster a climate where officers do not know where they stand and cannot be counted on in times of controversy.

POOR WORK ETHIC: Ineffective leaders do not model the type of work or ethic they hold others to. They are ROD (retired on duty) or RIP (retired in place). They fail to lead by example and their actions undermine their credibility.

FAILURE TO ACT: They are expected to live up to their label--to lead. They frequently refuse to make a decision, or omit a decision. In cases of controversy such a failure to act reflects their closed mindedness.

INEFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: An inability or unwillingness to participate in two-way dialogue and a failure to accept input or criticism. Feel little need to seek out the input of others. This is also reflective of arrogance and closed mindedness. They believe they don't have to rationalize their beliefs and get offended if challenged.

LACK OF INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: An inability to understand or appreciate the human needs and motivations of those they sought to influence. They struggle to know their officers and tend to their welfare as individuals and as a collective. They are distant, detached, and disinterested in knowing their officers as person but merely look at them as numbers. Their actions are not in alignment with their words.

LACK OF INTEGRITY: Actions that abrogate the public's trust are a corrosive force on the capacity of the police to achieve desired outcomes. A leader's ability includes being viewed as trustworthy, honest, and ethical. Trust and respect once lost remains difficult to recapture.

As a Precinct Commander in a large county agency noted: “In most cases they were ineffective officers to begin with but somehow got promoted. They do not pay attention to what goes on around them, they do not set the example, they lack interest, motivation, and dedication. They fail to recognize when something is wrong and correct the problem. They don't lead.”

We at the Eye cannot say that any one of us have been the chief of the Albuquerque Police Department, but we do know a thing or two about a lot of things Ray Schultz knows nothing about. One of those things is what leadership is: The capacity to move a group to an improved and alternative position.

Given where APD was when Raymond Schultz took over as its chief in 2005 and where APD is now, could there be any questions that he is an ineffective leader by definition?

We know RayRay hates it when the Eye or the media gets in his "Grill." The real problem for RayRay is, the public is entitled to know the truth; get over it Schultz.

(We know Schultz could care less about our comments even though they come from people who have forgotten more about leadership than he's ever known. But for those interested in reading this excellent report, go HERE.)

With Paul Heh as Mayor you will never see another train wreck. This story clearly shows why you should VOTE Heh into the Office of the Mayor. Heh has all the qualities and characteristic of a true and solid leader.


APOA'r said...

Seems like the NA was doing a case study on shitty leaders and found a prime example with Schultz.

More proof "Police Chief Ray Schultz on Monday confirmed that Internal Affairs target letters were sent last week to: Cmdr. Joe Christman, who oversees APD’s Northwest Area Command; Lt. Troy Luna, who is assigned to the department’s Special Investigations Division; SWAT Sgt. Alexander Catsis; and Traffic Unit Sgt. Daniel Campbell."

All protected as friends of Ray. Unless this "investigation" is referred bout the LEA board, mark my words NOTHING will happen. Luna--highest paid Apd cop, Christman -- fried of Perry and fastest jump from lietenant to commander in history, Catsis--2 years as a sgt and now a SWAT sergeant..

Anonymous said...

Another APD train wreck, 4 APD supervisors being investigated by IA to see if they were drinking while in their Department vehicles. IA is suppose to check to see if they were on call. If on call why would they be drinking? I'm sure Schultz will try to sweep this under the rug. Can't SWAT supervisors stay out of trouble or do they believe they are better then others and don't have to follow policy?

Anonymous said...

Albuquerque Journal February 19 2013:

"Based on the information I’ve heard and information I’ve gathered in non-official discussions with one of the parties involved, I felt it best to move forward with an official investigation,” Schultz said.

News flash for Ray Ray, as chief of police none of your discussions are non-official. What type of BS are you now trying to feed the public and media? You are the chief, you can't have a non-formal discussion regarding an issue where an officer or officers might have done something improper. I see this falling apart before it even begins.

Anonymous said...

I love the comment :

"Only another chief can judge me"

2Pac Schultz

This is great. The only thing better would be for his picture on the poster 2pac had saying the same thing. This is great, keep it up Eye.

Anonymous said...

And what about the RRPD....

I just sent this to the Governing RR Board.....

Mayor and Councilors,

I request that you exercise your powers under the city charter section 2.08 and open a governing body investigation into the circumstances where our police department allowed a known armed, intoxicated, and apparently suicidal suspect to endanger the safety of citizens of our great city. I refer to the recent incident concerning Patrick Ficke.

The circumstances of the incident can be seen in fairly close detail in this latest ABQ Journal article.

Additionally, I request that you carefully consider ordering our chief of police to revoke the ABQ PD cross jurisdiction law enforcement authority in our great city before it too is subjected to litigation with the Department of Justice. The liability, especially in these times of tight city budgets, is simply too great and would be a failure of your duty to protect your constituents from not only a financial standpoint, but also from violations of their civil rights by a rudderless ABQ PD.

Anonymous said...

Only the Pope is infallible Ray.
You are not the Lord Almighty; only Darren is and that's what the old blind,senile republican guard think anyway.
Judgment day is coming for both you bastards

Anonymous said...

Speaking of train wrecks, why is Beth "Injection" hanging around the mayor's office?
I guess they need to get their stories straight.
be careful who you attempt to get dirt on BP, that is about to bite you in the ass.

Anonymous said...

FBI had to have used Schultz as their Poster Boy for FAILURES of a Police Chief!!!! He fits everyone of those to a T!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

I'm a citizen of ABQ and I read this blog from time to time and I have a question. Who is Beth and what in the world did this woman do?

I am no supporter of Berry and if she is in business with him then the public needs to know what type of people he plans on keeping company with. Maybe this could be used against him in a political campaign?

Anonymous said...

All five of those guys together at a bar??? Was Christman giving pointers to Luna on the Commanders process? Was Luna giving Ficke, Campbell and Catsis pointers on the Lt's process??? Over beers and wings??? That is a very motley crew to say the least. Wonder which one is having the "NON OFFICIAL" chats with the chief?? Which one has the most to lose???

Anonymous said...

Those traits regarding lack of leadership describe AFD's Chiefette, James Breen, and a few of his deputyettes very well. I won't call him "Fire Chief", because I have no respect for a political minion that plays power games with his firefighters. Breen's lack of integrity will catch up with him soon. Hope his deputyettes and HTR suck-up loyalists realize that fact and distance themselves before it ruins their own honor and integrity. For some, it is too late. Hypocritical how these idiots can go to church, act like saints, then show up to work to lie, deceive, and backstab their own brotherhood. Then they try to be buddy-buddy and act like nothing happened.
Well, chiefette and deputyettes, we don't forget. Hope Berry and Mcclusterfuck have an answer when questioned about the ongoings of fire admin and a few other personnel. DOJ pokes around everywhere and talks to many, not to just APD and city hall. Some documents, recordings, and videos may well show up in the media before next election and before retirements occur. Ain't life a bitch?
Don't worry APD, you haven't been the only ones disgraced by lack of leadership, dishonesty, and incompetence. AFD has issues too, they just haven't been exposed yet. Timing is everything.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Luna....we all know given how much overtime he clocks in their little beer summit was probably on the clock.... I would love to see that time sheet.

Anonymous said...

"Non official" - do you mean when Ficke was 29 but was resigning before he turned himself in? Do tell RayRay who had contact to collect his things? Are they being investigated for failing to take a wanted felony fugitive into custody? Oops, that part wasn't where the public could see, so nope.

Anonymous said...

I hope all the candidates for mayor remember that Berry is a puppet and Darren White the puppet master. Without Darren, Schultz would have been sent packing after losing the taxpayers $1,000,000 in the Sam Costales civil rights case. Darren stepped in and told Berry not to hold Ray accountable. Therefore Ray got to keep his job. Berry has never held anyone accountable. This needs to be a major election issue. Darren only resigned once he was so deep in the manure that the Governors buddy (Jay M) had to promise him a safe place to land. That is the only reason Darren quit his city job and landed a 6 figure state job being in charge of something he knows nothing about. Berry directed none of this. It was all handled by Darren, Ray, Rob and Jay M.

This makes Berry the worse mayor ever. He does not run anything. Darren, Ray, Rob and Jay M. run him. We need a real mayor, vote Berry out of office!

Anonymous said...

So the "citizen" asking about Beth, I think there is no citzien, thats a lie. If there is a e-mail circulating about Fisher, send it to the Eye, otherwise, I don't believe you either.

Anonymous said...

What is the update on Schultz, subpoena, and his new house?

Anonymous said...

The letter to arapa did not say keep your mouth shut It said please contact the DoJ with good stories about us
Someone please IPRA and subpoena any emails sent to city email addresses from
It will give you this one and the emails begging 34s to sign up for the golf tournament out of our pockets that raised the funds that now pay fischer's salary

Anonymous said...

Funny how in December the dept wanted 34s to advise their sgts who/what/when/if they spoke to DOJ. Now they are all of the sudden concerned about supervisors drinking on duty. HOW BOUT YOU WATCH AND SEE IF SUPERVISORS ARE EVEN WORKING WHILE THEY ARE ON DUTY?!?!?!?!??! STUPID ASS GABE MARES SPENDS MOST OF HIS TIME AT CHURCH WHILE ON DUTY? WHY DO I HAVE TO LISTEN TO HIS PRAYER SHIT?!?!?!? OH, WAIT, THAT'S RIGHT, SCHULTZ HAS RELIGION TO. SO IF YOU GOT RELIGION, YOUR SAVED OR IS IT 'SAFE' WITH RAY RAY AND WEST?


Anonymous said...

Iwas the person asking if Ficke was wanted when he resigned. Is propery opened on sunday's where you can turn in your APD equipment, which I know is different than APD equipement. It would extremely unusual for a Sgt to resign "out of the blue" on a Sunday, knowing that Rio Rancho PD called APD to verify that they both were employed by APD and had access to weapons. Once again, APD empowers cops, aka, affairs, drinking in SID car on duty, etc. Fickie you fell into the trap. Funny thing though, if you whould have got the Sgt's position on your on without those pretty thin moisture lips you would not be in this possision.

Who is the next person in SID kissing some ass trying to be the next sgt. No one who has any leadership ability. A sgt is a sgt, not a detectie, the sgt only supervises does not complete proabable arrest documents.


Anonymous said...

@858 -he is one of the acting deputy chiefs

Anonymous said...

Pat Ficke resigned at 0800 on Monday. The warrant was signed at 0630 and he didn't turn himself in until
Noon. Do you think the average citizen will be given this opportunity to get somber, hire a high priced attorney Assad Ahmad and resign. ?? Nope I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

FREEZE FRAME. Your carrer is flawed by your poor judgeent of sending text to a PSA who was the gf of your bf. Nice friend you are. Lets not forget the photo at MOE. FREEZE FRAME guess you next appearance may be in federal court. How do you explain all this to your wife. Oh you throw some hail marys at church on Sundays then start over on Monday. No wonder you and Lopez get along.