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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Feb 20, 2013

Schultz Assures Levy Witness will have "Sudden Dementia or Alzheimer’s" when Testilying

The Eye On Albuquerque received the letter below and a very incriminating record.  Berry; you and Schultz are on your way out.  The Governor’s Organized Crime Unit should be listening to the recording and the Democratic Attorney General, Gary King, should be investigating this case.

I am writing you this letter anonymously because I fear retaliation and have personally seen retaliation done to other individuals, both sworn and non-sworn employees. To name a few would be Sam Costalas, Al Walck, Brad Ahrensfield and Orlando Camacho. I want to remain anonymous because I have a family to care for, have put in my time, will be retiring in a few years and can’t risk losing my livelihood.  However, I cannot stand by and continue to see the destruction of what was once a great police department that seems to have been destroyed by Ray Shultz and the people he has promoted. Ray is not a Chief or a leader and seeing him attempt to make himself look better than others (Steve Tate and Dan Klein) in his recent Journal article pushed me to do this letter.

When it comes to recording another person or persons, the New Mexico State Law allows a recording provided there is one consenting party. Attached is a recording between Ray Shultz, Kathy Levy, me and others. I have edited the audio to cover up the laughter of certain individuals and myself in fear of retaliation. The conversation discusses sworn testimony given in a deposition that was given by Retired Captain Rob DeBuck (now rehire officer Rob DeBuck) in a lawsuit regarding Orlando Camacho vs. City of Albuquerque. During the conversation, they discussed how angry DeBuck was at Camacho and then the conversation mocks DeBuck.

-Kathy Levy: I said it then, I’ll say it now, I’ll say it in the future and (in the background someone say’s “Oh nooo”) I’ll say it in court and it’s all on the record…
-there’s laughter and a noise to hide certain voices

-Kathy Levy: It will be funny if he gets on the stand and says, “I didn’t say that, that was never my belief.”

-Ray Shultz: I can make sure he gets a sudden case of dementia or Alzheimer’s (with Ray laughing at the end of his statement)
-Kathy Levy: That’s pretty much what I would want.

The attitude taken in this conversation is nothing a City Attorney or Chief of Police should be carrying on about. Making sure a certain witness testifies in a certain way is acting more like a Drug Kingpin than a Chief of Police. Isn’t witness intimidation also illegal? How about perjury? Because of this type of behavior the City of Albuquerque has lost over 44 million dollars last year alone. Police officers such as Sam Costales sued due to retaliation and won a million dollars and due to such behavior, Shultz used close to $200,000 of the tax payers money to remove his name from the lawsuit. Kathy Levy approved the amount and was very well aware of how much money the city lost in the lawsuit. Mayor Barry has continued to keep Ray Schultz around after he has been found guilty of violating his own officers’ civil rights. Hopefully there will be a new mayor, and hopefully the new mayor will appoint a new chief that will pursue criminal charges against Ray, Kathy, Perry and others for their criminal antics.

The Eye On Albuquerque agrees completely with this person; criminals need to be criminally prosecuted. We need a solid leader in the Mayor’s office. We need a leader like Paul Heh; a proven leader with a proven past of dignity, honesty, integrity, ethics and crystal-clear open government.
P.S. To the Department of Justice, we have the recording available for your listening pleasure.  Please contact us at and we will provide you with our recording.


Anonymous said...

City Council mtg. Tonite ....let's make this like "pack the Pit " event. Testify!!! Speak Out. If not just be there to support the truth sayers. The public at large needs to be educated!

Anonymous said...

Casaus ran the red light and lied about pursuing a drunk driver. If a civilian did the same, what charges would they face?

Anonymous said...

While it is a great offer to make the recording available to DOJ, it would also be great to share it with those that serve on a once great department, and deserve to hear what all is on the tape

Anonymous said...

Whoever obtained the recording while in the meeting, you need to go direct with DOJ with it asap. Now that it's out in the open, and with the folks who actively track the blogs posted and their attached comments, watch your six.

Anonymous said...

Eye, why don't you post this recording on youtube so we can all hear it? Many of us would love to.

Sadly, the recording may be legal but it is a violation of SOP...hopefully the chief doesn't figure out who made this and ding them for that. On the a different note, the recording person has balls of steel! Thank you for letting this out!

Anonymous said...

More lies as Roseman carries water for Ray Schultz. Enough of the guilding AND GOLD PLATING of turds Roseman! Didn't an Albuquerque employee make a complaint against this supervisor for taking improper photos of her surreptitiously with his cell phone? Christ, does anyone within APD command not lie and bullshit everyone? If it's not evident that all of this fraud chief's self appointed underlings will bend over for him, I don't know what is.

Schultz says morale is not a problem within APD. Schultz blames his officers. Schultz is full of shit. The only people who tell the truth are the rank and file.
Everyone knows Schultz is a liar and now the honorable judge Bacon confirmed it once again. This now shows that Schultz's investigators are worthless, and conduct directed investigations with preconcieved outcomes. It also shows that Levy tries to bend use of force case law to suit her needs, and the needs of Schultz. Hey Levy, you can't testify in one way then do a 108 in another case. No consistency or uniformity in the way things are handled within APD. It's all at the whim of what Ray Schultz can use the situation to promote or cover up.

It is evident that Levy and Ray are fucked, and should retire to save their pensions.


Anonymous said...

The SOP is administrative. That tape sounds criminal. Criminal would trump the shit out of that and ray would be stepping on his vagina bigtime if he even tried to retaliate. You are talking whistle blower law and tampering, along with obstruction. With this being federal, it would be all over. He is one stupid ass but I seriously don't think he would try something like that. But with this maniac imbecil, I surely could be wrong, because I have seen some shit here that truly would make Ripley's Believe It or Not lose their minds. It really does defy imagination.

Anonymous said...

Levy is going to walk away with no scars on this. None. She is a lawyer doing her job; representing her clients. She won't get indicted, she won't get blamed, and she won't get charged. You won't like this Eye on Albuquerque but that is the truth, like it or not. If you don't like it, call her boss but you would have to put a name to it and they probably wont listen anyway. I dont think writing about Levy is worth my time but I thought maybe I could spare you some ranting about her and tell you to focus on someone else who is worth your time.

Anonymous said...

@ Sgt. Casaus, Mayor Berry, APD Chief of Police Ray Schultz, and District Attorney Brandenburg, the following is the exact post on KRQE website under the story 'Dispatch logs dispute crash claim' (2/16/2013 12:25 PM MST):

Lindsay • 4 days ago

"As the sister who was just trying to do the right thing and give her sister a ride, I am truly amazed on how twisted this story has become. You can make up whatever you wish but may I remind everyone what matters here. We lost something that will never be replaced, my sister and bestfriend Ashley."

@ every officer past and present and every electected official. I pose this question to you: take a long look at every member of your immediate family that you love and ask yourself, how much money is their life worth?

Your answer to this question is the same as the Browders' answer, there is no amount of money worth Ashleys life.

Anonymous said...

At 0604, as a former officer please accept my sincere sorrow for your loss. These people know NO shame. The painful truth is this: FIGHT. These people know no other emotion than fear.

Re the poster about Levy...yup but wait til a new mayor comes in town. Kicked to the curb that mangy worthless lawyer goes. If she were representing a private party they'd have her ass before the state bar for misconduct and fraud.

Anonymous said...

@541 -read up on your federal law. Latest example "Robert Simels, 62, was convicted last August of conspiring with a member of his client's drug gang to bribe witnesses or prevent them from testifying. Simels told the informant, "I'm going to do whatever I gotta do" to win an acquittal for Khan, and discussed plans to bribe witnesses or harm their family members. Assistant U.S. Attorney Morris Fodeman called Simels' actions "an affront to everything we do in this courthouse.""

Kathy has not done physical harm but financial harm? Bribing/threatening witnesses? Doing "whatever she has to do" - check your federal law and Bar Association Code of Ethics

Anonymous said...

There may be no amount of money worth her life, but there will be a court case and a dollar figure will be handed out. Schultz and Berry figure this is not their money so they will pay taxpayers money. This is the way it goes. Look at Flora Aragon death.

Anonymous said...

Eye or anyone,

Please explain your article. Is Schultz saying that DeBuck will lie for him by claiming forgetfullness? I am not sure what is being said so please spell it out plainly as it appears deception at the highest levels is involved.

Can you post this tape so we can all hear it?

BadAttitude said...

Let's see....unlawful organization of a business with current and former police department members (ARAPA), manipulation of contracts and service agreements (Tiburon), misaccounting of funds (Narcotics), endless gifts from former police union president (APOA), endless trips out of town (IACP, ARAPA, etc.), cover ups (Where do we start from staged murder scenes to false criminal charges), and incompetence.

Funny, nothing this bad happened with the Pittsburgh Police Department yet the feds just raided their main police station:

I wonder when they're gonna walk into the main here....Schultz could show the PPD chief a thing or two...or three, or four....

Anonymous said...

I think you may be wrong on that. I am hearing the contrary. Actually to the very criminal contrary. Stand By!
A few people might be looking at inquiries. Shit is going to get high and tight here in the next few weeks, and a few people will be able to pick up 90 pound kettle bells with their sphincters real soon. This tape is nothing compared to what's in hand already. These clowns have seriously Effed up!!!!! Sit back and enjoy the show.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ray,
Your co-conspiring lying shield took a major hit today. Tough luck pal. Get your bathingsuit on. The titanic is going under. It's been real. This is going to be an amazing shitstorm. Take Jordan's advice and quit while you're....... uh.... Yea, Um..... Well you were never on top. You should'a just quit. You've been covering up shit and now it's all going to fall apart.

Anonymous said...

"Ravenstahl ordered a review of the police bureau on Feb. 8 after learning that Harper partnered with four subordinates to form a private security firm — including a man he promoted to commander."
ABQ formed a private firm - yes - but it started as City Property and no longer is so that's a step up

"Last year a former friend of Harper's was charged in connection with a bribery scheme involving a contract to install radios and computers in police cars."
In ABQ? yes guy in charge now works for vendor

"officials would investigate several police-related bank accounts to determine who controlled them and how the money was spent"
Questionable spending in ABQ? Yes

"wants to see how police handle payments they receive for off-duty officers hired to work private security details"
In ABQ? Check Chiefs Overtime
Now add shootings, doctoring UCR, refusing to comply with Freedom of Information, evidence disappearing from inside crime lab including drugs, questionable IA investigations, suicides, murder...
Ray Ray you want us to be the kind of Dept others study. Don't worry, we're going to make the textbooks

Anonymous said...

Broken record here but still doesn't show wrondoing by their lawyer. You are so quick to blame her for Ray. If she was your lawyer, you would be lucky to have zealous representation. You are on the wrong track with Levy. Try the real bad guys here - Ray, Rob, Darren, RJ, Susana, Jay McCleskey, Paul K, Dave Tourek, the city council. Without these people, APD wouldn't be in this mess. Start concentrating on the real problems.

Anonymous said...

This cloak and dagger 'John Gotti ' bullshit has gone on long enough.
Don't want to hear about resignations and quitting like Darren and Paiz did to escape prosecution.Bring this whore house cesspool down and start handing down indictments on all these corrupt people.
RS, BP, DW, RP and on and on and on

M.Trahan said...
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Anonymous said...

ray is on the recording. I don't think anyone would try to set up ray with a bogus recording. making such an allegation like this for it not to be true. its gloves off time and this is just a sign of the begaining of what is to come.

Anonymous said...

@1228....well said. Very well said.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Broken Record here. I read about Kathy Levy intimidating Kari Morrissey in today's Journal. Unknown why Ms Morrissey would be intimidated and drop her presentation to the POC but Kathy was way out of line. Consider the above statements rescinded.

Anonymous said...

The DOJ will ask every rank & file if the Chief is so bad why die you all not give him a no confidence vote? He can't retaliate againt everyone.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Morrissey,

Please take this incident directly to the Department of Justice.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

I think that survey is just as good as a no confidence vote, and no the DOJ will not ask that.

Anonymous said...

Levy shmevy. That little troll is as wide as she is tall and is rapidly getting wider. BTW stains on your outfit do not impress folks in court. Also, really they sent you to the people alone. No brass? No chickenshit cop? No other worthless city lawyers? Brett if you're so sure of your self why were you not there in court? Why not face the family? We all know why Darth Tremba don't we? If there was a StarWars convention damn you'd have been there in a heartbeat huh?