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Feb 13, 2013

Concerned Citizen Calls Into Question; Questionable LEA Results

Isn't it amazing how the same names are tied to so many stories about corruption or possible corruption?  The open letter from a concerned citizen outlines test results from the New Mexico's DPS LEA.  Is it possible to have all these geniuses receiving certifications from LEA?  The panel that did an inquire from three different agencies. 

The highest ranking was from the APD staff who would have been a party to any offense.  The APD Lieutenant was Anthony Montano who is part of APD Academy's staff.  It should also be noted when Channel 4 asked to interview Lieutenant Montano, he cowardly refused and referred them to NM DPS.  Does anyone see an impropriety or at a minimum the appearance of impropriety? But for Mr. Arrogance, Ray Schultz, this is how business is done; "since no one knows what a chief does except him."

New Mexico's Public Safety Secretary, Gordon Eden, crossed his arms and stated he stands behind the test result 100%.  The Director of the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy, Louie Medina, agreed to be interview and when Channel 4 arrived to do the interview, Medina stated, "the interview had been cancelled based on the advise of their legal counsel."  In our experience, when someone "lawyers up" it is because they have lied or did something wrong.  Is that the case here?  Read on and you can decide if there is a problem here or not...

Is it me or do you think the majority of New Mexicans don't trust their police?
My concern is the Gadi Schwartz story about possible cheating at the NM Law Enforcement Academy. (READ IT HERE)
These are officers/deputies hired by smaller agencies throughout the state. It certainly seems that something strange happened at the final test, but everyone at DPS and NM LEA lawyered up. Why? There is no lawsuit and they are all public officials so how can they say their lawyers don't want them to speak? Again, are they not public servants? It appears something is being hidden, do you agree? Honest, open law enforcement seems to have vacated New Mexico.
If there was cheating on the final exam the citizens deserve to know. If there was no cheating the officers in this class deserve to be cleared.
It appears the 3 officers (APD, RRDPS and Bloomfield) who were supposed to investigate did nothing but talk to the staff and then rubber stamp what the powers in charge wanted. Where is the personal integrity to do a good honest job? It seems this hiding from the public, information they need to know, is at every level of law enforcement in New Mexico.
The public deserves better. It frustrates the public that the people in charge are not being open and responsible to the public they serve. This clearly is trickling down to the lowest levels, just look at the number of APD officers being charged with crimes. Many were only charged after public outcry (Levi Chavez). Where are the leaders? Why are they hiding information from the public?
APD has played this game for several years and now look at where it has gotten us, DOJ investigation. The Columbus PD is under federal indictment for gun running, Alamogordo PD refuses to honor public records requests, several APD officers are under indictment, APD leadership is named in so many lawsuits we can't keep up.
Yet when the media asks questions they have to fight the powers in charge for what should be public records. It appears to me that from the top to the bottom New Mexico is in crisis with ethics in law enforcement. Our law enforcement leaders seem more interested in hiding the truth from the public, than in doing their jobs and instilling ethics in what was once a proud profession.
I would like to think the 7 members of the NM Law Enforcement Board would demand an second, thorough investigation of the cheating allegations.
Gary King NM AG
Mark Myers Director of Training
Ray Schultz APD
Nate Korn Albuquerque Citizen
John Gratton Carlsbad Citizen
Robert Shilling NMSP
James Coon Chaves Sheriff
Harry Betz Santa Ana PD
Patrick Barncastle 5th Judicial DA
Listing of Board Members (READ IT HERE)
I don't think this Board's priority is providing the public honest answers or they would have already demanded a second investigation. Oh but I forget myself, Ray Schultz says if you are not a Chief you just don't know. God help us all.

Well folks, there you have it.  We hope you keep Paul Heh in mind when you vote for your new mayor in October of this year.  Heh has spoken about key pillars like ownership, accoutability and responsibility and correcting probelms when we KNOW the City is worng.  We feel confident he will stop corruption including debacles like this if he is elected. Visit Heh's website @ or Click HERE to earn more.


Anonymous said...

As for the sgt that was arrested. SID is still drinking and partying with dancers from knock outs and TD's. If APD drug tested all of SID the failure rate would be above 30%. Ray Boy you have been put on notice. Also, test the civilians at the main (females) for marijuana. I can't wait to retire and get the hell out of here. I will never let anyone know where I retired from!!!

Anonymous said...

To everyone who has something to say about how Ray Schutlz has destroyed APD.

If you are not a fellow chief of police you do not have the ability to review him. So he would appreciate it if you would keep your critiques to yourself.

Anonymous said...

The DOJ needs to shut down APD ....take over, whatever the proper terminology is. This is NOT the department I recall. Doesn't even resemble the APD I knew and was proud of. I work for the City and like the other poster I can hardly wait to get the hell out! I won't say what dept. I'm from either. Shut APD down DOJ needs to be flushed out.

Anonymous said...

we all know that anything anthony montano puts his name on is as good as CM....right church boy?

Anonymous said...

Everone working downtowm saw All of SID and yes Ficke too at knockou tgetting lap dances from all those heroin and meth using strippers. Including Lena Deyapp. Ficke and Deyapp hooking up too. He a hot mess and caught up to him real fast.

overseer said...

I have to repost this comment because this is THE conversation that happens every time there's a fustercluck between Schultz and Levy:

Levy needs to be disbarred and relegated to swabbing porta potties. She is a liar in the very sense. I can't even look at that disgusting vile individual. How on earth does a person get to look like that? A bloated bugeyed bullfrog with sparse greasy hair. People like her make me sick. Lie after lie after misrepresentation and omission, and then she has the hairy balls to accuse people who are telling the truth of lying. She is the epitome of hypocrisy and dishonor and should not have the right to practice law If that's what she calls it. All this person practices is deceit, arrogance slovenliness, sluggartry, hate and contempt for what is right.

When the DOJ dismantles APD they need to start with Levy. Schultz starts the mess and Levy trys to mop it up by conspiring on how to cover ray's ass. Everything goes through levy and it's all about ray.

"Can we do this levy?"
"It's illegal but if you say this you can get away with it(LIE)"
"Can we do this levy?"
"Come On"
"Ok....just lie"
"Can we do this levy?"
"Only if we hide evidence"
"Can we do this Levy?"
"Only if I stall them"
"Can we do this levy?"
"Only if I delay again"
"Well, that didn't work"
"Because the DOJ is here"
"What should we do now"
"The only thing we can"
"What's that!"
"Keep lying!"
"But we'll go to jail"
"We're going to jail anyway"

This rotten piece of shit needs karma in the worse way. Well it looks like it's coming. Enjoy it you bags of scum.

Settle no lawsuits with these criminals. Take every suit to trial. Get them on sworn record so that they can be criminally charges and striped of everything they have stolen in their worthless lives. No amount of money is worth the priceless benefit of seeing these criminals burn for the acts they've committed against people.

Anonymous said...

@ 848
Why test the female civilians at the main? Are you talking APD and what departments? Do tell.

Anonymous said...

At 10:16 am

Seriously.........!!!! How many times were you dropped on your head as a child????

Schultz in the model for the word INCOMPETENCE!!!!

You don't have to be a Police Chief to see that. Hell elementary students can probably see how incompetent Schultz is!


Anonymous said...

There has been comments on the eye about Fickie and other SID 34s drinking after work in their SID cars. BREAKING NEWS: Doug West sat on his ass and did nothing. I am not saying that he has to believe everything that is posted but there are ways of verifying info. West you are a Supervisor not a "buddy." What a concept.

The Tremendous Regulator said...

He only does what the head slug tells him to do. Another case of slug contamination. Nothing but a big adulterous bible thumping snail with a slimy past. I call that Him the Baby Huey snail or the hypocrit snail. He's one of the biggest of the garden variety slugs, but totally harmless and worthless. How does a snail not know what a noose is? That snail might not be a knot expert, but he and the head garden slug sure will be when the DOJ is finished making Escargot out of them.

I don't know why all of these snails want to be commanders because the slug eradiction program enacted by the next new mayor is going to put them all out of a garden.

They should open up a swinger snail terrarium with all the filthy slugs in this garden. There seems to be a trend.

The Tremendous Regulator
Now with more Snails

The Tremendous Regulator said...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Don't step on a slug
It will stick to your shoe
APD has em
AFD does too!


Anonymous said...

I think it was sarcasm. Read the Proctor newspaper article and see how Ray won't allow anyone who isn't a chief of police criticize him.

Anonymous said...



Hideouts-R-US said...

Come one... Come all...
Get your cabin in the woods!
Get them now, before the buying frenzy! We offer cut rates for fixer uppers for fleeing ex-APD brass. We offer secluded locations perfect for hiding from those pesky subpoena bearing writ servers. If you act now, we'll throw in a second cut rate filthy apartment of ill repute you can use while in town. We offer financing and Lease to buy options. Call Now!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cabin in the wood. That's funny. The 'Gashes' that Ray took to San Diego will be at the cabin in the woods tonight. All aboard. Choooo, Choooo !

Anonymous said...

If DOJ finds wrongdoing by Berry Perry Schultz and the other suck -up actors in this tragic comedy of illegality and coverups don't they stand to lose their pensions!? Or do they have to be convicted? Also I wonder why we haven't heard from Ahrensfield? I bet he'd like to sound off ...

Anonymous said...

I hope Ahrensfeld doesn't speak in public on this. It will just politize everything that is cut and dry. Let him talk to the DoJ privately.
I wish every attorney who heard a case where Kathy was sanctioned would file a complaint to the BAR.
I wish someone would IPRA the Swat video from last summer were Kathy was issuing orders! Let her explain that to the press
I want someone to find out how much money Commander TJ's project has spent on TVs, smart phones, IPads,.... We are hitting up City Council for money for cars again. How many cars could we have bought? How many times do we go across the street with our hands out because we're busy buying fancy desks and shit without being able to pay our bills!

Anonymous said...

It's coming.

Anonymous said...

Money wasted as usual the big ass TV's at the Subs.. HAAAAA no one looks at them. And they are always turned down so one has to be a lip reader to enjoy... This REAL TIME crap is for the birds.... It's just another closet for 34s to hide in..