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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Sep 29, 2013

Breaking Bad Berry 2; Welcome to Albuquerque

Berry continues to wreck Albuquerque.  Read what a native of Albuquerque who is also a writer for the Time's says about the disaster Berry has created:



breaking Berry's berries said...

Best comment:


Albuquerque 3 hours ago

here's a link about how Drug overdose deaths down in NM, but rate among highest in nation

Here's a link about price, purity and availability of drugs here in Albuquerque

Here's a link of  Emmy-winning actorAaron Paul one of stars of the show breaking bad saying how he feels safer in L.A then being in Albuquerque  (He still loves Albuquerque even after being burglarized twice while filming here)

here's a link about how not only Albuquerque but most of New Mexico is being infiltrated by mexican drug cartels

here's a link about the well-being of children in N.M. (Thank you Sara456 for this link you posted earlier)

Here's a link on one of Albuquerque's many drug problems

here's a link on how Albuquerque's court house was built on corruption

here's a link about Albuquerque's old governor

here's a link about a Albuquerque fire fighter involved with mexican drug cartel

here's a link about the Albuquerque police dept.

Anonymous said...

9:08, Why not try having an original thought.

Anonymous said...

All the bitching and complaining is going to be no good unless WE AS A COMMUNITY ban together and vote Berry out of office. I saw him the other day and he does not look like a man that is worried about the election. We must all get out and vote and make sure your elderly neighbors and friends vote as well. I will be doing my part and driving several folks to the polls early. Let's give Denelli or Heh the opportunity to do as they have been suing they will do. Anything is better then Berry..

Anonymous said...

Why not go fuck yourself, you Berry supporting piece of dog shit. Berry hasn't had one original thought in his life. As a matter of fact the asshole is genetically spliced clone of the cowardly lion and the compulsive liar from Saturday night live.
How's that? McCockle, you Jerry Sandusky lookalike spoiled fatass!
Don't like the article because it's true and hurts your pockets, huh scum bag?

Anonymous said...

Good to see Paul really look more comfortable on stage yesterday.

Thought he was extremely rough and a fish out of water so to speak the first debate.

I just hope it isn't too late for him to get his sea legs under him for this whole election "process".

"Once Again" Dinelli was not at all impressive yesterday.

Anonymous said...

10:29....u sound like a bitch of Berry. after faced with overwhelming evidence of failure and major problems your response is to say, it's not something that concerns the mayor. And as far as RJ walking around all happy and bouncy, when put in a position where he has to defend his actions when scrutinized Berry has as much backbone as a slug. I almost hope he wins because it will be fun to see this place fall to pieces.

Anonymous said...

A couple observations to these comments. Dinelli did fine and has discarded Berry like the tool that he is. Yet despite all the conclusions Berry makes about all is well in Candy-querque, when the city's man daily prints this:

"Berry’s contention that the crime rate is lower now than when he took office is true, according to numbers reported to the FBI."

What can you do? This statement by McKay is in total conflict with the paper's own reporting and the FBI UCR numbers which show the trend has been climbing ever since it bottomed out in 09. My advice to both candidates is your last debate is today and confront Berry with fact laden questions over and over.

How can you say you support your firefighters and cops when they are out holding signs against you?

With a drive by shooting blocks from your house, do you feel safer RJ?

With the Brookings report showing we are 99th out of 100 metro areas, what evidence do you cite challenging this report?

When there are 200 fewer cops and less than 40 working graveyard, how is this not a reduction in service?

Berry is a fools fool, dismember him.

Anonymous said...

The election is over people, lets figure out how to get things done with this POS is in office. We need ideas and solutions. If we don't figure this out in the next four years, this POS will be in Washington as a Rep or Senator. Imagine that. I can't.

The thing that boggles my mind the most is most Cops are Republicans. Why Why. Republicans are anti union. Lets look at the last two Republicans. Berry and Martinez. Berry is a union buster and hates unions. We will not have a contract while he is in office. Martinez: ask state employees how it is working for her. She got rid of veteran officers by cutting return workers and now we have an officer shortgage. Chavez was a piece of crap, but at least he was for city workers and was not anti union.

Anonymous said...

If you don't vote for Dinelli expect 4 more years of no raises and fewer cops and firemen.

If the city unions don't vote Berry out of office they get what they deserve.

Get out and vote! I did early on Eagle Ranch. I was the only person the entire morning.

Anonymous said...

Severe dysfunction at the levels it exists here is NOT accidental-keeping the status quo is very very important to ????. Berry isn't worried cause he has sold his soul (along with Brandenburg and APD echelon). Some are profiting-always follow the $$$.

Anonymous said...

It isn't even about raises. It's about honest and integrity. Who wants to work in a place where there is such open discrimination against rank and file in favor of management and daily violations of ordinances and contracts. That's Berry and Perry.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of honest and integrity, how is it that an academy instructor gets popped at a massage parlor during a Vice raid and nothing happens to this guy? Where is the line in sand drawn because the honest and integrity BS is out the door and just words on a poster board behind every supervisor's door when stuff like this happens. Keep turning a blind eye to this type of unethical behavior and allow these type of people to train new cadets and see what is brewed. It's a ticking time bomb ready to explode and nobody has the fortitude to at least call out, "Fire in the hole".

Anonymous said...

EYE - I want Berry gone as much as you do, perhaps even more. But when you openly endorse the unfocused blabbering of this idiot and then seemingly take every negative thought she expresses about Albuquerque and try to cram it into the past four years, you are blowing your credibility to hell. Most of the negatives this moron babbles about were common in Albuquerque waay before she was even a horny thought in her daddy's head. Actually, waay before Berry's arrival, too. Like I said, I am totally for the idea of Berry going away, but that won't be accomplished by endorsing the opinions of an idiot, declaring them valid and then trying to convince voters that all this crap came upon us during the past four years. There are enough REAL reasons to get rid of him without having to base it on the childhood observations of someone who's high point in life appears to be published by "Zacolo".

Anonymous said...

Wake up APOA! Listen to what RJ Berry has been saying on a consistent basis. Defined Contributions (401k), Voter Referendum, Police Officer Retention, Right to work legislation, National Search for a Police Director (Civilian), Yes, just like your Academy Director. And guess what, it will be someone with out of state connections (ie...Gov. Martinez and Skandera) Here is a clue on what coming, Look up Gov Martinez's selection to the ERB Board; Brad Day. Yup, Berry wins and your FUCKED!

Anonymous said...

The cops in ABQ are flat out too chicken to step up and help AFD. Yeah I'm calling you out motherfuckers. You'll run to fuck one of your own over who dares to do what's right and then you'll cover for criminals who steal from you.

AFD is indeed the bravest of the brave. Good for you fellas. Here's a little secret, all the cops know it too. They're just too chickenshit to do anything. And for those bitches whose little feeling I'm hurting with this post, prove me wrong and band together and do something visible. Go to civic plaza and say ANYBODY BUT BERRY!

Smelly Virginia said...

Because that's nature at play, and these scum
bags would justify sex with their mothers and sisters, yet throw an officer under the bus in a second for doing their job. No wonder why nobody wants to be an Albuquerque police officer. Who would want to work with these perverts. The 5th floor probably has a pedophile or two working up there too. Fucking scum bags. Every APD supervisor from commander on up should have to register as sex offenders. It's bad enough an officer has to worry about criminals but when someone takes their life in their hands working for a bunch of criminals, it's just insane. You would have to be suicidal to work with these back stabbing bunch of buddy fuckers.

Anonymous said...

To 6:27 and all- it was very good timing for Time to have presented the well written and well thought out views of Ms. Carey. If they upset some too much, then they were right on. Reality is often uncomfortable and unpleasant, but must be acknowledged so things can be improved. Denial is a river in Egypt.

Anonymous said...

WoWoWo. Settle down Mr Fire Fighter pipeman. Your gonna spark a fire that you cant tame. Its idiots like you that call cops out like that. Who are you? Anonymous. Thats right. Cant we all get along.

Anonymous said...

The fire fighter is right. Why don't you shut the fuck up?

Anonymous said...

Which instructor got poped at massage parlor with vice? I am going to pull 42 to see if he is listed on it.

Anonymous said...

Fireman and Police in this city are chicken shits! If you do the right thing good, then you don't need a superficial union to back up your work product! In other words, let your good deeds reap rewards, not your half-ass, superficial union. Unions are so did those Unions work out for the city of Detroit? ROFL!

Anonymous said...

The firefighter is right on the money. I work with sad spineless people similar in their fear as the cops are. I am on a big shit list because I call ou my admins. When I'm denied OT, when they say I can't take a break, when they say I have to work off the clock...I stand up and call my union rep grievances get filed and suddenly all the bullying goes away and I get what my contract (from 2008) says I get. I don't care I'm not Brown nosing my way up their rickety ladder...FUCK them! Signed,
Xena Warrior Librarian.

FSB34 said...

Good for the librarian and good for the firefighter. The balance of cops are pussies it seems, plain and simple. And hey 4:02, what fucken world are you living in. People get fucked for doing what's right all the time. Ask officers, excuse me, former ofdicers Doyle and Woolever.

Anonymous said...

If you all are blaming your Union then you're doing it wrong...YOU go to THEM with your complaint....they blow you off? You call if they ignore your email. Won't return your call? You call again. No call back? You go over their head up the chain until you find someone to tell the asshole to file a grievance for you. And you keep doing this until you get what you pay them to do. In my case I have a dedicated Clerical Union President....She and her buds always take care of my issues. BTW: The library has a sweatshop mentality. There is a director there who wants us to have no chairs! Whenever she comes to our branch and does her goose step, our manager tells us "make sure you're standing up when she gets here"!!!! WTF?? TRUE STORY. XWL

The Tremendous Regulator said...

Fuck that smelly Library supervisor hag. Who is she to say people have to stand? When people act like that there is usually something hilariously funny lacking at home. Just imagine her and her husband dressed as gimps, wearing dog leashes, on their knees with pickles up their asses asking Please mistress? And Yes mistress!!! That's usually how it goes with power freaks like that.
That, or her husband is hung like a hamster or he smells like fromunda cheese. OR maybe she is the one who is nasty and smelly. LOFL. Anyhow the justice is that THAT person is making up for some very sad shortcomings in their pathetic and unhappy life.

Anonymous said...

TTR: That's the best laugh I've had all day, true story!! Fromunda cheese, like Monty Python!! LOLZ...and there is no husband in the picture if you know what I mean, not to say that precludes one from donning a spike dog collar and dipping pickles in fromunda cheese for a midnight snack...oh god I just ate and now I feel a tad queezy...:-(...Xena WL.