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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Sep 30, 2013

TV Debates....

Over the last three televised mayoral debates, we've heard some strange stories and outrageous fiction come out of incumbent Berry's mouth.

"I'm proud to have served with Ray Schultz"
"We're moving in the right direction"
"Our crime rate is down and the lowest of the last 20 years"
"The other candidates don't believe in Albuquerque"

"The Affordable Healthcare Act is not a mayoral concern"
"Mr. Dinelli's plan is a hanger at the airport"
"I'm proud of my officers"
"I ask you give Maria and I another term as mayor of Albuquerque"
"I have not received contributions from corporations or individuals doing business with the city"
"We've added over 7,200 jobs in the last twelve months"
"Unemployment is below 8 percent"
As the pictures herein reveal, there is little about RJ Berry that is real or authentic. Just like his assertions. Proud to have served with the person who single handily brought DOJ in, the largest black eye to smear our city.
The direction of our city is down. Berry loves to draw verbiage from Moody's but even their report puts us at 298th in job growth, below Nome, Alaska.

Berry loves to quote how auto thefts are down but omits the increases in property crime, violent crime, homicide, rape, theft, and burglaries. He won't even answer simple questions about his position or abortion or ObamaCare. His officers are suing him for breach of contract and workplace condition violation. His senior officers are suing him in a class action discrimination lawsuit. He thinks not of the citizens, but only of him and his wife (note to spouse, NM is a community property state, if he loses and you kick him out the door, he gets half....).

His silly fact checks are written by an out of town adoptee who is a staunch but failed Romney supporter who, can't make this up, uses the Albuquerque Journal as her reference source. In the last twelve months the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics shows we've actually lost jobs with a total of 373,682 in October 2012, and 369,855 for July 2013--net loss of 3,827 jobs.

In terms of his contributions, Berry has received blood money from persons named and unnamed in the murder or prominent civil right lawyer Mary Han as the image shows. And lets not forget the thousands of dollars donated to Berry by Deborah Peacock--Nate Korn's wife and co-owner of city vendor Kaufman's West.
And lastly, as reported the true rate of unemployment in the city of Albuquerque is just above 14%.
But don't take our words for it. Feel free to consider these statements as they are offered by a candidate sweating bullets in a mere debate. One who had so much make up caked on his face he started gagging from its fumes. A candidate who, our Eyes tell us, goes to forums with an armed police escort. A candidate, who with close to $800,000 in contributions, apparently needs to raise more out of fear that maybe, just maybe, his 60+% rate is actually not genuine.
Folks, watch the debates and measure the candidates for yourself. If assertions are made that can't be backed up with facts or hard data, is this really somebody we want running our city? 

Remember, Enron was presented as being solid to its shareholders, all while top executives were pulling the ripcord on their platinum parachutes....


Anonymous said...

Bitch berry is the only candidate to wear makeup.
What a fucking sissy! Is that his mommy primping him?
This guy really turns one's stomach. He must have thought they said beauty pageant instead of debate. Dickhead!

Anonymous said...

Berry brags that police involved shootings are down. No shit they are down. They have been down since you hung two cops for doing their jobs and not shooting a fleeing felon. And they are down since the DOJ stopped by.
Berry tries to take credit for reforms implemented in APD. Those reforms are there because Schultz and Berry tried desperately to save their own asses from the DOJ. Officers aren't doing shit out there for fear of being sacrificed. This mayor is nothing but a self serving piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Wake up APOA! Listen to what RJ Berry has been saying on a consistent basis. Defined Contributions (401k), Voter Referendum, Police Officer Retention, Right to work legislation, Civilians to respond to low priority call (Service aids) this means less rank and file Officers, National Search for a Police Director (Civilian), Yes, just like your Academy Director. And guess what, it will be someone with out of state connections (ie...Gov. Martinez and Skandera). Here is a clue on whats coming to APD, Look up Brad Day, Gov Martinez's selection to the ERB Board.
Yup, Berry wins and your FUCKED. Professionally and personally!
APD and AFD could easily FIRE Berry if each Officer and Firefighter personally take 10 people to Vote!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for presenting the money trail-it leads to the real players for whom Berry's ineptitude must be functional for their agenda. A strong, ethical and independent Mayor would just not do.....Keep the status quo by deluding the community while fleecing them and subjecting them and their innocent children to the Crime Lords. Please help ! "The Emperor is naked !!!"

Anonymous said...

Point of Law as to your comment that RJ would get half of the marital assets from Maria in a divorce proceeding.

That statement is misleading.

NM is indeed a community property state.

All assets that are individualy owned by each party adn NOT co-mingled (put into joint name) after he marriage, remain the porperty of the individual owner.

That only property that Berry coudl go after in a dissolution of marriage action is that which is titled in joint m=names between Maria and himself.

Meaning - all of Maria Medina's assets, and her family assets, if they have not added RJ on as a titleholder, are not available to RJ.

Anonymous said...

Confronted with a simple yes or no question, Berry hid. Just like he's been doing all along, hiding the truth.

Listen for yourself:

Anonymous said...

This asshole mayor Berry slings mud at Dinelli for a CNAU lawsuit that cost 1.7 million when that crap was done under Schultz's command and Berry kept Schultz. Not only that but the city recently lost over 10 million in a wrongful death lawsuit under this asshole mayor's watch. THE BIGGEST LAWSUIT PAYOUT IN THE HISTORY OF ALBUQUERQUE.

Oh yea, one more fun little fact:
The DOJ has never been here under anyone else's watch. Way to go asshole Berry. The DOJ is here under YOUR watch because YOU didn't get rid of Schultz and YOU are a liar.

Anonymous said...

To the post saying"Please Help"....seriously???? Help yourself by getting off your ass and go VOTE!!! You're the only one that can help,just like all of us.We'll only have ourselves to blame if this hater of city workers gets 're-elected.And in his 2nd term he's really gonna put the srews to us...more temps, less OT, even though it costs way more to usr temps, but hey his wife owns the temp agency.....conflict? FOLLOW THE MONEY PEOPLE!

FSB 34 said...

Civilian Police Service Aids for wrecks
Civilian Field Evidence Technicians for crime scenes
Civilian police training instructors
Civilian police administrators

You see where this is going right, or are you Willoughby and Lopez too stupid to figure it out. John Martinez is mile compared to what is really going on behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

Berry uses improper syntax when he says"Give Maria and I another chance"...blah blah. The correct syntax and any 7th grader would know this,much less a college graduate, the proper syntax is "Give Maria and me another chance"...blah stupid,thick headed sack of rocks Signed, with love, Xena.

Anonymous said...

It's woodheaded... Woodheaded!!!
And it's hollow! LOFL!

Anonymous said...

It's woody woodpecker..Woodpecker..and it's hollow!