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Sep 13, 2013

TRIO OF DECEIT- Schultz, Fischer and Larocca

The Tremendous Regulator said...TRIO OF DECEIT
You want to talk about kickbacks and shit?

Why does a Mister Joseph Larocca state "Ray, You have made a tremendous impact in ABQ and around our nation. Best of luck in your future ventures." on Ray's Twitter page?

See it here:

Mister Larocca describes himself as a Senior Advisor - Retail Loss Prevention Expert and founder / president of Retail Partners. On the web you can find his business here:

Here is another one of Mister Larocca's web sites:

It seems that Mister Larocca is heavily involved in consulting and speaking in regards to loss prevention and security in the retail industry.

Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmm!

Could Joseph have any connections with ARAPA (Albuquerque Retail Assets Protection Association) and Ray Schultz's friend Miss Karen Fischer who is also heavily involved with Retail Loss Prevention? Hmmmmmmmmm Again!?!?!

Why yes I do think so!

So it seems that Ray's little friend Miss Fischer and this guy have a little you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours and we'll all make a little money. Maybe they are all sitting in a circle scratching each other's backs, saying how great Ray is because of all the money he has made them by abusing his position and influence. No wonder ARAPA is now a business. Public funds for a private business. Just how many people made money from this and will continue to make money from it? How much city funding was spent on this blurred line of city work versus personal gain?

So now we all know that all it takes to get people to say great things about someone that everyone else thinks shit of is to line them up financially. It's funny how the only people who like Ray are those who have benefited from his slimy bullshit.

Here is a little nugget for the DOJ:

Search all of APAPA's email files for the one sent out to all retailers advising them of a federal investigation by the DOJ into APD and read it. Read how it tells them how to act in reference to this investigation.


Anonymous said...

. It's very unique for a city the size of Albuquerque to have a dedicated retail crime unit, LaRocca said, "especially at a time when law enforcement [officials] are making decision about where to spend budget dollars."

So even the Chiefs buddy admitted to international media that this "unique" unit does not fit the size of Albuquerque or the budget. Way to ignore the experts again Mr Ray

Anonymous said...

And the hits keep coming.
If the dots can't be connected on why Schultz Berry and Perry were so against the DOJ coming, everyone is blind.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it, aren't there city ethics ordinances that prohibit this shit?!?

Anonymous said...

Yea.... In cities with ethics.
Bada Bing!!!!

Anonymous said...

ok, I asked for that!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows Schultz is in hiding waiting and hoping Berry will win so he can come back to the City from under Berry's little Red thong panties!!!

Anonymous said...

I looked up Adecco's information on the U.S. Security's Exchange Commission and I found out that the company is incorporated in Swtizerland. The address that Adecco uses for the SEC contact is:
Adecco S.A. CIK#: 0001446251 (see all company filings)
I knew it the city is giving money to out of state corporations when they hire temps and none of the money is going back into the local Albuquerque economy.

Anonymous said...

Adecco is a corporation where you buy franchises, like McDonalds. How do we find out who the local franchise owners are?

Anonymous said...

400 Intel jobs....poof!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would go online to the New Mexico State Corporation Commission.They have to registered there to do business in New Mexico. It should show the name of the registered agent that is the local person who is authorized to accept service of process say in a matter of litigation. However this website can be a maze to maneuver through and I've used it in the past to find out information about high ranking city admins owning businesses such as the coffee shop that was at the Main library and was owned and run by the library director and his friend who he hired years ago to work at library. She's still in management and he's still the director although he may have been unjustly enriched by a certain maintenance manager at the library who is under investigation for stealing items for years from the city to fix up his house. The director knew this but gave him a promotion..hmmmm.....