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Sep 22, 2013

First Televised Mayoral Debate TONIGHT

The first televised mayoral debate will be on tonight during a huge football game.  You ever wonder who planned it this way?  Can we all say "B-E-R-R-Y."

For those who are interested in watching the debate it will be aired on Channel 7, KOAT TV, at 4 P.M.


Anonymous said...

Everything about this administration and Berry is nothing but sissy ass games, lies, illusions, word games, and stacking the deck. Its a shame that everything in this world has come down to painting the best illusion in order to win. No honor. No truth. No respect. Really pathetic if you think about it. Berry isn't even a half ass example of a man, let alone a mayor, or God forbid even a leader. One has to really question why all the games? Someone on the side of what is right will face an adversary anywhere at any time in any forum. Not this guy Berry. There was once a day when someone was called out, and if they cowarded out, their name was mud. Now they are heroes and the people with spines who outed them are disgruntled or hste mongers. Bullshit! Berry and his administration shouldn't even be sweeping floors.

Anonymous said...

Banks on the news admitting that response times are intentionally up. You thought the Ellis settlement was large? Just wait till ACLU figures out what we all know. You call it requiring a supervisor. We all know the staffing is not been done on calls for service. This means the poorer parts of town have more calls and less supervisors available per call = longer response time if you are poor.
Hey small fruit way to discriminate against the poor again. What's next, booking someone for concealing identity so they get deported, when all they really did was jaywalk in the poor part of town? Except the Dept you are so proud of already did that.

Anonymous said...

I do believe that Paul Heh got under the Mayor's skin.

Anonymous said...

Berry looked like Richard Nixon in the 1960 presidential debates. I couldn't believe the amount of sweat on his head and his chin. He looked very nervous.

Richard Berry has become Tricky Dick

Anonymous said...

Watched it. Though the Mayor didn't totally self destruct he did expose his vulnerability. The man is still defending Shultz!!! Berry can be beat but people need to show up to the polls. Apathy is the largest issue that Dinelli an Heh need to address!

Anonymous said...

There are no "huge" football games in September.

Got to pull your man card on that one.

Anonymous said...

Berry obviously had access to the questions well in advance to prepare his answers. Never in four years, have I witnessed Berry give answers or speak like he did. Too rehearsed! Not surprizing though, given it's KOAT and the Urinal.

Heh called out Berry on every issue and Berry couldn't give a straight unbumbling answer besides the "please come to our downtown?" Ya, Berry and Maria were downtown and I saw the cops trying to be incognito while scoping out the chicks. Berry, you're a fucking liar regarding the entourage. And Berry, do something about the excessive sweating when under fire in debates. You looked like a pedophile walking into federal prison.

Dinelli did well and it's about time he started throwing punches. Good answer regarding Mary Han.

Heh and Dinelli should have brought up the MIA Berry at the public safety forum and bosque meeting. As well as the fact that Berry lied in the Urinal by stating "No" to the question of bankruptsy. Four years ago, Berry stated on camera he filed his company bankrupt.


Anonymous said...

Doug Fernandez, you suck as a moderator! For Christ's sake, let the candidates finish the sentence.

KOAT showed extreme bias with employees as moderator and panelists.

What a shitty place to hold a debate. Terrible lighting on Heh and Dinelli but you could see the beads of sweat rolling down Berry's face. KOAT, is that the best you could do? Hell, L244 and APOA did a much better job than "Berry-supporting" KOAT.

Accountability said...

I have seen the public safety commercials and heard a lot of talk in the KOAT Mayoral debate last night concerning the response times of public safety. My questions are as follows:

Why hasn't anybody held the 911 Communications Manager responsible for the rise in 911 response times?

If memory serves me correctly, is this not the very reason former Mayor Chavez/Dinelli in their overhaul of the ABQ 911 Communications Center, they created, funded, and hired this person, to address 911 response times?

911 response times were an issue under former Mayor Chavez and they continue to remain an issue to this very day.

Is appears nobody, in either past or present Mayoral administrations are willing to hold the title bearer, the check collectors responsible for the very thing they are hired to do, create solutions and solve problems by managing.

Anonymous said...

Woodhead called himself a cheerleader....
Oh boy, this guy is a clown.

Maybe he can dress up as a cheerleader and meet up with Ray for some Naure At Play!


Anonymous said...

When the check collectors take orders from Berry and Perry then Berry and Perry are the ones that should be answering to this problem. Stop trying to pass the buck.

Anonymous said...

To Accountability,
You need to have police officers in the first place for any response time to be shortened. Having a dispatcher with calls backing up to endure somebody breathing down their neck is not the answer. The mayor or chief can say we have 800, 900, 1000, or more doesn't mean that many are answering calls for service too. Find out how many are in administration and other desk jobs.

Accountability said...

Sounds to me like the 911 Communications Manager was hired by former Chavez to address a specific problem, slow 911 response times with 1000 officers back then. Fast forward to today with less officers APD admitted they purposely raised 911 response times, that's got to be the easiest job performance evaluation to achieve within city government, no?

Save the taxpayer the 85+ thousand dollar salary and benefits package and eliminate the position. NOW, that stops the needless bureaucracy and
addresses the "passing of the buck."

Anything less is passing the buck, or, making excuses. You decide.

Anonymous said...

You have to have someone in charge of 911. What would you do? Put an Officer back in charge? One less officer on the street! KOAT had Banks admitting 450 on the streets but everyone noticed the response times.
Do the math 450 field / 6 commands / day, swing and grave minus all the sets and up who are field assigned = NOT ENOUGH OFFICERS.

Anonymous said...

There is not even close to 450 officers on the street.