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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Oct 9, 2009

It's All a Mistake!

The Internal Affairs investigation into Reserve-gate was finished yesterday and - you guessed it - no one anywhere did anything at anytime that could be considered in any way wrong. We know that it comes as a shock that the Internal Affairs Division - that reports directly to Chief Schultz - found that this whole fraudulent time sheet thing was just a clerical error.

Our Eyes tell us that IA's "investigation" concluded that since it's common practice for SID to take a tech along on sting operations to operate the equipment, David Young was being paid overtime as a civilian tech not for police work. Our immediate question was... exactly what "equipment" was Young supposed to be working on?
During one arrest, a woman stripped naked in a hotel room and gave Young a back massage before she was arrested on criminal solicitation charges, court records show.

In four other arrests, Young touched women's breasts at their requests to convince them he was not a police officer, according to Metropolitan Court records.

And twice he allowed women to touch his "crotch" to prove he was not an officer.
Now we're somewhat familiar with communications equipment and we're pretty sure that - while not required - operators generally keep their clothes on when performing technical functions. We're also sure that techs are behind the scenes types not on camera types - if you know what I mean and I think you do.

When Civilian Young became the star of his own surveillance recordings he became something more than a technician. When Young started arresting suspects and signing criminal complaints, he was no longer a technician working on the equipment he was acting in a law enforcement capacity - a capacity in which he had no authority despite being a reserve officer.

More importantly, all of Young's supervisors knew what Young was doing, gave Young a detective's badge to help him do it, and even nominated him for an award for doing it.

In typical 5th Floor fashion, Chief Schultz and crew have thrown Young and the entire reserve program under the bus when the parties responsible can be traced through the chain of command directly to the chief's office.

Now... right after an election and during a transition the IA report shockingly finds that no one did anything wrong. Our Eyes tell us that Commander, Joe Hudson and Lieutenant, Rob Smith are to be quietly transferred back to SID in the next few days under the cover of the transition and the excuse of the IA "investigation" findings.

Remember, fraud and illegal arrests couldn't possibly have anything to do with improper conduct, poor training, and a willingness to shall we say... fib. It's all a mistake because the "independent" investigation was performed by a department that reports to the chief. It's all a mistake because we said so. How much you wanna bet Mary Han won't see it that way?


Anonymous said...

This is typical APD BULLSHIT, That just shows you the lack of integrity that this department has.

Anonymous said...

Sic em Mary!!!

Anonymous said...

We, as taxpayers, will be paying Mary Han and her clients. There should be a law that those public officials who are the ones successfully sued, should be the ones to pay. But alas, the taxpayer is on the hook again, Thanks Ray, I hope Berry gets rid of you quick!

Anonymous said...

Ray, go away take your butt buddy Darren with you.

Anonymous said...

Don't let Darren cover up Ray's mess. he thinks he's in tight with Berry. He may have underestimated this new mayor.

Anonymous said...

OMG this is just plain ridiculous!!!! Fire the whole 5th floor....Mike Greier for chief. He is the only stand up Commander I can think of.

Anonymous said...

Would this be the same Ray Schultz, former DWI sergeant who oversaw timesheet fraud? Funny how a sergeant with no integrity leads to a chief with no integrity. Don't piss down our back and tell us it's raining! Smith is arogant and has no business in SID.

Anonymous said...

quit your whining. Shultz is gone in january anyways. Hudson is a goner too

Anonymous said...

Thank GOD Dave Young and the boys did not have a “Distasteful Montage of Photos” otherwise they would have been placed on administrative leave, given days off and then kicked out of SID.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone so quick to believe this investigation was flawed? Could it be that there truly was nothing wrong with what Young did? You people read the newspaper and believe every skewed word yet you refuse to believe an independent investigation.

Anonymous said...

You presume to believe that when D Young was helping to clean up the streets of this city by getting nasty prostitutes and putting them in jail that he was getting paid overtime. Could it be he was volunteering during these times just like the investigation showed? If you believe in TJ Whilhelm this much, you are an idiot.

Anonymous said...

On a different note, When are Ron Olivas and Brad Ahrensfield going to be arrested for screwing up a FBI investigation to help their drug dealer friend Shawn Bryan?

Anonymous said...

Take a close look at the signature at property that authorized a detective badge for civilian Young. None other his close friend, good buddy, stud Lieutenant Smith! Does anyone think that people at that level of government should be accountable for their actions? Please Berry don't listen to Darren, Make a positive change!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe the FBI should be involved for the civil rights violations. Does Schultz think the public is stupid, he is worse than Gallegos, at least Gallegos knew when to through in the towel! LEAVE QUICKLY, you tarnish the badge!

Anonymous said...

Every Chief in the past 16 years has had a corruption issue and has been a man. Could it be time for a woman to come in and clean up this mess?

Anonymous said...

Ray Schultz has always covered things up, that's why Chavez and Bakas hired him to be Chief to cover up the Evidence Room scandal. Don't think so, talk to the Capt's that investigated it, they will tell you the truth about what really happened.

Darren White and Schultz are very good friends, so with Darren giving talking to the new mayor, you could see the Mayor get some very bad advise on what APD needs.

I hope Berry understands politics and does not fall for all the political BS he is going to be given.

Berry, talk with the troops, let them tell you who would make a good chief. Don't ask a politician and expect to get a true answer.

Remember, some of those people in police work are professional politicians and are looking out for their own welfare and not APD's

Please ask the troops for an honest opinion.

Anonymous said...

Everybody knows that Internal Affairs can’t investigate their way out of a wet paper sack. They are usually new sergeants that have no investigative experience. When they complete their so called investigations it gets the thumbs up or down depending on who is being investigated. Honesty and Integrity, I think not.

Anonymous said...

Since when is a civilian given a detective badge? WTF!!!

Anonymous said...

Justice and making people feel good. Why is it that APD Internal Affairs findings didn't add up? It just goes against common sense.
The Journal even published David Young's emails that had somthing like, "just wanted to go out and shoot somebody." After reading the Journal on David Young emails and also The Eye's story on fleet management and a burned FBI investigation... I find myself thinking what kind of Internal Affairs APD do we really have? Why is it that this was just "locker room talk," between a civilian reserve APD Officer and his superiors? It wasn't. Since when is "pointing a gun at somebody" and the urge to do that... ok? Clearly, there must have been an INVENTORY CONTROL SCHEME over at Fleet Management.
Why else would David Young be allowed to dictate to his superiors in a manner that sounds more like a meeting of the minds occuring than anything else?

Internal Affairs Division needs to be shuffled around, reassigned and given new leadership.

Since when do a couple of feel good words from people lead to an out and out dismissal of ethics in an internal affairs division? The APD should not be about political spin doctors and politics, but about keeping the APD in balance and check on power abuses.

What David Young did was basically allow females engaging in prostitution to not have to face their punishment because David Young didn' t show up to court. That left those females open to being murdered on the streets of Albuquerque. David Young didn't do what he did to save those prostitutes, but out of some exchange of goods and services and he used his civilian APD merit system to do it! I'm for the FBI seizing and searching through all of the fleet management records and all the info on David Young and his superiors to get to the bottom of the scheme! It would not surprise me to see other APD officers involved in a fleet management scheme. Time for the FBI to investigate. Usually, the FBI allows the City to exhaust their investigations before beginning their own. Time for the FBI to get involved!

Anonymous said...

No matter who is Chief or Mayor there will be bitching, whining cry babies who feel the deserve more than what the get and that there is favoritism being handed out and that is why they have not been promoted or given a key assignment.

This sight will continue with the bloggers changing as the upper management of the 5th and 11th floor.

What people don't get is that this sight is strictly for entertainment (mostly inaccurate and fictious at that). Those few who think that blogging on this site is going to lead to any type of investigation or charges being filed are just plain idiots.

The sad part about this sight is that it allows anonymous individuals to defame persons by name without actual tangible facts. I really don't care about slamming a public figure, it comes with the territory. When someone brings up a name and then accuses them of certain actions without providing proof it becomes slanderous. Freedom of speech only goes so far people but karma is never ending.

To all of the anonymous posters bashing people on this out, your turn for being bashed is in the near future.

Isn't karma wonderful!

rocking-chair said...

Eye -
sadly you are wrong on this one-
too bad the investigation isnt made public (IA is employment investigation and secured by employment-law, not policy).

Dave's boss was right, but never fear - TJ and a lot of you posters were used in a political scheme to tarnish people.

Not saying RJ had anything to do with it but lets look at facts:
every 4 years there is a huge "corruption" story.

Every time there are people who say "we knew about this for years."

Every time, no one wonders why, if it was so blatant, did everyone wait until an election year to become a protected "whistle-blower."

Don't get me wrong - I know everyone mentioned in this and some are dumb as a stump,, but some are truly decent men who got beaten over the head with innuendo and half-truths for the sake of people they have never met nor will even know for sure whom it was that benefitted.

Two things you can always trust when looking deeper into these allegations.
1. Follow the money / not a few thou in overtime over a year but a promotion or placement that pays over a lifetime, incl. increasing someone's retirement.

2. Who had an axe to grind and in who's camp they were affiliated.

Sadly, in this case, it worked to our benefit as it probably did cost Marty some votes -- and he is truly a turd - but it still wasn't worth it to piss down the back of 30 employees to do it.

Anonymous said...

OK I'm just a civilian and certainly don't know anything about police work but I am pretty sure that it doesn't make sense to commit a crime in order to catch someone committing a crime? Maybe justice is too complex a concept for ordinary folks but somehow I don't think so.

shitbag aka wanna be said...

Hey Vato err I mean Holmes, uuhhh I mean "What up Dog"?

I hear you Homies over in APD essay are handing out Detective badges -A-?

Hook me up vato...!

Oooh man the things I could do with a badge and some homies with guns, and a badges for back up!

Let me know... I'm right here in the WAR ZONE err I mean International District... I'm in the struggle everyday dog!

I gotsta get me one of dem badges!

Think about it Ray. That's what people are saying about your bullshit excuse for letting that punk act as one of us.

Anonymous said...

Cici and Michelle, its obviuos you keep posting and want to be Chief. Give it a rest please.

Anonymous said...

I think Schultz' last day will be December 2, the day after a new mayor takes office. I will bet my retirement that if smith is put back in sid he will be transferred when Berry takes office, that obvious. butter face hudson is gone too. Berry already said that all the problems are a management issue so you know they will be transferred. Young should be placed back at the garage thats where he came from.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope Mr. Berry is not going to listen to Darren or this could be his downfall....

Anonymous said...

Isnt Dave Y. the same person who was the main contact for the SID vehicles being purchased on 4th st. He should be the one investigated for dealing with Shawn Bryan, not Ron and Brad. Daves name is all over the place. Wow.

Anonymous said...

you guys just dont get it..this is a white guy crew who will cover up white guys...

Anonymous said...

Wow -- made it to 29 post before race card got played. Must be the record.

Anonymous said...

"you guys just dont get it..this is a white guy crew who will cover up white guys..."

That goes without saying.Look who has been getting positions at sid.White guys. Look who's been getting promoted.etc,etc. It's comical when you think about it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Berry will put "COPS" back on the air. The opening episode will show Young waiving his sidearm around and fondling prostitutes...hahahaha.....just kidding...But I do think APD should go back on "COPS". I'm not a 34 but as a civilian, I felt that COPS portrayed APD in a positive light (as the show always does) and demonstrates that no matter the crime or the criminal, the good guys always come out on top.

Anonymous said...

Rob Smith for Chief!

Anonymous said...

The taxpayers having to pay? Remember the Mayor's policy not to settle lawsuits. It will go to court and then the truth can come out. Since most APD officer's know about as much about the law as the street walkers pimp and the city attorney's couldn't find their way out of a room if it has more than two doors, Mary Han will eat up the city like a cheap buffet.
Thank God for Attorney's like her.
Let Freedom and Justice Ring!

Anonymous said...

Some one mentioned Honesty & Intrgrity a few comments.
That describes Richard Berry.

Dareen White- NOT!!!!!!!!!!!
Ray Schultz- NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dareen should run for Congress again.
Send him to Washington so Ra(t)y can go with him and carry his bags.

Anonymous said...

Where's Marty & Eva Braughn(Joannie)?
They still in the bunker?
Darren , Judas to Marty. Huge supporter of his holiganism.
Ray will be hearing the cock crowing soon, or will it be RJ next. Watch those pretent upstanding Republicans. Like with Gary Johnson a non-politician, Darren slid away like the serpent Judas. He should make a better Congressman than Sheriff.

Anonymous said...


Berry will act smart and to avoid strikes, employee backlash, gripes
and to give the City a brand new, fresh start will replace all of the Directors! He won't fall prey to the transfering of Directors either. Those in positions of power will go out and get jobs in the private sector for a change!

Anonymous said...

Once again: INCREDIBLE! Not the story but some of you idiots that write your comments here. Stop for a minute and think, if you are a reserve in the military and are on active duty you actually get to shoot the enemy. So because some guy has given up thousands of his personal hours (FOR FREE) and there were a couple of administrative errors, you want him persecuted (and prosecuted as well). The crimes commited by the whores still exist. Mary Han and anyone who sides with her are a plague on society. Using technical verbage and distortion the constitution to pad her wallet are the real problem. Tell you what Mary Han, if you are so appalled at what transpired, how about representing all the shitheads you try to "protect" for FREE! That's what I thought. As for Smith and Hudson, there were no criminal acts involved, just some poor management and supervision. A sincere effort was made to get the crap off the street with a short handed division. After reading some of these comments, it seems like a bunch of that same type of crap has made it into the PD and they have FULL TIME BADGES!!!
Use your Fu%#ing brains.

Anonymous said...

There is DC Castro writing his normal BS trying to protect his other corrupt friends. Hey guys, you got caught, now face the music. Young was given over time to make arrests and you guys know it. Young even says so in his emails to the Lt AND Capt. HOW DUMB DO YOU THINK PEOPLE ARE.

We like how you DC's are trying to be real nice now that you are on your way out. However, we won't forget what you did when you were here. Payback is a bitch DC Casto. We can't wait until you try to come back without all your power!

Anonymous said...

The above comment must have come from a Marty fan whose job is in jeopardy??? I do side with Mary Hahn and I am very threatened by a whore on the street and getting her off made society a lot better, she can do so much damage, your job is so important. GIVE ME A BREAK.
If it was any other cop who you didn't like you would be throwing him under the bus in a heart beat thats all you guys do because your in with the chief, but guess what NOT NO MORE wawawa wawa wawawa

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that Geier does not have a chance at cheif he will be luck if he keeps his at will job. he is so far up schultz butt it isn't funny. Same with garcia, all you are worried when you took that big raise to be at will. so better hang on, actually Lt garcia and Lt geier have a better ring to it.

Anonymous said...

The post on October 11, 2009 9:40:00 PM MDT

Ok, David Young... that sounds like you! Look, first Taxpayers foot the bill, so just like any other item can question the bill.

First, According to the Journal, Mr. Young did not appear in court as the Officer required by law to put the alledged offenders away! A big let down to taxpayers!

Second, Mr. Young seemed familiar in ways on how to bend or misinterpret the law. For example, saying that it is not illegal to allow a retired cop to
take home their unmarked crown victoria for keeps which allows that former police officer to sale the City issued (taxpayer funded) APD unmarked vehicle instead of "auctioning" the APD City issued vehicle at auction. If the vehicles are auctioned off, then that allows the money (taxpayers money) to be returned to Fleet Management to purchase new vehicles.

I imagine that there is about 10 squad cars that could have and should have been purchased if only David Young in Fleet management didn't deliberately misinterpret the rules! (In my opinion)

I imagine Mr. Young illegally allowed those APD Officers to privately sale their used unmarked APD City issued vehicles at our taxpayers expense just so he could write emails to those APD Officers on earning illegal "kickbacks." Why would APD Officers allowed David Young merely a reserve officer to earn 12,000? What exactly was the reason behind that illegal exchange of goods and services?

So, to reiterate. When a taxpayer funded City issued APD unmarked vehicle (Crown Victoria) etc.... is allowed to leave the inventory of fleet managment to give that APD Officer who used that Crown Victoria on duty a "private sale," instead of going to auction, then that is a clearly an INVENTORY CONTROL problem. What is the first and foremost main concern of any corportion, business, government agency? That the inventory is not going home with the employee! That there is not internal theft taking place!

So, Mr. David Green. I'm not impressed whatsoever with your deliberate misinterpretation of the law!

Finally, the public has a right to keep safe. Those old, APD unmarked vehicles allowed to be illegally sold privately instead of auctioned off were done so without any equipment (except computer) removed. Who would like to go around deceiving the public that the car behind him or her is that of an APD unmarked police car? Drug Smugglers? Robbery suspects?

I imagine that the FBI investigation has something to do with an APD unmarked detective car allowed to be illegally privately sold instead of going to auction which ended up being used to transport across state lines narcotics.

On the black market, the question that the taxpayer needs to ask is how much is an old, unmarked police car worth? Who would be likely to misuse that unmarked vehicle with the chrome spotlight attached? Why would an APD Civilian employee over at Fleet Management allow lost inventory and knowingly do nothing about unmarked police cars on the streets?

Mr. David Young, your misinterpretations of the law is just that a misinterpretation used to achieve a mentality of "wanting to point a gun," at somebody. What if the unmarked, police car ended up in the possession of an international gang used to dupe other APD Officers and the public? What if one of the illegally "privately" sold vehicles where the money from the sale didn't return to the APD department to fund new vehicles ended up responsible for the deaths of your fellow APD Officers who were not just civilian, but who are out on the streets? Mr. Young, in my opinion, your greed, could have been responsible for numerous lives in APD taken and cut short simply because you found a way to scam the system.

That is truly an outrage and insult to every level of law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Dawne Roberto for Chief!

Anonymous said...

Talk to SO before you hire Darren as chief..that is some scary s***. I feel for you guys at PD but at least we'd be rid of him for good!

Anonymous said...

Using that logic I too want the "crap" off the streets. Should I make a sincere effort to do this by having an APD officer that I know give me a badge & gun and tell me to go get 'em? Like Young, I am a civilian APD employee, I've never had police training and I like "fighting crime". So where's my badge & gun? No fair, I wanna play cop, too!

Anonymous said...

to the abgove poster, contact commander hudson or lt rob smith and they will give you a honorary badge for you to make the arrest of the whores because they are such risk to our society. oh but better do it soon hudson will be gone december 2 and smith has no power anymore warrior gone bye bye

Anonymous said...

All I ever read on this site are Police Officers whining about something.

Either take some action, change your profession, or just shut the f**k up already.

At first it was entertaining to read but now it is evident that there are some disgruntled cops who want to blame everyone else and refuse to correct what they believe are wrongs. My guess is that they are rumor mongers with little or no backbone.

Give it a rest already. The public wants cops that are professional who thoroughly investigate issues before pointing fingers and arresting someone. Those posting on this site are probably the bad apples of the department but won't admit it.

Sign up for the military and go to Iraq. That will cure your false bravado and back stabbing of others. If it doesn't you'll probably return home in a body bag.

Anonymous said...

Geez! Somebody doesn't like the right to freedom of blog! Comments let other people realize that there are numerous problems in APD and City ran government. You must be on the loosing end of the stick this election which is why you don't like people commenting. If your so disatisified with people commenting, then why don't you go to Iraq and sign up? I'm sure you would fit right in to that just wanna work and no cry babies in Iraq attitude.

In America, there is what is known as right to comment and right to blog. Sure, anybody can hold signs and blog. I just saw on San Mateo this afternoon a couple holding up a sign that read, "Adoption is the only way," across from Central and San Mateo.
Those whiners kept holding up their sign despite the homeless men and women that walked right passed them looking for work, a place to stay and a meal.

The couple had their passion and that was their right. Like nothing better to do with their lives than to hold up a sign for all of society to look at. Did that couple have jobs? Did that couple have a retirement savings? Did that couple spend enough quality time with their own children and/or family and loved ones? Did that couple really need to be outside pestering people driving along a busy intersection just to hold up a sign that said, "Adoption is the only way."

Yet, for some stupid ass reason that was what the couple choice to do. Well, at least that couple had the choice right?

Please, and remember... the only bad apples in society are the ones that refuse to go out and work, but instead commit crime. I really don't care if that couple were holding a sign that said, "We are from Planet Pluto," because as long as this is America and a democracy, then that is the right of every red-blooded American. So, speaking of Iraq and the reason why America is defending the right to keep democracy.... I say, your comment about going to Iraq because you didn't like other people not agreeing with you and posting their ideas and comments is clearly
just a form of dictatorship! Thank goodness that Martin Chavez got voted out!

Anonymous said...

"If your so disatisified with people commenting, then why don't you go to Iraq and sign up?"

Been there, done that. I still say that too many cops whine on this site. Grow some balls and do something other than whine.

"I just saw on San Mateo this afternoon a couple holding up a sign that read, "Adoption is the only way," across from Central and San Mateo."

"Those whiners kept holding up their sign despite the homeless men and women that walked right passed them looking for work, a place to stay and a meal."

Then you whining cops should make some signs and hold them up at Central and San Mateo. I'm sure the numerous citizens that are struggling to survive in this shitty economy will side with folks getting $23 an hour (soon to be $28 per hour) with government cars and free gas.

Be thankful for what you have because... "homeless men and women that walked right passed them looking for work, a place to stay and a meal." do not.

Whining about wanting everything your way is nothing short of being greedy. Voice your complaints face to face to the general public and see how many citizens will support you.....probably none.

Be thankful for what you have and be aware of what others do not have before you complain about "me, me, me!"

Anonymous said...

Commander pieface Joe Hudson is a big Pu*s. He is a little nerd that was promoted way beyond his means. He is scared of his own shadow. Not known to be a very smart man, coward in the field.

Anonymous said...

I used to think if only films were all rated G, then what? Would people walk away better off? Commenting negative has benefits not just to the person, but also society. Commenting positive also has benefits to society and to the person.

Sure, if one APD cop is bothered by another cop not being punished, then this is a great cite for that! As a citizen, I like to read this blog and I can appreciate and value the difficulty of the profession of APD Officer.

Anonymous said...

October 15, 2009 10:51:00 PM MDT

AMEN to that the above poster. QUIT your whining. Let the politicians do the whining.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean cite or site. Obviously you have written too many citations and don't know the difference between the two. Keeping working hard and write more cites and keep blogging on this site!!!!! LOL