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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jan 17, 2008


Mayor Marty announced that 1,200 jobs would be headed to Mesa del Sol as Fidelity investments agreed to a deal that would bring the jobs to Albuquerque (ABQ Journal - Subscription). So, what's the problem?

Well you see, Marty went and jumped the gun announcing the announcement before the announcement was to be announced. More importantly, it was none other than Big Bill himself that was to make the announcement. Marty's premature uh... revelation violated a written agreement with Fidelity, the county, and the state, drawing Governor Richardson's ire to say the least.

We think this is actually pretty funny. The man who would be governor, then senator, then mayor again, crossed the governor who would be president and now is governor again. Bill's not likely to be in a very good mood after leaving an almost two year campaign trail that ended unsuccessfully, a fact that failed to register with a mayor that can't seem to do anything right of late. The result is bound to be that if Marty wants it - Bill will make sure that he doesn't get it.

Even funnier is that this is the mayor who our Eyes say, is keeping a Washington lobbying job in his hip pocket just in case his elected days are behind him. Maybe he could take some classes in how not to offend the most powerful politician in the state.


Anonymous said...

At least the Mayor is consistent with his exaggerations. He stated that the average salary for the employees would be $60,000.00 . To bad the $60,000.00 would be the high range of the salaries with base salaries starting at $25,000.00

Not only did he prematurely....ummmmmm ummmm state the news....buuuuttttt....he also exaggerated the ummmm size of the ummm salary.

Typical Marty,,,,boy it's amazing how when it (the truth) rains, it pours.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor is an idiot who has became as much of an embarrassment as Nick Bakas was!

The only problem is that Marty can't stick himself in a closet, as he did with that dufuss Bakas!

The Mayor better keep that job in Washington, as his days are numbered in ABQ!

Boy! What an idiot to piss Big Bill off! However, Marty will step on anyone to get the upper hand, even a presidential hopeful!

Someone should give Big Bill and his staff this site...

Anonymous said...

The fat assed dwarf could screw up a wet dream - no?

Anonymous said...

Wants to be 'Big fish' in small pond.
Troble is, he's just a 'small fry' in hick town. Does Hillery actually welcome his endorsement? Like anyone gives a damn. She doesn't that's for sure. Spokes person quoted as saying, " Wish he hadn't done that" With the plight of this community and the Mayor's reputation as of late, it certainly is not welcome.
On the other hand, his pandering to her can't help him either.
Both will be in the same column before all said and done.

Anonymous said...

Please, You are killing this city martin, for what? you truly have lost the had a good run, i used to back you to the hilt. walk with your head up at least by walking away

Anonymous said...

This guy can't do anything right lately.......sigh. Marty, just go away.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Marty, go away!

Anonymous said...

Fidel Castro has to go and so should Marty (Hugo) Chavez.

This past weeks Journal exposed him for the lier that he is. He and his spin doctors won't be able fix these recent scams. Even with his fuzzy fads.

He'd be best advised to stay out of the media for awhile. If he and his crew try he's just going to continue to sink into the political, stinking, bubbling quagmire that he created.

Maybe he should go hang out with Nick Fukas, I mean Bakas.

Anonymous said...

Jeez. This is what passes for public debate and discussion at Eye on Albuquerque?

In order for a democracy (or a republic to the Ron Paul fans out there) to work, there's a basic assumption that the public is at least somewhat educated.

Please review some of the above comments for spelling ("lier", "Hillery", "troble","Spokes person" embarrassment"?!), grammar, and syntax errors. Not everyone is George Will, but if you can't spell "LIER" correctly, how seriously should anyone take your thought process?

If you want perfection in your elected officials, at least aim for perfection (or some semblance thereof)in your criticism of them.

In other words, take some time to think about what you're saying and writing before printing. That way you might not look like such a "dufuss".

Anonymous said...

wow, anothurt Marty fan buly. cunt denie whats bean said cun only critizie gramer und spelink.

singed "dufuss"! that's a real professional word you cronnie.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever read one of Debra James', Marty's spokes-tramp, press releases? Sometimes she has to write 2-3 revisions before she gets it right. And that's coming from the 11th floor. So who needs a grammar lesson?

By the way you must obviously enjoy this blog as you have to read and decipher every single word.

Anonymous said...

If their only response is spelling and grammer, they must really be F*@ked up!

See ya losers, only two years left!

Anonymous said...

Jeez. This is what passes for public debate and discussion at Eye on Albuquerque?


Anonymous said...

Yeah the mis-spellings and bad grammar are eye catching, but picture yourself in a debate... when did you ever win an argument by changing the topic to the other persons grammar? You don't, it is just a straw man for you to knock down and feel better about yourself. The fact that people are so caught up in the moment that they dont run spell check speaks to their emotion about the topic. That's why we read here, this blog brings out strong emotions among the actual steakholders (i.e. citizens).

Anonymous said...

Above poster is correct! The use spelling and grammar as a response, because they can't come up with anything else!

It's too bad they try to shift the topic by using such a piss poor excuse!

People's emotions are strong on this blog and I think it's great that they express themselves without worrying about spell check.

Anonymous said...

Bill didn't get the Prez job in part because a number of us made sure that all the investigative reporters in each primary state were fed with facts about "Cowboy Bill"s corruption schemes here in NM the week before a primary. Nobody would endorse him after that!! We live in the age of the internet where "your sins will find you out" in spite of the idiot Larry Barkers of the world.

Anonymous said...

I'm relatively new to this blog but I just love it! Makes me laugh until I cry - comic relief for the great frustrations of this city and state full of leaders who are legends only in their own minds.

Anonymous said...

Good going about feeding the media in other states. Our NM politician's are such bullies they think they can pull the wool over everyone's eyes. The investigative reporter's aren't lame, it's their editors.

Boy, Bill sure came back to NM with a vengence. Have you seen that scruffy beard he's wearing, and him demanding universal healthcare?

Universal health care is a bunch of BS!!! None of our politicians have a clue of what cops, firefighters, ambulance crews deal with daily. The politician's strategist are misleading them. I could do a better job and show them the reality of why NM is so poverty stricken.

Users with medicade calling 911 because they've had a stomach ache for 2 weeks and don't want to spend money on gas, for their brand new car, to take a ride to a doctor. Instead they clog up the hospitals and cost medicade about a $1000 for a ride in an ambulance. They think if they go by ambulance they'll be seen faster and of course they need their pain relivers. And you should see the big screen TVs on their walls, I can't afford one on my public safety salary.

Homeless people call because they need a warm place to sleep for the night. We need real shelters!! What ever happened to Marty's first responder van that would help the homeless? Just more lip service. Has anyone ever seen it??

We have a crisis because of health care fraud. Including the illegals with 3-4 different ID's receiving Medicade, wellfare, daycare, food stamps... and it's generational. I had a six year old boy ask me for money because he said I was rich!

Open your eyes Bill & Marty, don't just take the word of the study's you've ordered to get the results you want. Visit any of the local hospitals on a Friday or Saturday, they look like Belleview hospital. Sometimes they have to close because they have no beds left and most the people are non-emergent. Or better yet come ride with the cops or firefighters in the busier area's of town. Don't just assume (as you know what that means) that firefighters sit around all day watching TV. If you think that then you really are living in a sterile bubble.