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Jan 11, 2009

Dipping Into Obama's Well

President-elect Obama hasn't wasted any time drilling yet another well into taxpayer pockets. Before he's even placed his hand on Lincoln's bible the candidate for change is relieving all of us of more than our change - all in the name of stimulating the economy.

Before we get started, understand that government does not create wealth it moves it from one pocket to another. Whether it's President Bush or incoming President Obama, you can't spend yourself out of debt any more than you can drink yourself sober.

Obama has promised to spend over a TRILLION DOLLARS in a misguided attempt to better the Bush administration's $750 BILLION bailout boondoggle.
If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result, what exactly is doing the same thing - only more - and expecting a better result?
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With all of that said, last Thursday the Almighty Alcalde met with the Anointed One's transition team in Washington D.C. in order to stick his bucket as deep into Obama's well as he possibly can.
The city is seeking about $2 billion for solar-power plants, a wind farm, a streetcar down Central Avenue and a Downtown events center, among other things. It might not be clear until February what projects will make the federal list.
You'll note two of the items on Marty's wish list are the Trolley and the Downtown Arena - both of which require ongoing taxpayer subsidies and can never turn a profit. Of course, that's no surprise since - as you'll remember - government doesn't create wealth.

Our extended Eye Poll on the Downtown Arena couldn't have been clearer - 70% of the 717 participants in our Eye Poll said "No Way," while only 28% thought it was a good idea (view it here).

It's distressing enough that Obama wants to spend a TRILLION DOLLARS of our money on projects that can't sustain themselves, the Almighty Alcalde wants to blow a couple of BILLION on projects like the 19th Century Street Car and the Downtown Money Pit, uh... Arena when the city has more pressing - albeit less sexy - infrastructure needs. Things like sewers, water mains which seem to be bursting regularly these days, and rebuilding the I-25/Paseo interchange.

Meanwhile the council's Finance and Government Committee will meet Monday on extending the Transportation Infrastructure Tax to pay for Marty's toy trolley. Yep, that's the same tax that was shouted down by taxpayers two years ago and the same one that was supposed to sunset at the end of this year.

Look, an empty arena and a trolley that serves a miniscule portion of the city's population just don't make any sense. If we're to dip into Obama's well, at least let it be for projects that have long lasting benefits and don't create additional burdens on Albuquerque taxpayers.


Anonymous said...

It is interesting to me that "our tax dollars" are usually still referred to as "OUR" money after we have paid them. For example the things I would buy, or projects I would normally support usually are different then when someone else is in charge of “MY” money! I have gotten used to the idea that some people really do want to fly to the Moon, or Mars, or somewhere else when I personally think we have more important issues to fix here on earth.

I agree with you eye, concerning Marty’s desire to fill his own belly rather than appealing to the greater good of the city. At present however, he is the steward of money he has control of and it is essential to keep him, as well as other elected replacements, more mindful of others rather than themselves. After all, isn’t that what “serving the people” is about?

Anonymous said...

In a utopian world I would love to have an arena. However, I don’t see where all the paying customers are supposed to come from. If you go to a Scorpions game or a Thunderbirds game you see small crowds. The Santa Ana Star center is teetering on bankruptcy. Frankly, the hopes of an major league expansion team starting up here would be dashed the moment the investors attended a local D-league or minor league game and saw the lack of patrons
We are surrounded by casinos that have show rooms that attract entertainers, these casinos can no doubt at least try to out bid our new arena in hopes of keeping those acts. And of course we live in a community where folks would rather spend the money on beer and stay home than get out of the house, as well as the fact that, as always, this administration continues to want to put shiny new things in places where we can’t let our families go at night.
If we must have one, lets give up on this idea of revitalizing the most bar packed area in the state and put it in a newer part of town, where, at least if we are going into the red paying upkeep, some of us might actually take the family after dark.

Anonymous said...

January 12, 2009 10:30:00 AM MST

I partly agree with you, who will buy tickets to an arena? One can already go to a casino at a decent price.

The people who stay home and drink their beer would spend plenty of money going out except they are ALL afraid of being arrested! When prohibition is made illegal again, the state will make plenty of money to pay the bills.