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Jan 7, 2009

Gone Green

Last April we told you about Marty's March toward the Green. Marty mandated that the city would buy only E85 vehicles where possible. In short, vehicles burning E85 end up costing 20% more than conventional vehicles due to their significantly decreased mileage. If that weren't bad enough, it takes over a gallon of good ol' fossil fuel and 1,700 plus gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of E85 (read it here).

As you might have noticed, we aren't fans of global warming, climate change, or whatever they're calling it these days. Scientific "consensus" created a political movement whose only effect thus far has been to restrict individual liberty. We'd remind you that at one time scientific "consensus" held that the world was flat.

In any case, common sense seems to have broken out downtown (or at least a $50 MILLION budget shortfall). Our Eyes tell us that APD is abandoning E85 and filling their vehicles with good old fashioned gasoline. You know... petrol, gas, carbon based dinosaur juice.

It seems that the relatively new E85 fuel - in addition to costing all of us 20% more than regular unleaded - also does quite a job on fuel pumps. Since Congress has yet to develop a bailout plan for APD and the city doesn't have a money printing press in the basement, Marty has pulled the plug on his E85 experiment.

We could have told the Almighty Alcalde that his rush to be green (and get some ink) would cost all of us. Oh yeah... we did. So, in order to save some green APD's green is gone. Let's see if the Almighty Alcalde holds a news conference about this one!


Anonymous said...

The Chief and the Mayor are idiots! My E-85 vehicle spends more time in the shop than it does on patrol! The city garage people told the 5th floor this E-85 vehicle would not work with unleaded gas, now that's all you see are the majority of the E-85 vehicles in the shop costing tax payers thousands to fix. When mine went in for the 6th time, and it's only a year and a half old, there were 30 others there with the same problem. All those cars off patrol in a garage waiting to be fixed. The turn around time to get the vehicle back on the street has been about 7 days! It's crazy, these administrators just don't think thing through!

Talk about a major screw up!

Anonymous said...

Oh come on... Ethanol is not so bad. Brazil runs their entire economy off of the stuff. Of course they did have to clear cut a rain forest and replace most of their food crops to do so. But hey, who needs food and trees when you have plenty of corn juice for your moped?

Anonymous said...

Brazil makes their ethanol out of cane sugar, not corn, and their process is much more efficient than US corn ethanol is. They produce it at a real cost of less than $.50/gallon. Unfortunately midwestern & southern Senators and Congressmen (of both parties) have put an immense tariff on cane sugar and any product made from it to protect both the corn ethanol industry and the southern sugar beet farmers.

If Marty really cared about green incentives he'd have all city employees who aren't involved in car chases driving vehicles that actually get good mileage instead of Fire Chiefs driving around in gigantic suburbans to haul their heavy load of a couple manilla folders. Why do Police Sergeants need giant SUVs instead of normal cruisers now? My theory is that city workers, especially cops and firemen, are too insecure in their manhood to be seen driving little hatchback.

Cops should be required to start wearing pink uniforms once a week to help them get over themselves.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor needs to stop recycling this incompetetent Administration. The union needs to elect a better staff. Instead of going green, they went yellow.

Anonymous said...

Gee, and to think mayor marty flatters himself enough to think he is "on the radar" of Obama and his senior staff. Just another arrow in corruption's quiver.

Once again, we are a national laughing stock.

Anonymous said...