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Jan 22, 2009


New Mexico's former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias has a new job - prosecuting terrorists. Yep... the very same prosecutor who failed to prosecute Manny Aragon and company has a new job prosecuting terrorists as a member of the Navy's Judge Advocate General corp.

We've been laughing all morning about the appointment. Here's a man who's claim to fame includes being the "inspiration" for the movie "A Few Good Men" and a failure to find governmental corruption in one of the most corrupt states in the union. Not to mention a prosecutorial style that most closely resembles the blinding speed of a glacier.

Of course, what makes this really funny is that one of Obama's first moves was to halt the tribunals down at Gitmo and today Obama signed an executive order to create a taskfarce on closing the detention facility.
The national security orders would mandate that interrogation techniques in the Army Field Manual be used by all intelligence and law enforcement services; would call for a task force to look at closing the detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, within the year; and would order a strategy be developed for handling detainees in the future.
Good luck closing Gitmo. Even the tamest individuals being held at the facility are people that no one wants. States don't want them and foreign governments won't take them. Each and every one of the detainees is persona non grata.

We've got a pool going to see how long it takes for Obama to actually close the facility. Our bet is that a year from today Obama's Gitmo will be quietly detaining the same detainees with nary a word from the star struck media.
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So now David Iglacial has a job prosecuting terrorists whose prosecutions have been halted and whose detainment may be at an end. Sounds like the perfect job for a prosecutor whose not really all that interested in prosecuting.

Don't worry Mr. Iglesias, you're still the darling of the kook fringe left and there's always your book career.


Anonymous said...

I believe that Mr Iglacias Naval JAG claim to fame was helping to prosecute the Rogue Warrior Dick Marchinko, which lead to Mr Marchinko becoming world famous and writing a bunch of best sellers.
Maybe if he had slammed Manny sooner that guy would be writing books now too.

Anonymous said...

Concerning the Aragon case, my take would be that the case wasn't ready to prosecute in a timely enough fashion to suit the political goals of Petey D and the rest of Team Babushka, but what do I know.
By the way, how has the Alberto Gonzalez career been going lately?

Anonymous said...

Actually Mr. Iglesias was one of Dick Marchinkos defense lawyers. Cops should know you can't bring an indictment if you aren't ready for a speedy trial, look how long it took to finally put Aragon away, after taking on the case from Iglesias.

Anonymous said...

Seriously Eye you're just making yourself look like a blindly partisan idiot. Iglesias was building the case against Manny but it wasn't ready to go to trial yet.

Domenici and Wilson wanted to bend the justice system to suit their needs - specifically to help Wilson get re-elected by bringing Aragon to trial during election season. Iglesias refused to do that. Manny was eventually convicted based on Iglesias's and his staff's work.

Maybe as a supposed cop you're used to just getting a no-knock warrant and kicking someone's door down if you suspect they committed a crime but if a prosecutor wants to actually obtain a conviction he has to put together an airtight case, which Iglesias did despite the political meddling you apparently approve of.

Iglesias was eventually fired from the DOJ because of this and his refusal to prosecute the voter fraud that the Bush appointees at the DOJ were just so certain existed. Unfortunately for them nobody has ever found any evidence of it, including the political hack they brought in to replace Iglesias. You should be applauding Iglesias's honesty and integrity rather than attacking him for not bending to the partisan politican whims of Domenici and Wilson.

You also seem to forget that Iglesias is and always has been a Republican, not a member of the "kook fringe left." Prior to his refusal to twist the Justice system to fit the electoral desires of politicians, he was a rising star in the state GOP and would probably eventually have run for Governor as a Republican.

Unfortunately for all of us the NM GOP is just as corrupt and petty as the NM Democratic party is.

As to your inane sidebar about Gitmo, as a supposed cop you should be aware that it is illegal to detain people indefinitely without charging them for anything no matter how evil you think they are, even if the Bush/Cheney administration apparently was not.

To be honest the fact that you've formed your opinion of Iglesias without even understanding the basic facts of the matter is pretty frightening. No wonder APD constantly arrests people without cause. If you're any indication, they just arrest people based on purely ignorant opinions.

Anonymous said...

Just to follow up, the DOJ's stated reason for firing Iglesias was because of his "frequent absences."

These absences were a result of Iglesias fulfilling his duty as a Naval Reserve member. Those Republicans sure do have great respect for the military, don't they?

Anonymous said...

I saw a news story that former AG of the USA, Alberto Gonzales, has been unsuccessful in finding another job. BUT...he was at Crawford, Texas to greet and kiss The Decider's azz. Heckofa job, Berto!

Anonymous said...

Apparently somebody hasn't spent much time at the court house. If this was only about getting an indictment remember the old saying "you can indict a ham sandwich" (Or in N.M. a ''hamn sangwich'')

Seriously, it may have been right to wait, but at the same time by then the former Mayor Schultz had already flipped on Manny, so they had a lot of dirt, enough to indict and use the time pending trial to gather more.

And isnt it funny that the Mayor who, historically, had done the most devastating damage to special investigations in the history of the department was Schultz, and that it turns out they were right about him - he really was a crook.

Anonymous said...

January 23, 2009 4:27:00 PM:

I don't understand your argument. Are you saying Iglesias *should* have sped up the indictment to help Wilson? That was the only reason to do so.

Its interesting to note that Iglesias was going to indict Aragon in December of 2006 - Heather and Pete wanted him to do so in late October/early November to coincide with the election. Because he didn't go along with them, he got fired and Manny wasn't indicted until March 2007. He didn't plead guilty until October 2008. Sen Domenici, Rep Wilson, Karl Rove, Alberto Gonzales, and the rest of them actually impeded the criminal justice system in this matter.

Anonymous said...

So the eye doesnt think much of the right to a trial...what a shock coming from apd

Anonymous said...

You people are idiots. Iglesias was a political appointee serving at the will pf the AG and the President. He had plenty of time to take that case to trial and didnt. His performance was sub par. There was no mention of military duty absence as any reason for anything. As for GITMO I suggest that some of you that feel those poor tortured souls held there step up and volunteer to take them into your homes. They are model citizens who are just slightly misunderstood much like our 60s hippies and today's liberal left. Little lesson in law...they are terrorists...not soldiers...they are not covered by the Geneva Convention..they are not prisoners of war...and would kill anyone of you before capture and would gladly once released. There is a huge difference in these great people and the american citizen who committs a crime here. You idiots keep pushing this and you'll get what you asked called former terrorists living in your communities just biding time until they get the chance to make thier points bigger than 9-11-01.

Anonymous said...

January 27, 2009 10:00:00 PM:

You are Rush Limbaugh's wet dream. You made it through several hundreds words and didn't manage to be factually correct once.. but at least you managed to appeal to fear six or seven times!